Best Laptops Under 10000

Purchasing any laptop for a price under rupees 10000 will be a hard task, especially if you are trying to get the best features with this pricing. Most of these laptops will belong to low-quality brands and the features will support only certain daily activities like basic internet browsing and watching some videos for entertainment. You can also use them for playing games and installing some basic software. If you are looking for a laptop that will assist your kid in studying then these types of laptops are the best options. While purchasing a laptop there are certain features that need to be taken into account. It doesn’t matter whether the price of the laptop is 10000 or 15000; it is essential to check these features. If you are sticking to a strict price range, then read the passage below to know the best features for this price. 

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A brand is the most important thing for purchasing any laptop. While purchasing you need to understand that even though there are certain laptops with prominent features for a cheap price, it might be risky to get them because they might stop working after some time. One of the major risks in purchasing an unfamiliar non branded laptop is that they do not have proper warranty backup and you might end up losing your money and the laptop at the same time. So even if it is for a cheaper price, make sure that your laptop is from an excellent company. The size of the screen and other features might be lower, but they will definitely last for a long time. Some common brands that are known to provide laptops under rupees 10000 include Acer, Lenovo, and RDP. These companies offer a good quality laptop that can be used for learning the basic concepts of computers and also for online learning. Companies like Acer and Lenovo have been existing in the market for more than a decade and they have been providing high-quality laptops used by people in the software industry for programming and other graphical requirements. For this price, this is the best type of brand you can get. 


A processor is a basic component of a laptop responsible for running the computer. In simple terms, a processor grabs the input and provides the output using the instructions provided by the computer programs. Initially, people used to use some basic processors like the x86 processors. But later with the development in technology companies like Intel started producing a variety of processors and they have been releasing various new generation processors to make up for the disadvantages of the previous one. There are a variety of processors like i5 and i7 available in the market. But for such a low price range you can purchase a computer with a processor like Celeron and AMD A6. It is one of the basic processor models available in the market, and they are mainly used for home computing devices. They are popularly known as the budget processors and slower but suitable for simple activities like reading and watching videos. The AMD A6 processor is also similar to the I3 processors, and using them will also be beneficial.

The next important thing that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a processor is the number of cores. Nowadays the recent model processes are available as a single-core, dual-core, and also as a quad-core. Cores are the number of times a processor is divided into. They are technical and if you are using a laptop with dual-core, then it will be like the laptop will have two processors running at the same time. Some processes like Celeron come along with dual-core technology. With the price of rupees 10000, you can purchase a laptop with a single or dual-core technology. But getting a quad-core will be impossible. 

Screen size

One of the most important features and the reason behind most people purchasing a laptop instead of a tablet and phone is screen size. Depending upon the screen size, you can open multiple files and operate. For example, if the size of the screen is large then you can perform a variety of activities including graphic designing and other programming related techniques. But with a small size laptop, you can use them efficiently for learning and for browsing through the internet. They can also be used for watching videos. If you are looking for a laptop below the price of 10,000, then you might get a laptop with screen sizes like 11 inches, 14 inches, and 15 inches. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose the perfect screen size. 

Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory otherwise known as Ram for temporary memory is used for storing the temporary details when the file is open. For example, if you are working on an application there will be certain details that will be saved in the background or in the form of cache while running the application. This particular cache detail will be stored in the RAM. But once the system is shut down and rebooted, the data stored within the RAM will be wiped clean. If you are purchasing a low-priced laptop for under Rupees 10000, then you will have a RAM memory of 4 GB to 8 GB. This is more than enough for running some basic applications like a word or excel file and browsing through the internet. But always remember to run one or two applications at a time and not multiple. Because with multiple Windows open the RAM will be subjected to heavy storage and the processing speed will slow down eventually.

Hard disk size

Hard disks are separate small locations in the laptop where all the permanent files are being stored. For example, when you are using an application, all the basic details of the application along with updates will be stored in the programming region of the hard disk while the temporary memory that comes while running the particular application will be stored in the RAM. Unless you store these temporary files, permanently they will not be transferred to the hard disk. Having a good hard disc memory will allow you to enjoy storing a lot of personal details including albums and movies. You can also store your project-related details on these laptops. So while purchasing my laptop below 10000, you might get a hard disk with the memory of 250 to 700 GB. But there are certain laptops with 1TB memory which are useless because you will not have the necessity to store such a large file, especially with a laptop that has the ability to run very few applications. But you can use the laptop as a backup storage device and in such cases, these 1TB laptops will be perfect.

Weight and quality of the laptop

Laptops are generally designed for carrying around everywhere, and hence it is essential to have a low weight. Most of the laptops have a weight of 1 to 3 kgs. If you are purchasing a laptop with a restricted budget of RS. 10000, then most of the laptops you purchase will be between 2 to 3 kg. It will be impossible for you to get a laptop that weighs less than 1.5 kg and has a slim note-like appearance. Because such infrastructure requires a perfect finish that will lack in simple laptops. But while purchasing, make sure that the quality of the laptop is good. They should be made up of high-grade plastic keyboards that can withstand intense pressure. Always be careful of getting water and other liquid near the laptop since they have low waterproof capacity than the others in the market. The circuits will be damaged immediately without giving you time to recover anything. 

Screen resolution and ports

So while purchasing a laptop at a low budget, make sure it has an HD quality screen resolution. The laptop you are purchasing can be used only for certain requirements, like watching videos and creating projects for your studies. So having a good screen resolution will be perfect. Most of the laptops available for a price of 10,000 will have an HD resolution of 700p, and they will be accompanied by multiple USB ports and SD card slots. You will also have a headphone jack along with a battery pin. The color quality of the laptop should also be good while purchasing a laptop for such a cheap price. The resolution and the brightness should be good, and the screen should remain undamaged for a long time. 


Having a good battery life is essential so you can carry the laptop everywhere and work on them during your spare time. Searching for a plug point while working on a laptop can be difficult and hence it is essential to purchasing a laptop with a good battery power of at least 8 to 10 hours. Most of the laptops that are priced under rupees 10000 will have a battery power of 7 to 8 hours, and the batteries can be replaced when there is an issue. Most of the batteries also come along with a good warranty. So when you purchase a laptop from a good brand, you will be assisted with proper warranty and backup requirements to light an extra battery that you can use in case of emergency. 

All these features are essential while purchasing a laptop. And for such a low budget, it is essential to compare the features of the laptop you have selected and choose the best one with the best quality. Try purchasing these laptops from online websites like Amazon and Flipkart so you will have plenty of options that are not available in the shops. Given below are some models that are commonly available in the market and have gained a good name.