Best Gaming Keyboard Under 1000Rs In India

If you are looking for the best gaming keyboard under 1000, then you can end your search as we have come up with the guide that will help you select the best gaming keyboard in India. You can look at this article to learn more about it.

The best gaming keyboard can make a big difference not just when you are trying to blast your enemies while gaming but also for everyday use. Most standard office keyboards are not that durable or comfortable. Since gaming keyboards can be pricier, there are also many cheap office peripherals available, but they certainly can’t match the mechanical keys.Although it is a bit hard to describe just how much of a difference these features can make but based on a few observations, once you go to the gaming keyboard route, there is no going back. The best gaming keyboard for the setup depends on your gaming habits, budget, and available desk space. If you have a little bit of money to spend, then you can get something decent. If you are willing to dig deeper, you can also get a nearly perfect peripheral that will last for many years to come. 

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Zebronics Gaming Keyboard

Offbeat Gaming Keyboard

Live Tech Phantom Plus New Version Wired Mechanical Keyboard

Meaning of best gaming keyboard

When it comes to choosing the best gaming keyboard, most of the time, it depends on the situation of each user. There are a few broad recommendations, which you will find below, and a guide on choosing the best gaming keyboard. Well, something we learned is that all of my favorite gaming keyboards come with few things in common, like streamlined designs, mechanical keys, and RGB lighting. You can choose the program, keys, and color pattern of your keyboard in a way that also suits your favorite games. Many gaming keyboards come with gorgeous design and are comfortable to use. 

Choosing the best gaming keyboard

The things you must consider while trying to find the best gaming keyboard are price, features, and design. These three are interconnected, but you must know that keyboards with more elaborate designs and fancier features cost more money than simple ones. But the first thing you must determine is whether you want a tenkey less or a full-sized keyboard, which is a pretty simple decision. The full-sized keyboards come with different pads on the right, while the ten keyless models do not have any of it. In case you have a tone of productivity work, then a numpad is worthwhile, while you can eschew it and save a bit of money.

How to test gaming keyboards?

You can determine the best gaming keyboards quickly by running it through a variety of tests. The first and most crucial thing to test is to play through several different games and figure out how the keyboard holds up. We usually try at least one RPG, FPS, RTS, and MMP apiece as they are the genres that benefit the most from the right keyboard. After doing this, you can also evaluate the keyboard’s software suite and evaluate its level of difficulty to reprogram keys, adjust lighting, set up macros, and create profiles for games. The intuitive software ought to get high marks, while the convolutes software may lose some points even though it’s very robust.Finally, make sure to use a keyboard for productivity for at least two to three days. Many games do not swap keyboards in and out; what they use for gaming, they’ll also need to use general and work computing. A keyboard with everyday tasks is better when it comes to a recommendation. Most gaming keyboards come with backlights that make the arena look better and give a much better gaming experience. When any gamer wants to get a good gaming experience and feel, they can dim the surroundings so the lights on the keyboard ensure that the keys are visible in the dark. 

Type of gaming keyboards

Three different types of gaming keyboards cater to different needs. Although they don’t come with varied differences, the right keyboard provides some convenience to the user. 

    • All-purpose keyboards: These keyboards are ideal and necessary for the Real-time strategy (RTS), First-person shooter (FPS), and Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). These keyboards may not or may come with some extra keys above and over office keyboards, but they come mostly with membrane switches that question the keyboard accuracy.
  • MMO Keyboard: MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Games, and this keyboard is for the gamers who are looking to handle every small detail as per their liking. These games can opt for an MMP keyboard as it comes with the macro keys that can range anywhere between 6-18 keys. Such provisions come with its own hefty price tags, and on top of that, it also comes in large size.
  • Tenkeyless Models: The keyboards come without the numeric pads that makes it lightweight, compact, and travel friendly. These keyboards are ideal for gamers and those who have space crunch who participate in tournaments.


About membrane and mechanical keys

Among the widely used keyboards are the membrane keyboards. The name suggests that these keyboards are layered with a rubber membrane with the buttons marked and predetermined for ease. There is also a circuit board under the membrane, so when you press a key, the membrane touches the resistive pad that establishes the key that you have typed.

In contrast to the working of the membrane keys, a mechanical keyboard comes with an individual switch for each key, so when you press the key far enough, it recognizes the keystroke. A mechanical keyboard gives clear feedback as to when you press the switch, the key springs back. A mechanical keyboard is also best when it comes to giving clear feedback as to when you press the key and switch; it springs back, so here, while pressing the keys near-simultaneously, they are recorded in the correct order. 

RGB lighting on keyboards

As mentioned earlier in this article, the keyboards’ illumination is not the deal-breaker when choosing the gaming keyboard. Still, they also add to the overall appearance of your gaming arena. Picking the right color that syncs perfectly with the rest of the illuminated gadgets makes the whole rig look great. It also depends upon your own taste that you get the non-illuminated or illuminated gaming keyboard as per your choice.

Product Review

Below are the comparison table and more details about the top three best gaming keyboard under 1000.

Zebronics Gaming Keyboard

This is a famous Indian brand for affordable and high-quality peripherals like Bluetooth speakers and other accessories. It is now that they have also entered the budget gaming accessories market as well. This transformer keyboard is one of their mid-range gaming keyboard prices just under Rs. 1000 with many useful gaming-centric features at a fraction of the cost of other keyboards in the market.This transformer gaming keyboard is manufactured to last long as it also features aluminum chassis, which also ensures durability. It also has LED backlight illumination, consisting of four LED color modes to choose from. Zebronics gaming keyboard also offers noteworthy performance for the price, and it works reasonably well with most games, be it casual or competitive.

Offbeat Gaming Keyboard

Offbeat is an Indian company focusing on budget-friendly gaming peripherals like gaming keyboards and mouses in the Indian market. This keyboard’s build and design cater to better architecture for better structural integrity and more extended durability. It also comes with an aluminum frame and a body made of plastic. The keys on this keyboard are made of plastic material, and the laser engraves the characters on the keycap, so they don’t fade off over time. This gaming keyboard is water-resistant and shockproof and can handle some spills without any trouble. You also get integrated multimedia keys for easy access while gaming, and it comes in handy when you want to decrease or increase the volume without having to exit the game. 

Live-Tech Gaming Keyboard

This is an entry-level gaming keyboard which is low in price. Live-Tech is an Indian company that strives hard to provide low-cost yet good quality electronic peripherals to the average consumer. This membrane-type keyboard is somewhat similar to the TV remotes when it comes to its keypad functionality. The key panel is a textured design, which we don’t see all that often while gaming keyboards. In fact, the keyboard design is premium in look, which makes it stand out from the rest of the competition.The best part is that this keyboard is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system too. Keys being much comfortable due to the high raised design, it has a keystroke life of over 10 million. Being an excellent choice for gaming, this keyboard is somewhat a game-changer for you, so if you are looking to save some money on a gaming keyboard, then you can go for this keyboard.

So our recommendations above what we think are currently based on the best keyboard for gamers under 1000. We factor in price, availability, and feedback from people who bought these keyboards. If you would like to do the work and choose yourself, you can refer to the above guide and top three keyboard preferences that we have mentioned but be careful not to get caught up in the details as no product is perfect for every use. Be sure to know your preferences before you choose.