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How To Clean Bathroom Tiles With Harpic Bathroom Cleaner?

Harpic bathroom cleaner is the perfect cleaner for bathroom tiles.This blog explores the ways of cleaning tiles with this product.

Cleaning the bathroom is an essential job. Even though we discuss a lot about natural ingredients, sometimes it gets difficult to work with them. As an alternative, Harpic bathroom cleaner is an excellent choice to make your bathroom spotless and germ-free. Harpic is a very trusted brand among Indians. The famous red and blue bottles have taken a particular spot in almost everyone’s bathroom. A bathroom requires a cleaner that has the potential to clean stains along with disinfecting the bathroom. The Harpic bathroom cleaner or the famous red bottle is the right product for such a job.

How to clean floor tiles

Before going into cleaning mode, always test the cleaner on a small part of your tile to check for any unwanted reactions. The Harpic bathroom cleaner does not react well to copper, brass, and aluminum.  Proceed cleaning only if the cleaner passes the test. Take a bucket of water and add one and a half capfuls of the Harpic Bathroom Cleaner into it. Mix the solution. Then use a good quality mop to mop the bathroom tiles. Scrub any areas that seem complicated and eventually rinse it all from the bathroom floor.

How to disinfect floor tiles

Use the same mixture as above. Add one and a half capfuls into a bucket of water and mix the solution. Mop the floor with it. Make sure it spreads evenly over the tiles. Then let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse the floor. Your tiles are now disinfected.

How to clean wall tiles

If you notice certain specific stains on the wall that you want to get rid of, then directly apply the Harpic bathroom cleaner to the area and scrub gently. It will be best to use a cloth or sponge instead of a cloth. 

If you want just to disinfect the tiles you may use the method described for disinfecting the floor. As far as cleaning the tiles is concerned, you may use the same way as mentioned above for cleaning floor tiles. If not that, you may dilute one capful of Harpic bathroom cleaner into half a bucket of water. 

Dip a good quality microfiber cloth in the mixture. Rub the wall tiles with it in a circular motion. Increase the pressure wherever you feel necessary. Then rinse the tiles properly with the help of water. You may speed up the drying process by wither wiping them further with a viper or a dry cloth.

How to clean grout in tiles

Pour the Harpic bathroom cleaner directly on the problematic area of grout and scrub with the help of a toothbrush. If needed, let it sit there for about fifteen minutes. It would be best if you remain careful while applying the cleaner and scrubbing. Make sure you do not scrub the tile area and focus on the grout only.