Best Cameras Under 35000 In India

There are multiple cameras available under the price of rupees 35,000. But the price range should be accompanied by quality and hence the passage given below will be a good option for you to understand about the option available.

Purchasing a camera can be a hectic choice, especially when you have a budget of rupees 35000 because this is a price range that allows you to have the option of choosing both standard cameras and high-quality DSLR cameras. When you select a camera within the price range of 35000, you can go for a variety of models. But always remember that the camera you are choosing should be a bit more highly qualified than the normal mobile cameras available in the market. So technically, your requirement is the essential feature that decides on the model and type of camera you are purchasing. If you are trying to become a good photographer in the future, it is better to go for a high-grade quality. To make all these decisions, you have to understand the cameras’ features and the basic differences between the SLR and DSLR cameras. Read the passage below in detail to understand the models of cameras available in the market and how to choose them depending upon the features present. 

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Sony Alpha ILCE5100L

Nikon D3500

Fujifilm X-A10


This is an important feature that you need to consider while purchasing a camera. DSLR cameras are the standard digital cameras that can capture images or on an average level. Even a high priced top quality DSLR camera will have an image quality similar to an intermediate level DSLR camera. Within the price range of 35000, you can obtain some of the best SLR cameras available in the market with features that will be exhausting. If you are not a professional photographer and purchasing a camera for the sole purpose of capturing your happy moments, then go for an SLR camera with high quality. But if you are purchasing the camera for capturing sports and other professional requirements, then go for the DSLR camera even though they are available only as basic models for this price range. The cameras can be upgraded in the future and used as a backup camera for photography, so choose wisely. 


Whether it is an SLR camera or a DSLR camera, it is important to choose a good quality brand to enjoy multiple features and image quality. Some brands like Canon, Nikon, and Sony have been continuously existing in the market and provide high-quality images with features that have attracted many users. Most of these brands have already established quality and longevity. Hence they are always trying to attract users with the help of their accessories and features. Try to choose a brand that offers a good set of accessories and parts that can be used to create high-quality images, including redeye deletion, softening of the edges, and the other features that can be enjoyed only in the high priced cameras. But getting these features in a standard DSLR camera for the price range of 35000 will be a bit impossible. So go for an SLR camera with features.


For DSLR cameras, the lens’s quality does not matter as you will have the option of using another lens in the future with upgrading options that can be separately purchased. But when you are purchasing a normal SLR camera, the lens’s quality and its features matter a lot. For the price of rupees 35000, you can use the highest SLR camera model with the right quality lens made up of fiber or glasses according to your requirement. Choosing a fiber material will be much more optimal than the other options, including the plastic one. The camera should also come along with a high-quality shutter that can be automatically closed. The list of the DSLR cameras has automatic closing shutters. The SLR cameras are also designed nowadays to award the scratching of lengths and to damage them in the future. 


Whether it is a DSLR camera or SLR camera, the concept of resolution plays an important role. You have to purchase a camera that offers the greatest solution possible with clarity and quality. When you go for a DSLR camera, you can choose a primary camera that comes with a 4K resolution, and the same goes for the SLR camera. But for both these cameras, there are certain points that you need to consider. 

Sensor: The first and foremost thing that you need to consider while purchasing a camera is the sensor used in them. They are directly responsible for producing high-quality images even when the shot you are taking is cropped or enlarged in size. Using a full-frame sensor is essential if you are a professional photographer. But for the price range of rupees 35000, the sensor will be APS-C. They are commonly used in standard and intermediate level websites for a low price range. If you look forward to purchasing the full-frame detector, then you have to go for DSLR cameras above the price range of 60000. 

Megapixel: The next important feature that needs to be considered while purchasing a high-resolution camera is megapixel quality. The number of megapixels present is directly proportional to the clarity of the image. If you are purchasing a professional camera, you will not have the requirement to have or check the megapixel since they will be filled with the highest quality megapixel possible. But if you are going for the cameras within the price range of 35000, you can expect to have a megapixel of at least 25 MP for increased clarity. 

ISO sensitivity

ISO explains in detail the sensitivity of the light that the camera can accept. When the value of the ISO is lower, then it means that you can show the images in the best natural way possible, but with the increase in the ISO value, the brightness of the image will increase. Try to purchase a camera with a good ISO range that will allow you to change them when required. Normally it might seem like a simple option, but ISO sensitivity also plays an important role while purchasing a camera. If you are a person trying to use the camera for professional purposes in the future or as an extra camera for professional cameras, then try to purchase the model that comes with a heavy ISO range. 


The next important feature that you need to consider while purchasing a camera is the camera’s connectivity with other objects present around. Usually, a camera will come along with the SD card memory storage. They should also have special ports for connecting them to television sets and other digital devices using the USB ports. This will allow you to enjoy multiple options and view the pictures according to your wish. These connectors are also useful for transferring the files from your camera to the mobile phone when required. Recently most of the cameras came along with modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to connect with the other devices. When you are going for a price range of 35000, it is a better option for you to choose such wireless connectivity for fast transmission of files. 

Battery quality

When you purchase a camera, battery power plays an important role. For example, having a battery with a lifespan of only two or three hours will not be useful, especially for vacation related photography. So the better option available here is to go for photographic cameras that have a battery life of at least 8 to 20 hours. You can also go for a battery life of a maximum of 18 hours for the price range of rupees 35000. If you are satisfied with the battery lifespan, check if the battery can be removed for charging. This technique is essential because directly charging the battery within the camera might affect the camera’s quality. So technically, purchasing a design that allows a separate charging will be more useful.

Focus points and other features

When you are purchasing a digital camera, the next important feature you need to consider is the number of focus points that it has as an automatic option. Autofocus is a standard option available in most digital cameras, but the number of focus points might vary depending upon the price range and model. If you choose a model that comes along with a price range of 35000 Rupees, then the focus points’ quality will be much better for a standard camera. But when you go for a DSLR camera, you will be purchasing a basic model, and hence the number of focus points will be less. Even though these features are important, certain other things need to be considered while purchasing a camera, including the number of access services provided by them. Along with these features, make sure that it comes along with the video recording model with an integrated microphone to use at the time of need. Purchasing a model with both video and camera features will be the best option in the future. The memory card storage capacity should also be larger and allow you to use them for recording videos without getting over quickly. Always go for a memory card above 6 or 7 GB, which is quite common these days. Most of these Camera models are good for your requirement but going for a DSLR camera will be a better option in our personalized opinion. Below are some of the designs commonly found in the camera region, and choosing one of them will be a good option for you. These particular designs can be purchased from the Amazon website, and you can use them for your personal experience.

Canon IXUS 190 20 MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom, Memory Card And Camera Case (Black)

Canon is a company that has a good name among the audience because of the high-quality products. They are mainly involved in creating various digital and DSLR cameras with new technology in every latest series. They have a separate research and development team that is continuously engaged in creating new products. They are available with a much more advanced clarity and features that will make the concept of photography much easier. The DSLR cameras introduced by the Canon group of companies are more advanced, and they are available in varying price ranges. From basic models for a low price to advanced photographic models, the price range varies according to their features, but the product’s final result makes the price reasonable. Their recent product is the Canon IXUS 190 20 MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom, Memory Card, And Camera Case (Black).

This particular product is available in a beautiful black color. This camera comes along with a special camera case that allows you to store the product without worrying about scratches or them falling over. The entire camera is ergonomically designed to hold them properly. So now you can enjoy photography in the area of both entertainment and professionalism with this high-quality camera. Even though it is a normal camera without any DSLR Technology, it can still be used as a spare camera by professional photographers. The quality of the product is good, and before purchasing them, it is necessary to understand the features.

Quality: While purchasing a camera, quality is an important feature. This regular digital camera comes with a megapixel count of 20, which is sufficient for entertainment purposes. It is a common fact that even though megapixels are essential for a good quality camera, there are also other features like 15 x optical zoom Technology. This camera allows the users to capture the images freely without worrying about the quality of the final output. The camera also has a large LCD panel at the back to view the clicked pictures. They come along with multiple focus points that allow you to capture a wide range of images. The camera also can record videos, and the best rate is a bit faster. It comes with noise reduction technology.

Features: This particular digital camera allows you to operate the menu with different modes through the button and LCD panel present at the back. The storage capacity of the camera is available from 8-16 GB. They are more than enough for entertainment purposes. The product’s quality was very good, and you can zoom in and zoom out of a picture before clicking them. This particular product is available for sale on online websites like Amazon, and you can buy them along with the warranty. It also has a separate mode for effortless shooting where the surrounding images will be taken care of by the camera, including the brightness level adjustment. 

This camera is an added advantage to your photographic collection. It can be used for a long time even though it is not as free as the professional DSLR camera used, especially for beginners. It also has a step-by-step guide that allows you to easily learn the concept and take photography. They are of low weight, easy to carry, and placed inside your bag or small pouches. 

Fujifilm X-T100 24.2 MP Mirrorless Camera with XC 15-45 mm Lens (APS-C Sensor, Electronic Viewfinder, Face/Eye Detection, 3" 3-Way Tilting Touchscreen, 4K Video, Vlogging, Film Simulation Modes) - Champagne Gold

FujiFilm is a famous multinational Japanese company known for manufacturing photography related and medical-related products. This company has introduced a wide range of devices that have been a trendsetter in the current economy. The quality of the products are perfect, and they are accepted by people all over the world. The company has a separate research and development team involved in continually creating new designs, especially in the region of photography. Fujifilm has gained a huge name among the existing stars of the photography e industry with their friend setting ideas with a huge fanbase. One of their recent product is the Fujifilm X-T100 24.2 MP Mirrorless Camera with XC 15-45 mm Lens (APS-C Sensor, Electronic Viewfinder, Face/Eye Detection, 3″ 3-Way Tilting Touchscreen, 4K Video, Vlogging, Film Simulation Modes) – Champagne Gold. 

This particular product is available in a beautiful champagne gold color that is available for a reasonable price. This high-quality camera can be used for capturing your memories and also for recording the video. It’s not just the quality, but the camera’s outer decor also provides an antic finish that makes it much more special. The quality of the product is much better, and they can be used for capturing vivid images that are not just clear but also sharpen the edges to differentiate the lines correctly. Along with that, the colors present are also perfect. The main reason for such a success of this particular product is their quality, and understanding its features will allow you to make an ideal choice in the end. 

Quality: The comes with 24.2-megapixel clarity that allows you to vividly capture the required quality images. It also has a perfect APS- C sensor. This sensor will enable you to capture the image in a particular ratio frame, but they are also ideal for long-distance photography. The size of the lens may vary from 15 to 45 mm. The specific electronic camera with a high-quality viewfinder allows you to capture the images vividly. This mirrorless camera comes along with a face detection technology that allows the focus to be placed correctly. The camera can be used for recording videos with a 4K resolution, which is an added advantage for most people. This mirrorless camera can be used for recording videos for small scale businesses like blogging and other regular applications. 

Feature: The camera comes with a unique LCD screen that can be tilted in three different ways. There are also several other features, including multiple modes and an easy guidance system. All these features allow you to use the camera effectively for traveling and blogging purposes. The natural skin tone, combined with the clear face detection technology, allows you to enjoy a perfect camera to shoot images correctly. The mode dial present on the camera can be used to change the features and set the menu. 

This particular camera can be purchased from online websites, and they are also available in the brand store. But since this particular brand is not available worldwide, it is a better option to choose the online website. They also sell a wide range of accessories for the camera that will fit well along. They also can show the images under multiple lighting conditions, including extreme brightness and darkness.

Nikon D3300 24.2MP Digital SLR (Black) + AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens + AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR Lens + Memory Card(16 GB) + Camera Bag

Nikon is a company existing worldwide because of its ability to manufacture the best designs in photography. Most of the cameras manufactured by them belong to the SLR and DSLR category. Both designs are perfect and used for a wide range of photographic solutions. Even in these designs, multiple models are available with varying features and price ranges that you can choose from. The company has service centers worldwide, and they also have specific brand showrooms that you can purchase from. If you are interested in purchasing from this brand, you have to choose the price range and the model before purchasing because there are multiple options available within them. One of the recent products is the Nikon D3300 24.2MP Digital SLR (Black) + AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens + AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR Lens + Memory Card(16 GB) + Camera Bag. 

This particular design is not just beautiful, but they are also well known for its features. This specific sleek Black design DSLR camera comes with a beautiful lens and multiple other features, including the modes. This product is much more advanced for this price range, and its quality is what made it more accessible and preferable for people worldwide. Some of their features that have attracted the people have been given below.

Quality: The image created is perfect in design with two quality lenses. These lenses with different diameters and dimensions will allow you to perform regular and professional photography using the modes available. The VR quality lenses are available in 18-55mm, and 70-300mm diameter makes it more powerful and suitable. This product is not just known for its quality but also its sharp images produced by the 24.2-megapixel range unique for this design. 

Features: This camera can be easily integrated with your smartphone using unique technology and share the details and control the image capturing technique using your smartphone. They also can shoot in low daylights and high speeds that are perfect. It comes along with fast image capturing technology, and the lightweight camera can be carried everywhere. They have a low sound reduction technique that allows you to enjoy high-quality animal photography without worrying about frightening them away. This particular camera from the Nikon can also be used with other advanced lenses, and they also have a special SD card for storing some memory. You can also use cloud storage for uploading the data and different types of storage techniques, including Wi-Fi and NFC sharing.

This particular product can be purchased from online websites like Amazon for a low price. If you are not satisfied with the online purchase, you can also cancel the brand store in most metropolitan cities. The product’s price range is also good considering the features, and you can carry them everywhere for both professional and casual requirements.