Best Transistor Radio In India [Buying Guide & Reviews]

There are various products available in the market regarding the concept of a transistor radio. But before you make a final choice on purchasing a radio that should be certain things that need to be considered. Read the passage below to understand the requirements and make the right choice.

The concept of transistor radios has been increasing day by day. Even though the standard radios have been under usage for a long time, these transistor radios have gained immense popularity ever since their introduction. Nowadays, with the increase in the requirement for small-sized objects, these particular transistor radios have been a boon to society. If you are looking for small-sized radio systems that are comfortable carrying around, this specific model will be a perfect choice. The FM radios are the most popular way of spending your time, especially when you are outside in a remote area. It allows you to connect properly with the outside world and have entertainment at the same time. Since most of the transistor radios available from the olden days are considered to be and take and not use, individual companies have introduced a new model transistor radio with advanced Technology. There are a variety of modern-day transistor radios available in the market. They come with some modern features like Bluetooth, USB connection, and other MP3 player converting links. So if you are looking for a suitable design, this particular transistor design will be a perfect choice. There are various current level transistors available in the market, but only a few have gained more recognition. But to make a final choice on these selections, you can choose based upon their features, which is essential. 

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NEDIS FM Radio | 5.4 W | Bluetooth® | Carrying Handle | Beige    

iGear Retro Radio - Retro Classic Vintage Radio 

Matata MTMI17L 2.1 Channel Retro Style Integrated Speaker 


The first and foremost thing that needs to be considered while purchasing a transistor radio is the brand. Most of the branded products concentrate on providing the maximum amount of features possible for a reasonable price with quality. So if you are a person looking for transistor radio, then purchasing from the brand will allow you to enjoy multiple features for a reasonable price. Also, if there is an issue with the product’s quality, you can obtain good service from them through the local center. If you are looking for a spare part in your radio that has been previously damaged, then purchasing a branded product will allow you to have an unlimited supply of such spare parts. 


Radio is a device that is not commonly used by most people. So while purchasing them, make sure that all the radio parts, including both external and internal, are made up of good quality. Specific designs have plastic material on the outer surface, which is not suitable. For better situations, purchase material with proper metal on the exterior and suitable metals on the radio’s interior. The buttons and knobs of the radio should also be made up of high-quality material that does not break with time. There is a high chance for them to be made with plastic but make sure that they are made up of high-grade plastic that lasts forever. 

Speaker effect

If you are purchasing a transistor radio, your primary requirement will be to properly hear the songs and voices. Most of the time, people prefer having a good speaker set to use the transistor to enjoy a small party. Even though you can’t experience the high-quality sound available in MP3 players and professional speakers, some specific models come with a good quality speaker suitable for a small gathering. Make sure that the speaker present within the transistor can produce sound without any discrepancies. But a good antenna collection and good quality speaker can also enjoy a good party and share the music while relaxing. 


This is an important feature when it comes to a transistor radio. Most people purchase radio systems that can be carried everywhere so that they can enjoy music, even in remote areas. So when you are purchasing a transistor radio, make sure that they are smaller in size and can run for several hours. For example, if you are purchasing a large radio, it would be impossible for you to carry them and hence they can be kept only in the home. Similarly, if the radio’s battery power is low, then carrying them around will not be suitable if it runs for only one or two hours. The best option is to purchase a radio with portable features like the small size and an everlasting battery for 8 hours minimum. If you wish to save a lot of money, then purchase the rechargeable batteries that allow you to hold power for a long time and charge them now and then. But there is a certain radius that allows only AA batteries, which you should replace now and then. 

Sound quality

The sound is an important feature when it comes to the radius. The quality of sound produced by the speaker should be high with the proper bars and Equaliser. Purchasing a radio set with equalizer Technology will allow you to enjoy a sound effect and hear the voice correctly. There are certain sets of speakers that increase the music volume and decrease the human sound, which is not suitable for proper hearing. So check these Technologies before purchasing the radio finally. There are also specific radios available with stereo speakers, which will provide a smooth experience for a long time. 

Other features

The next important feature that you should consider while purchasing a transistor radio is the features they offer commonly. Ensure that your radio has other extra features that allow you to convert them into an MP3 player when required. Some modern transistor radios come along with the Bluetooth technology that helps proper connectivity to other digital devices. Now you can connect your devices to this particular transistor radio and play your MP3 list. Purchasing a transistor radio with a USB port and other audio device connectivity will allow you to enjoy constant entertainment. This extra connectivity will allow you to enjoy your selected playlist when outside and conduct a DJ party. Certain radios also will enable you to place the SD cards in the slot to save your favorite songs and record the FM programs. So before purchasing, analyze the model, and choose the best option in the market. 

Holding handle

This handle is an important feature because when you are continually carrying the transistor radio around, having your holding handle will be efficient. This handle will allow you to take them everywhere with efficiency. Specific radios have an antenna on the outer region, while there are specific models with antennas embedded within the radio. This embedded model will be more suitable if you are constantly going to carry the radio everywhere. It will prevent the damage of the antenna and hence analyze these features before making a final choice. 

Knobs and adjustments

These radio systems are made up of high-quality knobs that should last forever. Sometimes, when you purchase a radio design for a low price, then knobs will be made up of cheap plastic. During such situations, they will eventually break after a certain time. Along with these features, there are other radio controls like the tuner and the volume control that should also be soft and perfect for fair access. If you are a person who is constantly interested in purchasing a radio, then all these features are essential. But before making this particular choice, understand the models present in the market and make sure to buy the best one with the high-quality features available undefined. Sometimes, listening to the FM radio might become boring, and hence, purchasing the model with the MP3 conversion is better in several cases. The color and designs of the radio also play an important role and therefore consider them. If you want to analyze multiple products in the market, you can go to websites like Amazon and do research there. Given below are some of the products available on that particular website and also in the shops. You can purchase them directly for a low price, and they also come along with a good warranty. 

NEDIS FM Radio | 5.4 W | Bluetooth® | Carrying Handle | Beige

Nedis is a company that has been coexisting in the market for more than 35 years from the European region. This company is well known for its high-quality electronic products and other stuff related to them. Along with these products, the company has recently been manufacturing modern radios. Even though they have been manufacturing a wide range of radios for more than 20 years, these modern radios come along with a retro look with advanced features embedded in them. If you are interested, you can purchase their product as they are being exported worldwide. Their recent work is the NEDIS FM Radio | 5.4 W | Bluetooth® | Carrying Handle | Beige. This particular radio is available in a beautiful beige color with a retro look that stands out at the end. 

Most people do not purchase the radio just for hearing songs; they also wish to transport them everywhere. Since this radio is of small size, it can be kept in the showcase as a decor item and can be used according to your requirement. This particular radio can be carried everywhere because of its low weight and the advanced technology features embedded within it. Even though they provide a retro look with the old model frequency dial, they are still preferred by the people because of their features. 

Features – when you are looking for a design with convenient features, this particular radio will be a perfect choice. Even though their price is a bit higher than the standard radio, their features will allow you to be satisfied with the pricing. This particular radio comes with Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect your other devices for streaming the audio. They are available in a beautiful color with a vintage look under a retro-style knob for tuning The frequencies. With the help of the handle, you can carry the radio everywhere comfortably. Just by adjusting the antenna and pressing the buttons, you can select the radio’s perfect model and allow proper streaming of signals through the particular frequency. 

This particular radio can be connected to other types of devices, including Smartphones and Tablets. If you are interested, you can also connect them to the Bluetooth headphones to properly hear a sound. The Bluetooth connectivity allows at least 10 meters the distance coverage. You can also hear the song through the speaker that provides a clear output of the sound. If there is any issue, you can just tune in and out for a perfect frequency capturing technique. They can produce both AM and FM frequencies. It comes with a 5.4 W powerful sound emitter used for or hearing a crystal clear sound. They have a two-way power system that allows you to operate the radio through batteries and home electricity. 

This particular radio can be purchased for a reasonable price, and they are available in the local Electronics shops. You can also buy them from online websites like Amazon, and since they come with a good warranty, you can enjoy having them for a long time without worrying about any issues.

iGear Retro Radio - Retro Classic Vintage Radio with Bluetooth Connectivity, USB and TF/SD Card Support, inbuilt 900 mAh Rechargeable Battery, and Built-in Torch (without belt)

iGear Retro Radio – Retro Classic Vintage Radio with Bluetooth Connectivity, USB and TF/SD Card Support, inbuilt 900 mAh Rechargeable Battery, and Built-in Torch (without belt)

iGear is an innovative brand known for producing a wide range of electronic products and gadgets at a low price. Being based in India in Mumbai, the company has been working very hard in creating gadgets that are useful to the people with an innovative attribute present in them. They have been well known for producing a wide range of products, including chargers and radio systems. The company has recently produced a different kind of radio called transistor radio that can be carried around everywhere. The company has a separate technological team involved in creating designs that are useful on a wide range of platforms. The recent product in radio is the iGear Retro Radio – Retro Classic Vintage Radio with Bluetooth Connectivity, USB, and TF/SD Card Support, inbuilt 900 mAh Rechargeable Battery, and Built-in Torch (without belt). 

This particular radio is available in a beautiful retro design with a brass-like finish. The radio’s external design is accompanied by some of the modern internal features that have attracted a lot of users in the market. This radio comes with a portable handle that allows you to carry them everywhere without worrying about the weight or any other attributes. Since this radio can run on both electricity and battery, you can carry them everywhere. This particular radio also has a variety of other features that need to be taken into account. Understanding these attributes will allow you to decide whether you need to purchase this particular radio or not. 

Features – this particular radio set comes along with a variety of features, including an MP3 player. Now you cannot just hear the FM stations but can also play your favorite list using this particular radio. By connecting the USB device or any other digital device through Bluetooth Technology, you can use the radio as an MP3 player. The radio also allows you to insert SD cards for playing the songs present in them. So now you can store a lot of data and insert them within the radio. They also have a torchlight option that allows you to carry them even at night while taking a stroll in the park. It comes with a separate rechargeable battery that allows you to continuously use them along with portability features. 

Physical features – this particular radio is made up of a beautiful metals office on the outer area with the traditional look in frequency management. It consists of two different knobs that allow you to alter the frequency according to your requirement. There are also other buttons present on the radio for controlling the channels and other attributes. The handle on the radio allows you to carry them everywhere with no issues. They are smaller in size and hence can be carried everywhere even during night time. 

This particular radio system adds to your home’s decor, and they also have a beautiful set of speakers that allows you to hear the song clearly without any discrepancies. They produce a powerful 8W output sound that is clear. Derivatives less than 2 kg, and hence they are easy to handle even by people of all ages. This particular product is available for sale on websites like Amazon, and also you can purchase them from the shops directly. Since they come with a good warranty at a low price, you can try their features without wearing them for a long time.

Matata MTMI17L 2.1 Channel Retro Style Integrated Speaker True 40 Watt, LED Display, Multi Connectivity - Wireless Bluetooth/AUX/USB (Brown)

Matata is a company that is well known in the digital world for their beautiful products that have gained a huge name in the industry. This company has gained the future name for producing a wide range of electronic products, including radio. Since the company has been involved in manufacturing various design people, I have always preferred it more than any other design. They also have a separate team for creating such designs along with internal Technology. One of their latest designs that have created a huge revolution in the market is the Matata MTMI 17L 2.1 Channel Retro Style Integrated Speaker True 40 Watt, LED Display, Multi Connectivity – Wireless Bluetooth/AUX/USB (Brown). 

This particular radio is available in a beautiful brown color, and it is surrounded by a wooden cover for providing a perfect retro look. Since this particular radio is available in a low weight, it can be carried everywhere for hearing proper radio feed through the FM and AM frequencies. Along with these features, this particular radio also has various other advantages that have gained a huge fan base in the market. Understanding them will allow you to make a perfect choice in the purchase of the radio system. 

Connectivity: This particular radio system comes with separate Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect them to external devices like other phones, storage devices, audio speakers, and audio earphones. They also can play songs through the special DVD player. So now you can share all the FM songs along with the separate MP3 songs that you can feed into the radio through the external devices. You can also connect them using the USB ports. You can also connect your headset to the radio using the special audio ports present in it. All these special connections allow you to enjoy multiple usages at the same time. 

Sound: This particular radio system comes with a separate set of internally integrated speakers within the system. They are low enough to produce increased sound with the digital surround effect. The antenna allows you to observe the frequency and produce sound without any discrepancies. With the help of the radio that produces nearly 40W of sound, you can enjoy multiple features simultaneously. The sound is clear both through the speaker and also through the special audio port. So now, you do not need an extra speaker to relieve the sound in a huge crowd. 

The entire radio is made up of a retro look, but internally, they have some modern features. The frequencies can be altered continuously using the special analog buttons present at the top of the radio. They can be easily powered using the electric source and also through the battery present. This particular design can be purchased from Amazon, and they are also available in the shops. This particular model is available with a good warranty and a low price.