Best FM Radio In India [Buying Guide & Reviews]

When you are purchasing a radio, most people do not concentrate on the features of the FM. So reading this passage will allow you to understand the concept in detail before making the final choice on this matter.

Even with digital development, some people still prefer using the radio regularly to hear the surrounding news and entertainment purposes. Along with this, the latest model from videos comes with several other features that allow you to hear standard songs through USB connectivity and Bluetooth connection. If you are a person who is interested in purchasing an FM radio, then certain features need to be considered, like the quality of sound and other connections. Most people do not understand this particular concept, and hence reading this passage will provide you proper knowledge on such an idea. 

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Amkette Pocket FM Portable Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker 

Philips DL167/94 FM Radio

Zebronics Zeb-County Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in FM Radio,

Quality Of Assembly

When you are purchasing FM radio, you need to note all the spare parts present within the radio. Even though a certain radius is made up of good quality materials, they are useful only for playing FM signals. But purchasing a radio with AM and FM signals along with the other forms of connectivity like Bluetooth will ensure you maintain them for a long time. When you are looking for a quality on the radio you have to make sure that the radio’s material and the quality of the buttons are also perfect. This will allow you to maintain and use the radio for a long time. Even though this is a simple concept, they come a long way in terms of health and quality. 

Important Features

Most of the current FM radios use some of the most essential features like high-quality speakers and a special port for audio jocks. Similarly, they also allow you to connect to them through Bluetooth technology and allow the playlist on other digital devices to be played perfectly. There are also other forms of connectivity to the external devices in USB ports and audio ports. You can also connect the FM radio to the Bluetooth speakers for providing an extra sound that can be displayed to the people in the entire room. So while choosing a radio, make sure that it has all these features so that you can enjoy them thoroughly. Another essential feature that you need to consider is the model that comes with inserting the SD card reader. The SD card reader allows you to store the songs and other audio files that can be played whenever required. This feature allows you to listen to the radio and also to the playlist in your reader.


When you are purchasing a radio, the brand plays an important role. The quality of the brand will come along with you because it will be useful in multiple situations, including the availability of spare parts and repair conditions. So when you are trying to purchase an FM radio, make sure that it is from a particular brand so that the quality of the radio will be perfect along with the sound quality. If there are any future issues with the product, you can easily submit them and get it repaired within a short period.

Battery life

This feature is an important point that needs to be considered when purchasing FM radio. Since most radio runs are based on an artificial battery system, you need to have an everlasting battery-based FM. This will allow you to listen to the radio for a long time without worrying about charging them or replacing the batteries. While purchasing a radio, make sure that it has at least 5 to 6 hours of battery, essential for constant enjoyment. Sometimes there are specific models with a high price that offers at least 12 hours of battery with fast recharging capacity. If you have purchased a radio system with a slow charge capacity, you can buy a separate charger that can provide fast charging. Sometimes specific models in the market come along with double power source Technology. Here, along with the battery, a particular electrical socket allows you to run the FM through electricity. This type of model allows you to have a constant connection even when there is a battery drain situation. 

Sound quality

This is the next important feature that needs to be considered while purchasing an FM radio. The sound produced by the speakers on the radio should have the ability to make a stable sound that allows you to hear some of the essential tracks. Certain radio systems will enable you to connect them to the external Bluetooth speakers. Purchasing such a model will enable you to enjoy a sound stereo system within them and also connect to the external stereo system when required. The word and the music produced by the radio should be exact without any discrepancies. The FM should also have the ability to change the volume through the buttons or the knobs. This will allow you to change the sound according to your wish. 

Antenna quality

This might seem like a super concept, but the radio receiver should be of good quality so that even the poor signals and sound can be easily absorbed and displayed with clarity. When you have a lower receiver, the sound and frequency received by the radio will not be clear with a constant paper crushing sound in the background. So the receiver on the radio should be powerful enough to absorb the signals correctly and a clear output through the speakers. You can also choose the latest model telescopic antenna to clear the signal’s absorption and provide the sound without any discrepancy. 


Most of the FM in those days came with a knob-like structure technique that allows you to tune the frequency manually. Even though these models are still in existence, the best option for you is to go through the automatic tuning devices that automatically scans the available frequencies and tunes in the surrounding area and save them in different channels. By pressing that channel, you can automatically listen to the songs. This technique is more powerful because you will have an equal opportunity to explore other channels that might not be known to you. So purchase a model with an automatic tuner and saving ability.


When you are purchasing a radio, portability plays an important role. This will allow you to hear the songs whenever you want to. The radio system is available in the market in a variety of sizes. When you are purchasing a radio system, make sure that it is of a portable size if you plan to take it everywhere. Similarly, if you plan to buy the radio for a permanent location, then the size can be large. Such large radios should have a suitable size and decor that will add to the home’s beauty. Depending upon the usage, you can purchase a model that will go well along with the purpose. 


The stations and the frequencies are an essential part of the radio. When you purchase a radio with the old technology, you have to keep in mind that these old model radios will work on manual adjustment. So here, the display is available in the form of scale and LCD panel. The scaling technology is not suitable for modern radios with multiple features, and using the LCD will be perfect for proper understanding. This display allows you to view the station, sound level, connectivity, and battery range in detail. So while purchasing a radio, make sure that the show is perfect. Some famous models come along with the LED panel for a much clear display. 


The entire radio is made up of metal, but the outer part of the radio is made up of metal or sometimes wood to provide a perfect decor outlook. When you are looking for a portable radio, then the best option is a metal radio. But when you are looking for a design that can be constantly kept in a single place, then the best option is to go for a system made up of wood or other heavy materials. The wooden finish provides an antique look to the decor. Specific models come with plastic material, but they can be broken easily when exposed to external pressure. But one significant advantage of this plastic model is that they are of low weight and can be carried everywhere. Along with these features, you should also take care of the product’s price since they form an essential part of the purchase. Fixing a budget and then searching for the model will be a suitable choice in many situations. Given below are some of the models that we have found to be perfect for your home usage. But if you are interested, you can also purchase the model that is similar to these radios. The color and the exterior design of these radios should also be selected perfectly according to your requirement.

Amkette Pocket FM Portable Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker with Voice Recorder, USB, SD Card, and Clock (Black)

Amkette is a company that has been existing in the market for more than 30 years, right from the year 1986. The company is very well known for manufacturing high-quality products like storage devices and other computer accessories. They are one of India’s best manufacturers, and hence they are very well known for their popularity and high-quality products. Along with the computer spare parts, they have also been manufacturing some of the best high range of radio transmitters. If you are a person who is interested in purchasing a radio, then this particular brand will be the best choice for you. There isn’t a product called the Amkette Pocket FM Portable Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker with Voice Recorder, USB, SD Card, and Clock (Black). 

This particular radio is available in a small pocket size that allows you to carry them everywhere without worrying about the weight. This radio is of high quality, and they can produce FM frequency alone. This particular radio also comes with several other features like Bluetooth connectivity and multiple other connections. 

Connectivity – this particular radio, despite its small size, has multiple features, including connectivity. They can be connected to external devices through Bluetooth technology. You can now connect the radio to the portable external speakers or any other powerful speaker using Bluetooth technology. You can also connect them to the Bluetooth headsets for hearing the music while cooking or performing other activities. They also have a separate voice recorder ability for recording the songs and playing it later when required. It allows you to record some of the best programs with the help of the SD card that can be inserted into the radio. The SD cards are also used for playing songs as an MP3 player, and they also allow you to connect them to other external storage devices through the USB ports. This particular radio comes with multiple channels, and the full detail like that frequency and song list are displayed on the high-quality LED panel. 

This particular radio provides high-quality sound without any discrepancy for all types of an FM frequency. Now you can play all the music without any wire connection through the Bluetooth technology. It also has a built-in 3W speaker, which is not highly influential, but they are suitable for a standard room based radio selection. It also comes with the hidden, and now that cannot be normally viewed but allows you to listen to the songs properly by attracting proper signals. You can also connect them to the speakers, and they run through the normal batteries. Every single battery allows you to enjoy the songs for at least eighteen hours. They come along with backlit buttons that allow proper functioning. 

This particular radio is made up of high quality, and with the help of digital surround speakers integrated within them, they allow you to hear the songs without any discrepancy. They are more powerful and used widely in multiple locations because of their low price and a good warranty. If you are interested, you can purchase them from websites like Amazon and directly through the shops.

Philips DL167/94 FM Radio

The Phillips Group of Companies have existed in the market for more than 20 years, and they are very well known for producing high-quality electronic products. From normal radio to high-quality television, the company has been well known for its digital media role. It is one of the established brands in the country and also in the world. Even though they are based in Dutch, the company has continuously been exporting its products to other countries. They have also obtained a Conglomerate deal with many other companies, and they have been running the project for more than 15 years. Their radios are well known in the market because of their brand and also for their quality. Their recent product is the Philips DL167/94 FM Radio. 

This particular product has been gaining more popularity in the market because of its portability and ability to produce high-quality sound without any discrepancy. This particular product allows you to hear all types of FM frequency, and they can be carried everywhere with the help of the handle. Suppose you are a person who is continually listening to the radio. This particular model will be useful as it can be connected to the electric circuit and run through rechargeable batteries. So now you can enjoy hearing the radio for more than 8 hours with the help of proper batteries. It is one of the most rugged tabletop radios available in the market. 

Feature – This particular product comes with multiple technical features. They have a special no black structure that allows you to tune the frequency correctly according to your wish. There is also a separate not present for controlling the volume by yourself. They can be easily turned on and off through the normal power switch. This particular radio does not have any other extra features like Bluetooth connection or recording techniques. They can only be used for hearing high-quality FM and AM frequency. The antenna connected to the radio allows you to enjoy all types of signals. They use a unique integrated Telescopic antenna for absorbing the signals of both frequencies. 

This particular radio is suitable for placing on the tabletop, and they come along with two different features for portability and placements. Here it has a structure that allows you to set the radio on any table without worrying about them falling over. They provide a proper base for the radio, and it also has a separate handle that allows you to carry the radio everywhere. The sound produced by the speakers are of high quality and will enable you to enjoy a good speaker system. If this particular radio cannot be connected to the external speaker system, you can still enjoy a good quality sound. 

Along with the brand and the beautiful black color, this radio has been one of the most favorite designs for people worldwide. Now you can connect to all types of frequencies and here high-quality radio stations. They are available in the market with a good warranty. Since they are of a low price, most people prefer purchasing them, especially youngsters who live in colleges and other remote regions. You can buy this particular product from the brand showroom and also from separate websites like Amazon.

Zebronics Zeb-County Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in FM Radio, Aux Input and Call Function (Green)

Zebronics is a company that has been existing in the market for more than five years with the production of high-quality products. They are very well known for the rear speakers and other quality products that have gained a huge market name. The company has a separate team for creating designs that are well preferred by the people in the market. One of the most preferred products includes the Zebronics Zeb-County Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in FM Radio, Aux Input, and Call Function (Green). This particular product is mainly useful for people who wish to continually carry the radio around and hear good music while working. 

This particular product comes with a separate Bluetooth connection and allows you to the best FM stations without any discrepancy. If you are not interested in using it as a radio, you can always convert it into an MP3 player, and here are some of the most interesting songs according to your playlist. This particular radio can be connected to the external device using the USB port present in them, and they also come along with the SD card slot that allows you to record and store some of the important programs. Understanding the features of this particular radio will let you decide whether you need it or not. 

Feature – this radio is available in multiple colors, including green and red. So depending upon your choice, you can choose them and carry them everywhere. They can absorb the sound with the integrated antenna’s help that is not visible to naked eyes. They’ve come along with a high-quality speaker with 3W output. So now you can enjoy hearing the songs while working. But they are not suitable for producing high sounds which can be arranged by connecting them to the Bluetooth speakers. They also allow you to connect to the external storage devices with the help of the USB port. Now you can run your playlist on the radio and use them to measure the MP3 player. The SD card can be used for storing the data and particular programs that you want to hold. The radio can be charged through electricity, and they provide up to 10 hours of running time. 

This particular radio can be carried everywhere, and they also have unique AUX ports for connectivity. You can also switch off the radio using the unique power button. Since they weigh less than half kg, they are preferred by people all over the world. The volume can be adjusted, and they come along with a call function by connecting through mobile phones with Bluetooth. The metal on the external surface is protected from rusting, and they can last forever without getting affected by the quality. 

This particular radio is available for sale on online websites like Amazon, and you can also purchase them from the brand showrooms. They are exported all over the world, and hence the availability is not an issue. This particular radio’s price is also considered Babli cheap and thus suitable for all types of people. You can carry them everywhere using the unique integrated handle, and they come along with a good warranty for proper functioning. Choose from a wide range of colors and place them on the tabletop with the unique base’s stability on the bottom.