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Leading technology developments have provided the ease of handling digital equipment within our hands at a touch distance. One of the leading developments in the camera is the digital single-lens camera, i.e., the DSLR. Today everything from single portraits to HD video can be easily covered using a DSLR. Every professional technology that is adapting to the DSLR will help reduce the efforts of making the video. Owing a digital SLR will easily make you benefit in two ways: better quality images plus the HD video shooting experience. Suppose you are exploring the DSLR in both ways to provide a better opportunity for your career. A DSLR camera will be an excellent turning point to polish your dreams. 

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Panasonic Lumix G DC-GH5 20MP 4K Mirrorless Camera (Black) Body Only

Sony Digital Vlog Camera ZV 1 

Fujifilm X100V 26.1 MP Mirrorless Camera with Fixed f23mmF2 Lens 


To explore photography along with professional shooting is a trending platform regardless of the age now a day. Due to professional experiences along with the particular design feature, DSLR is becoming a needy one. Nd it has become an irreplaceable member of photography. Most DSLR in the market provide quality images as well as excellent HD videos.DSLR has become an irreplaceable member of the current world. Nowadays, every you tuber holds a DSLR. A quality DSLR can offer exceptional outputs both in stills as well as videos. Owing the perfect DSLR is a tricky process nowadays. When we look at the market, we can see every DSLR with unique features. Most of the companies such as Nikon, Fujifilm, Canon, offer a wide variety of quality DSLR. When it comes to the price, also it will not be easy to choose from the market. Every unique design holds many expandable plus stunning quality images. Even the video experience on each one is ulterior.  However, to figure out the best option will be a difficult decision. This writing will help you identify the better quality DSLR, which offers an excellent video shooting experience and other features. this will help you figure out a perfect partner for your photography.


Panasonic offers a DSLR with excellent video and image processing products. Also, it will help you to explore the frontiers between shooting and single shot-making in photography. The wedlock between the MOS sensor with Venus 10 engine recreates life with this DSLR and makes them an irreplaceable memory. The multi-pixel luminance makes even the intelligent image reproduction marvelous well in it. Multi-process NR with a wide range of ISO sensitivity three dimensional controlling of rich colors is the other features that make this product a unique one. The high degree of ISO sensitivity will make you stunned by the quality of Video that is associated with this product. Shake-free, blur-free image capturing features, as well as video, offers this product another dimension. Axis dual IS, along with the digitally compensated shaking effects, delivers extraordinary outputs to your efforts. All this makes success by the 5-axis image stabilizer combining with the compactable lens within this device. This DSLR offers a 20.3mega pixel quality results ultimately processed product. The low pass filter also helps to filter out all the unwanted thingies and deliver a sharp quality image or an HD video.

Another feature is that depth from focus technology associated with this product allows automatically calculating and accurately tracking the moving shots that are capturing. This motion identifier helps to track and take 4kvideo along with 6k photo recording.  Also, Panasonic offers a joystick controller at the bottom of this product to detect and select AF features. The 30fps plus 6k photo mode along with 18 MP resolutions will never let you miss a shot. Also, the rugged design offers splash-free dust protection with operational ability up to minus ten degrees Celsius.GH5 also offers 4:2:2 4k video recording with 10-bit creation capabilities. Again, this feature provides an animated color feature with wide-field ability coverage.






Dimensions of the product 

12.9 x 6 x 6.2 cm

Form factor


Hardware  interface 


Display size


Optical zoom




Battery type 


Video capture Resolution

C4K 1096 x 2160

ViewFinder type 


Item weight 



  • Improved focusing features with selective AF/AE And joystick controller, .which  is provided to select focus blocks during shots.
  • The 30fps with 6K photo mode along with 18MP resolution is another feature of this DSLR.UHD with 60fps,4K photo mode helps to capture faster motion shots with picture-perfect qualities.
  • The smooth video quality with QHFD 4K features is another highlight of this DSLR. It also comes with dimensions of 3840*2160, one of the best MP4 Video capturing features.
  • The Faster rates of frame capturing plus stunning motion compensation effects are the added quality of this DSLR.
  • Video editing in timeline mode helps you put footage inside your videos without losing detailing the output.
  •  It offers 4:2:2  and  4K video recording with  10 bit, which is also expandable to SD cards.
  • Live MOS sensor with Venus engine offers extraordinary natural tone image processing both in shooting and shots.


  • The smooth quality video, along with internal recording features. 
  • Another added features are excellent motion detection with ultra-fast focusing.


  • Detailing of the image dimensions are missing from the product lists.


Suppose you are a blogger or a content creator. Then look nothing but sony ZV-1 DSLR. Sony offers an excellent camera which is best suited for taking shots as well as shooting Video. This product is highly known among content creators and vloggers. This DSLR is famous for its Vlog camera along with Bluetooth connected shooting platform. The primary hallmark of this DSLR is the wireless  Bluetooth shooting grip. The 20.1MP optical resolution with CMOS sensor offers a fantastic shooting experience in this product. From 24-70mm sizeable wide aperture with F1.8-2.8 Vario T lense is another added feature. The LCD screen with variable angles will help to capture shots with a perfect view. And the camera is ideal for grabbing selfies as well as selfie shooting. The ability to recreate the images with excellent color toning is another added quality. The Eye AF allows for records of 4K videos with real-time experiences. Another feature is the ability to take time-lapse shooting ability. This time laps feature offers a cinematic identity to the shots. Also, the attractive feature is the natural skin ones provided by this device. While shooting with this DSLR Video Eye capturing AF is another highlight. This build-in AI autofocus enables you to firmly rely on the focusing feature without the problem of defocus. Once this device focuses on images of the unique quality you wanted, it focuses on the shooting process. The Bokeh Switch allows you to Bokeh off or on between the backgrounds. That is, this feature helps you to eliminate the complicated manual adjusting problems.

The product showcase button is another exciting feature associated with this product. The custom C2 button allows you to reorganize the focusing objects, which enlarges the space of view. The enhanced color tones, along with all these features, deliver naturally rendering outcomes to your efforts. This improved color tone features both in stills as well as movie shooting. Smoothening options allow you to fix, edit your images .power fl image stabilization offered by sony in this device will amaze you. Highly stable images with smooth images is another output of this feature. This device combines electronic plus optical stabilization systems. This DSLR is specially designed for handling handheld stills capturing as well as vlogging. The excellent shooting grip is what makes this device for ease of taking these shots. Three capsule mic helps to record the voices even in dense places. The spatial filtering feature associated with this unique product delivers precise audio. This 3-capsule mic can erase even fewer disturbances that lie inside this device. The windscreen included in this device offers soothing outdoor shooting experiences. All of these design features make this product perfect for youtube vlogging as well as outdoor shootings even. The external mic jack is another added quality, which can be associated with ZV-1. Also, the MI shoe delivers incredible operational features to this DSLR. While shooting slow-motion, capturing added in this device makes you amazed. The dynamic slow-motion allows to click or shoot perfect frames. The recording frames offer a speed of 90fps. The adjustable feature associated with slow-motion allows to swipe out movements quickly with a speed range of 40x. All of this feature makes this compactable designed DSLR an ideal one to own.






Dimensions of the product 

10.54 x 4.4x 6 cm

Display type


Optical resolution


Form factor


Battery type 


Item weight 



  • This DSLR offers a Compacted design with a comfortable handling body, .which  including a Wireless Bluetooth connection plus a  shooting grip.
  • Build-in AI technology allows focusing without fading using Eye AF features.
  • Bokeh Switch helps you to switch between backgrounds without the problem of manual switching methods.
  • Powerful image stabilization feature with optical plus electronic stabilization systems.
  • A Microphone Jack, which is primarily for external recording, and the directional three capsule mic enable this audio experience. Both of these allow you to record disturbance-free vlogs.
  • Excellent slow motion capturing for shooting videos. Also, offer a superior quality video even during live streaming. 


  • Uniquely designed for selfie shooting, Youtube vlogs shooting
  • Excellent image color toning for stills as well as videos.


  • Detailed image, Video capturing specifications are missing from the product description.


Fujifilm is the one having traditional experience in making the most beautiful photographic films in the media industry. The color science which can reproduce by its device is what makes you attracted to this device. The X100V  DSLR offered by FujiFilm is another hallmark in film making plus photography. The aluminum-coated compact design, easy to handle, is what makes this product a perfect buddy to the photographer. It is a classic camera with top and bottom plated with aluminum plus refined and clean edges for ease of handling. X-trans CMOS 4 sensor with 23mm F1 lens delivers beautiful images to your hands. For a quick and easy image, making the X100V view, the finder is associated with this product.

The quad processor CPU allows the processing of perfect images quickly and smoothly. It also comes with automatic enhanced focusing features. The autofocus to detect eyes, as well as face, is also the advantage of this product. Faster AF speed allows you to set and capture images from a distance.  The limited Focus option is also included in this DSLR to capture an image from a specific space. The enhanced, distorted lens for capturing intimate images is another added feature. The WCT or TCL lens attachments help to deliver this performance even within this compacted body. It offers view angles from 35mm ,50mm formats. The broadly modified hybrid viewfinder another feature that makes this product a unique one. This feature enables the user to about 0.52 x magnification option. That is, it comes into the market with a 3.69m dot OLED viewfinder. This DSLR offers about 95& of field coverage with the help of these features. A real-time replication real world of shots is what you will see while depending on this device. It also offers a sensor with an optical resolution of 26.1MP, which improves quality and the dynamic widening options. Another feature that highlights this product is the color science it offers, which helps look at the outputs like classic films. Such as Velvia, ACROS Eterna, etc., and this widely accepted loved by people. Different coloring effects plus saturation effects in images is another feature that helps to produce quality images with this DSLR. The grain effects deliver a naturally seen film effect on the videos as well. The combined feature added to this device provides a wide range of film simulations. This device itself offers a wide variety of features to make its output marvelous.






Maximum resolution


Standing screen display

3 inches

Form factor 

Mirror less


Lithium ion


478 g


  • Aluminum coated elegant, compacted design. Easy for handling and a perfect travel companion.
  • The quad X processor with a powerful CPU delivers quality images.
  • Several color sensing options available for both stills as well as for shooting.
  • Enhanced auto-detection features to identify faces, eyes, etc., with the X process algorithm.
  • Faster AF with Limiter function helps to catch a specific range of objects with excellent performances.


  • The Handy design makes it easy to carry around during journeys.
  • Best suited for vlogging and selfie shooting.


  • Video quality details are missing from the product descriptions.
  • Image size specifications are missing from the product details.