Best Wireless Keyboard And Mouse In India

Looking for a best wireless keyboard and mouse in India which is no longer a challenge. This guide will help you in finding the best one that suits your needs and requirements.

Are you thinking of setting up an ergonomic and clean workspace for yourself? Do you want a workspace that looks as if it has just come out from a Pinterest picture? Do you want the absolute best accessories for your desktop or laptop? Well, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be discovering various sleek and elegant looking wireless keyboard and mouse sets which will amp up your workplace from a regular desk to a professional-looking workspace. Everyone loves having a study that looks professional and makes you want to work. Even the idea of a cluttered desk with its accessories all tangled up with each other makes you want to procrastinate. One common culprit that you will find in all messy desks are wires. How do we resolve the issue? There are two ways. You either buy an expensive desk and get the cables professionally set up so they look clean, or you could make the wires vanish! In today’s day and age, this is a very plausible option.  All you need to have are wireless components for your laptop or desktop to make the wires vanish. We are specifically mentioning the keyboard and mouse set because they are the components that are readily visible on any desktop or laptop setup. Their wires are the most prominently visible ones that cause the most clutter. If clutter and disorganization are not as much of an issue for you, then there are other reasons to buy a keyboard and mouse as well. One of them being the wear and tear of wires.  We have all experienced the wear and tear of wires, especially with earphones or headphones. Wires tend to get molded into tangles or weird, uncomfortable positions that cause them to break entirely or let cracks form. This bending makes the maintenance of cables very difficult and makes them prone to damage quickly. It is very common for your keyboard or mouse to stop working all of a sudden just because the wire had some slight tear. This risk will lead to situations where you will have to continually replace the cables with new ones, making it very costly to maintain. A very viable solution to this constant costly maintenance is buying a set of wireless keyboard and mouse.  After all, a set of wireless keyboard and mouse makes your workspace look elegant and very classy. 

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

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Logitech MX900 Performance Combo​

Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - KM117

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000

Important points to look for

  1. Proper Connection: 

One con faced by wireless keyboard and mouse sets is that they might have a delay in response. Do check the company’s claims about good response times. While you select a wireless device, make sure that reviews resonate with their claims about response time. 

  1. Freedom of use 

Wireless devices offer you freedom of use such that they provide a much broader range for usage. While a wired device will tug and probably damage the ports when you accidentally pull it, a wireless set is famous for freedom of use. You can use them from a farther space as compared to wired devices. To ensure that you fully utilize this freedom, check out the instrument range of the appliance before buying it. 


The only thing keeping wireless devices working is the battery. Battery life is a core quality since it decides how you can run the keyboard and mouse freely. Once the battery discharges, it is a hassle to recharge it again. There are various mechanics available. Some devices come with slots for AA batteries, and you can exchange them just when they’re needed. Others come with a built-in battery that you can recharge by plugging into an adapter. You may choose whatever suits you best

  1. Compatibility

If you are going to be working with various Operating system devices, then compatibility is a must. Operating systems like iOS, Linux, and windows are not always compatible with every device. While buying, ensure that your device is compatible with most operating systems so that you can switch to other devices smoothly. 

  1. Backlit 

A backlit keyboard comes with lights amongst its keys. This lighting ensures that the keys are visible even in the dark. It is a useful feature for people who might need to type in the dark. It also looks good on a keyboard. 

  1. Mouse Type

Mouses come in various sleek designs. One can recognize the type of mouse based on the materials used in its making. Some mouses come with rubber grips to ensure ease of use. People tend to overlook this aspect while buying a mouse, but the smoother it is to glide, the better. You can decide the mouse type based on whether you are left-handed or right-handed. Some models cater only to right-handed consumers, and you should be able to check that.  

  1. Keyboard design

People who type a lot are prone to wrist fatigue or cramps in fingers. It would help if you bought a unique keyboard that comes with wrist rests in such a case. The purpose of use matters a lot as a gamer will not want the same kind of a laptop as a writer. Understand the design and ergonomic placement of keys before selecting a keyboard. 

  1. Brand

Branded products automatically gain trust because of the loyalty established by different brands. It is wise to spend more and get a branded product than paying less for a non branded one. A branded product comes with its advantages like a fast replacement, available service, strong make, and a good warranty. 

Top 3 wireless keyboard and mouse sets

Logitech MX900 Performance Combo

Logitech is a trustable brand, and they provide very high-end technology in Logitech MX900 Performance Combo. It takes most of the useful features from previous models and still manages to make them more advanced. The innovative design of the keyboard and the mouse instantly grab the buyer’s attention. It is full-sized, comes with customizable keys, and smart, auto-adjusting backlighting. The mouse comes with a thumbwheel, a speed adaptive scroll wheel, and a very smooth Darkfield laser sensor that detects movement even on glass. It also comes with an easy switch technology that helps connect the mouse quickly to other workstations. The battery can last up to 10 days, and a USB cable can be used to recharge it. Its keyboard comes with the following dimensions [7.68 in x 19.17 in x 1.06 in ] and weighs 750 g. The mouse’s size is 4.96 in x 3.37 in x 1.91 in and weighs 145 g. It comes with a one year warranty. Click here to see it on amazon. 

Key Features

  • Smart Backlighting 

It comes with an auto-adjust brightness setting as well as a manual setting. 

  • Range 

It can work up to 10 meters or 30 fee range due to advanced 2.4GHz wireless.

  • Battery

The keyboard battery can last up to 10 days, depending on backlit settings. There also exists an LED that conveys battery status. The mouse battery is a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. It lasts up to 70 days. The mouse also has an LED indicating battery status. 

  • Thumbwheel 

A unique feature is present on the mouse known as the Programmable Side Scroll Wheel. 

  • Connection

Connects via Bluetooth



Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - KM117

The keyboard is full-sized and comes with the feature of chiclet keys. It comes with a one year warranty. Both devices have a solid build with good finishing. Battery type for keyboard and mouse are 2AAA, 1AA. It comes with a low battery indicator. Compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10. The weight is 0.81 kg. The mouse has an off button, but the keyboard doesn’t have one. The dimensions are 52.58 x 14.91 x 4.7 cm. The height and width are 1.85 Inches x 5.87 Inches. The product is available in color black. Click here to check

Key features

  • Battery 

2AAA, 1AA batteries fulfill the battery for the keyboard and mouse. It promises to last for 12 months. 

  • Connection 

Connects via a nano dongle that connects to the USB port

  • Foldable feet 

The top portion of the keyboard can be raised to about an inch using foldable feet. 

  • Tracking 

According to the cost, the mouse is an optical mouse that won’t work as good as a laser mouse. You might require a mousepad. 



Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000

Microsoft is one brand that anyone can trust in terms of performance. The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 is very easy to use and hence user friendly to another level. The weight is 889g, and the dimensions of the keyboard are 17.6″ x 7.29″. The dimensions of the mouse are 4.57″ (l) x 2.67″ (w). It comes with a battery indicator.  In terms of batteries, 4 AA batteries are required. The build quality is very good for its price. There exist foldable feet that provide the keyboard with an angular elevation. 

Key features

  1. Comfort 

A mouse is an excellent option for anyone who works long hours on computers. It is very comfortable to use, especially if you are prone to cramps. The keyboard comes with a pillow textured palm rest. 

  1. Advanced Encryption Standard 

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-Bit Encryption offers safety. It helps in protecting the information you pass to the workstation by encrypting it. 

  1. Connection 

The connection is through a USB transceiver

  1. BlueTrack Technology

BlueTrack Technology ensures precision for the mouse. It guarantees the mouse will work on any surface. 

  1. Battery 

The keyboard can last 18 months without changing batteries, and there is an indicator included.