Best Motherboard Under 10000 In India

when you are trying to edit multiple videos or perform programming for your then having a proper motherboard is essential. Even though specific processors are available for such requirements having a suitable motherboard will be an added advantage. The passage below indicates how to purchase a perfect motherboard ideal for a price range of 10000 rupees.

When you are purchasing a motherboard, certain features need to be taken into account. While performing programming or editing, the processor should be perfect, and the storage capacity should also be useful. Along with the storage, there are also other features like audio and display capacity, which is important in such professional requirements. So under such situations, the best option is to choose a design that will be better for the price range of 10000 rupees. The motherboard is, directly and indirectly, responsible for obtaining clear pictures and improving the quality of the audio. 

One of the important things you have to note while purchasing a motherboard is the type of processor you are using. Remember to buy a motherboard after deciding on the configuration because only then will the final output be perfect. You cannot just go outright and purchase a motherboard and expect the other features to go along with that. Buy a motherboard that will be perfect for your requirement and make your assembled computer an ideal option for working constantly.

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GIGABYTE B550M DS3H Ultra Durable Motherboard 

MSI H410M PRO-VH mATX Motherboard 

GIGABYTE AMD A320, AM4 Socket,Ultra Durable Motherboard 


When you are purchasing a processor, the most important thing you need is a perfect motherboard that goes well. The socket of the motherboard should be perfect, and they should go well along with the processor. Every single motherboard has a separate socket with pins and space suitable for only a particular set of processors. The only perfect fitting will be allowed to enter the specific socket. So if you are deciding to purchase a motherboard, then make sure that the socket is suitable for the processor you require. As said about the first choice should be the processor, and only after deciding on that point, you can go for selecting the motherboard. 

Also, if you wish to expand or alter your motherboard in the future, then purchase a model that supports multiple processes simultaneously. For example, certain motherboards support all the 8th generation processors from the Intel Core. This choice will allow you to initially install an 8th generation i3 processor and then go for the i5 processor in the future if you want a change or upgrade. The best option here is to go for a processor socket of the LGA model that supports the i5 or i7 processor as they are suitable for the price range of rupees 10000. You can also go for an i9 processor if you have more money at hand.

Form Factor

The next important factor that you need to consider while purchasing a motherboard is the form factor. The size of the motherboard is according to the form. The form will be finalized only depending upon the final structure of the CPU. There are multiple forms available in the market, including ATX and ATX micro. 

ATX standard is the standard size after the motherboard in most of the designs, and they are suitable for most CPU sizes. They come along with expansion slots and storage slots for the upgrade in the future.

Extended ATX: This model is larger than the standard ATX size, and they are preferred by professionals and for other scientific purposes based on computers. They have some extra space available for future configuration in the hardware-related areas. 

Micro ATX is smaller than the standard size and suitable for holding two expansion slots and 4 DIMM storage slots. This is preferred for creating CPUs that are of standard size and are ideal for small-sized computers.

Mini ITX – this particular motherboard is smaller than every other model available in the market. They do not have a separate fan cooling area and come with one PCI slot and two DIMM slots.  


Along with the motherboard mentioned above size, there are also certain other things that you need to take care of by purchasing a motherboard of a stop. There are two types of storage devices available in the computer called temporary and permanent storage. The temporary storage devices are directly fitted into the motherboard through the special slots. So when you are purchasing a motherboard, you have to take care of the storage size. It will be suitable for high-end purposes when buying a motherboard with 32GB or 16GB capacity. But always make sure that it comes along with multiple slots so that you can choose the amount of storage you need currently and expand in the future if you need.

A normal-sized motherboard will have four slots up, but when you go for a smaller size, then the number of slots will also reduce like two or less. The mix will have two, and the HEDT models will have 8. Depending upon the form factor, the number of slots in the motherboard for RAM storage will also vary.

SATA Cable

This is the most crucial concept in the motherboard as they are directly responsible for the different permanent storage devices that you will be connecting within the motherboard. Usually, most of the motherboards use a PCI version in modern technology, but certain motherboards come along with the SATA cable. They allow usage of 2.5″ and 3.5 inches motherboard. This particular cable is suitable in the current situation, but going for a PCI slot will be more advantageous. The SATA cable 3.0 version will be a good choice for such situations.

PCI Slots

The next important thing that you need to consider while purchasing a CPU is the quality of the PCI slot. The PCI slots are responsible for communication that exists between the CPU and the motherboard. The motherboard that you have should have PCI slots in the form of the x1 to x16 technique. When you go for a 16 slot Technology, then the quality of the product will be perfect. The connection between the motherboard and CPU will be speed or slow depending upon the PCI slot present within the motherboard. They are also responsible for holding a proper set of ports to allow connectivity with the external ports and other devices’ connection ports. So choose a perfect PCI slot that will be effective for your requirement. Having a good set of PCI Lane will allow you to insert graphics cards, memory storage, and other types of ports. 

Chip Set

Having a motherboard with multiple chipsets will allow you to have many components onboard, including Wi-Fi, audio, Bluetooth technology, and other cryptographic features that can be easily added to the motherboard. There are multiple types of chipsets available in the market, including series like Z, H, B, and others. Depending upon the type of chipset you need, you can choose a motherboard. A proper motherboard with a 300 series chipset will be the best option. 


The brand and price might seem like a simple option, but they are also necessary and should be considered. Purchasing a branded motherboard will ensure quality and the ability to use them for a long time. If you are interested in buying a suitable motherboard, you have to look for the processor and the brand. After choosing the brand, you can select a model according to your configuration requirement. Every single component present within the motherboard will be perfect in a branded product. The product’s price might be a bit higher in the case of Trans, but the quality will make up for it. If you are looking for a motherboard that will be used for a high-end process, go for a high-priced motherboard. The best option is to go for a low price motherboard because purchasing it for a higher price is not worth that as it will become useless. 

Along with the price and branding, there are also certain other things that you need to consider while purchasing a motherboard. The first thing is the quality of the Board and the material it is made up of. Make sure that it comes with cooling fan Technology because it is essential, especially if you will work for a long time. It will take a lot of time, and a cooling fan will help you in such situations. Having a perfect motherboard will allow you to enjoy extensions in the future. If you are interested in chasing a motherboard, the best option is to go for a low price with a good brand. Below are some of the products that will be considered suitable for your price range of rupees 10000. You can either purchase from them or go for a processor and motherboard that will be your interest choice.

GIGABYTE B550M DS3H Ultra Durable Motherboard with Pure Digital VRM Solution, PCIe 4.0 x16 Slot, RGB Fusion 2.0, Q-Flash Plus

Gigabyte is a company that is well known among the audience for its high-quality CPU and other accessories related to the computer. If you are interested in purchasing such high-quality computer-related products, the best choice is to go for the gigabyte brand. They also have a separate technical team involved in creating motherboards of varying designs to suit the people’s requirements. Every single motherboard is manufactured to go along with a particular processor and a configuration in mind. They are also accompanied by the proper expansion slots that can be used during the upgrade. If you are interested in this brand, you can purchase the GIGABYTE B550M DS3H Ultra Durable Motherboard with Pure Digital VRM Solution, PCIe 4.0 x16 Slot, RGB Fusion 2.0, Q-Flash Plus.

This particular processor comes with an Ultra-durable Technology with a pure durability solution. They support a good range of processors that can be used for multiple purposes regardless of their function. The motherboard can be extended in the future for an upgrade, and they also have other features that have made it more powerful and desirable in the market.


this particular motherboard supports all types of 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen processors. They use a special socket that can adapt with only AMD processors. These processors are potent and can compete with the Intel Core processor to a greater extent. If you are interested in assembling a computer with gaming and entertainment features, this motherboard will be a suitable choice, especially with the AMD processor. These processes usually have a high-quality graphic card inserted within them, which allows you to enjoy a clear display. But along with it, the motherboard also has a separate space for graphic card insertion.

The motherboard also has a separate four-point model PCI slot that allows proper connectivity with the external sports and other storage devices. It allows you to enjoy movement between the processes With ultra-fast technology. It also comes along with a rear HDMI and DVI support for a clear image on display. It also has separate slots available for Ram storage, which is essential. The storage space is up to 8 GB, and it has two slots so that you can upgrade them when required. This Board can be purchased directly from the Amazon website or get from the shops in the market. The motherboard is of high quality and comes with heat dissipation Technology to reduce the heat within the computer. It also has a separate graphic card interface and uses a special lithium-ion battery for power consumption.

MSI H410M PRO-VH mATX Motherboard (10th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1200 Socket, DDR4, USB 3.2 Gen 1, Intel Gigabit LAN, VGA/HDMI)

MSI is a company that has gained more popularity in recent years because of its high-quality CPU that comes along with a good configuration. They have always managed to create products that have a great impact on technology. Most of the products manufactured by them are based upon the most famous configurations required in the current technology period. If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can be assured about the product’s warranty. This particular brand comes with suitable sockets, PCI, and Slots suitable for multiple connections that will make the entire computer more reliable and technology-based. One of their recent products is the MSI H410M PRO-VH mATX Motherboard (10th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1200 Socket, DDR4, USB 3.2 Gen 1, Intel Gigabit LAN, VGA/HDMI).

This particular motherboard comes with a socket suitable for Intel core processors. They also have other slots that allow you to connect the motherboard with multiple features to make it more reliable. This motherboard can be fitted within a normal CPU processor size, and it can be used for connecting it to the best off for creating a perfect computer at the end.


this particular motherboard comes with a special LG 8200 socket that allows 10th Generation Intel Core processors to be embedded within them. This motherboard is not just for the i3 processor but also suitable for all the 10th generation processors making it more adaptable and flexible for creating a perfect configuration. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose an Intel Core processor that will be suitable for your requirement. For example, if you require a gaming-based computer, then the i5 processor will be suitable, and similarly, for a software-related computer, the i9 processor will be suitable. 

This motherboard also has a proper set of PCI ports that easily install USB devices from the external port. They have a special USB 3.2 generation 1 port that can be used consecutively. These connections also have an Intel gigabit LAN, which is used for external connection to a greater extent. Along with these connections, other connecting points like Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth can be achieved using this particular motherboard. To receive a clear picture, they also offer special HDMI and VGA ports. They use a special ddr4 Ram socket Technology for Temporary storage, and it is useful in multiple situations, especially with a double channel system.

This particular model comes with various features, and they can be easily purchased from a website like Amazon. They are available for a low price with a warranty, and if you are interested, you can use them with multiple Intel core processors.

GIGABYTE AMD A320, AM4 Socket, Ultra Durable Motherboard with Fast Onboard Storage with NVMe, PCIe Gen3 x4 110mm M.2, 4K Ultra HD Support (GA-A320M-S2H)

Gigabyte is a company that has been existing in the market for more than a decade. The company offers a wide range of more powerful products, including headsets and other computer-related accessories. Some of their very common products include motherboards, desktop screens, mouse, And headsets that can be used for a long time without any error in the middle. Their main aim is to upgrade people’s lives with modern products and offer both hardware and software related solutions for personal computers. If you are interested in purchasing this brand, you can go for websites like Amazon since they are available everywhere and spread worldwide with their products. One of their recent products is the GIGABYTE AMD A320, AM4 Socket, Ultra Durable Motherboard with Fast Onboard Storage with NVMe, PCIe Gen3 x4 110mm M.2, 4K Ultra HD Support (GA-A320M-S2H).

This particular motherboard is available in a beautiful black color, and they offer a variety of features that is not present in a normal motherboard of certain companies. Every single component of the motherboard is made up of high-quality materials to ensure safety and long usage. This particular product has certain features like ultra HD support and other durability related features to make it a better option for permanent usage. They support only generation three and four processors, and the sockets are properly paid to a low speed and efficiency among the processor. 

This particular motherboard has a special AM4 socket that allows you to install different types of AMD processors. It also has a special ultra-durable capacity that allows you to enjoy multiple features at the same time. The motherboard supports 4K resolution with ultra HD support that allows you to enjoy a clear display even when connected to a poor desktop. This particular motherboard can support all types of AMD processors that allow fast processing suitable for educational and normal programming purposes. With the help of this motherboard, you will have the ability to perform basic programming language-related builds and design games according to your wish.

One of the other features widely present in this particular motherboard is the ability to have a heat dissipation that allows you to use the PC for a long time. It has a high-quality audio capacitor and noise guard technology for producing clear audio. It has a special smart fan technology that uses the sensor for detecting the heat rise and automatically switches on the fan. It also comes with a LAN technology for speed internet acceleration and connects with the other digital devices using HDMI, Bluetooth, and various other ports. This particular product can be purchased easily from Amazon, and you can also purchase them from the shops with a warranty. Our team does more than what our clients expect from us.