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Best Processor Under 5000 In India

when you are purchasing the processor, you need to consider which are important regardless of the price range. So technically, when you buy a processor within the price range of 5000, certain choices need to be made and read below to understand them in detail.

A processor is an essential component of a computer, and without it, you can’t run the applications and function properly. There are a variety of processes available in the market. But only very few have gained more popularity among the people, especially in terms of their model and quality. Most of the advanced model processes are not available within the price range of 5000. So the best option is to go for a model that will be suitable for your requirement. When you are selecting a processor, certain things need to be taken into account.

For example, here, the purpose you are purchasing the processor should be taken into account. When you buy the processor for gaming purposes, the quality should be higher with multiple core technology. Similarly, when you buy 8 for basic requirements like entertainment and storage, the processor needs to retrieve the files faster but perform other functions at an average pace. So under such situations, you have to choose a model that will be suitable for your requirement within the price range of 5000 rupees. The choices are fewer, but understanding the components and features to look for in a processor will allow you to make a good choice among the Limited options available.

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Processor Type

When you are selecting a processor, there are two different models available in the market. One is the Intel processor, and the other is the AMD processor. Both the processes can manufacture a variety of designs from the lowest grade to the highest point, depending upon their utility. Understanding about them will allow you to choose a good one at the end.

Intel Core Processors

The Intel Group of Companies has always managed to create processes that have attracted people on various levels. Most of the brands have often chosen this particular processor to use within their manufactured computers and laptops for high performance. If you are a programmer or a professional computer user, you will understand this particular processor’s importance. They have released multiple models from Pentium to Core i9 models, which have received a wide range of reception from the people. But one thing you have to understand is that when you go for a price range of 5,000, the choices will be limited, and purchasing a Core processor will be next to impossible. Latest now see some of the basic processes that have gained a huge name in this particular brand. 

Intel i3 processor is an entry-level processor from the Intel Core group, and they come along with dual-core and quad-core technology depending upon the generation you choose. They are widely used for educational and other essential purposes.

Intel i5 processor – when you choose a core i5 processor, you should be ready for an excellent performance-based experience. The price range of this particular processor is also within rupees 5000, and you can easily purchase them and enjoy a good gaming environment. 

Intel i7 and i9 processor – when you choose an i7 and i9 processor, you have to remember that the price range will not fall within this category, but still, they produce a heavy performance that is perfect for a Core processor.

AMD Processor – Like Intel AMD, it is also a brand that has created a wide range of more popular processes among the audience. They have always been considered a heavy competition to the existing Intel Core processors, and certain brands also prefer them. If you are interested in the AMD brand, then there are two different families available in them. The low-level family is called the Athlon family, and they are of low price. Similarly, you can also use the Ryzen family processor that is more powerful and faster in processing. 

Ryzen 3 processor – this particular Ryzen 3 model is also a powerful model equivalent to the i3 processor and is suitable for educational purposes.

Like the Intel Core processor, the Ryzen model also has Ryzen 5, 7, and 9 powerful and suitable processes for multiple functions, including programming. But for this particular price range, you can go for the Athlon family processor or the Ryzen 3 and 5 model. Anything about this model will not be perfect, and you will not be anything about this model that will not fall under the price range you are choosing.


The next important thing that you need to consider while purchasing a processor is the quality of the cache. The cache is a small part that resides within the processor and responsible for storing temporary memory when the processor is running. So technically, when you are using a processor, make sure that it has a cache of at least 6 MB for Speed processing. But there are also models available with a cache storage capacity of 12 MB whose price rate will not be suitable for your requirement.

The caches are divided into three different levels as L1, L2, and L3. The L1 caches are smaller in size, but they are the fastest model. Similarly, the L2 cache is more spacious, and they are slower. The L3 has a large extent, but they are slower. So depending upon your requirement, you can choose a proper cache that will fall within the category. 

Cores and threads

When you are purchasing a processor, the vital thing that needs to be noted is the number of cores and threads available. For example, there are quad-core processors and dual-core processors available in the Intel I3 model. So when you are choosing, make sure to go for the quad-core technology because they are more efficient, and the processing speed is also good. The thread is nothing but a concept that carries multiple functions within a single Core. When you are using a thread, you Will have the advantage of increasing the core’s speed. So technically, with the increase. The number of cores and Threads, the quality of the processor, and the speed will increase. So always go for the quad-core technology. If available within the price range of 5000, you can go for 6-core or 8-core technology.

Thermal Technology

When you are purchasing a Processor, make sure that it has a TDP value, which indicates the amount of thermal heat produced by the processor. Understanding it will allow you to choose a cooling technology that goes well along with the processor. When you are assembling a computer, technically, always go for the processor first because they are not just efficient but also determine a suitable motherboard that can be adaptable with the processor. The cooling fan that you will choose should be of high-quality and have certain important features like auto sensor technology and automatic cooling.

Clock Frequency

When you select a processor, speed is an important parameter, and it is usually measured in gigahertz. Most of the processors have two different frequency values called the basic one and the turbo one. Try to choose a processor with turbo fast technology to improve the speed of the processor. They are responsible for reducing the consumption rate by Reducing the clock frequency when the computer is idle, and the temperature is also decreased simultaneously. So choosing a perfect processor with a good clock frequency is essential.

Along with clock frequency, also measure the IPC, which is otherwise known as the instructions per clock cycle. This will allow you to measure the central processing unit’s overall performance and efficiency based upon the processor speed and clock frequency. This value is not normally mentioned in any of the company processors, and hence you have to calculate it based upon the benchmark values.

Graphics Unit

When you are purchasing a processor, make sure that it has an integrated graphics unit that allows you to enjoy a clear display when possible. This is an essential feature because even though the motherboard comes with a separate socket for the graphics unit, you still need this feature to improve the display and be used for gaming purposes. Having an embedded graphics card will improve the speed of the processor. 

Along with these features of the processor, you are buying should also come from a good brand and have certain advantages like proper connectivity and external connecting options. They should have the ability to connect with the other devices to improve the processor’s speed and perform operations without any hitch. You are given below, or some of the models that we consider would be useful for you while purchasing a processor for the price range of Rs.5000. If you are not interested in the model given below, you can always purchase a new model based on the listed features.

Intel i3-2120 3.3GHz Processor

When searching for a processor, the best option that most people go for is the Intel core processor that has gained huge popularity in the market. The company has been manufacturing processes for more than a decade. Hence people believe in their quality and success rate more than anything. Suppose you are searching for a processor under a particular price range. In that case, going for the Intel brand will be a good choice as it has a variety of models available in different price ranges depending upon your requirement. The company has a dedicated team that is constantly involved in creating much smaller in size with larger efficiency. They have revolutionized the market with their high-quality products that are not available in most other processors. Most companies like Dell and other famous computer brands go for Intel Core processors to ensure their brand’s quality. One of the recent processors is the Intel i3-2120 3.3GHz Processor. 

Even though more advanced forms of core processors like the I5 and I7, people still prefer using the core i3 processor because of the price range. If you are searching for an optimal design for everyday usage with good gaming features, then this particular i3 processor will be the best choice. This processor is the perfect balance between the low power processes and other high power processes like i7. So choosing this design will allow you to go either way and enjoy a good computing experience. This processor has various features that need to be taken into account before making a final choice.

Processor Speed

the processor comes along with high-quality dual-core technology e that is sufficient for everyday usage. You can use this processor for performing basic programming and other activities like animations and video editing at the primary level. Even though it has simple dual-core technology, you can still use them for running multiple programs that are not powerful. The processor’s speed is 3.3 gigahertz, which is more than enough for a successful gaming device. They also come along with an internal graphic card and 3 MB cache, which can store temporary data. They allow you to store the provisional data in the form of catches and a DDR3 Ram storage device. It also allows you to choose a memory of 32GB for the hard disks.

This particular processor is not just powerful but also have other qualities like Turbo frequency and vision technology. The hyper-threading technology allows it to work on multiple programs simultaneously without affecting the quality of the speed. The performance of the processor is perfect, and they do not support any type of fan system. This particular processor can be purchased for a lower price from a website like Amazon. They are used by the students for educational purposes and also for performing basic calculations and entertainment purposes. Even though you can’t enjoy advanced level features and programs, you can still use the processor up to its maximum quality for a long time. 

AMD A6-7480 with Radeon R5 Graphics Desktop Processor 2 cores up to 3.8GHz 1MB Cache FM2+ Socket (AD7480ACABBOX)

AMD is the only other company that provides tough competition to the Intel core processors when it comes to processors. Most of their products are made up of features that provide a bit more advanced technology than the core processor. Every single design released by them is carefully structured to meet the people’s requirements in a common field or for a particular requirement. For example, certain processors are designed explicitly for Gamers and programmers, while common people can use specific processes for everyday purposes. This type of structuring has made the brand much more preferable by the people. They have introduced a variety of designs with multiple cores that are used by regular and professional people. One of the excellent quality products for a low price range is the AMD A6-7480 with Radeon R5 Graphics Desktop Processor 2 cores up to 3.8GHz 1MB Cache FM2+ Socket (AD7480ACABBOX). 

This particular processor comes along with a technology that allows you to use them for both gaming under everyday purposes. They have a good cache and a speed that can be used to run multiple programs simultaneously. Most of the motherboards released are compatible with this particular processor, which makes it much more accessible. If you are interested in this design, then the best option is to understand its features.

Processor Speed

This particular processor can be used for multiple programming at the same time. The unique dual-core technology allows the processor to perform continuously with a good technique. Even though Dual-Core is a bit lower for the current technology, they have multiple threading capacity that allows the processor to run at a good speed. This processor consumes an electric power of 65 Watts, which is a decent quantity and has a speed of 3.8 GHz. They can go well along with the A68 series chipset-based motherboards widely used in the market. They also have a 1 MB cache, which is a big blow compared to the previous model, but they are still good enough for a decent running time.

This model also has various other features, like a special AMD Radeon graphics chip inserted within the processor. With the help of good quality graphics, you can enjoy your clear display for both meaning and normal programming. The processor comes along with the special heatsink fan called AMD stock cooler that can be used to reduce the computer’s temperature when operated for a long time. Along with all these features, they also have a particular DDR3 memory type that allows you to use a high-quality Random Access Memory and a hard disk drive for storage. 

All these features have made this particular product much more preferable than any other product in the market. They also have a proper socket for connecting the processor to the audio links and other types of the lens required for an appropriate movement of the bus. They are faster and can be purchased from Amazon. The price range is also low, and they come along with the warranty period for long time usage.

INTEL Core i5-3470 Ivy Bridge 3.2GHz 5.0GT s 6MB LGA 1155 CPU OEM Processor

As mentioned above, Intel core processors have gained a huge name in the market because of their high-quality products. Most of their products have gained massive recognition by their well-known computer brands and have been used widely in advanced models. Every single processor created by them is unique and has a specific set of features that have made it more powerful. They have released a wide range of processors, including i3, i5, and i7. Every single processor is made much more powerful, but every generation that is being introduced. The model famous is INTEL Core i5-3470 Ivy Bridge 3.2GHz 5.0GT s 6MB LGA 1155 CPU OEM Processor. 

This particular Intel core i5 processor has gained more popularity because of its ability to be widely used as a gaming device. When you are using this Intel core i5 processor, you need to perform advanced and Under level activities. This particular processor had gained more popularity when it was introduced in the market. Since its price range also falls within the required category, the best option is this particular generation of the i5 processor.

Processor Speed

This particular processor has a good speed of 3.2 GHz that can simultaneously process multiple programs. When this specific processor is being used, it has a special quad-core technology that allows you to run numerous programs without interference. They have simple cache storage of 6 MB that can be used to store the data in the CPU. The processor can be used for gaming as they have a fitted graphics card. This graphics card is essential for gaming purposes and also for entertainment purposes to have a clear display. The processor’s speed is accentuated by a good quality RAM and hard disk drive that can be attached along with this processor.

The weight of the processor is low. They can absorb 77 wattage of power, which is reasonable. This particular processor can be purchased easily from their online website like Amazon, or you can go to the rental shop directly. They can be fitted into only with the high-quality i5 processor supporting motherboards. The processor also has other slots to connect it to the audio devices and other USB port for further functioning.