Best Swiss Watch Brands For Ladies [Affordable For Women]

Purchasing Swiss Design watches are more famous nowadays because of their quality and various other features. But the problem arises when there are a variety of models in the market that offer Swiss Design watches. Read the passage below to understand how to purchase the best Swiss Design watch and learn about them.

One of the most common terms that people associate with when it comes to watches is Switzerland or Swiss-made watches. Most of the people prefer this model of watches because of their quality and the special type of gears that are used in these models. For example, dispersion, Swiss-made watches have unique metal gear that provides a soft mechanism. It’s not just a mechanism, but there are other aspects like the stylish design and brand name that it has contributed to a major extent. Because of these aspects, people still prefer purchasing swiss made watches. Even though a certain brand like Rolex is of high cost there are certain other watch models like Fossil companies that are involved in providing watches for a low price with high swiss made quality. 

Whether it is a normal watch or a Swiss-made watch, there are certain features that need to be considered before purchasing them. Even though people might consider purchasing a watch as a simple option, there are multiple choices and procedures involved before you decide on a particular model. Let us now read about the features involved in selecting a suitable switch design watch.

Our Top Pick Swiss Watches For Women In India

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Swiss Eagle Analog Green Dial Women Watch- SE-9119-44

Emporio Armani Analog Blue Dial Women's Watch-AR11092

Swiss Eagle Analog White Dial Women Watch- SE-9119-22


When you are trying to purchase a watch, then the first and foremost thing that you need to take into account is the brand. The brand of the watch is not just about the status and name it provides but also involves other aspects. When you purchase a branded watch, you will be sure about the quality of the watch and stylish design. Most of the branded companies have the year special research and development team who are involved in creating designs that are technologically perfect and also stylish in terms of fashion sense. The branded watches have the ability to provide constant servicing, and replacing the straps of a branded watch is much easier since the showrooms always have a constant backup for the released models. When it comes to Swedish design watches, there are only a few brands that have a recognized name in the society, and hence purchasing from them will allow you to enjoy a perfect design with quality along with constant servicing.

Design and style

The next important feature is the style and design of the watch. Even though most of the Swedish design watches are based upon modern fashion design, there are still certain criteria you need to choose from. While certain watches have been designed exclusively for official purposes, there are certainly other models that are suitable for casual wear alone. Sometimes you might also be exposed to certain vintage designs that are suitable for traditional wear and not any other purposes. So before you go to purchase a watch, decide on the style of what you need along with its purpose so that you can decide without any confusion. 

The style of the watch also plays a major role while selecting them. Most of the women’s swiss design watches have an eccentric design combined with modern technology that makes them beautiful. While some watches are simple with a plain casing there are certain watches that have rhinestones embedded on them to provide a rich look on the outer surface.

Metal or strap

Most of the Swiss-designed watches are made up of a metal base, but there are also certain designs that have a special strap for fastening the watch on your hand. If you are going for a formal look, then choosing a metal-based watch will be more suitable, but some people have a certain allergy to metals, especially when they are exposed to excessive sweat. So while purchasing a metal-based watch, make sure that you are not allergic to the corrosion activity that takes place when the watch is exposed to sweat or water. Also, if you are choosing to buy a leather-based watch, make sure that it is of high quality and the leather does not integrate after a few months of usage. Also, if you are choosing a metal-based watch, there are a variety of colors involved. You can choose a rose gold color, gold color, or a silver color according to your choice. Similarly, when it comes to leather-based watches, you can choose a design and color depending upon your wardrobe choice. If you are going for a formal look, then try to choose a watch with a nude color base so that they will blend well along with your costume.

Power source

The next important thing that you have to take care of while purchasing a watch is analyzing the power source. When it comes to power sources, there are a variety of features available. Most of the people who believe in the natural source of energy might purchase a solar watch or a mechanical winding watch that requires you to keep constant attention on the watch despite the design and model.  But if you purchase a quartz crystal watch, then you will have a constant power source and only when it depletes, which might happen only after one or two years. Then you might have the need to replace the power source. The power source used in the Quartz crystal watches is nothing but a normal battery that is in the shape of a tablet. These batteries based watches are more powerful and have the ability to run for a long time. 

Water resistance

One of the most common ways you can lose your watch is by drowning them in water. Most of the watches that were available in the olden days had a tremendous disadvantage. They did not have any resistance to water and hence even when exposed to a small amount of rain all the mechanism of the Watch will be damaged resulting in the failure of the function. In order to prevent such accidents, most of the watches that are being created nowadays have the ability to withstand until 30 meters of water density. This means that the watch can be exposed to the train and the occasional splash. But when you want to purchase a watch that you can wear while swimming, then it should have greater density and more water resistance capacity. Most of the swim tracking watches have the water-resistance capacity to the greatest extent. So while buying a watch check its quality and water resistance capability for wearing it a long time without any damage. 

Why choose swiss design watches?

Most of the people prefer watches that are made up of Swiss Design because they are of high quality and the mechanism used within the watch will be much different than the normal mechanism. It’s not just about the working condition of the watch but also their style, which has been taken into account. When you look at the watches based on Swiss Design, you can see that they are stylish and more formal. These watches can be worn for regular usage and also for formal occasions like office meetings. So wearing a swiss quality or Swiss Design watch will allow you to experience a variety of features, including having a small hour timer or second timer in the analog dial. 

Also, most of the brands that produce a Swiss quality watch have already been established and created a huge name in the market. So most of the products will be of high quality, and purchasing from them will ensure the proper functioning of the watch for a long time. 

All the above features are essential and need to be taken into account while purchasing a space design watch. Other features like the color of the watch and the locking mechanism used in the watch. While purchasing a watch make sure that the locking mechanism is perfect and it has a safety lock to ensure that the watch does not fall away. Also, the metal or the strap used on the watch should be of high quality and most of the Swiss Design watches will have a metal base rather than a strap. But either way, purchasing the best quality watch will allow you to experience a good time. Given below are some models available in the market that have a huge fan base. You can either purchase these models or purchase a watch that has similar features to these models so that it will ensure equality. 

Swiss Eagle Analog Green Dial Women Watch- SE-9119-44

Swiss Eagle is a company that is well known for its wide range of accessories watches that have created a new trend in the fashion industry. They have been trying to create a wide range of watch designs for women and men so that people can wear them with style. With the help of their own research and development team, the company has always managed to create new designs that have attracted a lot of women towards them. The company has created a lot of watch designs that can withstand skydiving, water diving, and other forms of heavy altitude. There are a variety of watches manufactured by this company for different occasions and requirements.  The company is located near the Alps region in Switzerland and they produce the best authentic swiss watches in the world. 

Some designs are handcrafted to create perfect precision and though they are costly they are still worth every penny. This company has been using swiss technology to create watches that attract the attention of a lot of people. The main aim of the company is to produce products with high quality and extraordinary design to match up with the current technology and fashion. Their recent product is the Swiss Eagle Analog Green Dial Women Watch- SE-9119-44

This particular women’s watch is preferred by women all over the world because of their bright green color dial and beautiful metal case. If you are a person who is looking forward to buying a Swiss Design watch, then this particular design will be more suitable for you. This particular watch is suitable for women, and it can be worn for all kinds of functions and costumes. They provide a rich look to your hand and wearing this watch will allow you to feel confident. The watch also gives the perfect professional Vibe with its mild color and beautiful gold casing. It is available in a mixed silver and gold color that can go well along with all types of dress color and hence you can wear them always.

Beautiful case – This watch is covered with a gold casing with Roman numerals made up of gold and silver color indicating the time.  The dial is in a beautiful green color and acts as a perfect contrast for the gold dial. The gold and green combination with the small date indicator in the watch provides a rich look for your hand. The date indicator is helpful when you are trying to keep track of the month. The watch is made up of high-quality metal, and the gold coating is given in such a way that it does not fade off after continuous usage. The metal strap is also made up of good quality material and it can be replaced when they wear away. The combination of silver and gold makes it difficult for you to neglect them. This particular watch has water-resistant up to a depth of 50-meters and hence you can expose them to water, but not long enough. The watch has a special gold-colored buckle clasp to fasten them. The watch also comes with a special warranty. The band is available in a standard women’s size and the weight of the watch is 120 milligrams. The dial glass is made up of mineral material. 

This analog watch is suitable for all types of people. They are suitable for both professional and casual looks. The case has a diameter of 25 millimeters and made up of high-quality stainless steel material. This watch is available in multiple other colors and they are available for sale in online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can also purchase them directly from the shop. You can either purchase this watch for yourself or you can give it to your friends.

Emporio Armani Analog Blue Dial Women's Watch-AR11092

Emporio Armani is a Switzerland-based watch company that is well known for manufacturing a wide range of swiss brand watches. Their designs are impeccable and people prefer these watches because of their quality and price. Getting a high-quality watch for a reasonable price is almost impossible these days, but Emporio Armani has always worked hard to achieve that. There are a variety of designs and colors the company has released every year with the help of its own research and development team. Along with watches, the company is also well known for manufacturing a wide range of fashion dresses like T-shirts and sweatshirts. The company has been manufacturing these products for both men and women with the latest model design. The company has also managed to create a wide range of collections in the area of unisex designs that can be worn by both men and women.  From 1975, the main goal of the company is to satisfy the needs of the clients with quality. Their recent product is the Daniel Klein Analog Blue Dial Women’s Watch – DK11421-7. 

This particular beautiful steel with brass colored watches has been a huge success in the market because of its design and color. This particular basic steel color will go well along with many dress colors either by blending with them or by standing out as a contrast color. They offer a perfect formal look and are suitable for professional women. This particularly made up of a beautiful blue metal strap and a blue dial that will instantly attract the people. The watch is also of reasonable price and comes along with a good warranty.

Beautiful case – Despite the rich look it offers, this is a simple steel watch with a metallic bronze design and a blue dial. The numbers within the dial are represented using small dots using special white stones and the minute and hour hand are in brass color. The adjustment knob on the side is made up of a beautiful gold color. The case is made up of beautiful blue color with a diameter of 32 millimeters. The entire watch is waterproof and can withstand the water depth of 30 meters. Both the case and the band are made up of high-quality stainless steel metal, and they do not rust with time. The band is available in a normal length and the breadth is also medium-sized. They can be clasped around your hand using a pushover button and they can be locked in using the security clasp. This will prevent the watch from falling off your hand because of a faulty lock. The band can be adjusted and they can be replaced when they are damaged. 

This particular watch comes with a good warranty. The case and dial are secured by using a mineral glass covering at the top, and the mechanism of the watch is perfect. So purchasing this particular high-quality watch from Emporio Armani will be an advantage for you, especially in terms of fashion. This particular watch set can be purchased by people through the websites present online or by purchasing directly from the shop. 

Swiss Eagle Analog White Dial Women Watch- SE-9119-22

Swiss Eagle is a Switzerland brand company that was created during the year 1961. Even though the brand has been existing for more than 50 years, it has still captured the minds of countless people with their high quality and modern design. They are well known for producing designs that are attractive and innovative. The company has managed to produce designs for both men and women.  The company has its own set of research and development teams that allow them to create new designs with a fashion sense. This Switzerland company manufactures its products in swiss and delivers them all over the world. Their recent product is the Swiss Eagle Analog White Dial Women Watch- SE-9119-22celet – Watch.   

This particular product is available in a beautiful gold color with a white dial. It is more suitable for formal wears and the watch is specially designed for women. This design is suitable for all types of dresses and colors. The dial is made up of good quality material and covered with glass. The watch also comes along with a special box set that you can use to carry the watches around. This particular watch is suitable for casual wear like jeans and skirts.  There are certain other features that have made this particular watch alluring to the women. Let us now see about them in detail.

Metal case – The entire watch is made up of a high-quality stainless steel metal case and a gold coating.  The metal strap is available in a beautiful design made up of gold plate-like design to make your hands look beautiful.   The outer coat of the case is given in such a way that the color does not fade away after usage of the product. The dial of the watch is made up of high-quality metal and covered with a mineral glass. The outer case and inner dial are also made up of gold and white color and the numbers are marked using beautiful brass numerals. The minute and hour hand are also made up of a beautiful brass color. The brass provides a perfect contrast color to the white and makes the watch look more beautiful. The strap can be changed when damaged.  The watch comes along with a special warranty. The dial of the watch can be adjusted according to your preference using the small knob made up of gold metal. The diameter of the case is 25 millimetre and they are available in beautiful circular shape.


These watches are suitable for gifting your friends on a special occasion. This watch will definitely serve as a remembrance for you if they are gifted because of their beautiful design. Even though these watches are made-up of powerful material, they are completely waterproof. They have a water resistance of 50 meter, so avoid using them while swimming. The entire watch is strapped to your hand through the special buckle like straps. The watch is provided in a beautiful box that allows you to store the watch safely when not using them. All the above features mentioned are important and they need to be taken into account while purchasing a watch. If you are confused about the choice of the watch, then you can check out the variety of models available for online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can select a design from them, compare their features, and then make a final decision. Whatever design you choose can be purchased directly from the shop or through online websites according to your choice.