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Most people use laptops for performing a variety of activities, including graphic designing and content writing. But some people prefer using the laptop just for surfing through the internet and checking their social media status. Even though most youngsters prefer checking them on their mobile phone, there are a particular set of people who still like going through the old way. They feel much more comfortable with laptops than the mobile. So if you are one of those who prefer using laptops for checking their social media pages and performing internet-related activities, reading this passage will allow you to understand the type of laptop you need to buy for your requirements. Even though web browsing is a simple activity, you must purchase a laptop with basic features. Naturally, you wouldn’t require a laptop with a good display or high storage space, but having a basic laptop with a decent set of features will allow you to use them in case of emergencies. Even for opening a web browser, you need certain minimum features to be present within the laptop and now see them in detail.

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HP Notebook PC 240 G7 14-inch Laptop

DELL Inspiron 3595 15.6-inch HD Laptop 


Before going to the market and purchasing a laptop, the first thing you need to do is decide on a budget so that you will be able to select a suitable laptop according to the fund. Since you will be using the laptop only for web surfing, certain features need to be considered. Since you will be purchasing only a basic level laptop, it would be more useful for you to choose a laptop model with the basic features. Setting up a budget that falls between rupees 30000(407$) to 40000(540$) will be suitable for purchasing a perfect laptop with the basic features. The laptop you are buying should be of good quality, so going below the budget of 30,000(407$) will not be suitable for your requirement, and anything above 40000(540$) will be off the excess price with unwanted features. So make a choice wisely and purchase a laptop according to the budget. 


Even though you are purchasing the laptop for a low price, it is still essential for you to buy a branded laptop to be assured about the laptop’s quality. Purchasing a laptop from a well-known brand will allow you to enjoy good service for the laptop in both the hardware and software. If you have a branded laptop, then you will have a local service center that will allow you to enjoy constant service for repairs from their side for a low price. Purchasing a branded laptop will also be sure you a quality and a good design because most of the branded companies will care about the name they have established in the market. So to keep up with the competition, they will also be Releasing new models every two months, which is an added advantage because you will have many choices to choose from.


The processor is the primary component of a laptop that is essential and useful. If you are looking forward to purchasing a laptop, then the first thing you have to note is the type of processor that a particular laptop has. The quality of the processor has been evolving with every new model present in the market. Even though it is impossible for you to purchase the latest model processor for a high price, you can still choose a primary processor like Intel Core I3 or AMD Ryzen 3 model processor. There are various other processor models available in the market, including Intel Core i5 or i7. But these models are of high quality, and they are not suitable for your essential requirement. If you are interested in purchasing an expensive laptop, you can choose these processes, but a simple laptop with a basic processor is necessary. Also, selecting a process below this particular model will not be useful because sometimes, even if you want to use a laptop for other essential activities like video watching and editing, having an Intel Core I3 processor will be suitable. 

Random Access Memory

Even though you are using a laptop for a simple process, there are certain requirements like having a good Random Access Memory, which is directly proportional to the software’s speed within the computer on the laptop. Since you will be using good quality web browsers like Chrome or Firefox, you must have at least an 8GB RAM for them to run perfectly. The Random Access Memory, which is otherwise known as RAM, when purchased in a low amount like 2GB, will slow down the process after a few years of usage, especially if you try to install new software after some time. So you should have good storage RAM. 

Screen quality

The next important factor you need to consider while purchasing a laptop is the quality of the screen. The screen is essential for taking a look at all the data that you are surfing. The screen’s quality should be of high definition so that all the pictures and videos you are surfing through the internet will have proper clarity. If the screen’s resolution is right, then the details of the images you are viewing and the text will be clear and allow you to read them. You need to consider a variety of features when you are deciding on the screen of the laptop.

The first important concept is the size of the screen. Every screen is made up of various sizes, so before purchasing them, you have to look at the size you want to buy. You usually do not need a large screen for surfing through the internet unless you will use it to watch movies all the time through the internet. Otherwise, having a medium-sized 14 to 16 inches will be suitable for your requirement. Always purchase a larger screen than 14 inches because anything lower than that will affect the quality of the data appearing on the screen. The next important thing that you need to take care of while purchasing the screen is the resolution. Most people who are going to purchase a laptop will not be aware of the resolution concept, so you must understand them before purchasing. The resolution of the screen is nothing but the number of pixels that are present on the screen. The increase in pixel amount will increase the quality of the screen. So while purchasing, make sure that your screen has at least 720p or 1080p with a proper LED screen. This screen will provide a good quality image and allow you to view all the laptop’s small details.

Keyboard quality

Even though you are trying to search through the internet using the laptop, you will still need a good quality keyboard so that you will be able to type all the details comfortably without any issue. The keyboard should be made up of feather touch technology that will allow you to type quickly without straining your fingers. After a long time, some laptops will lose the keyboard’s quality, making us press every word harder. This keyboard will create an issue and prevents you from typing any further. So technically purchasing a keyboard with Feather Touch technology with all the control keys near each other will be suitable for easy access. Along with the keyboard, the next feature you should consider is the touchpad with a good quality that provides more comfort than the mouse. The touchpad and keyboard should be perfect for each other that allows free typing. 

Graphics card

Since you are using the laptop only for being, there is no need for having an additional graphic card within the laptop. So purchasing a normal processor with an integrated graphic card will be enough for your requirement. If you will be using the laptop for gaming and other animation-related purposes, it will be necessary for a graphic card like an NVIDIA card. There are still specific laptop models available within the budget you have chosen that come with the graphic card as an integrated form. So if there is an option available, purchase them. Because they might be useful in the future while you are using the laptop for any other purpose. Also do not spend any extra amount on the graphics card because it is unnecessary for your requirement. 

Disk drive

Having a good quality disc drive is essential for all the laptops. When you are surfing through the internet and downloading things from them, you will have many caches that will be stored in the background. Using an SSD disk drive will be suitable for your requirement since it allows you to save the content effectively without losing anything after a few years. Share all the data will be stored in the form of an open drive, and they can be accessed when required. The process is faster, and the SSD drive can store the data safely, even when the laptop has met with an accident. But most of the laptops within that particular price will come only with a 125 to 200 GB SSD storage device. If you are looking for a laptop with massive storage for the same price, go for the HDD disk device. They have more space for storage but a bit slower than the SSD since all the data is stored in the magnetic disc. The HDD drive cannot withstand pressure when they are met with an accident. So either purchase a laptop with an SSD of 125 to 200 GB or go for a 500GB HDD device.

Touch screen Technology

There are particular laptops available with touchscreen Technology, but there are only a few models in the market with the touch screen Technology for the given price. You have to understand that when you go for a touchscreen Technology model laptop for this special price, then the laptop’s quality, like the processor feature, will be reduced to a greater extent to match up with the price. So when you are purchasing a laptop unless required, go for the standard screen because of Internet surfing, there is no need to have a touch screen Technology laptop. Unless you are a designer or a game player, there is no need for you to have a touch screen Technology-based laptop. 

Battery life

The next important feature that you need to look into is checking the battery life of the laptop you are purchasing. The laptop should have a minimum battery life of at least 8 hours so that you can surf the internet without worrying about the charger. Buying a laptop with a quick charger Technology will be suitable for your requirement. Still, since you are purchasing a basic laptop with a medium price, it is impossible to get such quality. So getting a good quality charger with a reasonable length is essential for a perfect laptop. Having a laptop means having proper security to protect the content within your laptop. So in such situations to protect your laptop, purchasing a model with fingerprint technology will allow you to lock the laptop without typing or going for some other extreme measures. When you are trying to copy the data to the external device, your laptop must have a proper USB port to assist you in connecting it with the external storage devices like a pen drive. 

Along with these requirements, the laptop should also have a proper set of web cameras so that you can have video chats with your friends and family if required. Having a good audio system will allow you to hear the music and movies. Dell laptops with an external HDMI port will allow you to connect the laptop to the projector screens to provide an HD quality video. Given below are some of the most commonly used laptops that are preferred by the people. The list was prepared by taking into account the important requirements and features. The products are given below are available on online websites like Amazon. You can either purchase them or buy some other laptops based on your requirement.