How To Clean Porcelain Bathroom Wall Tiles

Are you worried about cleaning your porcelain bathroom wall tiles? Jump into this article for the complete DIY steps.

Porcelain tiles are a famous choice for households these days. They are also known to be less porous as compared to ceramic tiles. Since they are less porous, they can withstand much harsher detergents than ceramic tiles. In this blog, we will study in detail the methods which you can use in order to clean porcelain tiles. We do advise that you consult with your tile manufacturer company before going ahead and using abrasive or harsh materials to clean your tiles as they will know what works best.

Cleaning with vinegar

 To clean porcelain tiles with vinegar, this is the procedure you need to follow once a month. In a bucket full of water, add 1 cup vinegar. Take a sponge and apply the solution to the wall tiles evenly. Scrub with the help of sponge in problematic areas. After about ten minutes, rinse properly with warm water. Dry the tiles with the help of a good towel. We suggest you use a good microfiber cloth. For buying, we suggest E-cloth (U. K.) microfiber kitchen cleaning cloth. Click here to visit it’s page on amazon.

To clean grout with vinegar,  all you need to do is specifically apply warm vinegar on the grout  area. You may do this with the help of a paint brush or a cotton swab but you need to make sure that the vinegar does not necessarily reach the other parts of the tile.  Since vinegar is abrasive it might harm your tile a lot.

Cleaning with commercial cleaners

There are multiple cleaners available in the market which you can use to easily clean your porcelain tiles. We refer kolan organic all-purpose surface spray cleaner 700 ml suitable for all surfaces including marble, granite, wood, tiles, stainless steel and glass. Click here to view this on amazon.

Cleaning using detergent

Cleaning using bleach

Bleach is a very tough ingredient and should be used for cleaning only when all other methods have failed. In a bucket full of water add one fourth cup of bleach and spread it over the wall tiles with the help of a sponge. Rinse immediately with the help of warm water. You need to wash the bleach away very nicely or else it will definitely harm the tile. Wipe away the water and dry the tile with the help of a good towel. When we target tile grout with bleach, the following steps need to be followed. Mix one fourth cup of bleach in a bucket of water and apply the solution very carefully on the grout area without getting it on the surrounding tile. Let it sit for 5 minutes and wash intensively with warm water to get any bleach out. The last step is to dry with the help of a towel.

To clean your porcelain wall tiles with the help of detergent, what you need to do is take some hot water and spread it on the tiles. Scrub with just the hot water. The next step is to make a solution of detergent and warm water. The ratio of water to detergent needs to be 10:1. This means that there has to be one cup detergent in every 10 cups of water. Spray this solution on the wall tiles and scrub in a circular motion with the help of a soft sponge or cloth. In the end, wash with water and dry thoroughly with the help of a good towel. To clean grout with detergent method, you need to follow the following steps. In a pot,  take 10 cups of water and one cup detergent. 

Heat this mixture till it boils. You may heat it till it forms the consistency of a paste. Apply this paste on the grout area and leave it overnight. The next morning, it will be easier to remove the grease from the grout as all you will need to do is a little scrubbing. Wash thoroughly with water and dab a towel on the area till it is dry.

Cleaning using acid

Spray water all over the tiles. The tiles need to be wet for the procedure.  Add one-fourth of a cup of acid in a bucket full of water. Pour this solution on the tiles. But before cleaning all the tiles with this solution you must always do a spot test. For the spot test, just apply the acid to a very small part of the tile. Rinse it properly and wait for one or two days. If you notice any sort of damage or discoloration you must not continue cleaning with acid.  If you noticed nothing new, you may continue with the whole procedure. After you pour the solution over tiles, let it sit for 5 minutes. Wash all the tiles with warm water. 

The next step is to mix four cups of baking soda and one bucket of water. Spray this mixture over the tiles to neutralize the leftover acid.  After 10 minutes wash the tiles properly again. Dry the tiles by dabbing with a good towel.


There are certain precautions that you must take whenever you are cleaning porcelain tiles. The polish of the porcelain tile is something that must be taken care of.  The porcelain tile needs to be sealed or polished again after certain periods of time. Make sure that you keep getting them serviced at regular intervals. If the polish is intact, the cleaning procedure will mostly be very easy. Other precautions include not leaving abrasive material on the tiles for long periods of time because that will erode away the polish and harm the tiles. You should also try your best to not clean with hard brushes or steel wool. Scrubbing should be done with sponges or clothes.