Best Gaming Monitor In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The gaming monitors are difficult to choose because of their features and fast development. The design you choose should be useful in the future and hence read below to understand the features.

Nowadays, gaming has been increasingly developed that most people prefer having a separate room for gaming but the required setup. It’s not just about having a simple keyboard player with a few software installed. The world of gaming has changed with online streaming games and the introduction of the new Xbox and PS5 series. When setting up a gaming environment, the first important thing you need to purchase is a gaming monitor with powerful features. When you are using a high-quality gaming box-like Xbox series x or ps5, then it is an essential requirement for you to have a good quality monitor. Using an ordinary power quality monitor will reduce the game’s effect, and you will not enjoy the process completely. Choosing a less quality monitor will prevent you from having a great view of the things happening on the screen and make you lose the game. So technically, it doesn’t matter whether you are online streaming the game or using a gaming box because either way, a good monitor is essential for you to make clear decisions while the game is going on. So there are a variety of options available in the market. You need to choose a good option when it comes to the concept of a game monitor. Before making a final choice, there is a specific option that you need to consider. Read the passage below to understand how to purchase a good gaming monitor. 

Our Top Pick Gaming Monitors In India

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Lenovo G27c-10 Curved Gaming Monitor

Acer KG241QP 23.6" 1 MS 144 Hz Gaming Monitor 

LG 27 inch 4 Side Borderless LED Monitor

Types of panel

When it comes to morning do, three major types are included in the market. Every single panel has its own set of features with advantages and disadvantages. So understanding essential features will allow you to make the right choice when it comes to the concept of panels. 

The three standard panels available in the market include IPS, TN, and VA panels. It is essential to understand the concept of all the three panels to make a final choice. 

IPS panels – this particular type of panel is otherwise popularly known as in-plane switching panels. They offer a good range of colors and provide a quicker response. But despite the fast response, they are not suitable for serving gaming applications because this particular panel’s response time is not suitable for modern gaming applications. These panels provide refresh rates of at least 120 hertz, but the low response time still makes debate difficult for professional Gamers to use them. If you are purchasing the panel for old standard games, then it will be a suitable option. The panel also comes along with the right viewing angles. It has the ability to adjust the brightness according to your wish. It provides a consistent picture from all angles, and the color is perfect. 

TN panels – This particular panel, which is otherwise known as the Twisted Nematic panels, has been gaining popularity recently. This model is well known for one of the best response times, along with the refresh rate. Because of this feature, it makes the panel more suitable for gaming purposes. But one of the major disadvantages with this panel is that they have low color consistency and the view in angle is not good. 

VA panels – this panel is otherwise known as the vertical alignment Panel. This design is a combination of both the panels, as mentioned above. They have a good set of viewing angles combined with the perfect color. They also have a good response time combined with refresh rates. But the response time is not as good as the TN panel. 

So technically, you need to choose a panel that will suit your requirements the most. Every panel has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and hence the final decision lies in your hand. For example, if you are looking for a fair color resolution within the panel, then the IPS panel will be the best option. Similarly, when you are looking for a panel that has a good response time, then the team will be the best option. Show the final choice is always in your hand, depending upon the purpose you want to purchase the panel for. 


Resolution is an essential concept for any digital device that has a display. Resolution is nothing but the amount of pixels present on a particular screen. With the increase in pixels, the clarity of the picture will be more. For example, a normal HD television will have only 720 pixels of 1080 pixels. So depending upon your requirement, you can purchase a television with a satisfactory resolution. When you are going for a gaming experience, it is often better to choose a monitor with 1080 pixels or something more than that. You can also go for a 4K resolution that is the most advanced model in the current market. Sometimes if you are interested, you can also go for the wide Quad HD resolution. This particular resolution allows you to have a combination of both HD and full HD features. But if you have enough money, you can always go for the 4K resolution so that you can enjoy a good picture with high-end clarity and sharp edges. Suppose you are purchasing the monitor for an average gaming experience. In that case, a full HD monitor will be enough because even the most advanced gaming boxes do not have games that have proper compatibility with the 4K resolution monitors. But they might develop games in the future that are compatible with the 4K resolution show that always purchasing in advance is a good concept. 

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is a common measurement that is available in all types of screens. You might have generally come across this concept but ignored it thinking it was unimportant. But it is an important concept and a simple one at that. It is nothing but the ratio that exists between the horizontal and vertical pixel count. Commonly the pixels will be expressed as 1920×1080. Technically the aspect ratio of this particular concept is 16:9. This feature is the most frequently used aspect ratio. Still, sometimes certain screens have an aspect ratio of 21:9, which is also good, especially if you are a person looking for more horizontal space on the television. Understanding this concept is essential for deciding on a gaming device. With the increase in aspect ratio, you can go for a much wider screen, and white screens are essential for gaming application devices. 

Monitor type

This feature is an important aspect that needs to be considered while purchasing a monitor. Before a year or so, we’ve only had flat-screen monitors available, but now with the curved monitors’ development, the Expectations have become more. When you are using a flat-screen monitor, the panel will be live and good for viewing, but you will feel that you are playing in an artificial environment. But when it comes to curved screens, the environment feels real, and it allows you to view the entire screen in a single go without affecting the quality. When it comes to a curved monitor, there is a concept of the radius that you have to note before purchasing them. The size of the curve is important. For example, the curve size is 1000R; the curve will be short and sudden. When you are going for a long screen with a gradual curve, the best option is the 1800R. 


The next important aspect that needs to be considered is the size of the screen. Purchasing a small size screen will not be suitable for a gaming environment. For example, when you are going for a screen with 32 or 42 inches, it will be suitable for a medium-sized room. But when you are going for an advanced model, you will have to purchase at least a 54 inches screen so that you will be able to have a clear viewing. When it comes to the concept of gaming, the details are the most important features. So with a large screen size and good resolution, you will be able to use a normal screen. Depending upon the size of the monitor, the resolution should also be matched. For example, using a full HD resolution on a 55 inches monitor will not be suitable because the picture clarity will be poor. So when you are going about 31 inches, it is always better to go for a 4K resolution monitor. 

Graphics card

The graphic card used in the monitor should be of high quality so that the picture produced will not have any starter or tearing while playing the games. So using a powerful graphic processing Unit with a good refresh rate will adjust your game frame in real-time, allowing you to enjoy a good application. When you are purchasing a graphic card, you have to know whether it has a freesync technology or g-sync technology. Some AMD graphic cards have freesync technology while the Nvidia graphic cards have a g sync Technology monitor. So while purchasing, make sure that the monitor has an adapter to sync technology, which is either one of the freezing causing a good refresh rate. 

Refresh rate

As seen above, the concept of refresh rate is nothing but the monitor’s ability to refresh the screen per second. The standard monitored always uses a 60-hertz refresh rate, normal for home television, and normal gaming experience. But when you are going for a good gaming Technology-based monitor, then the best option will have a refresh rate of 120 Hertz or more. When the refresh rate is Greater, the game will more smoothly appear on the things appearing on the screen to be more fluid without any stutter. This concept is essential for certain high-quality, competitive games like overwatch and League of the legends. 

Response time

You might have learned about the concept of response time in the previous passages, but this passage explains it in detail. Refresh time normally explains how orphan the image on the screen is refreshed within a second while the response time determines the speed. They are determined by the time taken by each pixel to turn from OFF to ON mode and then to OFF mode again. It is normally measured using GTG, which is otherwise known as great to grey response time. A proper balance between the response time and refresh rate is essential for fluid motion on the screen. 

Stand adjustments

If you are going to fix the monitor on the wall using wall mounting technology, there is no issue. But when you are going to place the monitor on the stand, then the best option available is to choose a design that has adjustable stands. This technology will allow you to change the position of the monitor according to your seating position. Having an adjustable stand that allows you to change the TV position is essential to prevent body aches, especially neck pain caused due to the constant growth of the monitor at the same angle. Also, when you are mounting it on the wall, make sure that it also has the adjustable features that allow you to change the monitor’s position up or down according to the requirement. This feature is essential because the monitor’s position may change according to the number of people in the room.


HDR, which is otherwise known as the high dynamic range, is a feature that increases the color sense in the monitors. It allows you to have a deep sense of the shared edges and find the darkest black and lightest white. Both these qualities are essential if you are going to use the monitor for gaming purposes. This concept is present in most of the advanced models these days, and they allow you to maintain the RGB colors within the screen. All the features mentioned above are essential while purchasing a monitor for gaming applications. Along with these features, it is also essential for you to consider the monitor’s design and color so that you can place them in the living room without worrying about the decor of the house. Try to choose a slim model that will look beautiful and go well along with the background. The price of the product should also be reasonable but a good warranty. If you have a fixed budget within your mind, then the best option is to choose the design by comparing at least three or four products on websites like Amazon, which contains many options and designs.

Lenovo G27c-10 Curved Gaming Monitor, 27" VA FHD, 165Hz, 1ms MPRT, AMD FreeSync, 1 Displayport, 1HDMI, Audio Out, Tilt & Height Adjustable, VESA Mount, TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification

You have to understand the curved gaming monitor because they have been introduced into the market recently, and only certain companies have this particular model available. Lenovo is one of the world’s topmost brands and has also introduced this particular curved gaming monitor. The company was established in China during the year 1984 and has been existing in the digital world by manufacturing products like laptops and other digital products, including gaming monitors. The company has been coexisting in the world by facing tough competition because of a high Technology-based product that lasts forever. They have a special research and development team that is well known for its high-quality products. One of the recent products includes Lenovo G27c-10 Curved Gaming Monitor, 27″ VA FHD, 165Hz, 1ms MPRT, AMD FreeSync, 1 Displayport, 1HDMI, Audio Out, Tilt & Height Adjustable, VESA Mount, TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification. 

This particular monitor comes with a curved screen that allows you to enjoy a good visual effect with viewing angle all over the screen. This monitor comes with an adjustable stand that allows height adjustment and tilts them according to the requirement. The screen produces a light blue light, which is good for the eyes and does not affect the cornea with bright rays. This particular monitor is available in 27 inches with a high-quality audio system and multiple connective ports that allow you to connect the gaming system efficiently. This model can be kept within the gaming room or in the living room according to your requirement. The high-quality HDR level allows you to play high-quality games without worrying about the details and sharpness. 

Display quality – The display has a good quality resolution and allows you to enjoy a refresh rate of 165 Hertz, which is better for producing a fluid motion on the screen. So you can have a good gaming experience, especially with the 27 inches and 2500R curved surface made up of a panel that is suitable for bringing your game out alive into the living room. It has a special tea UV certification that reduces the strain on the eyes and allows you to play for long hours without getting any pain. It provides a full HD quality video that is easy on the eyes.

Sound quality – the monitor is made up of an AMD processor that comes along with an adjustable stand that allows a 130-millimeter lift range. The sound quality is good, but if you wish to have a good amount of digital sound, it is better to attach some speakers. The weight of the monitor is nearly 6 kg and can be carried around everywhere easily. 

It also comes along with one HDMI port and audio output along with the USB port connection. So you can easily connect multiple other gaming consoles to this particular monitor for clear viewing. The colors are not distorted with clarity. If you are interested, you can purchase this particular monitor for a low price from online websites like Amazon. 

Acer KG241QP 23.6" 1 MS 144 Hz Gaming Monitor - 300nits - 2xHDMI 1xDisplayport - AMD Freesync - KG241QP (Black)

Sometimes, people look for a suitable monitor for a small room and it is effective in resolution and display. To satisfy their needs, the Acer group of companies has created a high-quality gaming monitor. This particular company has been well known for its high-quality computers and laptops and certain other digital products that are well received by people all over the world. The company has a separate research and development team who are well known for creating new ideas that have attracted many customers until now. Their recent product is the Acer KG241QP 23.6″ 1 MS 144 Hz Gaming Monitor – 300nits – 2xHDMI 1xDisplayport – AMD Freesync – KG241QP (Black). 

If you are looking for a flat-screen monitor with a decent size, this particular product will be the best option. It is available in a beautiful black color that is suitable for the surrounding decor of the house. You can keep it in your bedroom and also in the living room because of its normal size. This particular monitor comes with an adjustable standard that allows you to tilt and adjust the height according to the game requirement. A lot of users prefer this model because of its high-quality color display with multiple other features. 

Display quality – This gaming monitor contains 23.6 inches widescreen with a good quality resolution. The screen has a 144 refresh rate with a zero frame architecture that allows you to enjoy the fluid motion of games on the monitor. It uses a special AMD with a freesync technology processor that produces good output. It comes with a full HD display and 1MS response time for good viewing of the game with no distortion. 

Sound quality – The sound quality is good, but external fitting will be a better option. If you are using a normal medium-sized room, then the monitor’s sound will be enough, but for a large room, it is necessary to fit a Sound Bar through the audio port available. It also comes with an external HDMI port and other ports for a USB connection and audio connection. The weight of the monitor is less than 5KG, allowing you to carry them around easily. 

The resolution is perfect, and the color display is clear with HDR quality. It comes with a special black booster technology that allows 11 levels of adjustment in the dark level and allows you to easily see the darkest black and brightest of the white color. The synchronization between the monitor and the gaming console is perfect that allows fluid motion without any ghosting or image dragging. This particular design is available for sale on online websites like Amazon and can be purchased for a low price. The warranty is also good and allows you to compare the features before making the final decision.

LG 27 inch 4 Side Borderless LED Monitor - Color Calibrated Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, in-Built Speakers - 27MP89HM (Silver/White)

LG is a company that has been existing since 1958. The company is well known for producing a wide range of digital products, including home appliances and office appliances. The company has entered many homes through their home appliances that are well advanced in technology. Understanding the gaming industry requirement, they have also released a monitor that is of high technology with advanced features. Their recent product is the LG 27 inch 4 Side Borderless LED Monitor – Color Calibrated Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, in-Built Speakers – 27MP89HM (Silver/White). 

This monitor is the best suitable option for the gaming technology because of their high-quality IPS panel with a 27 inches widescreen. If you are looking for a product with performance, then this technology is the best choice. The panel allows you to enjoy a good resolution with a color display that you can enjoy forever. Along with these features, there are many other positives in this product that have made many people choose this design. 

Display quality – The quality of the display is most important when it comes to the gaming monitor. The IPS panel, combined with a full HD resolution, allows you to enjoy a bright array of color combinations with sharpness. The HDR quality screen allows you to understand the difference between the darkest black and the brightest white clearly with accuracy. This monitor is designed to be borderless with an LED screen that allows you to place the living room’s stylish design without affecting the decor. 

Sound quality – The display should be accompanied by a good sound for the perfect gaming experience. So under such a situation, the best choice is to have a monitor with integrated sound Technology. This particular design comes with inbuilt speakers that can be used simply e without any connections. But if you are not satisfied with the sound produced, you can also go for an extra sound bar attached through the audio output. 

It also comes with a wide range of connections, including the HDMI port and USB port for external storage devices. With 99 percent coverage of the sRGB spectrum and provides a perfect color reproduction with good accuracy. Even though it is a flat-screen, the bodiless technology allows you to enjoy a real-life experience with the game. You can purchase this product directly from the Amazon website but a good warranty. This 27 inches flat screen monitor can be wall-mounted or used with a stand according to your wish.