Best Pedometer Watches For Seniors

Choosing the best watch for a senior citizen requires a lot of knowledge on the models and their features. Understanding the watch before purchasing them is the best option to choose the one that suits you. Read the below passage to know more about them and purchase the best model available in the market.

Fitness watches have gained huge responses during the past decade because of the increased amount of requirements for fitness. There are a variety of pedometer watches available in the market for youngsters, but fitness is not just for youngsters. Nowadays with the increasing amount of diseases like diabetes and pressure, senior citizens are also expected to maintain their fitness to live a long life. So, many companies’ understanding of the requirement has created a variety of pedometer watches suitable for senior citizens. These watches are different from the watches that are normally available for youngsters because they have been created to adapt to the requirements of the seniors. Certain watches also come along with modern technology, like automatic calling to a relative or friend when there is an emergency detected. Constant exercising using this watch will increase their hold and reduce the ailments. 

There are a variety of modern fitness trackers or Pedometer watches available in the market. Choosing the best model requires proper expertise and knowledge on the features available in every single model. Read the passage below to understand more about the features of the speedometer watches and how to choose them efficiently. Most of these Pedometer watches are available in a normal watch showroom, or they can also be purchased directly from online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Wearing them will allow you to track your health record and perform accordingly. Let us now see the things that need to be present while purchasing a Pedometer watch. 

Our Top Pick Pedometer Watches For Seniors In India

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Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Unisex Activity Tracker - SWD90059PP05

Teconica GHN925 M4 Intelligence Bluetooth Wrist Smart Band 

Wayona W-KDT-03 Tracker Smart Wrist Watch with GPS and GSM System

Mi Band 3 (Black)

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Unisex Activity Tracker -SWD90059PP04


One of the most important requirements that you have to take care of while purchasing a watch is the brand. Most of these Pedometer watches are available in bundles and produced by every single company out there. But for quality, there are only very few companies that have manufactured watches with proper technology and quality. Purchasing them from a well-known and popular brand will allow you to enjoy the updates that the company provides in that brand now and then and also to enjoy excellent service from the company. 


One of the most important features in a Pedometer is to have proper precision. Some brands models in the market calculate the exercise or the steps walked in an improper manner. The number of steps walked will either be higher or lower in certain models, and this cannot be accepted since the entire calculation will be affected. For example, when you walk 10000 steps there will be a particular amount of calories that would have been reduced from your body. The Pedometer watch will calculate calorie counts and will provide you with that information so that you can take your next meal accordingly. But if the calculation and walking count is wrong, then it will be impossible for you to take a proper input of food and also will affect your health in the long term. So while purchasing a watch, make sure that it has a proper precision in calculating the heart rate and other requirements. 


The next important thing that needs to be taken into account while purchasing a Pedometer watch is its features. There are many types of watches with a variety of features available in the market. If you are going to use the watch for counting the steps alone, then you can purchase a simple watch that shows the time and the number of steps you have walked until now. The values should be reset every morning so that you can know the calories burnt every day according to the watch. Similarly, there are certain watches that have other features like heart rate monitor, pulse monitor, step counter, calorie Calculator, and emergency calling technology that places a call to another person immediately when your heart rate slows down or if there is any problem with the health of the person. Most of these watches are connected to the mobile phone through an application that will allow you to track your daily activities. Some watches also have a GPS tracking activity that allows you to walk free and find your path back with the help of the tracker. Some watches also have gold tracking ability that allows you to enter your goals on a daily basis and warn you if you haven’t reached that particular limit. All these features vary according to the watch you have selected. 

Water resistance

When you are performing strenuous activity, there will be a lot of sweat involved which will damage the mechanical function of the watch if it is a low water resistance watch. So while purchasing these watches, make sure that they have high water resistance with the ability to withstand your sweat and the occasional splash of water when walking along the beachside or rainwater. So having a watch with a proper set of water resistance capacity will allow you to enjoy a carefree walk without damaging the watch.

App connection

Whatever pedometer watch you are choosing, make sure it has an application connection that will connect the watch to the mobile phone. This connection will allow you to look at the progression of your seniors from home, or it can also be installed in the person’s phone so they can track their own movements on a regular basis. This can also be used for submitting in the doctor’s office during their regular appointment and showing their progression. The application will also allow you to calculate a variety of other features like calories burnt and it will also provide an approximate count of your diabetic condition based upon the distance you have walked and the food you have consumed. When you go for a more advanced model, you will have multiple features. There is a certain application that takes care of your nutrition and exercise at the same time. They are more efficient, especially if you are looking forward to reducing your weight or maintaining them through the watch.


Some pedometers come along with easy access while others are complicated. For most seniors, it might be difficult to understand the technology involved. In such cases, having a simple watch with easy access will allow them to operate easily. So the electronic activities should be kept to a minimum and it should be easier for the elders to operate them. The numbers present within the Pedometer should also be perfect, with large size and clarity for the eyes.

Battery power

The most important thing that needs to be taken care of is the battery power of the Pedometer. Most of the people prefer wearing the watch on a daily basis from morning until the night before sleep. The only way they can be recharged is when the person is sleeping. Therefore, while purchasing a pedometer, make sure that they have a good battery power that can run for 20 hours continuously without recharging them. Also, certain pedometers have the ability to recharge the battery at a faster rate. For example, certain pedometers can completely charge within a short span of 2 hours while certain other models require at least 5 hours of charging. So if you do not have enough time to charge them, always purchase a pedometer with fast charging ability. 

Design and strap

The design of the watch should be in such a way that the strap has enough to facilitate all types of wrist sizes. The strap should be replaceable and they should have been made up of good quality. Even if there is any damage to the strap they can be easily replaced with a new strap. The design of the watch should also be suitable for modern costumes so that people can buy them around as a regular watch. Always keep an extra watch strap in hand so that you can change them immediately when required. 


All these above features are essential while purchasing a watch. Along with these features, there are also certain things that need to be taken into account. One of the most important things is the warranty for the watch. The price of the watch should also be reasonable, and it should not be more costly. While selecting these watches make sure that they are suitable for your requirement. For example, purchasing a swimming-related watch for a non-swimmer is practically non-usable. Also, the watch should track your location and send it to your next of kin when there is an emergency like the low heartbeat or other medical conditions that will affect your health. Having a watch with an SOS signal will allow you to walk freely. Most of these watches can be purchased directly from the shop, or they can also be purchased through online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. So purchase these watches and experience a good exercise without worrying about your health.