Best Laptop Bags Under 1000 In India

If you are looking for the best laptop bags under 1000, this guide will select the best one. In this guide, you will find what you must look for, types of laptop bags, and the top three choices. You can also select the ones according to your choice.

The world is changing as the internet is swamping everything that comes in its way. As time is changing, it has become imperative for every person in the world to become computer-literate. This also explains why computers have become an integral aspect of our everyday lives. Today, most people own a laptop. The best laptop is an outstanding appliance that you need to protect while you carry it, so this is why we have come here to help you out in selecting the ideal and best laptop bag.

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HP Entry Level Backpack for Upto 15.6 Inch Laptops (F6Q97PA)

Acer Original Backpack 15.6'' Black Laptop Bag

Types of laptop bags

Below are the commonly used laptop bags you must know according to your need.

  • Backpack: A backpack can be carried on one’s back and fixed with two straps that can go over the shoulder. There are different types of backpacks, but laptop backpacks are purchased more. 
  • Sleeve bag: Sleeve bag trend has become popular very recently. The thought of carrying a laptop in a sleeve bag came into being when the laptops got smaller and thinner. These bags are much simpler and more comfortable to carry than other laptop bags.
  • Messenger bag: Messenger bags have been evolving with changing fashion. The design is perfect for the transportation of goods and mails by numerous messengers. These bags are also known as a side bag, and the main feature of these bags is that it comes with one strap which goes over the shoulder. 
  • Tote bag: Usually, girls use tote bags and are very popular amongst them. These bags come with one big compartment to put in the laptop. There are no additional compartments, so you cannot use other accessories, one of the prime disadvantages of this bag.
  • Sling bag: Sling bag is almost like a backpack. The main difference between a backpack and a sling backpack is that it has two straps and a sling backpack has only one. The strap goes over your chest in a sling bag. The bag can be kept like a backpack on your back. 
  • Briefcase with wheels bag: Even though this bag’s title may seem a bit awkward, don’t get surprised with this. It is indeed true that a laptop bag with a wheel will work. Business professionals mainly use this bag. 


Qualities to look

There are things that you must know before you purchase anything. So we’ve come up with a list of specific things that you need to look for before you purchase the best laptop bag under 1000. Let’s take a tour of the essential things that you must check before any purchase.

    • Comfort: It is one of the most crucial factors while selecting your laptop backpack. Well, this is obvious that you will not use it often if the bag is uncomfortable as you may end up injuring your back. The shoulder straps, backside contours, and padding decide the comfort factor for any laptop backpack. A laptop can be quite a heavy thing to carry, and this is why a backpack with comfortable padded shoulder straps, back panel, and hip belt can help to distribute the weight evenly across the body. 
    • Protecting the contents: Other than the laptop, other accessories like mobile phones, laptop chargers, power banks, files, and books can be kept in your laptop backpack. There is a need for you to protect these from the vagaries of the weather like rain. Therefore, you must check out whether the backpacks have water-resistant material. You can also opt for bags made from polyester or nylon as they are semi-waterproof materials. Nowadays, most laptop bags come with additional padding protection, so ensure that you fasten them with belts to prevent the electronic equipment from jostling around in your bag.
  • Durability: You may find cheap backpacks in the market, but many do not serve the purpose, so you must choose the durable one. The backpacks made of ultra-strong polyester or nylon are suitable for college as well as office use. Now because leather is made of durable material, it can increase the overall price of the bag. Make sure that your laptop backpacks come with shoulder straps and sturdy zippers. It also has an additional layer of the seam, thus providing more excellent durability.
  • Size: The size of your laptop depends on what size of laptop you have. People usually use laptops with a screen size of 15 inches, so most laptop bags accommodate 15-inch screen appliances. If you have a laptop with higher screen size specifications, choose the backpack according to the size. Always ensure that you have additional protection for iPads or smaller sized notebooks.
  • Activity: Choosing the laptop backpack depending on your activity is always the best way. While students may require a bigger backpack because they need to carry their laptops and books together, the office goers may go for the smaller ones. The mode of travel also decides the kind of laptop bag you purchase. If the mode of transport is by two-wheelers, it is advised to go for a water-proof nylon bag.
  • Right material: The right kind of material ensures that your laptop bag remains intact for the coming years. A few of the best materials are polyester, cotton canvas, Cordura, leather, and nylon. Many students prefer canvas for laptop bags. Polyester backpacks also display higher resistance to UV radiation as they come in exciting and bright colors. The best laptop bags for students are made of cotton canvas. The Cordura bags are best suited for hiking and travel. It depends on your activity and the season you choose the materials for your bags.
  • Spacious: Make sure that there is enough space to keep files and books along with your laptop. The more the number of compartments, the better is the accessibility and distribution of your items. You can also check for side pockets that can hold other loose items and water bottles.
  • Budget-friendly: Everything and anything, even if it is a laptop bag, must be easily affordable for you. We always look for a budget before buying anything, and the same goes for laptop bags. Even if you aim for the best laptop bags, they are available in both categories, expensive or cheap. Your laptop is undoubtedly a precious thing for you, and we know you’d not compromise with the quality of your bag. However, if you are an infrequent traveler, then you can opt for the inexpensive ones. 
    • Style: Style factors must also be taken into consideration. The bag must be able to serve and be sophisticated at the same time. We would suggest leather bags as the best of all. It would be best if you chose a backpack that suits your personality.
  • Design: The design of your bag also defines you. Many people tend to choose the bag based on their looks instead of durability. The design is considered to be crucial when you look for a bag while purchasing one for yourself. 


Product Review

Lenovo 15.6″ Laptop Backpack

The Lenovo bag comes with well-cushioned, flexible shoulder straps and cozy during use. The interior is designed correctly, offering dependable protection. Since we all need sturdy bags for laptops, this bag is manufactured with water-resistant and permanent material ensuring a long life. It also has sufficient space for an adapter, notebook, mouse, and any other day-to-day items. It also has two compartments, and the bigger compartment has the Notebook sleeve at the back, and the underside comes nicely padded.

HP Entry Level 15.6" Laptop Backpack

You can now say bye-bye regarding the issue of price and quality together with the HP Runner backpack.  It is manufactured with a black, glossy tote to help you attend to your notebook portability woes. This bag can certainly support the weight and measurement of a typical notebook without any problems. It is intended to be tough in use as it is made of solid materials. Although this one is specially made for the HP laptops, there is no doubt that it might fit any laptop you have, even if it doesn’t come from the HP family. An ideal mix of style, as well as endurance, will not go wrong with this one.

Acer 15.6'' Laptop Backpack

This smart Acer laptop backpack is ideal for taking your notebooks as well as other laptop accessories. It comes with a flexible and comfortable cushioned shoulder strap for easy carrying and includes lockable ergonomic zipper pulls for additional security. Along with that, it comes with an adjustable segment that helps to safeguard your notebooks. It is also best suited for office-goers whose job is not complete without using a notebook.

Laptop bags in India have become prominent mostly among college students and office goers. We hope this guide has enough information to make you aware of what you must look for before purchasing a laptop bag. Even though it is not much more comfortable to select the best one, this guide will help you out a lot to help you choose.