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Best Cooling Pad For Laptop In India

Looking for the best cooling pad for a laptop is not easy to choose. In this guide, you can understand the factors to help you decide the best cooling pad for India's laptop.

In today’s era of digitalization, you can see that computers are everywhere around. Most of our daily tasks now depend on computers. People prefer laptops in comparison to desktops as they are portable and can be used anywhere you like. This article will act as a tour guide to help you understand more about cooling pads, why you need it, how it works, and what features to look before you make the purchase. Let’s start from the beginning. 

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

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Tarkan Wind-Storm Five Fan Cooling Pad 

Kootek® 12"-17" Laptop Cooling Pad 

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad for 15.6 - 17-Inch Laptops 

The reason why you need a laptop cooling pad

We always choose slim laptops, and even manufacturers are trying to make slimmer laptops. Due to their slim design, the effective air solution is lacking, and laptops suffer from excessive heat problems. To take care of this problem in a more severe way, manufacturers have started to provide the built-in cooling fan, but efficient air circulation becomes a problem due to the design. Like games, bloggers, programmers, or heavy-duty laptop users, many have to face excessive heating problems in the laptop. Sometimes even the machine shuts down automatically to provide any damage, and there are times when the motherboard gets damaged due to excessive heat.This to solve this issue of excessive heating, we need the best cooling pads for laptops. The cooling pads will solve the problem as they will blow the air into the laptop’s base and help it cool down. These pads also improve the rate of the cooling of the laptop. It is essential to choose the right cooling pad of large varieties available in the market.

Choosing the best cooling pad for a laptop

Considering the problems related to the laptop heating, the manufacturers planned to make a cooling pad as an accessory to serve the external cooling system. Laptop cooling pads are designed to reduce the problem of overheating and keep your laptops working at the optimal temperature giving you the best performance that lives up to your expectations. Now different brands come with different types of designs of cooling pads that serve a specific purpose. It depends on your budget if you can choose the best cooling pad for a laptop among the various online options. However, it is recommended for laptops’ heavy loaders as video editors, programmers, gamers, etc., to buy a cooling pad. 

Types of cooling pads

Let’s now talk about the two types of cooling pads that are available.

  • Cooling pads with a fan: These are the standard cooling pads you can find in the market, and they are readily available. These cooling pads come with multiple fans that operate simultaneously and generate maximum airflow. 
  • Cooling pads without a fan: Not all cooling pads come with fans, and some come without fans. These cooling pads are usually made of heat-resistant materials like aluminum. The cooling pads without a fan are different in comparison to the ones that come with a fan. These cooling pads operate quietly as they have no fan, so they do not make any noise, but in comparison to performance, the laptop cooling pads with fans are much more useful than those without fans.

Advantages of cooling pad for laptop

  1. It gives your proper laptop ventilation when using it on a flat or soft surface. When you sit on the bed or lay the laptop on your carpet, you will need to keep the computer cool and let the air circulate. If you purchase a cooling pad, your laptop is ideal to get cool air from the cooling pad efficiently.
  2. It makes it much more comfortable for you to be able to sit on your lap. Instead of keeping the laptop cooler, it can help to keep your legs cooler as well. 
  3. It helps to keep the noise down. When your laptop starts to overheat, it can start to get a bit loud, and this is when a cooling pad will help keep the laptop run quieter, which in turn avoids ‘hanging’ of your laptop when performing complex tasks.
  4. Much more ergonomic while typing. Many laptop cooling pads help you adjust the angle and the viewing place, making it much more comfortable on your neck and wrists over extended periods without straining yourself.

Factors to consider while selecting a cooling pad

Below we have listed a few of the factors you must consider when choosing the best cooling pad for a laptop. 

    • Adaptability: One of the best parts of the laptop in comparison to desktops is its portability. You can use a laptop in a position that will make you feel comfortable. Cooling pads should be in a way that allows you to work with maximum comfort. A laptop cooling pad should allow maximum comfort and ergonomic for better use. You must also consider that the cooling pad should support your laptop size, and it must have various positions and angles to use.
    • Quality: Cooling pad is used to lower the laptop temperature, so the right cooling pad for a laptop is rated as per the efficiency that shows how effective and fast it can reduce the laptop’s inner temperature. You must go for the cooling pad that has multiple fans and allow superior airflow. 
    • Portability: Laptops are portable and light, so a cooling pad should also be lightweight and portable. Portability is one of the essential things to consider when you buy a laptop cooling pad.
  • Extensibility: Laptop comes with a limited number of USB ports, so attaching a cooling pad to the laptop means one port less, so we usually consider it to be not extensible. However, if you are using a cooling pad, which comes with an option to connect it to the other USB devices, it becomes the best option to go for. 
  • Price: Price is a significant factor while choosing a cooling pad. Various manufacturers provide laptop coolers at a much affordable price. You can also go through different varieties according to your budget.
  • Airflow: The cooling pad’s main feature is the airflow as the amount of air blow into the laptop is measured in CFM, so the higher the CFM, much better is the cooling.
  • Noise level: The cooling fans are noisy, especially in high CFM rate pads, so we recommend you to take the quieter or less noisy models with some performance compromises.
  • Fan location: The fan location is also a feature to consider, and the reason is that it should be in a manner that airflow covers the whole base for better cooling.
  • Compatibility: Before you purchase any cooling pad, you must see the cooling pad’s compatibility with your laptop. There are many different sizes for different cooling pads, so you must check for the cooling pad’s compatibility.
  • Adjustable stand: Today, cooler pads come with the inbuilt adjustable stand, so you must not buy the laptop stand externally. You can choose the height of the stand according to how higher you need.

Product Review

Tarkan Laptop Cooling Pad

This cooling pad provides with extra-large mesh surface that provides stable support to the laptop. The five fans engineered design gives better cooling from side to the bottom of laptops with this cooling pad as it provides stable support to the laptop. For better cooling effects, Tarkan fans spin up to 2200 RPM to make the system cool for a longer time, and this cooling pad will help you work for a longer time. 

Kooktek Laptop Cooling Pad

Kooktek laptop has cooling pad support with three working modes. You can start by simply pressing the switch. It has independent control, which is available for the LEDs. The dual USB ports are given with one USB port to power the cooling pad and connect different devices. This cooling pad also provides a built-in ergonomic stand with a six-level adjustable height setting that makes it much more comfortable. 

Tree New Bee Laptop cooling pad

The laptop cooling pad comes with a very cool and ergonomic design. You also get dual USB ports with a free braided USB cable that will help to power the cooling pad through your laptop. The extra USB port also powers any other USB devices like tablets, mobile phones, etc.Cooling pads usually come with a high-speed fan and metal mesh surface that assures cooling the laptop even during the load’s heaviest. You also get the dual fan speed mode controller to control the fan’s speed as you need. The ergonomic stand is given for better typing angle and viewing.

These are the points you must consider while purchasing the best cooling pad for laptop in India. So you can follow this guide to select the best one. You can also go through the top three cooling pads for laptops that we have suggested in this guide. We hope you get the best cooling pad for your laptop with the help of this guide.