How To Clean Bathroom Plastic Buckets?

In this article, you will learn the steps to clean bathroom plastic buckets. We have also recommended products to clean bathroom plastic buckets.

India is famous for being the world’s fastest-growing economy and the world’s largest democracy. But like the way a small hole is enough to sink a boat, a small bush of cactus is enough to hurt the mouth a deer and small scorpion is enough to paralyze a man. Similarly, several are the petty issues that are stopping India from becoming the world’s largest economy.

One such issue is none but cleaning plastic buckets of Indian bathrooms. This issue is hard to believe but eventually true. Cleaning a bathroom bucket is not everybody’s piece of cake since it costs too much of your daily precious time and energy. To prevent the wastage of your precious time and efforts, here we got a list of beautifully picturized detailed information followed by various amazing hacks to such a nasty issue.

Types of stains in the bucket

Stains of bathroom plastic buckets can broadly be categorized under two categories. One is tough and other categories being common.

Common stains and their removal

Common stains are the stains that are temporary and can be cleaned in one wipe. These stains can be of mud, sand dirt, etc. that can be cleaned simply by using detergent and scrub. But as we all know that, cleaning is one of the most hectic daily chores. Therefore, to make it easier, effective, and environment friendly, we have made a few efforts to get you the best possible products and solutions.

Presto Dishwash Gel

  • Brand: presto
  • Feature: 4 in 1 combo pack¬†

Presto is the brand owned by none other than Amazon itself. Presto dish wash gel will not only help you in cleaning the common temporary stains of mud, dirt, the soil of your plastic bucket. But will also help you in cleaning the stains of the other kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Eco Magic Silicone Latex-Free Scrub Cleaning Gloves

  • Brand: Ivaan
  • Feature: scrubbing utensils, best for arthritis patients

Cleaning soft stains is easy but often become a hard nut to crack, without a proper scrubbing tool. For that sake, we are here to present you with the Eco Magic Silicone Latex-Free Scrub Cleaning Gloves. These gloves not only protect the user’s hands from getting damaged due to cleaning and also safeguard from becoming rough. The palm surface of the gloves are made in such a way that the silicone made scrub surface, can reach every corner of a bucket and clean the bucket effortlessly. Its best feature is that it is friendly for patients who have arthritis.

Namaskaram Scratch Proof Kitchen Utensil Scrubber Pad

  • Brand: Namaskaram

The need for the scrubbing tool is well understood by the product description above. But some people may find it pocket shaking to buy, “Eco Magic Silicone Latex-Free Scrub Cleaning Gloves” multiple times.

For those who are feeling it pocket shaking, for them, we present scratch proof Kitchen Utensil Scrubber Pad by Namaskaram. As its name suggests, not only is it pocket friendly but designed by keeping in the mind that it should not damage any utensil. Not only can it be utilized in cleaning kitchens but the bathrooms as well.

Tough stains and their removal

As the name suggests, tough stains are those stains that cannot be cleaned easily. In the case of buckets, these are mostly the stains caused by the hardness of water or stains of age. As far as the colors of the stains are concerned, depending upon different factors, the color can be mostly black or yellow.

Such types of stains are hard to clean and takes a lot of physical effort. The point to be noted is that the plastic is not that kind of material which can tolerate this much of harshness. In most cases, it usually breaks.
So to avoid such harshness with your tiny bucket, we are glad to present you with the best possible solutions and suggestions.

Removal of tough stains

We all know that, tough stains can’t be removed by normal cleaning. For them, we got a list of few products which will be proven as your best allie in the war against the tough stains.


  • Brand: Harpic
  • Feature: bathroom and accessories cleaning

Harpic is a well-known brand to the Indian market.No one in India is unaware of its name. Here, the product recommends by us for cleaning the bucket is none, but harpic bathroom cleaner. All you need to do is just apply the harpic bathroom cleaner over the stained part of the bucket. Once applied, it should be left used for 15 minutes should be washed later.

Homemade solutions for tough stains

India is the land of “homemade jugaads”, the reason behind the jugaads are none but our homemade innovative genius brains. Who seeks homemade solutions to every problem. For such sharp minds, we got some products that may help them in preparing their homemade solutions for cleaning the bucket.

Vinegar from kitchen

  • Brand: St-Botanica-Natural-Apple-Vinegar
  • Feature: bathroom and accessories cleaning

Vinegar is acidic, is a great agent for cleaning tough stains of bathroom bucket. All you need to mix it baking soda in the kitchen, apply the mixture on the stained area, and leave the mixture for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the solution with water in the later phase.

Common baking soda from kitchen

  • Brand: Rosegrey
  • Feature: cleaning

As mentioned above, baking soda is required to clean the bucket as the paste made using the baking soda and vinegar can help to clean the bucket. Note the process is the same as above.

Common kitchen tamrind

  • Brand: 24 mantra organic
  • Feature: cleaning

Tamarind, also known as the dates of India, is common in every kitchen to be it located in eastern, western, northern, or southern part of India. Tamarind is used for a variety of purposes, be it from cooking to washing.

So in this way, it would be wrong to exclude tamarind from our list. Tamarind, for the process of cleaning, the bucket can be used only by getting converted into a thin paste.

Once the paste is ready, all you need to apply the mixture on the stained area of the bucket and then to scrub it using a scrubber. Once the scrubbing is finished leave the mixture over the surface of the bucket for a while. Later rinse the bucket with water to finish it’s cleaning.


So to conclude in the end. We hope this article may have added some value to your life.