Best Rose Gold Watches For Women In India

There are a variety of brands and models available in the market when it comes to women’s watches. Choosing the best among them might be a hard task for most women. Read the following passage to know more about rose gold watches for women and how to purchase them.

The relationship between women and watches has always been a constant phenomenon. Watches have become more of a style icon than their original usage. Most people nowadays especially women prefer purchasing a watch with stylish designs and multiple features rather than a simple watch that shows the correct time. These watches are more of a fashion statement. Even though the quality and style of the watch are important, there are also certain requirements that need to be taken into account while purchasing a watch. Let us now see these features. Understanding these features will allow you to choose a perfect watch that covers all your requirements. 

Our Top Pick Rose Gold Watches In India

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Fossil Riley Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch - ES2811

Timex Analog Gold Dial Women’s Watch - TW000Q810

Titan Raga Viva Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch -NM2608WM01 / NL2608WM01


When you purchase a watch looking at the brand is more important. Most of the people nowadays prefer purchasing a branded product not just for their quality and design but also for the status they provide. But the status is not the only thing that these branded watches offer. Along with the status, they provide unique designs that will make you look beautiful and it also goes well along with the designer costumes. Most of the branded watches are created by keeping the most amazing costumes in mind. So wearing these stylish designs for your normal day-to-day activities along with important occasions will make you look beautiful and stylish. 

The quality of the branded watches is also an established phenomenon. Since these watches are popular all over the world, they have a name to maintain. And hence all the products produced by them will be of high quality and tested completely before being released into the market. If there is any damage to the product the company will replace them. These branded watches have showrooms all over the country and hence you can experience the perfect customer service when there is an issue with the quality. 

Analogue or Digital

Initially, people were using the most common model called the analog watch which contains the usual minute, hours, and second hand with a dial showing the numbers in different styles. But a new model watch was introduced in the market that showed the time in a digital manner. While a certain set of people still prefer using the analogue watch, there are some people who prefer using digital watches as they are more convenient with a variety of features. So before you decide to purchase a watch, confirm the type of model you want to purchase so that it will make your shopping experience easier and better. Digital watches have the facility to create an alarm at a particular time. Most of the digital watches are used by men and boys while women always prefer the analogue watch as they are more stylish. 


When you are purchasing a watch made up of rose gold metal or any other type of metal, then the quality is more important. Mostly when you purchase a strap based watch, you will always have the option of replacing the strap when it is damaged. But nearly 90% of the metal-based watches lack the ability to change the strap. So the metal used in this watch should be made up of high-quality stainless steel with a proper coating on the outside. The colour of the watch should not fade away after continuous usage. The dial should also be clear with the proper numbering system. If you have a certain difficulty in viewing the time, then purchase a watch with a properly numbered dial. If you are comfortable with a plain dial, then you can purchase them as they are more stylish. 


Even though you are here to purchase a rose gold model watch, there are several styles involved within them. Some common styles available in the market include Vintage, luxury, casual, and sports watch. So depending upon the style, you can choose the watch with a rose gold plating. Choosing vintage or a stylish watch with a rose gold plating will be more beautiful when compared to the other styles. They will also make you look richer in appearance and they are also suitable for office purposes, especially while presenting the concepts in front of a wide audience. 


The next important thing that you need to to look for while purchasing a watch is their features. Certain sports watches have multiple features like measuring your heartbeat, creating alarms, measuring the seconds while taking a run, and also used for showing multiple times in multiple cities in a single watch. So while purchasing a watch, you need to think about what you require before purchasing the watch. If you are buying the watch for watching the time and making your hand look stylish than a normal analogue watch with the exclusive design will be more suitable for you.

Water resistance

One of the most important features while purchasing a watch that you need to take care of is the water resistance. Most of the watches that are available in the market nowadays have the ability to withstand a normal amount of water exposure. This resistance is not permanent and when the watch is exposed to water continuously, they will be damaged, especially the dial. The water resistance capacity of the watch is described in terms of meters. If you purchase a watch with a water resistance capacity of 30 meters, then it means that the watch has the ability to protect itself from rain or certain Splash, but they are not suitable for swimming and other water-related activities.


If you are a person who always prefers wearing a product that makes you feel comfortable then try to choose a watch with a lightweight rather than the models that have heavy brick-like weight on them. Purchase a lighter version of the watch because when you are going for a watch model with a rose gold design, then you will definitely choose a metal-based watch. In such a situation, choosing a lightweight watch will be more suitable as the metal has a certain heaviness to your skin. This might seem like a simple teacher, but they are more important, especially if you are a person who uses your hand for writing and other work like typing on a computer. 


One of the most important features that you need to note while purchasing a watch is the power source. Most people nowadays use a quartz crystal watch that provides a constant power source in the form of a battery. They are more reliable and provide continuous service without stopping, which is better when compared to other services like a solar watch and mechanical watch which requires constant attention. When there is a battery issue in the watch you can always replace them by yourself or by servicing them in the showroom. 

All these features are essential while purchasing a watch. Along with these, there are certain other things that need to be taken care of, including the dial size and colour. You have to consider your wardrobe choices before choosing the design because the watch you are choosing should be suitable for all types of occasions, especially your wardrobe. Given below are some models that are commonly found in the market. If interested you can purchase one of these models or you can purchase a model with your own requirement based upon these features.

Fossil Riley Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch - ES2811

The Fossil is a well known branded company that has been producing a variety of items that are known in the market for their quality and designs. They are well known for their designer watches, accessories, handbags, shoes and sunglasses. They have a variety of products that have been creating a trend all over the world. The main aim of the company is to create products that are fun and accessible. When it comes to watches, they have their own set of research and development team that is involved in creating new designs suitable for men, women and sometimes both. The recent product is the Fossil Riley Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch – ES2811

The love for watches goes a long way back, and both men and women love having a variety of designs. If you are looking for a design that will provide both modern and antique feel then this watch will be the best choice for you. This special women’s watch has been designed carefully to provide a rich look for the women who are wearing it. This particular watch is made up of high quality rose gold metal that allows you to wear them for all types of costumes, including traditional wear. This watch is made up of multiple features that need to be taken into account before purchasing them.

Design – The watch comprises a beautiful rose gold coloured metal that provides an authentic feel to it. The dial of the watch is also present in a beautiful rose gold colour. The numbers inside the watch are indicated in the form of embedded white stones that provide a rich look for the watch. Along with that, the entire dial is surrounded by a circle of white stones that will provide a beautiful look for your watch. The watch is made up of high-quality metal and they do not rust over time. The band of the watch is made up of beautifully intricate designs.

Multifunction – This watch contains three different internal circles that indicate the week, date, and 24 hours time in three different ways. Having a detailed watch will allow you to to understand the date and time easily without having to think over. 

This watch also comes along with some extra features like waterproof technology. They provide a 10 ATM resistance power. This allows you to take a bath or enjoy some time in the pool without damaging the interior parts of the watch. The straps can be replaced whenever required in the showroom. The entire metal is made up of stainless steel with proper rose gold coating. This watch also comes along with a good warranty and a side button to adjust the time according to your wish. The watch comes along within a beautiful tin that allows you to carry around safely while travelling or for gift packing it for a pleasant surprise to your loved ones. This beautiful watch can be purchased either directly in the showroom or through online websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Timex Analog Gold Dial Women’s Watch - TW000Q810

Timex is an American-based manufacturing company that has been producing a wide range of watches from the year 1854. Because of their experience and history with the watches for several generations, the company always manages to provide new designs with guaranteed quality. The company has its own set of research and development teams that always give their best to satisfy the requirements of people all over the world. The company has established itself as a brand in most people’s mind, and nearly 90 percent of the population will have at least used this brand at some point in their life. The company has been manufacturing a wide range of analogue and digital watches for both men and women. They also have their own line of wall clock watches and alarm clocks. Because of their deep-rooted foundation in the clock industry, they have always been preferred by the people. Their recent product is the Timex Analog Gold Dial Women’s Watch – TW000Q810. 

This particular watch is of the analogue model and more suitable for women rather than men. The watch has an antique feel to it due to the outer coating of rose gold colour. These women’s watches are of a decent size and they are suitable for all types of hand regardless of their size. The size of the watch can be adjusted easily by adding or removing the metal according to your choice. Disturb can also be changed when there is any damage. The watch has been designed to provide durability and performance combined with innovative technology. Along with that, there are also some high-quality features that need to be considered.

Water-resistant – This particular watch can be worn all the time, and it has a water-resistant capacity until 30 meters. If you accidentally drop the watch in a pool or any water bucket, it will be protected but using them for a long time on a dipole is not advised and the watch will not be able to withhold for such a long time. The watch is made up of high-quality stainless steel metal straps that can prevent your water from rusting, but still the coating will not remain the same when it is constantly used underwater. 

Design – There are a variety of designs in the market, but this watch was specifically designed to provide antique finish to work. The entire watch including the dial pad is covered in rose gold colour and the strap is made up of stainless steel metal with a rose gold coating. The watch has an authentic look to it. The dial of the watch contains three different functions that indicate the day of the week, 24 hours display and date display. The numbers are available in the form of Roman numerals with white stones embedded near the numerals. The watch also has a special dial at the side for adjusting the time and setting it according to your preference. 

This waterproof watch comes in a beautiful package and box that will allow you to keep the watch safe and also to gift them by just wrapping the package. The watch can be placed safely on the hand using a special fold over push button that will prevent the watch from accidentally opening and falling down. The lock is secure and made up of good quality metal. The dial is also of medium size, allowing you to watch the time carefully without straining your eyes. They can be worn with all types of costumes. This watch can be purchased separately in the shops or you can purchase them on special online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. They are available at a low price with a good warranty.

Titan Raga Viva Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch -NM2608WM01 / NL2608WM01

Titan is a special Indian-based company that has been available in the market for more than 50 years. The company has managed to survive several competitions and revolution with the help of its authentic designs and quality. The company has been a part of the Tata Group of companies that is well known for its quality. The Titan company with the help of its separate design team has managed to create a set of watches that look ethereal and elegant. This particular series of watches were named Raga, and the collections were preferred by the women all over the country. The company has expanded its manufacturing ability by also providing some other collections like the purse, belt and sunglasses. Their recent product is the stylish women’s watch that belongs to the Raga line called Titan Raga Viva Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch -NM2608WM01 / NL2608WM01. This watch has gained more followers during recent years due to its design. 

The main aim of the company to release the Raga model is to provide an elegant model for the women that they can wear along with their traditional wear. They provide an ethnic look that can be suitable for all occasions, including as office wear.  This particular model from the Raga collection is available in a beautiful rose gold colour that provides an antique feel to it. The strap and dial are covered in a perfect rose gold finish and this is a thin model watch. This watch provides a professional look to it allowing you to enjoy a perfect finish combined with beauty. The watch also comes along with many other features. Let us now see about them in detail.

Strap – The watch is designed with a beautiful and stylish strap. The strap is made up of high-quality stainless steel metal covered in rose gold. The strap will provide a beautiful bracelet like design with the dial at the centre. The end of the strap is fitted with a perfect lock system that allows you to fasten the watch securely around your arm. The dial is also small and the numbers are indicated by a simple single line with two double lines to indicate the numbers 6 and 12. The watch also has a special dial to adjust the time settings. 

This watch is not waterproof, but they are the best design in the market from Titan. If the chain or strap is long for your hand, you can remove some links according to your requirement. This watch is of cheap price and available for sale on online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. They operate on normal batteries.  They are also available in the Titan showrooms with warranty, and they come in a neatly packaged box. This watch does not have the waterproof technology and hence it is necessary to keep them secured while wearing and when not in use. These watches are best suited for women going to the office and for wearing during a function.


There are a variety of designs and models available in the market. If you are planning to purchase a model with the special rose gold colour combination, then be sure about the brand and the quality of the metal. Always check and wear your watches before purchasing them. Some designs might look bad on you, while some might be beautiful. So always test the look before purchasing. Purchase through online portals only if you understand your style and have the confidence to make the right choice. Always give more importance to the appearance and quality before anything else.  Happy shopping!