Best Laptop Bags Under 2000 In India

Looking for the best laptop bags under 2000 can be challenging, but this guide to find the best laptop bag can help you get out of every difficulty you might face. We have also streamlined some significant features in this guide that will help you to select the best laptop bag in India.

A laptop backpack is designed to ensure the safety of your laptop in the best possible way. It is designed in such a way so that it protects your laptop from bumps, falls, or any other mishap that may happen while you carry them. The laptop backpack usually comes with a dedicated compartment for your laptop and includes a high level of padding from the bottom, side, top, and includes a strap to ensure that your laptop is well-placed. When you drop your backpack accidentally or put it like a traditional backpack, you don’t need to worry because the extra layer of protection in your laptop bag will ensure its safety from physical harm and damage.There are thousands of laptop backpacks you can find in the market, but finding the best laptop bags under 2000 can become challenging if you don’t know what to look for in a laptop backpack. You might even end up buying the cheap quality laptop backpack, which is ultimately just a waste of money. This article will highlight a few of the essential points you must consider and keep in mind while purchasing the best laptop bag in India.

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Gods Ghost 22 Litre Anti-Theft 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack (Premium Smooth) 

Harissons Xeno 33 Ltrs Black (15.6 inch) Laptop Backpack

F Gear Luxur Brown 23 Liter Laptop Backpack (2404)

Things to consider

A laptop backpack is one of the easiest and convenient ways to carry your laptop to the office, school, or a business trip. One of the main reasons we consider laptop bags as the most convenient way to carry laptops is that it provides more space to store accessories and not just laptops. The best quality laptop bag is easy when distributing weight across the back, making you forget that you’re carrying something on your back. Let’s look at the features that you must look for in a good laptop backpack.

  • Material: The backpack material will decide if it will be a lightweight and long-lasting bag. People today have become so advanced that they can make a bag from anything. So you must first look for the material before you select the laptop backpack. Below we have listed the best four materials that are widely used to manufacture the laptop bag.
  • Nylon and Polyester: These are the lightest material which is also durable at the same time. But something you must keep in mind before going for this material is that it may not be the ideal material to protect your laptop from shocks. These materials are not waterproof either, but one advantage of these materials is that they are made from polyester and nylon, which dries out quickly.
  • Canvas: It is one of the durable, water-resistant fabric. It also protects your laptop and other accessories from a light rain shower. But we would suggest you always remember that water-resistant material doesn’t need to be waterproof.
  • Memory foam: This material is ideal for shock absorption. It also soaks up the energy and distributes it intelligently, which provides ultimate protection to your laptop from any damages.
  • Leather: The leather laptop bags are one of the most stylish laptop bags, which are ideal for both business travelers and users.

  • Laptop size: People like us own different size laptops, and laptop sizes play an essential role in picking the best laptop backpack. You would not need a laptop bag that is too large or small for your laptop. It would be best to use every feature that comes with the laptop backpack, like a safety strap. We would suggest you have a good idea about the laptop’s size and pick up a backpack according to the size of your laptop. 
  • Capacity: Next key feature to look forward to when you pick up the best laptop bag is the carrying capacity. When some of the laptop bags come with just enough space to carry your laptop, some bags come with a lot of storage space to house everything you require. If you are a student, it is evident that you need more space to carry spiral assignments, textbooks, lunch boxes, etc. If you are a business person or an office goer, you can also opt for the laptop backpack. But we would suggest that before you make any kind of purchase, look for the perfect carrying capacity.
  • Comfort: We all know that polyester, nylon, etc. material feels on the back and shoulder. When you carry a laptop along with the textbooks, accessories, business documents, and assignments, etc., then you’ll need a perfect laptop bag. It comes with an ergonomically designed air mesh-covered breathable backside and padded shoulder straps so that when you carry it on your back, your skin can feel breathable and make you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Style: Even though you would not consider style to be the last feature to consider, it is not the least before choosing the best laptop bag. Some have different fashion sense like vintage design, and some come with clean design while others have a modern design. You can choose the best laptop bag according to your style preferences.


Product Review

Now that you know about choosing the laptop bag and what you must look for, here are the top three best laptop bags under 2000. Below you can find the comparison table and product description.

Gods Ghost 22 Litre Anti-Theft 15.6 inch laptop Backpack

This laptop bag has one best highlight, which is an innovative security feature. The system is such that anyone can access the inner sanctum of the bag alone. This backpack also comes with a different sense, which we cannot see in the traditional ones. We can say this because no one can access this bag by cutting through its sides using sharp instruments like razors making it the best anti-theft bag available online in India.

Harissons Polyester 33 Ltr Black Laptop Backpack

This laptop backpack is one of the stylish laptop bags available in four attractive colors. It has ergo grip back straps that make it one of the most comfortable to carry around everywhere you like. This bag can be handy in the rainy season because it comes with a separate rain cover. There is also ample space inside to keep your laptop accessories apart from the laptop. You can also keep books, files, and many more. According to us, this laptop bag qualifies to be the ideal laptop bag for work and college.

F Gear Luxur Brown 25 Litre Laptop Backpack

This is not just a laptop bag but a style statement for many. This bag comes with enough space in the bag to store your laptop, files, books, and even clothes. It is the reason why this bag qualifies as the ideal laptop bag for business travel. The water-resistance of this bag also makes it comfortable to organize your minor things like keys, diaries, wallets, and so on. The bag also has individual compartments to carry your water bottle. It also has a leather finish that gives this laptop bag a very sophisticated feel. The bag is spacious, and the sturdy shoulder strap makes it much comfortable to carry around anywhere.

A good laptop bag can indeed be easy to find if you get what you are looking for in the laptop bag. If you also follow these guidelines for a perfect laptop bag, I am sure you will also get yourself the best durable and comfortable laptop bag.