Best Laptops Under 20000Rs In India

The laptop has become an asset these days, but most people do not have the budget of 40 thousand to 60 thousand to spend on a laptop. Especially if you are a student, it will be useless for you to spend nearly forty thousand rupees on a laptop, that you will use for typing your projects and for watching videos. In such cases, purchasing a cheap laptop for a price of 20000 will be more than enough. Most of the parents prefer purchasing these cheap laptops for their kids who are going forward in their life, to the universities. There are a variety of designs and models, even for this price. Understanding the features of these laptops before purchasing them is a necessity. So if you are interested, you can read the passage below to understand the variety of features present in the laptops below 20000 rupees. After understanding them, you can choose the laptops that will suit your requirements the most. If you are a student of software engineering, then you might face certain requirements like a high-level processor, but you will not require increased storage space.  In such situations, a simple laptop with a good processor and low storage space will be sufficient. So your requirements also play an important part in purchasing a laptop. So take into account all these features and requirements before purchasing them. 

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The processor is the most important requirement of the laptop. There are a variety of designs and models available in the processor. The primary function of the processor is to collect the input and process them, to provide the perfect output. They can be used to execute the programs and apply the codes according to the computer codes. There are many designs available in the market and initially, the x86 processor was used. Later with the development of technology, multiple processors were introduced. Intel is one of the leading brands that is used in nearly 90 percent of laptops all over the world. Their designs are more advanced and they have updated their processor every year according to the latest technology. The most famous processors used are i3, i5, and i7. They can withstand the pressure from the most advanced applications. Another feature you have to note while purchasing the processor is the core. Some processors have dual or Quad-Core that will allow you to process different applications in different cores to save time and make the process faster.  If you are purchasing a laptop, make sure it has dual or multiple cores to speed up the process and the processor should also be of the advanced version to increase the quality of the computer. If you are looking for a laptop at the price of 20000, then you will be provided with some basic processes like Pentium, Celeron and Atom processor. Along with this, you will be provided with the added advantage of dual-core or quad-core or according to the model you are choosing. Only certain models will provide you with this multiple core technology because of the restricted budget. 


The next important thing that you need to take care of while purchasing a laptop is storage. Storage is necessary for storing the application related details and also for storing the backup details when there is an application running in the background. There are a variety of storage available in the background and one is the temporary storage device and the other is the permanent storage device. The temporary storage device otherwise known as Random Access Memory or RAM memory is used for backing up the application when they are running. For example, if the application is running there will be certain caches available in the background and when certain changes are made in the application file they will be stored in the form of a cache.  All the changes made in the file will be saved in the RAM, along with the techniques used. Unless the application is closed or unless the entire laptop is shut down the details of that file will remain in the RAM memory. Sometimes if you want to save these changes, you can save them to a permanent file. In such a situation, the memory will be moved from RAM memory to permanent disk drive. The disk drive is used for storing the details permanently. There are two types of hard disk available in the market. The first one is the solid-state drive that stores the data in the form of a flash memory bit which can be retrieved easily. Most of the programmers and hackers prefer this storage device rather than the HDD. The HDD otherwise known as the hard disk drive is also a permanent storage device that provides permanent memory in the form of a magnetic disk that rotates at a speed of 5000 to 7000 RPM. If you are purchasing a laptop make sure it has at least 4 – 8 GB of RAM memory and 250 GB of SSD memory or 1TB of HDD memory for proper functioning. 

Most of the laptops available within the price range of 20000 have a RAM memory of 2 – 4 GB and an HDD memory of 32 – 500 GB. It is difficult to get an SSD memory for such a cheap price.

Graphics card

The next important thing that needs to be taken care of by purchasing a laptop is the graphic card responsible for displaying the content on the screen after processing the codes. For a normal laptop, having a normal graphic card that is integrated within the processor is more than enough. But when you are using the laptop for graphics and animation, you will be required to process a lot of codes that require extra memory and an advanced graphic card. In such a situation, having a graphic card like NVIDIA with a 2 or 4 GB memory will be more useful. Whatever your situation is, choose the best option available in the market if you are purchasing a laptop for heavy things like programming, hacking, and developing gaming applications. Most of the laptops available within our price range of rupees 20000 will have integrated graphics cards. So if you want an extra graphic card you must fix them separately but it might not be useful for the laptop within this budget, since the work done with this extra graphic card will require extra storage space and other features which are not available.


Along with these features, you must also take proper precautions to make sure that the quality of the laptop including the keyboard material and the quality of the Touchpad is perfect. It is not possible to have touchscreen technology in this budget, but you can make sure that the size of the screen is 14 to 15 inches with clear HD Technology. All the materials covering the external surface of the laptop should be strong enough to protect the internal parts, and the keys should be soft. The battery should also have a good life period with a warranty. Also, make sure that the keypad has a proper separate number pad so it will be easier for accountants to work.

Even though the options for choosing below the rate of 20000 are limited you can still choose the best option among the brands available in the market. For better criteria, you can always go for online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Because the collection in this online website is huge when compared to the collection in the local Electronic shops. Always choose a brand and purchase them through these online websites. Nowadays even if you purchase online, you will receive service for the laptop through the company service center present in your city. So think carefully and then choose the best option in the market.