Best DSLR Camera Under 60000 In India

There are a variety of cameras available in the market. Choosing a design among them requires a proper understanding of the features. The passage below will allow you to understand them in detail.

With the increase in mobile cameras and other cameras embedded within digital devices, most people prefer to buy a DSLR camera for photography. They do not have any interest in purchasing a standard Camera as these cameras’ features are more or less equal to the camera that is inverted within the digital devices. So technically, DSLR cameras are there. The Best option that offers a feature is much more than the normal device embedded cameras and more popular than the other models. In purchasing a DSLR camera, the best choice can be made depending upon the price range. If you have any particular price range, you can easily select the models accordingly. 

When you are trying to purchase a DSLR camera for the first time, you have to look for a user-friendly camera. Regular primary said camera within the price range of Rs.60,000 would be a suitable choice for your basic requirements.  You can also go for models with a few advanced features that make them look more suitable for professional photography. When you choose a price range of Rs.60,000, then the market’s products will bridge the basic set and advanced photography set. So choose wisely and select a model that will be apt for your requirements based upon the features we have listed below, which are essential for a good DSLR camera.

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Sony Digital Vlog Camera  

Sony Premium Compact DSC-RX100M5A Advanced Digital 4K Camera (Black)

Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 Digital SLR Camera (Black) with EF S18-55 is II Lens, 16GB Card and Carry Case


When it comes to DSLR cameras, the next important thing you need to consider is the brand. When you are purchasing a particular camera, the brand is essential as it can provide a warranty for the camera’s quality. As Canon, Nikon, and Sony, some of the brands are quite popular among the audience. When you are buying a DSLR camera, always remember that you might have the necessity to purchase other accessories like lenses and gears in the future and the camera. In such a situation choosing the brand becomes a very important decision as it should have the ability to supply such advanced lenses keeping up with the current trend in the market. Such a company like Canon or Nikon will be a good choice for continuous upgrades in the future.  So while selecting the camera, make sure that it has the requirements for meeting the quality, longevity, and future applications.


The next important feature that needs to be considered while purchasing a DSLR camera is its sensors. Even though the megapixels play an important role in buying the cameras, the current models are filled with high-quality megapixels. Technically, if you are purchasing a Camera, the first thing you have to look for is the sensor because giving importance to the megapixels is just a myth. The requirement for considering the megapixels is much less when compared to the sensors. Usually, there are two types of sensors available in the market. One is the popular full-frame sensor, and the next one is the APS-C sensor. The APS –C sensor is generally known as a primary and intermediate camera. But most of the advanced level cameras come along with full-frame sensors. The APS-C sensors are much smaller than the full-frame sensors, but they can shoot images similar to the longer lens. They use only the central part of the lens that is present within the DSLR camera. The full-frame sensors are much more advanced, and they are mainly used in professional cameras. They provide proper imaging in shallow depth and other harder achieving areas. The quality of the image is much better while using this particular full-frame sensor. They so depend upon the sensor purchase of the camera.

Quality of image

The next important feature is the quality of the image. When you are using the DSLR camera, two options need to be considered to maintain the image’s quality. One is the sensor, and the other is the megapixel number. The resolution also plays an important role while purchasing such cameras. Most of the DSLR cameras within the market can capture the image with many megapixels producing the clarity required. Using a DSLR camera with a processor that emits low noise is much more advanced as they reduce the grainy effect that appears on the screen.

Along with the sponsor, it is also essential for you to consider the camera’s ISO sensitivity. Having an ISO range of 1600 will be useful in naturally capturing the images. And an increase in the ISO speed means that the camera can naturally capture fast-moving objects. So make sure that your camera has a good ISO value and MP. As we have discussed above, you can choose the sensor according to your requirement to improve the image’s clarity.


If you are a photographer, you will understand the requirement for using a Camera that is much faster in processing and capturing the images without emitting any noise. This will reduce wildlife and other animals or birds from moving away after hearing the sound. So while purchasing a DSLR camera, make sure that it can start immediately. There should not be any delay in shutter opening and processing. Using a camera that can capture multiple frames at a single shot will allow you to save a lot of time and prevent motion disturbances that normally occur in wildlife photography. It is also essential for you to understand the concept of automatic focusing, otherwise known as the AF system. This system can. Autofocus and allows you to enjoy a good image at the end while capturing sports and other types of action photography. The worst rate of the cameras is also important. Having a DSLR camera with multiple focus points will make your job much easier and allows you to complete the photography in a single or double shot. The burst rate of the camera is directly proportional to frames you can capture per second. So having a higher burst rate means having the ability to capture multiple frames a specially during action games resulting in a clear picture at the end. You can purchase cameras with a decent shutter speed and autofocus technology for the price range of Rs.60,000 as it is a pretty acceptable price for a modern, intermediate level DSLR camera. 


Most modern cameras nowadays come along with the advanced technology viewfinders essential in addition to the LCD screens present along with them. When there is a heavy amount of sunlight, using the LCD screen will not be clear, and hence during that situation, you can use the viewfinders for capturing the image with clarity. The LCD screen is also responsible for displaying the menu. It allows you to operate the menu as a button screen or as a touchscreen depending upon the camera’s quality. You can purchase either a camera with a fixed LCD screen or with a tilt table LCD screen. A tiltable LCD screen is more powerful and used widely for capturing the image from multiple angles. The price difference between these two screens is more or less equal, and hence you can choose the model according to your choice. If you use the DSLR camera for typing video, then go for the tiltable LCD screen, which is a more advanced and better option. For this particular price range, you can purchase a high-quality LCD screen with a viewfinder. 

Other Features

When you are purchasing a DSLR camera, there are other features that you need to take into account. Some of them include extra protection offered by the shutters for the lenses. Along with that, you should also make sure that it can capture video decently if you are purchasing the camera for photography’s sole purpose. Even though the price range is within Rs.60,000, it is always a better option to have a video integrated DSLR camera for emergency users. This particular price is decent enough to purchase a DSLR camera with all the above features. If you go for products below this price range, then there might be a minimum amount of choices you can mention or select in this particular feature, including the sensor and lens quality. Choose a brand that supports you in future purchases, and make sure to buy a suitable pouch and the camera to maintain the quality and protect the camera from dust particles. Some of the cameras come with feature options, including retouching, reducing fisheye, miniature effect, and other types of loops that you can alter without using any other digital devices. So depending upon your requirement, make the purchase and enjoy. Given below are some of the models that we find to be better in the market. You can purchase them directly from the shop or go to online websites like Amazon. The price offered is pretty much decent and within the budget, along with the features and quality. 

Sony Digital Vlog Camera ZV-1 Only (Compact, Video Eye AF, Flip Screen, in-Built Microphone, 4K Vlogging Camera and Content Creation) – Black

From the year 1946, the Sony Group of Companies has existed in the market by producing various electrical items. They have grown a lot during the past five decades. Their products are well known among the people for their quality and efficiency. Recently they have also entered the market of cameras. Most of the air cameras are of high quality, and people prefer purchasing this particular product because of their camera’s clarity. They have a separate technical team who are constantly involved in creating a perfect design that will support the people’s requirements with the latest technology. One of the recent products is the Sony Digital Vlog Camera ZV-1 Only (Compact, Video Eye AF, Flip Screen, in-Built Microphone, 4K Vlogging Camera and Content Creation) – Black. 

Video Eye

This camera comes with a video eye technology that can be used to reduce the red-eye and other issues that occur with lighting. The autofocus Technology within the camera allows you to experience a proper focus on the eye area.  This concept is particularly useful if you are recording a video or a blogger. Because during such times, autofocus Technology will allow the camera to focus on blurring the other passerby. When you are going for a camera under the price range of rupees 60,000, this is one of the best models that you can get. They also have an automatic Bokeh switch for turning the camera background on and off.  

This camera also comes with a special product showcase setting that allows you to view the products in new clarity. So now, with this technology, you can record product descriptions and product reviews on your YouTube channel. They also provide clear stability for the images, and hence you can capture multiple Motion pictures without worrying about the quality. 

Microphone Feature

Which camera was specially created for the YouTube bloggers because they have a special set of a microphone attached to do it and windshield for outdoor recording. The 20.1 MP quality combined with the OS technology makes the product more efficient. The LCD screen can be tilted, and the position can be changed based upon the requirement. It also has a special mic Jack for holding the outdoor shooting, and they can be purchased from online websites like Amazon. The outdoor shooting stability, along with motion capture technology, allows you to perform multiple times and record them efficiently, either as a video or as an image. They also have 4K resolution, which increases the efficiency of the camera to a certain extent.

Along with these Technologies, you can also slow down the time capsule and capture Slow Motion pictures and videos. The images can be sad to your mobile phone through smart connecting technology, and they can be stored on the SD card. Vloggers and other people mainly use them. 

Sony Premium Compact DSC-RX100M5 AAdvanced Digital 4K Camera (Black)

Soni Group of Companies has created a great impact within the people’s minds using its products like television, computers, and a variety of other cameras. Most of the cameras manufactured by them are of high quality, and they have specific features that are not available in most of the well-known brands. When you are purchasing a Sony product, you can be confident about the screen’s clarity of image in this case. Most of the products come along with a good warranty, and even though their price is a bit higher than the other brands, it is worth it. If you are interested in purchasing a perfect camera from this and then there are various products available. One such product is the Sony Premium Compact DSC-RX100M5 AAdvanced Digital 4K Camera (Black). 

This particular product is available in a beautiful black color with high-quality features that have made it more special. This camera is used as a special Zeiss lens that can capture vivid images without any issues. They also have an advanced image processing engine with a front end that can capture vivid images with clarity. This product also comes with various other features that you need to consider while purchasing them.


This camera has a special autofocus technology that allows you to detect 315 different autofocus points and combine 0.05 seconds to create a perfect motion capture Technology. They also have a special 24 frames minute shooting technique along with autofocus full stop. This technique can capture ab 250 shots without any blackout. The object can be easily tracked using the LCD screen present on the back part of the camera. The LCD screen also can be tilted so that you can take selfies without wearing about the quality. They also have a special 20.1 megapixel that allows you to capture clear images with the CMOS sensor technology. The complete data can be stored within the special DRAM chip present in the camera. 


The camera uses a special Zeiss lens that can shoot a Wide Angle of 24 millimeters. With the ability to produce brightness, this particular camera can shoot images without any shake and motion-related Blur. The shutter speed allows you to capture images with no distortion. They also come with slow-motion technology that allows you to record videos in slow motion with a 40 X normal frame rate. You can also record videos and enjoy multiple movie-related functions from this particular camera. It also has a special OLED resolution with perfect coating and has a multifunction ring button. 

They allow you to connect to other digital devices through wifi connectivity. The camera has a tiltable LCD screen that can be used for selfie shots. The play memories can be shared with camera applications. They have a perfect control ring for creating possible functions and create a perfect setting. This particular camera is available on Amazon, and it can also be purchased from the shop.  

Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 Digital SLR Camera (Black) with EF S18-55 is II Lens, 16GB Card, and Carry Case.

Canon is a well-known company in the area of camera and photography. Most people who buy professional cameras go for the Canon brand as they have high-quality lenses to assess the camera, especially the DSLR models. This particular camera comes with quality and efficiency that is not available on any other camera, especially in implementing the latest technology features. To be more clear, most of the latest features are available in this camera and were introduced by the technicians appointed by the brand. Most of the DSLR cameras manufactured by them are designed for future upgrades so that professional photographers can retain the original camera for a long time. One of their recent models is the Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 Digital SLR Camera (Black) with EF S18-55 is II Lens, 16GB Card, and Carry Case. 

This particular Camera model is of high quality and available in beautiful black color to stop. It has multiple features that make the camera much more accessible. This Canon EOS model DSLR camera comes with a good megapixel count, and the lens used is suitable for outdoor and indoor shooting. This camera can be purchased from online shopping websites like Amazon and also from the Canon showroom.


This model camera comes along with the CMOS sensor essential for capturing large images that can be zoomed when required. The ISO sensitivity range is from 100 to 6400, critical for taking photographs without any grainy image and during low light. The video’s resolution is of high definition quality, and it has a good framerate selectability, which is essential for high-quality video. It uses a special EF quality Mount that accepts all quality lenses, which is essential for good photography. They come along with nine different autofocus points for creating a perfect image with clarity. The LCD panel at the back part of the camera makes it easier for you to capture vivid images without any interruption in the middle. You can also take selfies without getting affected by quality.


This particular camera comes with a 24.1 megapixel, which is essential for high-quality image capturing, especially when there is a change in aspect ratio. It can capture delicate images without affecting the quality. They also come with a proper background blur technology, which is necessary while taking close up shots. The camera also allows you to capture vivid images through your mobile phone by connecting with smart technology. You can make changes in the video using the features present within the camera. If you are interested in this camera, you can purchase them at a low price with a good warranty.