Best UPS For PC Under 2000Rs In India

If you are looking to improve your ultimate productivity and working experience, then UPS will undoubtedly play a significant role. So this guide will be an ultimate help to make you choose the best UPS for PC under 2000.

Sudden loss of voltage up-down or power could trigger significant damages to your computer system, and UPS is the best remedy to stop this damage. UPS lets your computer run on emergency power kept inside a battery whenever there is an interruption in the constant power supply. Many brands in the market that assert their UPS is the best of them, but you must not fall for their claims. You must look for the insurance claims that you must consider before you ultimately choose one.There are many factors that you must check before you buy the UPS in India. The power cut is a significant problem in many countries, and India lists it as one of those countries. But before you make any purchase, keep reading to learn more about UPS and the buying guide.

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Zebronics UPS-U725 UPS

Artis PS-600VA UPS

iBall Nirantar 621i

Features to look

Ports availability and build quality

Build quality is an essential factor to consider. When you buy the best UPS for PC, you must check this in any case. Always go with UPS that comes with the best build quality. UPS with robust build quality will provide your system a quality look as well. Ports availability is also critical as more ports means you can connect more, which will improve your ultimate user experience. This is the reason why you need to check out the ports at the time of buying UPS. 

Voltage fluctuation controller

The fluctuation controller is an important parameter that you must check when buying a UPS for your PC. Even if the budget bounds you, you must still try to look for the best one possible. If you choose the best quality UPS, it is sure to come with a voltage fluctuation controller as this will resist abnormal voltage fluctuation. The voltage fluctuation controller will also protect your PC from any disorder related to your system’s supply energy or mechanical. This is why we always suggest you check out the feature while buying the best UPS for PC.

Best run time and quick charging

Best run time and quick charging are the few most essential parameters that you must check when buying the best UPS for PC. You must always go with a PC that will provide you with quality run time along with a user-friendly experience.These models provide you with an impactful result. The quick charging and final appearance will help you to secure the best results. Just in case you don’t get such UPS with no proper run time, you may get the worst experience with that. Even though many models provide you with quality working experience, it will also give you the best run time. 

Thirty-minute backup time is good

UPS’s primary purpose is not to lose any work or data in case of a sudden power cut or if the electricity goes off for some other reason. If the power goes off, then no matter what type of work you are doing, even 30 minutes is more than enough to save your work and switch the computer off. If you need a higher backup period, then you must choose a high backup time for UPS models.


Even though money is to be a secondary factor, UPS should always be the best one. It is not that the UPS would require any repair services if it goes bad, but even your computer can be potentially damaged if the UPS fails and there is a significant power surge. Until and unless the UPS you buy comes with every feature required to protect your computer, do not think about a cheaper deal.

Volt-Ampere rating

The VA rating is an essential thing to consider while choosing a UPS. The VA of a UPS denotes if it will be able to supply the power which is required to run your computer in emergencies like power failure or not. Before you check the VA ratings of UPS, try to check your computer’s wattage and basis that will help you decide the VA rating of your UPS.

Backup power supply

The power supply capacity of any UPS varies from fifteen minutes to around one hour. To be honest, it depends on your requirements, and you must decide according to your particular needs from the UPS. If you need a UPS for your office, then you would require the one that can provide backup power for at least an hour, whereas if you want a UPS to be just able to switch off your computer safely, then even 15 minutes of backup is enough.

Guarantee and Warranty

UPS with good warranty and guarantee is an important thing. If you want to spend the right amount of money, then it is sure then you need to purchase the best one. It would be best if you tried to always go through your UPS’s guarantee and warranty policy as it requires a considerable amount of money to repair it. There are many other factors that you require to consider before buying a UPS, including the cable filters, noise, displays, fans, number of outlets, user-replaceable batteries, etc.

Zebronics UPS-U725 UPS

This UPS is one of the most economical and best UPS available in the market. It comprises all the features required in the UPS and is compatible with all the PC types. The devices that consume a high amount of power, this UPS offers a great battery backup of around twenty to thirty minutes. It offers a backup for three hours for a low power-consuming device, so you can always rely on this backup system. With modified sine waveform, this device is efficient for heat exhaustion, too, so once you charge it fully for around six hours, you can relax and expect optimum output from it. 

Artis PS-600VA UPS

This UPS is for desktop computers and provides back up to 25 minutes, depending on its configuration. A higher configuration PC could get less back up due to the PC, and the micro controller’s power requirement also ensures high reliability. Artis UPS comes with long battery life and high reliability. The micro load detection also ensures to not cut off even with micro loads like the WiFi routers. The cold and auto start capability also helps to start PC directly with UPS when Main power is unavailable. 

iBall Nirantar 621i

iBall has launched this UPS under 2000 for better functioning. It features about 33 percent fast charging, which is better than any other UPS. It is generator compatible along with an automatic voltage regulator that buck and boost perfectly. It comes with auto restart while AC recovery. The green power function comes along and helps to save energy with audible alarm and LED. It also supports micro-load systems and protects you from any loss of data.

There is no doubt that the power cut is a significant problem, and this is why not only inverters but also UPS play a significant role in controlling the household. Many people consider UPS as the best option instead of inverters. If you want the best UPS for PC under 2000, look for the best ones. We hope this article has helped you improve your quality knowledge on this, so if you want to improve your overall productivity, you must choose the best quality UPS. We are emphasizing you to get the best UPS for your PC because it is an investment that is done to protect your computer against any coming dangers arising out of voltage instability and sudden power loss.