Best CPU Under 15000 In India

When you are purchasing a product, you need to look at specific details, including the product's features. Similarly, when purchasing a CPU, it is essential to understand the components present in them and how to purchase them efficiently. The passage below is a clear indication of the criteria that you should know while buying a CPU.

The Central Processing Unit, otherwise known as the CPU, is one of the most famous components of a computer. Having a good CPU will ensure the computer’s quality regardless of the type of display they have on the audio speakers and other features they have attached within them. When you are searching for a perfect processor, there are specific components that you need to consider, including processor, storage, and display ports. The processor you are selecting should be of high quality. There are various other features available that should be selected based upon the purpose you are going to use the particular CPU for. For example, if you are going to purchase the CPU for gaming Technology, the first setting you need to take a look into is the quality of the display and audio ports available for sound. Here this passage explains how to purchase a perfect CPU within a price range of 15000 rupees.  

Here, depending upon the purpose, every single CPU should be selected, and when you go for a price range of 15000, the quality will also be useful. Specific other models are available in a high price range, but you can obtain the same features for a low price range when you compromise with the brand. So the best option is to choose a perfect quality CPU without compromising on any details, including the brand. Here we have explained in detail how to purchase a perfect CPU by considering the features in fact. 

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TravisLappy Desktop PC CPU Computer CORE I5 3470s & Above/ 4 GB / 320 gb HDD with WiFi

Kanget Assembled Desktop PC CPU with 320 GB HDD | 4 GB DDR3 RAM | Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz | G-41 Motherboard | Wi-Fi (intel Core 2 Duo)

MILESTONE iball-Intel Desktop Computer (Core i3, 4 GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Wi-Fi) Best for Online Classes and Home Use


The brand is responsible for maintaining the quality of the product. Some brands like Asus and the other local brands can produce a perfect way to tell me the efficiency expected from the people. The components present within a branded product will also be right, and hence you can purchase efficiently without worrying about the quality. A good brand will have a proper service center and warranty that will allow you to last forever with durability. You can be sure about the product for a long time and work for continuous hours. 


The first thing you have to note while purchasing the processor is whether to buy Intel or AMD processors. When you go for a processor purchase, you should understand that both the Intel and AMD processors are equally powerful. Whether it is a concept of durability or a concept of efficiency, both are equally important. But understanding them will allow you to make a suitable choice in the end.

Intel core processor

Intel has been existing in the market for more than 50 years, and they have been available right from the start of the computer. If you are going to purchase a product from then, you can be confident about the processor’s quality. Every single concept introduced by them is a benchmark in the market. The company has introduced a multitude of processors, but among them, their core processors created a massive change in the market. The company has introduced various core processes that you can utilize, including the Intel Core I3, i5, i7, and i9 processor. The i3 processor is well known among the audience for its entry-level performance, while the i9 processor is well known for its high-end performance. If you are looking for normal execution, then the i5 processor will be the best choice, and I7 is an upgraded model of the i5 processor. Even though rather non-core models are available in the Intel processors, it is always a better option to choose the core models because they allow you to run multitask without affecting the processor’s quality.

AMD processors

AMD processors are created as a competition with the Intel Core processors. When you try to purchase a processor, the AMD is the second model that you can choose. Every single series introduced by this processor is a competition for the Intel processor, and they also have importance in a way to Technology within their product. When it comes to AMD processors, there are two models available in the market. The Ryzen model is available in the current market. They are also available in various series, and with every upgrade, every single processor has innovative Technology embedded within them. They also have a separate model called the Athlon, which is not as powerful as rice and but still, people prefer using them for cheap level computers.

When choosing a processor within the price range of 15000 rupees, you can go for the Ryzen and Intel Core processors. They are more powerful and suitable for most functionalities. 

Graphics card

The next important feature that you should consider while purchasing a CPU is the graphics card. Most of the processes you purchase will come along with the integrated graphics card. Even though there are multiple graphics cards available in the market, it is always the best option to have a motherboard that allows an extra graphics card to be inserted within them. So while purchasing a CPU, make sure that you have at least a 2 GB graphics card embedded within the processor. If you are using an extra graphics card, purchase it from some of the best brands for more efficiency. They are responsible for the display quality, and hence without a good quality graphics card, you will not be able to continue with high-end processes like gaming and animation. There are graphics card levels available in the market, like entry-level, middle level, and high-end level. Depending upon your requirement, you can purchase them and use them in the future. 


When you are purchasing a central Processing Unit, storage plays an important role. When it comes to storage, there are two important concepts like temporary storage and permanent storage. The temporary storage is responsible for storing the data when an application is in running mode. Once the application stops functioning, the temporary storage will be deleted and restarted. This improves the computer’s efficiency, and hence having good temporary storage is essential, especially in the form of Random Access Memory or Ram. The next one is called the permanent storage device, which is otherwise known as the disk drive. There are two types of disk drives available in the market: the hard disk drive and the other is called the solid-state drive. The hard disk drive is more powerful and used for storing the data, especially as a backup. But if you are searching for a device that can store the data without damaging the content even when affected, the best option is to go for the solid-state drive.

When you are going within the price range of 15000 rupees, the best option is to go for Ram storage of 8GB. You can also go for certain models with a 16GB Ram storage, but the quality of other components might be a bit look, so check and purchase. Similarly, in the case of the permanent storage device within this price range, you can purchase a combination of the hard disk drive and solid-state drive that offers a minimum of 500GB. If there is an increased storage capacity, then you can go for it. 

Extra features

Along with these features, certain extra features need to be taken into account while purchasing a CPU. One of the most important things is the presence of a cooling fan with sensor Technology. Having a good sensor Technology will ensure the CPU runs continuously for long hours without affecting its components. And similarly, it should also have a proper set of ports for external connectivity. For example, having a USB port is essential but having more than two or three ports is non-essential. Depending upon your requirement, select a port quantity and make sure that it has other forms of connection like an HDMI port. This is essential for connecting the computer with the other Display objects like the projectors and laptops. So having this port will increase the quality of the picture that you are trying to display.

 All these products are essential for making a high-quality CPU. Along with these features, make sure that it has proper connectivity in wireless Technology like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The CPU you are purchasing should also come along with a certain pre-installed operating system version like Windows and MS Office for clear usage. While purchasing this processor, you might have certain confusion, so we have analyzed the products in the market and have produced certain designs that will be suitable for your requirement. If interested, you can purchase them or go for another model based upon the ideas given above.

TravisLappy Desktop PC CPU Computer CORE I5 3470s & Above/ 4 GB / 320 gb HDD with WiFi

Travel Slappy is a company that has been existing in the market for more than a decade, and most of their products include laptop and computer accessories, including a central processing unit that has gained a huge name in the market. Most of the year, CPUs are designed according to the requirement of the people. If you are interested in purchasing a CPU, then this particular brand will be a suitable choice as especially for obtaining multiple features for a low price. Every product is being manufactured perfectly with a proper configuration that has a huge market requirement. Most of the products are made up of high-quality materials, including motherboard RAM and other storage devices. Every single CPU is created for a particular purpose, and the price range is also decent with a warranty. One of the recent products is the TravisLappy Desktop PC CPU Computer CORE I5 3470s & Above/ 4 GB / 320 GB HDD with Wi-Fi.

This particular CPU is available in a beautiful grayish red color that creates an attractive environment. They come along with a variety of features that makes them more attractive. Some of the features include a high-quality process combined with a good random access memory and other permanent storage devices. If you are interested in purchasing this brand at a reasonable price, understanding, its features will be essential. This central processing unit has a separate space to improve ventilation and reduce heat with the help of a fan fixed within the motherboard. 


This particular product has an Intel Core i5 processor that makes it more accessible and suitable for gaming environments. Suppose you are interested in purchasing a desktop Computer that. It can be used for entertainment and gaming purposes, and then this CPU will be a suitable choice. You can also purchase this for performing programming language-related coding and other professional usages to a certain extent. The core I five processor comes along with a Quad-core technology that allows you to process multiple software simultaneously. This processor is suitable for professional laptops and also for educational purposes. This processor is accompanied by a high-quality motherboard that can be upgraded and extended in the future. The RAM’s initial storage capacity is 4GB, but it can also be extended above 4GB when required since it has multiple slots in the motherboard.

Similarly, you can also connect a permanent storage device like a hard disk drive with a storage capacity of 320 GB that is already given. If you want more, you can also connect with a powerful hard disk drive for future requirements. 320 GB is a bit low compared to the other computers, so you might have the requirement to back up the data now and then. 

The features analyzed in this particular computer also has some further advantages like improved Wi-Fi technology that allows you to connect with other external digital devices like smartphones. The CPU also has Bluetooth connectivity and a pre-installed Windows 10 pro as a permanent version. It comes along with a good warranty and can be purchased from online Websites like Amazon.

Kanget Assembled Desktop PC CPU with 320 GB HDD | 4 GB DDR3 RAM | Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz | G-41 Motherboard | Wi-Fi (intel Core 2 Duo)

Kanget is a company that has been well known for its high-quality products, including Desktop PC along with the CPU. Even though it is not an internationally recognized brand, people still prefer purchasing such computers because of their quality and ability to offer high-quality products suitable for the current configuration. When you are purchasing a CPU, you need to note the quality of the motherboard and other internal devices placed within them. The quality of the product is maintained, and they have a separate team of research analysts who are constantly involved in creating products preferred by the people depending upon their profession and a requirement. Their recent product is the Kanget Assembled Desktop PC CPU with 320 GB HDD | 4 GB DDR3 RAM | Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz | G-41 Motherboard | Wi-Fi (intel Core 2 Duo). 

This particular product comes with a high-quality processor and features that are suitable for entertainment purposes. If you are looking for animation-related performance from this processor, then it will be impossible. But they are decent for education and to understand the basic features of programming. The storage space is also pretty decent for an educational requirement. 


This is an assembled central processing unit that comes with the Intel core two duo processor. Even though it is not an advanced processor like the Intel Core i3 or i5, it can still be used for decent educational purposes and basic entertainment purposes. It comes along with a stylish cabinet with a mini ATX motherboard. It has a separate front audio feature with side panels that contains perforation. The perforation can be used for releasing the heat, and it also has 2USB ports along with some screws. The motherboard is heavily branded and suitable for storing 8GB of system memory, but this computer comes with a 4GBRAM memory.

 The processor consists of two different memory slots that can be divided and used properly. It also has a separate 320 GB hard disk drive with a heavy cooler fan for reducing the temperature when required. The fan is essential for multitasking, and the speed of the Rama is also good with 4GB. It allows you to connect with other devices using Wi-Fi technology and the transfer speed is nearly 500 MBPS. It comes along with the windows pre-installed version that can be chosen based upon your choice. 

This particular product can be purchased from online websites like Amazon, and it has a double processor for multitasking purposes. It also has a pre-installed office version to produce a perfect educational laptop. The antivirus technology is also installed for one year. Purchasing this product will be useful for your future.

MILESTONE iball-Intel Desktop Computer (Core i3, 4 GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Wi-Fi) Best for Online Classes and Home Use

 Like the above companies, the milestone is also a well-established brand among the people for manufacturing CPUs that are of high-quality. Every single design and series issued by them has a unique set of features that will suit a particular requirement. For example, if you are looking for a perfect CPU that will be suitable for gaming purposes, then they have a separate version for such requirements. Similarly, there are also other versions available for the requirements of the people. The company has issued many products with a warranty period that will be good for permanent usage. The product’s price range is also decent to cope with the current trending market, especially with desktop PCs. Their recent product is the MILESTONE iball-Intel Desktop Computer (Core i3, 4 GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Wi-Fi) Best for Online Classes and Home Use.

Most of the CPU features are suitable for a good educational laptop desktop and to be used as an extra desktop computer for office purposes. This particular model is available in a beautiful black color with a high-quality processor and storage devices. They are most probably used for online classes and other home-related usages and sometimes in the office to serve as an additional purpose. The design is perfect and can be fitted in a small space depending upon your requirement.


This particular CPU comes with the i3 processor that is much more useful in various applications. It is a basic processor in the Intel core processor models, but they are much more advanced than the core dual and Pentium processors that have been released in the market. Suppose you are interested in purchasing this model. In that case, you will have the ability to enjoy random access to a range of a minimum of 4GB with an advanced slot Technology that allows further expansion in the upcoming future. It also has a special permanent storage device called a hard disk drive with a capacity of 500 GB and allows you to connect with the external hard drives through special USB ports.

This particular model is available for sale on websites like Amazon, and you can also purchase them directly from the shop. It also has a special Wi-Fi technology that allows you to connect with external devices. The ports allow proper connectivity with audio devices, including HDMI ports.