Best Touch Screen Laptops Under 50000Rs For Drawing | Graphic Design

Touch screen laptops have been gaining clarity nowadays because of their wide usage and requirement. Choosing the best model available in the market for the price of 50,000 is a challenge. Read the passage below to understand what are the requirements while purchasing a touchscreen laptop.

All of a sudden, people have been slowly neglecting the usage of computers. They have been transferring their support towards the touchscreen laptops. Like mobile phones, touch screen laptops and desktops have gained an enormous fan base because of their ease of use and easier accessibility. Most people prefer using a touchscreen laptop, especially the ones in the professional area. Suppose you are a graphic designer or game designer. In that case, you will understand the touchscreen laptop’s requirement because they allow you to draw the images directly on the screen rather than using a separate like them and other accessories. One of the significant disadvantages of using a touchscreen laptop is that they are available for low prices like 30,000 or 40000 rupees. If you want to purchase a basic touch screen laptop, you have to go for a price of rupees 50000. Anything below this special price will be of low quality. So if you have decided to purchase a touchscreen laptop, then be prepared to buy one with suitable qualifications. The display of the laptop will also have a 4K resolution.

This particular laptop comes along with a variety of pros and cons. Latest now see in detail the pros and cons of these laptops and why people prefer them. 

Product Buying Guide:

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ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 TP412FA-EC371TS 14.0-inch Laptop 

HP Pavilion x360 11-ad106tu 11.6-inch HD Touchscreen Convertible Laptop.

Dell Inspiron 5570 15.6″ Full HD Touchscreen Laptop.

HP Specter x360 Touchscreen Laptop.

Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5i 10th Generation Intel Core i3 14" IPS FHD 2 in 1 Convertible Laptop 

Pros of using a touchscreen laptop

If you are looking for a laptop with a touch screen, then you should know that there are particular reasons why people prefer them. This specific laptop can be used as a tablet and also as a laptop. Show the accessibility to the keyboard is optional, and depending upon your requirement, you can choose. The first and most crucial advantage of why people prefer this touch screen is because they are much faster, easier, and more fun to use. If you are a student or a programmer, you will understand why they are more relaxing than a standard laptop. You can simply flip over the fold and use them as a Tablet with a relaxed posture. Also, using a touch screen will allow you to directly contact the elements on the screen, which will be more intuitive and will enable you to understand the concepts in detail. The touchscreen laptops have low response time, and hence they are faster than the standard screens. Combining the touchscreen laptop with a pen input device will allow you to draw directly on the net. This feature is particularly useful for graphic designers and animation developers. You can also directly right on the laptop, and your words will now be converted into the text, especially if you are using a Windows 8 and a more advanced operating system. This concept can save a lot of time and energy in the upcoming future. 

Cons of using a touchscreen laptop

One of these laptops’ major complaints was that it was difficult to use certain functions and controls like scrollbars and a close button in a touchscreen because of their smaller size. So to overcome this disadvantage recently, Windows 8 has been creating more that are optimized interfaces that are larger and suitable for all types of fingers. Also, if you have issues using a touchscreen laptop, you can always convert it into the standard laptop and start using them in the required situations. The screen of the laptop can get damaged easily, especially with greasy fingers and constant smudges. But this has been neglected by most people as they prefer cleaning the screen now and then. Using the right quality screen cleaner solution will be useful in such cases. Along with these pros and cons, certain things need to be considered while purchasing a touchscreen laptop. Latest now see about them in detail. 

Screen display and resolution

The first important thing that you need to take care of while purchasing a laptop is that it should be of large screen size so that you can enjoy efficiency and accessibility. Buying a laptop with a screen size of 14 inches and above will be more suitable. The size will be the most crucial thing if you are a graphic designer because you can hold them conveniently while making drawings and while building other vital programs. The laptop should also have a satisfactory resolution. Purchasing a laptop with 4K resolution or 1080p resolution will be more suitable for your requirement. The clarity is more important since you are directly working with the screen and not the keyboard. The color quality of the screen should also be perfect. Since most of the time, the users will prefer using the touch screen to be exposed to a considerable amount of light. So in such a situation, having a screen with proper UV radiation protection will allow you to enjoy watching them without worrying about your eyes. 

Flip Technology

Even though particular laptops come with screen Technology, the screen will remain intact with a 180-degree rotating angle. This technology is convenient, but purchasing a 360-degree rotating laptop that allows you to convert the laptop into a word notebook using flip/ folding technology will be more useful. They can be accessed quickly, and you will be able to carry them everywhere, like a notebook. You can sit anywhere and work on these flip Technology laptops, and they will also allow you to work anywhere, even if there is a shortage of space. The hold on the laptop will be more efficient, and you will feel more convenient while using them.

Thin model laptop

Along with these features, the thickness of the laptop also plays an important role. Since these flip Technology touch screen laptops are being used everywhere, it should be of a thin model. Using a thin model laptop will allow you to carry it around, and along with that, if the weight of the laptop is also low, you will not hesitate to hold them and work with them everywhere. All these laptops are useful in a variety of cases. Gaming developers and graphic designers use them. Sometimes the student also prefers using these laptops because of their efficiency and fun nature. So while purchasing a laptop, make sure that it has all these features combined with other essential features like an excellent, efficient RAM e memory, enough hard disc space, and a good quality battery that can last for a lifetime. Most of the touchscreen laptops have a good quality processor like Intel core i5 or i7, which are more suitable in these cases. Given below are specific models available commonly in the market, which can be purchased directly from online websites like Amazon and the Flipkart. You can also purchase them from the shops.