Best Motherboard Under 5000 In India

there are a variety of motherboards available in the market. Choosing a better motherboard within the price range of 5000 will be a challenging option. The passage given below allows you to understand the features that need to be taken into account and make a wise choice at the end.

Most of the computers nowadays use high-quality motherboards to ensure the configuration is right. Most people nowadays are aware of configuration and how to use them correctly for creating a good motherboard. When you are purchasing a motherboard, there are certain features that you need to look at in detail. For example, the price of the motherboard plays an important role in most of the concepts. While some people prefer choosing a high-quality motherboard for a high price, certain people always prefer to reduce their cost to a certain extent and obtain an exemplary configuration at the same time. 

This passage explains in detail how you can purchase a motherboard for a price range of 5000 rupees, which is a decent amount considering the models available in the market. When it comes to such a low price, you have to be concentrated on the configuration of the product because the final output will be perfect. There are various designs available, and choosing a design will be perfect for an easy purchase.

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ASUS EX-A320M Gaming AMD Motherboard

GIGABYTE AMD A320, AM4 Socket,Ultra Durable Motherboard 

ASUS Prime A320M-K AM4 uATX Motherboard 


The first thing that you have to look for in a motherboard is quality. You can obtain a good quality e easily when you purchase a suitable brand. Every brand has a quality that describes the way they manufacture every single product. When you are purchasing a brand, you will have the choice of selecting from multiple models available. So in such a situation, choose initially a suitable brand for your requirement. It should also have a right name in the environment. Some brands like gigabyte have gained a massive name in the market, and choosing from them will be useful.


Every single motherboard has a separate set of sockets that allows the installation of processors through them. The sockets are filled with a different set of chips and pins that allow only certain processes to be inserted within them. So under such situations, you cannot go and select a processor after purchasing a motherboard. The best option is to go for a design after selecting the processors. It plays an essential role in the functioning of the computer. For example, it will be impossible for you to insert an i5 processor in an i3 processor supported motherboard. So the best option is to initially select the processor and then go for a motherboard that supports that particular processor and multiple other processes to make it more efficient. For a price range of 5000 rupees, the best option is a motherboard that supports any AMD processor and low-grade intel processor.

The tickets are available in LGA and other models, including AM4. So depending upon your requirement, choose a model that will be suitable for the condition. The LGA series mostly supports the intel core processors. 

PCI Boards

This is an important feature that needs to be taken into account while purchasing a motherboard. Every PCI board comes along with multiple data lines that allow you to select the processor’s speed depending upon the lanes present. For example, every single Lane is responsible for holding a particular set of storage devices and other computer aspects like the graphic card and powerful ports. When you are purchasing a PC, I board you will be presented with choosing the one with the single Lane up to 16 lanes. This particular board is responsible for having effective communication between the motherboard and the components. So if you are interested in purchasing a perfect PCI board, the best option goes for a model that comes with a 16 data Lane speed and allows the insertion of multiple objects, including the graphic card and data ports.

SATA Cable

SATA cable is the old form of PCI ports that is still present in the market today. They are responsible for storing external storage devices and also for holding the hard disc drives. This particular cable allows you to connect the computer with optical disk drives and DVD drives, along with the various forms of drives responsible for storage. The designs you choose should be based upon the storage requirements. The recent 3.0 version of the SATA cable is perfect for most needs, and they fall within the required price range. The cable should be perfect in terms of quality, and make sure that you are purchasing from a good brand.

Form Factor

The motherboard size matters a lot, especially if you are not sure about the size of the CPU you are using. Depending upon the size of the motherboard, the CPU size will also vary. If you are trying to purchase a motherboard for a pre-existing CPU board, then the best option is to go for a model that suits the previous motherboard’s size. There are various models of forms available in the market. From the ATX models to other ITX sizes, you have to be confident about the size and model you choose. 

ATX model – The ATX model is a standard-sized model and suitable for most of the market’s CPUs.  They come along with cooling fan technology and multiple slots that are suitable for fitting the drives. 

There are also other models present in the market that come in micro ATX and mini ITX models. The mini ITX model is the smallest of all the designs, and they are available with two slots and no cooling fan. This model is suitable for CPUs that are low in size. Their functionality is not up to the mark compared to other ATX models, but they are still useful for regular computers used for education. The motherboard form factor should be selected depending upon the size of the CPU full stop for a price range within 5000 rupees. You can go for an ATX model, which is decent looking and suitable for multiple operations in the future. Expansion is also possible with this model as they come along with the expansion slots. 


Random Access Memory is an important feature that needs to be considered since it is an essential requirement. When you are purchasing a product, make sure that it has a proper memory slot for the storage devices. This particular feature is necessary for storing the data temporarily. The RAM is responsible for maintaining the device’s temporary storage, and they commonly use the DDR4 storage device. The device comes with multiple slots that can be used for future storage expansions. So when you are purchasing a motherboard, make sure that it comes along with numerous slots for expanding the storage in the future. They should also have the added advantage of increased storage holding capacity. For a price range of rupees 5000, the best possible storage available in the market is 8GB. Even if you do not need a GB, go for a storage device with multiple slots so that you can insert a 4GB initially and then expand when needed. There are various RAM models available in the market, so choose a model that increases the processor’s speed rather than slow them down, especially when running multiple applications.


The graphics card usage, otherwise known as the graphics card, is responsible for displaying the computer. The card allows you to store a lot of information and convert them into display properly, especially gaming devices. If you are purchasing a motherboard, make sure that it has proper space for storing extra graphics cards when required. This allotment is not essential for or a motherboard because they have a graphics card embedded within the processor. But later, if you are trying to expand your computer, then the motherboard can be reused with extra graphics card insertion. The PCI cable slot should have the space to insert the graphics card.

Extra Ports

Most of the motherboards nowadays can attach themselves to external ports like USB ports and hard disc tries. So, technically, if you are purchasing a motherboard for an external connection, then the best option is to go for the one with expansion slots for future usage. They should also have proper spacing for slots that connect the device to the audio ports and capacitors. This will enhance the volume ability of the system. Having an HDMI cable and LAN connectivity will ensure the connection with other devices and other internet services. Along with these services, make sure that the motherboard you are purchasing is made up of high-quality material that can withstand heat despite cooling fans’ presence. Purchasing a cooling fan with sensor technology to detect the heat radiations will ensure proper safety and constant automatic update without any manual intervention.

Given below are some of the products that are widely available in most of the models. If you are interested in the products that we have listed below, you can directly purchase them, and they fall within the given price range of rupees 5000. If you are not interested in the models given, you can use the above passage as a guideline and select a model that suits your requirement. 

ASUS EX-A320M Gaming AMD Motherboard

Asus is a brand that is well known among the people because of its wide range of products that has been occupying the market with their efficient work capacity. From mobile phones to high-quality laptops, everything has been manufactured by this particular company, and the products are created with the latest innovative technology. The brand has gained a good name in the market. It is because of its quality and ability to last forever without repairing in the middle. This particular brand also has a separate technical team that is constantly involved in creating new designs suitable for the current generation users. One of their recent products is the ASUS EX-A320M Gaming AMD Motherboard photo. 

This particular processor motherboard is available in a beautiful black and red combination and high-quality material long time usage. They have different sockets for proper fitting of the processor, and they can be used widely for gaming and a variety of other purposes. This particular product also has many features that should be considered before purchasing. Along with the processor fitting, multiple other ports can be used for connectivity. 


this particular motherboard allows proper connectivity with sockets. The processor that can be used with this motherboard includes an AMD A4 processor and various other Ryzen processors, including the 2nd generation and first-generation model. They also support the Radeon Vega graphics along with Athlon processes with the ability to have eight cores. This particular processor socket allows you to install multiple applications since most supporting models are of high quality in the AMD region. 


when you are purchasing a motherboard, certain other features need to be considered. The motherboard comes along with a special HDMI and DVD ports for proper connectivity. The connectivity allows you to enjoy a clear resolution of high definition quality. Along with that, you can also enjoy a shared memory of 2GB and a separate slot for the storage of graphic cards. The motherboard is made up of high-quality gold plated xPCI16 processor Core essential for Wi-Fi LAN connectivity. They also have a special anti-moisture coating to ensure a good resistance to water and external temperatures. This particular product can be used for a long time since they have non-stop durability and can function without any rest in the middle. This motherboard can be used with power ports for connection, including audio ports at the airport body, and supports a frequency of 24Hz. 

This particular product can be easily purchased directly from Amazon, and it can also be purchased from other websites. If you are interested, you can also purchase them from the shops for a low price and a good warranty. This motherboard can be used along with the processor for a fast processing speed in gaming applications and other editing applications. 

GIGABYTE AMD A320, AM4 Socket, Ultra Durable Motherboard with Fast Onboard Storage with NVMe, PCIe Gen3 x4 110mm M.2, 4K Ultra HD Support (GA-A320M-S2H)

Gigabyte is a company that has been existing in the market for more than a decade. This particular company has a separate set of production units that are constantly involved in manufacturing a wide range of products related to computers and accessories. They have a separate technical team for creating these high-quality products preferred by the people from the latest technology. This particular brand is being promoted in online websites like Amazon as their personal choice because of the quality and fast-moving ability. Every single product manufactured by them comes along with a warranty to ensure their quality among the people. One of the recent products is the GIGABYTE AMD A320, AM4 Socket, Ultra Durable Motherboard with Fast Onboard Storage with NVMe, PCIe Gen3 x4 110mm M.2, 4K Ultra HD Support (GA-A320M-S2H). 

This particular product comes along with some good features like high-quality processor adaptable sockets with fast storage capacity. They are widely used in multiple locations, including video editing and gaming laptops. Most of the processes are supported by them or of high range, and hence you can be confident about the processing speed and the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously. 


this particular motherboard can support AMD 320 model processors and AM4 sockets that are some of the AMD brand’s best processors. This processor can be used for running multiple applications and for a good speed enhancement. Even though you can’t use the future processes in this particular socket, they are highly advanced for expansion to a certain amount and can last for at least 20 years. The motherboard’s Ultra durability allows you to store the content at a faster rate with a good quality NVMe RAM.  They also have a special SATA version for easy connectivity and function normally for long hours. When the computer runs for a long time, it is necessary to have heat dissipated, and hence this motherboard comes with an M.2 heat dissipation Technology.


This motherboard also has 4K Ultra HD quality connectors that allow you to enjoy good quality pictures directly from the mobile phone. They also accept other quality files and images to be shared through the PCI port connectivity. When you are using an AMD Ryzen model processor, there will be integrated Radeon Vega graphics supported by this motherboard. They also have dual-channel RAM Storage Area that allows you to utilize the space according to your wish. The audio capacitors increase the quality of the audio expressed, and they also have a separate noise guard to avoid dissipation of the noise. The PCI port allows connectivity with Wi-Fi other Bluetooth based devices along with good LAN Technology. 

The product can be purchased from Amazon and also from other shops. They have five different temperature sensors that allow the fan to function properly with a smart fan Technology. Buy this product for a low price and enjoy a good warranty along with that for a long time.

ASUS Prime A320M-K AM4 uATX Motherboard With LED lighting DDR4 32Gb/s M.2 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0

As mentioned earlier, a company has a huge brand name because of its quality products that have been released before. If you are interested in purchasing from this particular brand, you can be confident about getting a warranty, especially for a motherboard. But the company has introduced a wide range of options in terms of motherboard designs. Before choosing a particular motherboard, first, analyze the models present in them and choose a model that would be suitable for your requirement. Even for an i7 Processor and for a particular price range, there are multiple models available. Along with the given examples, there are also other supermodels available. You can also purchase the ASUS Prime A320M-K AM4 uATX Motherboard With LED lighting DDR4 32Gb/s M.2 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0. 

This particular processor motherboard comes with a high amount of features, including HDMI ports and the ability to support the AMD processors. They are price range low, and they are also used for gaming and entertainment purposes. The features are specifically built for normal usage and not suitable for advanced technology usages like animation and programming purposes. 


This motherboard allows you to use a variety of AMD processors along with the AM4 model. The motherboard is made up of shockproof technology that allows you to connect the processor without worrying about future damages. They have a special 80x Technology size suitable for most of the computers used nowadays. They also have special LED lighting features that allow you to recognize the functions that are happening within the motherboard. Storing the data has always been a challenging option in the motherboard, and here this model comes with a DDR4 Ram Technology-based story with multiple ports for easy storage. The SATA port allows easy connectivity of the disk drives and other optical drives. 


this particular product comes with other features that make it much more suitable for continuous usage. They have Ram storage of 32GB capacity and unbuffered memory. They have an improved storage speed along with a fuse that can be reset whenever required. Even if there is any type of damage to the circuit board, like short circuits, they can be easily reset and protected using this fuse system. They also have a proper set of input and output ports that support the system’s easy flow of information. This product can be purchased easily from websites like Amazon, and they are also available in normal shops. It reduces the wastage of energy, and the system’s stability will be perfect in the end. Even when there is an increased amount of heat, the separate fan system will be switched on immediately using smartphone technology and sensors. So now you can be confident about the quality of the computer with this particular product criteria system.