How To Clean Bathroom Carpet?

We all remember trying to quickly sneak out of the bathroom while the water still drips from our bodies. This is when our moms used to shout at us for making the floor wet. That is when a bathroom rug gains importance. According to basic etiquette rules, you should dry your feet on the bathroom rug so that you do not end up making the house dirty or wet. The bathroom rug is also a good opportunity to add décor elements to your bathroom. They are available in different materials. We will be discussing the various materials rugs come in so that you can identify them easily. Then we will focus on how to clean each type of rug.

Types of rugs


The rugs made of wool are generally of good quality and resist heat and water well. They are easy to dye and hence come in a variety of colours. They are not a good option for humid climates. Woven wool rugs provide lesser durability.  On the other hand, wool rugs are very soft.


Cotton rugs are soft too. Rugs that come in cotton are often flat woven. They too are fairly durable and should never be put into a washing machine. They are mostly flatweave or braided. They also offer a more casual look as compared to wool rugs.

Jute /sisal

These rugs are one of the toughest ones available. Along with giving a natural look to your room, they also have a unique texture which makes them perfect for a bathroom. These are definitely harsher than cotton or wool in terms of texture but more water-absorbent.



Silk rugs are for those people who love luxury. They are very expensive and heavy maintenance. They cannot be cleaned at home and need to be cleaned professionally. They also wear down very easily, so it is correct to conclude that they lack practicality especially if you want to use them as bathroom rugs.

Bamboo or seagrass

They are a very eco-friendly option. They provide the best water resistance and are fairly durable. The colour options, however, are limited as they don’t get dyed easily.


Hemp rugs are dust-resistant, water-resistant and durable. These are low maintenance and cheap but are also robust. They are not as soft and vibrant as other options but are practical and a good choice for bathroom rugs.


These rugs are synthetic and therefore come with a lot of good qualities. They are affordable, soft and vibrant. They can be cleaned easily and are stain-resistant. Since they are synthetic, they are extremely flammable. On the other hand, they are also soft as wool.


Nylon rugs can be found in every other house. They come in an array of designs and are cheap. It is dust resistant and also resists crumbs. They are very durable and easy to clean.


Polyester rugs are slightly more durable than nylon rugs and slightly less durable than Polypropylene/Olefin Rugs.  Some of their variant rugs come in an extremely absorbent variety known as microfiber rugs. They are also very resistant to bleaching since they are solution-dyed.

Faux fur

As the name suggests, they are made of materials other than fur but give the exact look of fur. They are mostly used by people who want the fur texture as a design element. They do get dirty easily as they trap dirt but many of them come with the alternative of machine washing.

Tufted Handmade

They are intricate because they are handmade. But they also come with other quality options such as soft and vibrant.


Rather than tufts, these rugs are made of loops. They end up being much more firm than tufted ones as a result.

Flat-weave handmade

They come in an array of variety with vibrant rugs that also are mostly reversible. They are thin, flexible, light, easy to clean and durable.  


Hand-knotted rugs are one of the best kinds. They are delicately designed by hands and are fairly expensive. As the name suggests, they are made of knots.


Generally, a power loom constructs these rugs. They are more affordable than handmade rugs.

Cleaning processes for each type of rug

How to clean woollen rugs

When it comes to cleaning woollen rugs, regular vacuuming is the key. Shredding is also a key component of its cleaning process. Do not get afraid if the rug starts to shred. Consider it normal. If not vacuuming, regular dusting will do too. The dusting can be easily done by just taking the rug outside and shaking vigorously to get the dirt off of it. When it comes to proper cleaning, the first step again is shaking the rug.  You may also beat it with a rod to remove the dust properly. Take a bucket of water and add two tablespoons of a gentle wool detergent, for example, Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent – Winterwear, Chiffon & Silks 2kgs (1 bottle + 1 refill). Click here to check it on amazon.

Pour this bucket of water on the rug. But do it slowly and carefully. You may also use a mug for this purpose. The reason is that if you pour the whole bucket at once, the rug will not absorb the water as well as it should. So drench the rug with this soapy water properly by pouring one mug slowly at a time. Prepare another bucket of the same soapy solution. After letting the woollen rug drench in the solution for an appropriate time, wash away the detergent from the rug thoroughly. Detergent should not be left in its fibres for long. Take a gentle brush or sponge and dip it into the bucket. With this brush, target a spot of the rug that you want to clean. Gently scrub that area and then wash thoroughly. After washing, using a towel, dap on to the rug and blot up the excess moisture. Then move on to the next spot that you want to clean.

How to clean cotton rugs

In the process of cleaning your cotton rug, the first two steps are the same as the ones used in cleaning the woollen rug. Take your rug outside and vacuum it properly. If you do not own a vacuum cleaner,  shake it properly so as to remove all the dust from it.  You may also hold it in one hand and beat it with a stick held in the other hand. The most important step is to shampoo your rug. We are not talking of regular shampoo which you use for your hair, specific carpet shampoos are available for the purpose of cleaning rugs. You must buy your carpet shampoo according to the fibres of your carpet. In case you do not want one, you can make your own using a DIY process. If you own a carpet shampoo, follow the directions listed in it. If not, mix a tablespoon of mild dish soap in half a bucket of warm water. Go ahead and do a spot test on your carpet before cleaning it with the solution. The purpose of this spot test is to check if the colours bleed. If the rug passes the spot test, you may go ahead and clean it. Pour water all over the rug to make it wet and then using a sponge or gentle brush, work your way through the rug with the soapy solution. Let the soapy solution sit for five minutes before rinsing it down. If the colours bleed during the spot test, you need to get your carpet cleaned by professionals only. Blot up the excess water with the help of towels and then leave the rug to air dry. You may vacuum it again once it is dry.

How to clean jute/sisal rugs

The first step is to brush the rugs to remove excess dirt. The next step would be to take it outside and shake vigorously to remove the dust and other particles. You may also vacuum the rug if you have one. Scrape any solid spills with a blunt-edged tool. Be careful and try not to harm the fibre in the process. Dust away the scraps as well. Spraying water over it with high pressure will hardly help in getting it wet. You need to pour water slowly and in small doses in order to get the rug properly wet. There is not any specific way to clean stains that had formed a long time back. So clean any spills as soon as they take place. If not, then let the professionals clean your jute rug. You may scrub very gently with mild jute cleaning shampoo only. Other methods might harm the fibres. In the end, blot excess moisture from the rug with towels and let it dry.

How to clean silk rugs

Silk rugs are an expensive lot. You must be responsible for them and take the maximum care. It would be best to know how to clean them and take care of them the moment you buy them. You may easily get this information from the manufacturer. Dusting them regularly and cleaning any spills immediately are considered to be good practices in order to maintain your rugs. If you are looking for full-on cleaning tips, we have none. Silk rugs should be cleaned professionally because each silk rug is different. We might suggest a method that goes ahead and harms your rug instead of cleaning it and we do not want that.

How to clean bamboo/seagrass rugs

General precautions include dusting or vacuuming regularly, cleaning spills immediately with dish soap, etc.  They are environment friendly and mostly bio-degradable. For the cleaning process, add equal parts mild dish soap and warm water. Do a spot test on the rug to see if any discolouration takes place.  If the rug is safe from the cleaning agent, dip a sponge or cloth into the solution and clean the stains. The precaution you have to take here is that if the moisture gets soaked, it might harm the rug, so blot of the water as soon as you are done cleaning and let the rest of the stain air dry.

How to clean hemp rugs

For spot cleaning, you may follow the procedures like the ones mentioned above. Use a sponge to clean a stain with mild dish soap. If it is a wine stain, you may use club soda to get rid of the stain. Just dip a cloth in club soda and dab it over the stain. If the problem is some kind of odour coming from the rug, you will have to use white vinegar. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar. Using a cloth dipped in the solution, dab on the rug especially on the smelly areas. After one dab of vinegar, blot the vinegar with a towel. Follow the same steps again and again till the odour is gone. For hemp rugs, water seeping inside is harmful. Hence try to make the cleaning process as dry as possible. You may use a vacuum or shake the rug to do the regular dusting.

How to clean Polypropylene/Olefin rugs

Our first step is to clean any deep-set dirt in the fibres. You may vacuum or just shake the rug vigorously to get rid of that dirt. Another trick that works is holding it in mid-air and beating it with a stick to expel the dirt. Like any other rug, any spills should be immediately blotted and cleaned up. For deep cleaning, take the rug in the bathroom or outside. Using a water hose, drench it in water. You may also use dish soap as a cleaning agent to scrub the rug. After scrubbing stains, wash it again with water and hang it until it air dries.

How to clean faux fur rugs

Sometimes faux fur rugs are suitable for machine washes. In case your faux fur rug is not suitable for machine washes, you can hand wash them. Instead of dipping the whole rug in soapy water, a better technique for cleaning is to scrub only in particular areas. This helps to retain the texture of your rug. However, if it needs a deep cleaning, you may dip it in detergent water. In a bucket full of warm water, add a cup of detergent and mix well. Immerse the rug into it and let it sit overnight. The next morning scrub gently with a sponge or brush. Once you are done, wash thoroughly and hang it for air drying.

How to clean hand-knotted rugs

Some precautions which are very common and must be practised are –

  1. Do not rub, always blot.
  2. Clean any spills as soon as they occur
  3. Do not soak them in liquids.
  4. Do not machine wash
  5. Do not put them in a dryer

For cleaning any spills, use club soda. Blot first with a dry towel and then blot again with the help of club soda so that the stain is absorbed by the towel. The direction should be from edge to the centre while cleaning a stain. Certain spills such as mud or mustard should be left to dry and then you can scrape them off with a blunt-edged tool. The soaking and cleaning process should be practised by professionals and should be done once in 2-3 years. Another precaution that you must take care of is to not leave the rug near any potted plants as the water from it can seep into the rug. Also, sunshine can make its colours fade unevenly so that must be taken care of as well.

How to clean machine made rugs

Machine-made rugs will come with a set of instructions that you must follow. Some of them might even be machine washable but you should check before taking that step. Vacuum the rug or shake it well to get rid of the sitting dust. If the manufacturer allows soaking, hose down the rug. If its size is small, let it soak in soapy water overnight. If the instructions allow, use a fabric softener like Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent – Winterwear, Chiffon & Silks 2kgs (1 bottle + 1 refill). Click here to check it on amazon.

To clean the rug. You may use a sponge or cloth to gently clean the rug as well. After you are satisfied with the cleaning, wash the rug properly and let it air dry.