Best Laptop Bags For Men In India

Looking for the best laptop bags for men? You've come to the right place as with this article. We will take you on a tour of how you must select the best laptop bag in India. Follow this guide and get the best one for yourself.

Well, the title itself makes it clear that in this article you’ll learn in detail about the best laptop bags for men and the top three products available. There are many reasons why you need a laptop bag and how convenient it is to protect your laptop from any shocks and damage. A laptop bag can also deter theft and is a great option to keep your things in a much-organized manner. Apart from this, a laptop bag is a convenient way to carry a few textbooks, essentials, and workout gear.Many trendy laptop bags come with many convenient features. While some bags emphasize fashion, others allow you to charge your devices on the go, and some will protect your electronics from extreme conditions. But before you make any purchase, you must learn more about laptop bags, and this guide will help you in the best way.

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

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F Gear Luxur Brown 23 Liter Laptop Backpack (2404)

Skybags Ion 36 Ltrs Grey Laptop Backpack (LPBPION2GRY)

Skybags Ion 36 Ltrs Grey Laptop Backpack (LPBPION2GRY)

Things you must know to buy a laptop bag

There is a wide range of features and styles available for laptop bags, so it is a must for you to know what you’re looking for before you start your search. Here we will go over the ten key factors you will need to the lookout.

  • Compatibility: Laptops generally come in standard size from 13 inches to 17 inches, and the bags are usually sized accordingly, so, indeed, you’ll want to choose the one that fits your laptop. Make sure that you double-check your laptop’s dimensions because some don’t follow the standard.
  • Exterior Material: Three kinds of exterior material comes along in laptop bags. These are Canvas, Leather, Synthetic (includes Nylon, Neoprene), and Wool or natural exterior. The laptop bag exteriors must be lightweight so that wearing them won’t be a hassle for you even if you are taking them to work or around the campus if you are a college student. The leather exterior comes with four types commonly used for laptops: full-grain, genuine, top-grain, and suede. Apart from these, synthetic fabrics are also an option that generally lasts longer than you expect. 
  • Overall size: The laptop bags come in four standard size ranges, and you must consider the size of the bag for reasons beyond just how much you can carry. Your laptop bag’s size can affect your outfit’s proportionality and balance, so you must keep that in mind.

Like clothes, four laptop bags are varying from Small, Medium, Large, and Extra large. Like the small bags fit up to a 13-inch laptop, this is undoubtedly the right choice for you if you are a minimalist. The medium bags are a step up from the small, so if you have a small laptop but don’t want it to appear too small, then this bag can save you. The large size can fit laptops from 15 inches to 17 inches and can be the right choice, while the extra-large ones are good if you are carrying around your documents and notebooks along with your laptop.

  • Handle/Strap style: The variety of handle and strap styles for laptop bags are surprising, and your intent heavily influences the one that will work for you for the bag. It comes with a single or adjustable double handle. The padded straps are the best choice to go. There are other strap styles like the backpack straps and the detachable straps that are best for business-oriented laptop bags. Finally, convertible straps can be tucked or made into a handle that is likely the most convenient feature.
  • Outside pockets: The outside pockets in the laptop bag can turn out to be vital, so if you want items like keys, access cards, passports, and other essentials in handy, then pockets are essential. They usually come in two main varieties, which are side zip and front zip pockets. The side zip pockets are less likely to catch on things but can sometimes also run off their tracks.
  • Waterproof: Water resistance is essential for your laptop bag if you live in the regions where it rains most days. You must buy a water resistance bag because of the nature of the equipment you are carrying along.
  • Work type: The bag intends to hold a laptop, but you must know the purpose and overall significance of the laptop bag when you are trying to make a proper purchase. If it is for business, then we would recommend you to go for the one which is formal and appropriate for a professional setting. While you are looking for a more natural or tactical appearance, it may turn out to be the right choice for the trendy or urban city dweller. They are mostly sleek and slim, with features and style being of most utmost importance. 

The presentation takes a supporting role with college laptop bags focused on comfort and function. These backs also serve as an excellent backpack for students moving between work, classes, or extra-curricular.

  • Colors: Laptop bags are often grey, back, brown, or blue, appropriate for accessories as they’ll match well with most outfits. When we talk about color, you must objectively consider that for what reason you’ll be using the bag and for how much versatility you need.
  • Brand: Some of the well-known brands successfully dominate the laptop bag market like Samsonite, Fastrack, Gear, Skybags, American Tourister, and many more.
  • Price: When we talk about laptop bags, the pricing is a reliable indicator for some of the quality features that the men look for. Quality diminishes as you reduce the price. 


Tips to take care of laptop bags

Below are the tips you must follow to take care of the laptop bag, depending on the types of materials you choose.

Canvas/Polyester: Many polyester and canvas bags come with a tag indicating how they must be washed. If you want to handwash polyester or canvas bag, moisten it first with lukewarm water and then apply some detergent to spot areas with stains. You can use a slightly abrasive sponge to gently scrub the dirty areas instead of washing the entire bag and letting it dry.

Leather: You must maintain the leather a bit more intricate than cleaning polyester or canvas. The three steps to clean a leather bag is cleaning, conditioning, and protecting. Cleaning the leather bag requires some specialized leather cleaner, and we recommend saddle soap. 

Dryer/Washer Instructions: If the label on your bag says that you can wash it in a machine, then there are still some things that you’ll want to do to make sure that your bag stays as new as it was when you bought it. 

Tips for wearing a laptop bag

You can wear the laptop bags stylishly and comfortably rather than just slinging it over your shoulder.

  • Pair with like intent/clothing: If you pair the laptop bag with clothing that matches your intent and style will create a well put together look. The messenger laptop bags are great for a classy and urban look, while the leather briefcase is better paired with a smart suit.
  • Padded straps increase comfort: Comfortable, supportive, and thick padding is an essential feature in a laptop bag, especially when it comes with a contoured shape for more comfort. It works well only if you adjust the load and height lifting straps before heading out.
  • Crossbody straps help distribute weight: It is somewhat true that the crossbody straps allow a 50-inch range, and the straps rest on your shoulder while allowing the bag to be worn more securely than over just one shoulder. If you wear the bag in a way that provides the most comfort, it is excellent as it also distributes the weight well across your body.


Product Review

We know that you’ve understood everything about the laptop bags, so now is the time to go through the top 3 selections we’ve come up with for you. First, you will see a comparison table, and next, you can know more about the selected product in much detail.

F Gear Laptop Bag

This backpack is made of synthetic water-resistant material and is spacious and classy enough that makes it an excellent fit for professionals. It comes with two side pockets and two zipper compartments that provide you with ample space to carry a few books, documents, or other essentials.

Skybags Ion Laptop Bag

The multi-level organizer and sufficient space in this backpack are best for the frequent travelers made of water-resistant polyester with three compartments. It also has quick access side pockets, a rain cover, and an adjustable chest strap making it more stylish and functional in appearance.

Wildcraft Turnaround Laptop Bag

With its lightweight and compactness, Wildcraft’s backpack is water-resistant and highly durable, making it the best for office goers who commute on public transport and bikes. It is made of high-quality polyester and has three compartments that can fit a laptop of up to 14-inch size.So the above guide was all about the best laptop bags for men in India. We hope the above guide has given you the best know-how and insight about things you must look for while purchasing a laptop bag in India, be it online or offline.