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when you are trying to set up a perfect gaming device, the first important thing that you need to consider is the processor. With a good set of processors, every other thing can be managed. The passage below explains the aspects that you have to consider while purchasing the processor in detail.

The market is filled with various pre made models of desktop computers and laptops that have gained massive popularity among people. But for certain persons, will not be satisfied with such premade models because of the lack of personalization within them. So the best option that they have will be to create a model on their own that will go well with their requirements. So let us consider that you are trying to create a personal computer for gaming purposes. Under such situations, the first thing you have to note while purchasing the components is the processor. Every other detail you are choosing should be based upon the processor you decide. Without a proper processor, it will be impossible to create a perfect design, including the motherboard. So under such a situation deciding on a good processor that will be very well suitable for gaming devices might be difficult for certain people who are not aware of digital details.

This passage explains in detail how to purchase a perfect processor that will be suitable for the requirement. When you select a processor, there are certain things that you need to consider for a good gaming device, including the audio ability and storage, which are essential.

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Intel Core i3-9100F 9th Gen Desktop Processor 

AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with RadeonVega 8 Graphics Desktop Processor 

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics Desktop Processor


Lorem ipsum dolor aWhen it comes to processors, Two different brands have gained huge recognition in the market. The first one is the Intel Core brand that is more famous among the people and the manufacturers of laptops and personal computers. The next brand that provides equal competition to the Intel Core brand is the AMD processor. Intel Core processor has a variety of models available within them with generations that make them more popular. When you choose a brand, the first thing you have to make sure is whether the brand has a particular set of the model that will satisfy your requirement. For example, when you choose a gaming-based model, Intel has the i5 processor, which is well-known for gaming technology. Similarly, AMD also has the Ryzen model—so depending upon the requirement, you can choose a model and serial number. The price range and quality of both the brands are the same, and hence you can choose one that will go well along with you. sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Socket Frequency

Every single motherboard has a certain set of sockets that will go well along with some processors. So when you are trying to choose a processor, remember that the Intel Core processor will have a particular set of pins that will fit nicely along with the motherboard. Similarly, the AMD processors will have a different set of nails that will go well with another set of motherboards. While most of the Intel processors will have similar pins, the AMD processors will have similar pins, but they will not be compatible. So the processor you choose should go well along with the motherboard if you already have one. If you do not have a motherboard and hope to purchase one, select the processor first and then go for the motherboard since it is the best option.

Cores and threads

The next important feature is the number of cores available in the processor. When the processor has a dual-core, then it means the Speed is a regular full stop. The increase in the number of courses within the processor means that the processor’s Speed is also higher. When choosing a model, make sure that it has at least quad-core technology, which is essential for a gaming device. Some of the processes like Intel Core Duo and Pentium come with dual-core technology, which might be useful for education and other purposes. But if you want to go for a high-level gaming device, the best option is to have a quad-core technology or the one that comes with eight-core technology. They are more powerful and can be used for a long time without worrying about an upgrade. 

Along with the core, you should also take care of the number of threads present within the core. Every thread is responsible for carrying out the function within the processor. It has a detailed representation of the number of processes that a core can handle. If you go for a thread Technology, the Speed will be normal but if you want a high-level speed, go for the cores containing 8 Threads or more. The presence of cores and thread is available in both the brands. Their names might differ, but the functionality is the same regardless of their names as hyperthreading or multiple threading Technology.

Thermal design profile

This term, called thermal design profile or TDP, is directly responsible for measuring the amount of heat generated by a single chipset. Depending upon the amount of heat generated, you can choose the suitable cooling system that will come along with you. The processor you are selecting should have a decent amount of TDP and not more because when you are a gamer, the requirement for using the computer for a long time will be high. Under such a situation, the best option is to go for a design that has a low value of heat dissipation with proper cooling Technology to take care of it. When choosing the cooling techniques, make sure that it has automatic sensors to ensure mechanical cooling rather than the manual process.

Clock Frequency

The concept of the clock frequency is an aspect that needs to be checked while purchasing a processor. This is important because it is directly responsible for the processor’s Speed and indicates in certain terms. Usually, the market’s products contain two different terminologies called the basic one and boost or turbo model. The Turbo model is more powerful and can perform the process at different speeds. Since you will purchase this processor for gaming purposes, the best option is to go for the turbo speed as they are more useful for such applications. Using a basic one can be effective in terms of the price range, but finally, the output will not be suitable for Speed, which is essential in gaming. With the help of clock frequency and the number of threads, you can easily calculate the CPU’s efficiency with accuracy. It’s not just the efficiency, but you can also calculate the instructions per clock cycle based upon this concept. But this value will not be available in most of the processors, and hence you can only calculate it with the help of benchmark values. But after purchasing, make sure to analyze this value during the initial installation process for more knowledge in the future.

Graphics Card

You have to note that while purchasing a processor is the quality of the graphics card embedded within them. For this, the first thing you need to do is check the quality of the motherboard and the space present in it for the card. Because every processor you select will come along with a graphics card embedded within it, but the embedded card will not be enough for powerful operations like animation and gaming. So under such situations having a motherboard with proper space allocation for graphics will ensure adequate performance at the end.


The cache is a temporary space utilized by the processor for storing while performing operations. The size of the cache should be 6-12 MB to ensure the Speed of the processor. Having good cache storage will prevent the usage of time to a certain extent. The power of the processor is directly proportional to the size of the cache. So when you select a processor for gaming devices, make sure that it has cache storage of 6 MB or more. Technically there are three types of cache in the market called the L1, L2, and L3. The L1 cache is the fastest and considered to be the smallest. The L2 is much more spacious, and they are slower. Similarly, the L3 is more extensive, and they are considered to be the slowest. So depending upon the requirement, you can choose a perfect cache that will be useful. 

Along with these features, there are certain other features that you need to consider while purchasing a processor. The processor you are using should have high-frequency Speed, and they should also support a variety of other features like Bluetooth connection and LAN connection. The quality of the processor should be fair and come along with waterproof technology. Purchase this online product website like Amazon, and you can also go for external purchases from the shops.

Intel Core i3-9100F 9th Gen Desktop Processor 4 Core Up to 4.2 GHz LGA1151 300 Series 65W (Discrete Graphics Required) (BX80684I39100F)

The intel group of companies has introduced various processors that have been widely used in most laptops and desktop computers. Most of their products are of high quality, and recently, they have raised the i3 processor that has gained a considerable advantage and recognition among the audience. Even though there have been several other core models, this style is one of the most preferred processors for gaming activities. But it is always better to remember that they are suitable only for basic and normal gaming activities. If you are going for much-advanced gaming activity, then the i9 processor will be an eligible model. The best gaming processor from their side is the Intel Core i3-9100F 9th Gen Desktop Processor 4 Core Up to 4.2 GHz LGA1151 300 Series 65W (Discrete Graphics Required) (BX80684I39100F). 


This particular gaming processor belongs to the 9th generation model and can be used only on a desktop. Their laptop model comes with a separate configuration. This particular processor has multiple features making it a special attribute. This particular processor comes with various features, and understanding them is essential for your purchase decision. 

Cores: The i3 processor is made up of quad-core technology that allows you to enjoy a good gaming technique. Having multiple cores will enable you to have fast performance, and the quality of the work will also be accurate. So now, using this processor, you can play multiple games simultaneously without affecting the speed or quality. 

RAM size: This processor allows a RAM size of 16 GB, suitable for an average gamer. But if you are a professional gamer with high power gaming devices, then the best option is to go for a high power RAM system. 

HDD – This processor allows a hard disk size of 1TB, which is more than enough for a professional gamer. Even if there is a low amount of memory in the RAM, you can always match it with a good hard disk drive.

Speed: The Speed of the processor is measured in terms of GHz. So here, Speed is 4.2 GHz, which is more than enough for such a situation. The game processor can be utilized efficiently, and it can run multiple games. 

The processor also can home a powerful graphics card, which is essential for a gaming device. This processor requires a discrete graphics system that is essential for a gaming performer. The entire process runs using the Windows operating system. This particular processor can be used for playing normal games and not the most advanced level games like online games and other features. So if you are looking for an intermediate level gaming device, then this particular processor based CPU will be a perfect choice. This processor can be purchased from Amazon and also from the computer centers. Make sure that you are purchasing the original quality since there are specific duplicates available in the market.

AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with RadeonVega 8 Graphics Desktop Processor 4 Cores up to 4GHz 6MB Cache AM4 Socket (YD3200C5FHBOX)

AMD, which is otherwise known as advanced micro devices, is a company that has gained a massive name in the market with its high-quality computer-based devices. They are well known for manufacturing processors, and the quality is top-notch. This is the only processor company that has been giving a tough fight to the intel group processor. Their processors are well known in gaming because of their powerful processing combined with the latest technology. They have introduced various series in the processor, and every model is an advanced version of the previous one. This American company has recently released AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with RadeonVega 8 Graphics Desktop Processor 4 Cores up to 4GHz 6MB Cache AM4 Socket (YD3200C5FHBOX). 

AMD released this model as a competitive point for the i5 processor. Here the processor is well developed, and they are known for their performance. This particular model comes along with a variety of more famous features. This processor is well suited for content writers and moderate gamers. But before purchasing the processor, the first thing you have to do is understand its features. 


Speed: The Speed of a processor is determined in the form of GHz. Here the Speed is 4 GHz, which is a bit slower when compared to the i3 processor. But they are still suited for gaming purposes, and they are fast enough to run three or four programs simultaneously. 

Graphics card: The graphics card is one of the main requirements in a high-quality processor. The gamer needs a good graphic card to ensure that the graphics are perfect with no distortion. This particular processor comes with a high-quality Vega 8 graphics card that is more powerful and suitable for running heavy games. 

Cache: Cache storage is essential when there is a program running in the background. This processor comes along with a high-quality Cache storage system that makes this process much easier. 

This processor comes along with a socket that can be used for placing expansions in the future. Similarly, the threads have an open lock that allows you to easily combine them with other expansion applications. This processor allows you to use 16 GB RAM, and this would be a better option. If you go for a low budget, then the best option would be 8 GB, but they are low for a gaming application. This processor is a suited application for professional gamers. The product can be purchased from online websites like Amazon or through local shops. This fixation is the best choice that is available for a low price. 

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics Desktop Processor 4 Cores up to 3.7GHz 6MB Cache AM4 Socket (YD2200C5FBBOX)

AMD is a company that has gained a huge name in the market equal to Intel. When it comes to the processors’ concept, some of their designs have gained huge popularity among people. This particular processor company from America has always concentrated on creating the best design depending upon the people’s requirements. Some of their products are of high quality, with multiple series available. It’s not just with AMD, but Intel also has the habit of releasing a processor design and making it the best based upon the reviews through the next line in the same series. AMD similarly released the AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics Desktop Processor 4 Cores up to 3.7GHz 6MB Cache AM4 Socket (YD2200C5FBBOX) model. 

This particular model is well known among Gamers because of its ability to support multiple gaming systems with high performance. The quality of the product is top-notch, and they form the best desktop processor for gaming systems. Even though the same model has been released in multiple other versions with improved memory and Speed, this is also a success and preferred by people worldwide for their price and quality. The features given below will allow you to understand the quality of the model. 


Graphics unit: This processor comes along with a deer are graphics card that allows you to enjoy a clear picture while playing games. The product’s quality is top-notch with a vega eight graphics, which is more than enough compared to the other models present in the same series. 

Core – this particular model comes along with a quad-core technology that allows you to run multiple software simultaneously. The quality of the process server will be maintained throughout with the help of the quad processor technology. Unless it is an old single-threaded application, the performance will be higher and better.

Speed: The Speed of this processor is good, with a decent value of 3.7 GHz. Even though other designs come along with a much better speed in the same version, people still prefer them as it is the average value and suitable for normal gaming devices. This model’s main aim is to produce a perfect speed delivery system with top-notch technology that is suitable for average gaming technology. 

Since it has an onboard graphic processor unit, you do not have to worry about using an extra graphics card for gaming purposes. It comes along with a good cache and socket that allows you to expand them when required. This processor can be combined with 16GB RAM and a good hard disk for maintaining Speed. The processor can be purchased through the online medium like Amazon and from the shops to build your CPU.