How To Clean Black Stains In Bathroom Tiles?

Are you worried about Black Stains in your Bathroom? Here, we have explained the various ways to overcome those stains with simple cleaning techniques.

At some point in our life, we have all witnessed black stains on tiles. This can generally be seen on bathroom tiles. There is no specific hard and fast rule, which can specify what your stains are made of, but if it comes to guessing, black stains are generally caused due to dirt build-up, mould, discolouration, coffee stains, wine stains, grime, grease, mildew, etc. There are a number of methods which one can use in order to clean up black stains, but before you begin,  we recommend you check with your manufacturer if any of the following materials will be extremely harmful to your tiles. Also, it is best if you already know what the stain is made of, because then you can have a better knowledge of how it can be cleaned. The various methods are discussed below.

Using commercial cleaners

Any of the mentioned commercial cleaners can be used in order to get rid of the stains. A good one is Kaboom Foam-Tastic Bathroom Cleaner with Oxiclean, Citrus, 19 Ounce – 2 Pack. Click here to check its price on Amazon. Another one is the church and Dwight 19 oz kaboom fantastic 35270 tub and tile cleaners. Click here to check it on amazon. And last but not the least, we also suggest bar keepers friend soft cleanser for stainless steel/porcelain / ceramic / tile/ copper – 13 oz each. Click here to check it on amazon. Work with these cleaners just as the instructions suggest you to.

Using bleach

Bleach is a very powerful cleaning agent when it comes to cleaning stains. Since it is powerful, it is equally dangerous for your tiles. It can be very abrasive if your tiles are not sealed well.  The steps you need to follow are mentioned ahead.  Saturate a cloth towel with bleach.  You may also use a couple of paper towels instead. Let the towel soak the stain. If the stain consists of buildup,  then after leaving the towel for about 5 minutes, scrape the buildup with the same towel to remove the stain. You might also need a few more towels and scrubbing materials depending on the stain. Once you are done, wash the whole stain area with hot water and remove any bleach that might have been left over.

Using vinegar

Vinegar is such an ingredient that is found at everyone’s home.  Cleaning becomes much easier if the cleaning ingredient is readily available. All you need to do is saturate a paper or cloth towel with vinegar and spread it over the stain for 20 minutes.  By now, the stain will be absorbed into the towel. If the stain was not necessarily of a spill,  and you suspect that it is generally buildup,  then this process will definitely loosen the stain.  You may just scrape off the build-up with the help of the same towel and definitely scrub the stain away if needed with the help of a sponge. End the process by washing properly with hot water.