Best CPU Under 20000 In India

when it comes to CPU, there are multiple models available in the market. Among the models, very few are useful within the price range of 20000 rupees. The passage below indicates such models, along with the features that you need to note while purchasing them.

When you are using a computer within the price range, the most important feature you need to buy is the CPU, otherwise known as the Central Processing Unit. This particular processor is essential for every computer, and they are embedded within laptops and mobile phones in different forms. Without a CPU, it is impossible to experience the proper functioning of the computer. When a computer is running, all the essential features should be taken care of by a good CPU. A CPU is not a single component, but it is a combination of multiple other components like processor motherboard and storage devices that completes the construction. 

When you purchase a computer, certain things need to be taken into account, including the CPU configuration. Even now, within the price range of 20000, there are multiple models available in the market. Among them were only certain will be compatible with your requirements. For example, if you are purchasing a device for gaming purposes and then the audio and display capacity should be perfect, along with the fast processing technique. Similarly, when you are purchasing the CPU for programming, the processing speed should be enhanced, and you will not need a perfect audio speaker. Depending upon the purpose, you have to decide on a perfect CPU that will go well along with your requirement. Here we have listed some of the features that we believe to be suitable for you. Purchasing them for a low price range of 20000 will allow you to have a decent model with good features. 

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Gandiva Desktop Computer (Core I5 3RD Gen CPU / H61 Motherboard /8GB DDR3 RAM / 500GB HDD/WiFi Facility) with Windows 10 & MS Office (Trail Version) and Antivirus (Free Version) Pre-Installed

MAXCOREPC Trident MT581 Intel Core i5 650 Assembled Desktop PC CPU (8GB RAM/1TB HDD/WiFi Ready/HDMI/Windows 10 Pro/Black)

Lenovo Ideacentre 510S 2019 Desktop (9th Gen Intel Core i3 9100/4GB/1TB/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics), Warm Silver (90LX0089IN)


The first important thing while purchasing a CPU is the brand that they are from. For example, a good brand CPU will allow you to enjoy equality without worrying about the internal parts that might go away in a few years. From the processor to the minute port, everything will be of good quality. Within a price range of 20000 rupees, you will be able to purchase a CPU from some of the best brands, including gigabyte and other models. Even though certain models caused a little bit extra because of the brand name, you can still purchase them since they are worth the money in terms of quality and efficiency and service options.


When you are purchasing a CPU, the processor plays an important role while purchasing them. There are multiple processors present in the market. The first important model that you can analyze while purchasing a processor is the Intel Core processor. This particular processor has gained more popularity because of its high quality and ability to function properly for a long time. The intel core processors are mostly advanced in nature with enhanced functionalities suitable for the modern trending environment. The Intel Core processors have various models available within them, and choosing one among them will be a suitable choice for you. 

Intel Core i3 processor – the Intel Core I3 processor is the initial level processor available in the Intel model. Even though other processes are introduced before then, they do not have multiple cores Technology. This particular processor comes along with dual-core and quad-core depending upon the generation you are selecting.

Intel Core i5 processor – this particular processor is worth the money paid by the purchaser because they are not just useful but also powerful. They can be used to find all the people, including programmers looking for a professional finish. If you are a gamer, then this particular processor will be a suitable choice for you. 

Intel Core i7 processor – dental core i7 Processor is an advanced model of the i5 processor, and the functionality is much more powerful. They are suitable for high-end programming. They are used in most professional environments. 

Intel Core i9 processor – this is one of the most advanced models available in the market. They have gained more popularity, and they are more efficient than any other Core processor available in the market. This particular processor can be one of its kind, and you can purchase them easily from online websites. This processor is suitable for high-end performances, and hence unless required, do not purchase them.

Like the core processor present in the market, there are also other processes like the AMD processor that comes in Ryzen and Athlon’s family. The Ryzen processor is also available in versions 3, 5, 7, and 9 and equivalent to the core processors present in the market. 

Ryzen 3 processor – this particular processor is more powerful, but it is the basic model of the Ryzen model available in the market. They are useful for basic functions and can be used constantly. 

Ryzen 5 processor is more powerful and can be used for performing high-end processing to stop the output is efficient, and the process is much faster than any other model available in the Ryzen. They can be used for animation and graphics since they come along with the embedded graphics card. 

AMD Ryzen 7 and Ryzen nine models are more powerful, and they also have features similar to the Intel Core i7 and i9 processors. 


The next important feature that you need to consider while purchasing a product is the storage device. There are two types of storage devices available in the processor. One is called the temporary storage device, expressed in the form of RAM or Random Access Memory. Next is the permanent storage device expressed in the form of a hard disk drive or solid-state drive.

RAM – This is a high-end core storage device that is widely used for multiple purposes. This type of device is used to store the temporary details of the processor while the applications are running in the background. So when you are purchasing a CPU, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the amount of storage possible in this RAM. Having 8 GB of storage will allow you to run more than one application at the same time. But when you are going for a price range of rupees 20000, the best option is to go for 16GB RAM storage.


The hard disk drive as a permanent storage device that is constantly used for storing the backup data and important applications within them. When you are purchasing a computer, you have to know the hard disk drive quantity present within them. For example, a storage of 500GB will be enough for a normal computer, and if you are going to use it for entertainment purposes only for storing a lot of games and movies, then the best option is to go for a 1 TB device. Even though they are not as famous as the smallest state drive, they are still preferred because of their ability to store many data. 

Solid-state drive

When you are purchasing a solid-state drive, you have to understand the people prefer them for the durability and ability to withstand intense pressure, including a lot of information stored within them. So even if the computer is damaged, you can easily retrieve the data from them. The storage capacity of the solid-state drive has not reached TB until now. You can still purchase them, combined with the hard disk drive, and have a constant storage capacity.

Graphics card

The most important thing that you have to take care of while purchasing a Central Processing Unit is the graphics card’s quality. Even though the processors you are using within the CPU have a separate integrated graphics card, it is always a good option to have a separate socket for the motherboard’s graphics card. Having a graphics card with a storage capacity of 2GB is essential for a normal device, and if you want, you can insert an extra card through the socket depending upon the usage. The graphics card is essential for a clear display on the screen. 

Other features

Along with the features given, certain other features need to be taken into account. There are various features, including USB ports, that need to be present within the CPU processor. The port should be powerful enough to support multiple transfers with speed. Similarly, it should also have an HDMI port that will support a clear display on the screen, and you should also have various other disc drives, including CD and Bluetooth connectivity. Ensure that the processor you are purchasing is also compatible with Wi-Fi technology, and hence choose the better option that will be perfect for your requirement. 

Given below are certain sets of widely available models in the market and found to be successful. If you are interested, you can purchase this product or go for a design that will be suitable for your requirement based upon the details and features we have mentioned.

Gandiva Desktop Computer (Core I5 3RD Gen CPU / H61 Motherboard /8GB DDR3 RAM / 500GB HDD/Wi-Fi Facility) with Windows 10 & MS Office (Trial Version) and Antivirus (Free Version) Pre-Installed

Gandiva is a company that is well known among the people for its high-quality desktop products, including professional and gaming desktops. Depending upon the people’s requirements like entertainment, professional, and gaming, the CPUs are designed according to their requirements. The company also has a separate team for designing desktops that will fall within the people’s budget with the latest technology products used in them. The budget desktop and designing desktops have created a huge revolution in the market. Recently, they have also introduced a variety of accessories and the CPU they are processing. 

One of the recent products is the Gandiva Desktop Computer (Core I5 3RD Gen CPU / H61 Motherboard /8GB DDR3 RAM / 500GB HDD/Wi-Fi Facility) with Windows 10 & MS Office (Trial Version) and Antivirus (Free Version) Pre-Installed. 

This particular desktop falls within the required budget, and its quality is also perfect. They can be used for gaming appliances and other advanced functions since they have a high-quality processor combined with other storage features. So before deciding on this product, understanding their features will allow you to gain a perfect idea.


this particular central Processing Unit comes with a modern third-generation Intel core i5 processor. This particular motherboard supports this particular processor, and it is widely used for gaming and other advanced purposes. The motherboard is also advanced, and hence even if you want to perform an upgrade within this central Processing Unit, you can use the motherboard and its expansion slots. The CPU comes along with a free version of pre-installed antivirus technology and windows ten software. The MS Office software is also available with a trial version, which can be later subscribed according to your wish. 

Storage Capacity

This CPU comes with the storage capacity of DDR3 model RAM with 8GB capacity. Along with the RAM storage, they also support a wide range of storage including a 500GB hard drive and other external storage devices through the USB ports. The internal 500GB storage is essential for proper functioning and fast processing of the Random Access Memory and other processes without any interruption in the middle. The 8GB RAM can be expanded when required since the motherboard has upgrade facilities. 

Others Features

this CPU also has a special feature that allows external connectivity. They have a proper set of ports for other external connections, including HDMI, audio, and other devices. They are available for a reasonable price, and you can purchase them from websites like Amazon and the company showroom. The price of the product is low, and the warranty is good for long term usage. Even though it does not have a DVD drive, other ports are available for external device connections. It uses a special ATX cabinet that is suitable for the ATX motherboard. 

MAXCOREPC Trident MT581 Intel Core i5 650 Assembled Desktop PC CPU (8GB RAM/1TB HDD/Wi-Fi Ready/HDMI/Windows 10 Pro/Black)

Along with pre-made computer desktops like Dell and LG, certain models offer assembled CPUs for a low price that can be used for particular purposes. If you are a person looking for such brands, then maxcorepc is a well-known brand in the industry with CPUs specifically designed for every profession. They have a specific set of engineers and designers who are constantly involved in creating a perfect CPU that can be used for entertainment and professional purposes. Some people prefer purchasing this CPU at a low price. Under such situations, this brand can be perfect for your choices as they come along with high-quality products embedded within them and a warranty period. One of their reasons for the models that comes with a low budget is the MAXCOREPC Trident MT581 Intel Core i5 650 Assembled Desktop PC CPU (8GB RAM/1TB HDD/Wi-Fi Ready/HDMI/Windows 10 Pro/Black). 

This particular CPU comes along with a supportive Intel core i5 processor. When it comes to core i5 processors, the functionalities embedded within them are higher. You can be confident about the processor’s quality, and they are suitable for a high-level work schedule. So if you are a programmer and looking for a proper backup computer, this will be the best choice. The i5 processor is specifically designed for gamers. So this CPU is suitable for Gamers and also for other entertainment purposes along with the professional requirements. It is available in a beautiful black color with pre-installed versions of Windows 10 Pro.


the storage is an important part of a CPU, and it has an 8GB Storage for Ram. This temporary storage is sufficient for running multiple programs simultaneously, especially with the quad-core technology of the i5 processor. This feature is combined with the high quality 1TB hard disk drive. Now you can store a lot of images and videos in this permanent disc drive. It also comes with a good set of USB ports that allow you to store the data as a backup in the external drives. Connecting with other digital devices can be done through the HDMI port and the USB port. For a wireless connection, the best option is to go for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology pre-embedded within the CPU.

The CPU also has a high-quality motherboard that can be constantly used for expansion in the upcoming future. If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can go to websites like Amazon or from the shop directly. The warranty of this product is good, and hence you can constantly use them for a long time.

Lenovo Ideacentre 510S Desktop (9th Gen Intel Core i3 9100/4GB/1TB/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics), Warm Silver (90LX0089IN)

Lenovo was established in 1988 in Hong Kong and was later moved down to China for expansion. The company has introduced a wide range of products into the market, including mobile phones and laptops. Every product introduced in the company is of high quality, and they have established their brand name in the market.  The quality of the products is perfect, and recently they have also introduced a separate set of CPUs made up of high-quality products, including the processor and motherboards.  One of their famous products is the Lenovo Ideacentre 510S Desktop (9th Gen Intel Core i3 9100/4GB/1TB/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics), Warm Silver (90LX0089IN).

This particular product is available in a beautiful warm silver color with a proper quality material that protects the surface from all angles. It’s not just the exterior, but the interior part of the CPU is also made up of high-quality materials to ensure your safety and efficiency. To make the CPU more adaptable, the company has embedded a pre-installed Windows 10 with other software, including the office.


The CPU has an i3 processor, a basic model of the Intel core processors. Even though this version is slightly lower than the I5 and I7 models, it is still advanced compared to the Pentium and gold processors. It comes with dual-core technology and allows you to work on it for a long time. This CPU is suitable for professional people as a backup. They are also used by the students and for entertainment purposes.


When you are running a computer, the next important thing you need to consider is the storage space. The RAM capacity of this CPU is nearly 4GB, and the hard disc drive capacity e of this CPU is 1TB with an integrated graphics card in them. The integrated graphics card, and the available card, will allow you to enjoy a good gaming device and use the laptop for editing and other display-related display-related purposes. This particular CPU also has special ports that connect them to the external devices through the USB port and HDMI port. The HDMI port offers a clear resolution, especially with the projectors and other devices, while displaying video. This product can be purchased from Amazon and also from the shop. They have separate brand showrooms all over the country and offer a good warranty period for the product.