Best Keyboard Under 500 In India

Looking for the best keyboard under 500 is no longer a hassle as this guide will help you select the best one. This guide to select the best keyboard in India is perfect, and the products we have listed could be the best choice for you.

When it comes to selecting the right keyboard for your PC under 500, it may seem very easy to you, so what could go wrong. We know you might be thinking the same thing. You must always choose carefully, or you would end up regretting it later. Always remember a computer without a good keyboard is just an output device like a television.  All the keyboards we are listing here are ideal for typing jobs, home use, office use, or even gaming but before any of that, always remember to make sure that you go through the guide to get the best keyboard for your use.

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

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Amkette Xcite NEO Keyboard

Dell KB216 Keyboard

HP K1500 Keyboard

Types of keyboards

The three popular types of keyboard, according to the design, are:

    • Standard keyboard: The standard keyboard is designed especially for essential work like office work, typing job, and entertainment purposes, which comes with 104 keys beside all multimedia keys.
  • Gaming keyboard: These keyboards are designed for gaming only purposes, so if you are a gamer then you will get all the keys with some multimedia and extra special keys.
  • Ergonomic keyboard: The keyboard is designed to give your hand an ideal position to provide an excellent typing experience. For an ergonomic keyboard, you need to pay more so that it is not easier to get this type of keyboard in this budget range.


Buying Guide

The keyboards we list here are ideal for home use, typing jobs, and office use, so we recommend buying them for gaming purposes if you are a pro gamer.

Features of keyboard

Budget: Budget is the principal factor of the most reliable quality keyboard, so if you have a high budget, you can find the top quality keyboard. The budget can be a primary concern if you are looking for a keyboard under 500 rupees, and there are not many options available under this category.

Work Type: There are various types of computer keyboards available in the market, designed with specific features for different purposes. It would help if you also considered for what purpose you want to buy the keyboard. If you are looking for a keyboard for typing jobs, we recommend you go for an ergonomic keyboard that provides you a comfortable and convenient typing experience.

Keystrokes: Before you purchase a keyboard, you must check what type of switches are fitted in the keyboard. The keyboard comes with a variety of switches, such as soft, rigid, and sensitive. There are also several types of switches available in the market which dome switches, mechanical switches, and scissors switches are the primary types of switches used by most keyboard manufacturers. The switch also helps to provide smoothness, sensible, noiseless, and comfortability. So it is a must that before you buy a keyboard, make sure to choose the keyboard which is comfortable and faster and you do not have to press much while typing.

Connectivity: One of the most primary factor to run the keyboard is connectivity, and you must check the connectivity feature in a manual before you make a purchase. Most keyboards come with USB ports to connect with the device, which used to be the old types’ keyboard. They come mostly with PS / 2 ports. Some wireless keyboards can connect to your device via Bluetooth, while some require software installation on your system to operate. Still, whatever it is, you must check on the details and your PC configuration before you make any purchase.

Design: The keyboard design depends on its type as it can be divided into gaming, standard, and ergonomic. Suppose the keyboard’s shape and design are perfect. In that case, it makes total sense and brings you a significant change in your typing experience as it also provides an excellent typing experience. 

Extra function keys: To ensure that the computer operates conveniently and faster, today’s keyboard has additional function keys to control volume, coding, control music players, playing games, etc. It would help if you chose a keyboard according to the types of your works.

Switch or button setup: Most people might not notice, but there are different types of keyboards available in the market not only based on the style and use but also the type of key setup. The mechanism of a key on a keyboard is called switches, and switches help to determine how the user feels when using the keys. 

The three types of switches are:

  • Silicone dome
  • Scissor
  • Mechanical

The number of keys: The keyboard with a standard number of keys are long gone. Just in case you have noticed, most latest keyboards from brands come with dedicated keys, and the number of keys tends to change based on brand and model. 

Wired or wireless: Games or not, the option of wireless or wired needs to be considered. Wired keyboards are fast as they tend to be gamers’ favorite. However, those days can undoubtedly be seen fading as wireless because keyboards today are gaining the same features and speed as the wired keyboards. Something to be taken as a note is that the wireless and wired keyboards offer almost the same efficiency.

What to look for while choosing a keyboard

Before you decide while choosing the keyboard, there are few factors you must consider while you make your purchasing experience flawless. This section will discuss all such aspects in detail.

  • Size of the keyboard: Keyboards are generally available in four different sizes, so you need to select any one of them according to your requirement.  The full-size keyboards consist of all the keys, nearly 104 in total. The keyboard is ideal for people whose work involves numbers as they include a dedicated corner for a number pad cluster. 
  • Tenkeyless keyboard for minimalists: Compared to the full-sized layout, the tenkeyless or TKL keyboard, also referred to as 8-%, comprises only 88 keys that help you save some space by removing the number pad cluster. People who do not prefer the large-sized keyboards can get their work done with a keyboard which offers only a limited number of keys.


Difference between ordinary vs. mechanical keyboards

There are two types of keyboards – mechanical and membrane keyboards. But before you skip to any conclusion, you must first understand what the difference between both of them is. An ordinary or membrane keyboard has a circuit covered by a three-layered rubber, and above that, there are also keys or buttons that we can see on the keyboard. So when you press any button, the rubber layer attached to the circuit sends off the information to the CPU, and then the CPU shows the output on the screen. On the other hand, the mechanical keyboard does not have a rubber layer like a membrane keyboard. It has a mechanical spring and switches below every key, and when you press down a key, it sends out the information to the CPU through the circuit, which further shows the screen’s output.

Product Review

Amkette Xcite NEO Keyboard

The Amkette keyboard differs in weight and design. It is a lightweight keyboard that weighs only 290 grams, so if you are looking for a lightweight keyboard that is modern and stylish, this keyboard will be a perfect choice. If the weight doesn’t worry you, then consider buying an Amkette keyboard as it comes with accessibility features with a superior design.

Dell KB216 Keyboard

Dell is the world’s renowned computer accessories and PC maker. If you are looking up for a keyboard from trusted manufacture and premium brands, nothing could be better than Dell as it is one of the world’s most famous and trusted brands in the Personal Computing space. It is an entry-level keyboard from Dell and comes with minimal design with basic features. 

HP K1500 Keyboard

HP K 1500 is another decent entry-level keyboard with a minimalist design, and adequate spacing between keys helps you type faster with better accuracy. The keys layout is not congested and offers excellent performance for rapid data input. If you are looking for a keyboard with better performance, this keyboard is ideal for your budget under 500. So this guide is for the best keyboard under 500 is designed especially for you to help you get the best keyboard, and it will help you a lot to select the perfect one you will need.