Best Watch Gift For Girl Friend In India

When you are looking forward to purchasing a gift for your female friend or relation then you might be exposed to a lot of designs and models available in the market. Before making a suitable choice, there are certain features that need to be taken into account. Let us now see about them.

Even though gifting a person on their special day or occasion will bring an immense amount of happiness and joy into their life, it still can be a difficult decision especially if you are searching for the perfect gift. The market is filled with a variety of options and there are options like customized gifts that will make it more personal and loving. When it comes to gifts, one of the most common options preferred by the people is a watch. Gifting a watch can be quite easy, but even then you have to make a wide range of choices. From the color of the strap to the dial, everything needs to be taken care of because the gift you are giving should be personal and usable. Although most people prefer purchasing a gift card to give to their loved ones, it is still better if you give them the product rather than a simple card. Let us now see the features that need to be taken into account while purchasing a gift watch.

Our Top Pick Gifts For Girl Friend In India

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Daniel Wellington Petite Rosewater 32mm & Classic Bracelet Watch Gift Set

Fastrack UpgradeCore Analog White Dial Women’s Watch - NM2298SM02 / NL2298SM02

Olvin Women’s Watches


Most of the people nowadays prefer purchasing a product that has high quality and also a brand name. Purchasing a branded product will act as a warranty itself. Most of the branded products will concentrate on quality and design, which is quite uncommon in certain non-branded watches. To prevent yourself from compromising the quality of the watch the best option is to purchase a branded product especially if you are gifting to someone. Because the person will like the watch immediately after looking at the brand and even if they want to service the watch in the future it can be easily done when it is a branded watch with showrooms all over the country. Replacing the strap or changing the battery can also be conveniently done for a branded watch. 


The next important feature that needs to be taken into account while purchasing a watch is the design of the watch. While purchasing a gift you have to take into account the likes and dislikes of the person. There are various options and choices that need to be made while purchasing a watch. The foremost important thing that you need to decide is the strap you need to purchase. Why do some people prefer wearing a leather strap to a certain set of people who prefer wearing the metal-based strap? If you are purchasing for a person who wears watches for casual occasions then a leather strap will be suitable but if you are looking forward to purchasing a formal watch, then purchasing a metal strap will be more suitable.

Also, the color of the strap should be mild and suitable for the requirement. Even though there is a certain bright colored strap that will look beautiful it is always a safer option to go with the nude colors because the person receiving the gift might or might not like the bright colors but most of the people will always wear the nude color watches without avoiding them. The next important thing that you need to decide is the size of the strap. The market is filled with the models of various types of straps including broad and thin straps. So you have to decide on the type of strap depending upon the structure of the person receiving the gift. For example, if the person has a small thin hand then using a thin strap watch will be more suitable, and the large framed watches are suitable for people who can carry it off. So decide on that before purchasing them. Also, some people have certain allergic reactions when they are exposed to the metal on the watch, especially when the Sweat reacts with a metal. So before buying the watch, check if the person has any such allergies.


The next important feature is the model of the watch. There are a variety of models available in the market like vintage, casual, formal and antique models. While the casual and formal watches can be worn regularly, the vintage model watches can be worn only on certain occasions. These vintage model watches can be worn during special occasions, especially along with the traditional dresses. Show while selecting the watch to make sure the type of model you want before searching for them. Also, decide on the power source of the watch. When you go for a vintage model sometimes you will be faced with the solar energy power source or mechanical winding model. But choosing a watch with a modern power source like quartz crystal will allow the user to enjoy using them for a long time without worrying about charging them.

Locking mechanism

If you are purchasing the watch as a gift for someone then choose a watch with a perfect locking mechanism so that they do not lose it. Some watches have an extra locking mechanism, especially the one with automatic locks. For basic buckle type watches, you do not need a safety lock as they have an extra strap to prevent these accidents. So while selecting a watch, put your thoughts into the design and select a perfect model.


There are certain designs that allow you to personalize the watch. Certain companies allow you to place your photo or name within the dial of the watch so that you will remember the person every time you view the time on the watch. Using this technique, you can now personalize the watch. Some metal watches have the provision of engraving the name of the person or any other proverb on the metal strap for creating a personal touch to the watch. If you are gifting a watch to someone, you can always personalize it for adding a special effect. 

Water resistance

The next important feature that needs to be taken into account while purchasing a watch is the ability to have water resistance. Sometimes certain watches do not have the ability to withstand even a small drain, and they will be damaged easily. If you want the watch to be protected against these accidental exposures to water, you can always choose a watch with 13 level density of water resistance. If the person you are gifting the watch is a swimmer and prefers to wear them all the time, then you can choose a design with high water-resistant capacity. 

Dial color and features

The next important thing that needs to be noted while purchasing what is the color of the dial and features present within them. While some watches have a plain dial with numbers representing them, there are certain watches that have additional miniature idols that represent the hours or seconds past until now. There are also certain watches that represent the date and day. Whether you need these features or not, you have to decide. Also, the size of the dial is important because sometimes a larger dial will not be suitable for a small hand. So while choosing a dial, make sure that it is also suitable for the person who is wearing it. 

All the above features are essential while choosing a watch. Also, why purchase shows that the batteries of the watch are perfect and they can be replaced whenever they are depleted. The strap of the watcher should also be replaceable so that the person can continue using what even when there is any damage. Also, while purchasing make sure that the watch has a showroom in the local region so that even if there is any damage they can be served easily by the person who received the gift. If you are interested in analyzing the features, you can read the models given below that are commonly preferred by the people in the country. You can either choose them or choose a design that has features similar to the watch given below.

Daniel Wellington Petite Rosewater 32mm & Classic Bracelet Watch Gift Set

Daniel Wellington is a company that is well known for creating matches in wonderful designs. The company is well known among people all over the world because of its beautiful design and quality. There are only a few brands in the world that have the ability to withstand the intense pressure to create designs with modern technology and fashion sense. Daniel Wellington is a brand name that has achieved all these criteria and achieved a huge name in the industry. If you are thinking of gifting your friends or family members with this brand watch, then you can be confident about making the right choice. The company with the help of its own research team has always managed to satisfy the requirements of the customers. Their recent product is the Daniel Wellington Petite Rosewater 32mm & Classic Bracelet Watch Gift Set. 

This particular gift set of the watch contains a beautiful pink color women’s watch that is accompanied along with the special bracelet. This gift set can be sent to your friends and family, and they will remember you forever due to this wonderful gift. When you purchase a gift for someone the person receiving, it should feel that the buyer has put some thought process into the gift. This gift set will definitely achieve that requirement and along with the design it also has a list of features. Let us now see about them in detail.

Design – This particular watch is made up of beautiful pink color and the case is made up of a gold outer coat with a beautiful white dial. The inner parts of the dial are made up of gold to provide a contrast against the background color. So the minute hand, hour hand, and the lines showing the numbers are made up of gold color. This particular watch has a beautiful strap made up of Rose pink color with a golden buckle frame for fastening the strap. The watch also has a beautiful gold color screw on the side to adjust the time. 

This particular watch has three different sizes of the dial. So you can choose the size you prefer and order them. Also, the watch has the ability to withstand water until a depth of 30 meters. So this particular watch can be exposed to water, but they can not be used constantly like for swimming. But these special watches are accompanied with a special bracelet that can be used to be worn along with the watch as a decorative item. So gifting this watch to your girlfriend will make her happier. The entire design is authentic, and the dial is made up of life stainless steel with a mineral glass to cover the dial. This watch can be ordered online through Amazon and Flipkart or can be bought directly from the shop. The box also arrives in a beautiful box that makes it easy for packing. This particular watch has a good warranty period, and the price is also low. 

Fastrack UpgradeCore Analog White Dial Women’s Watch - NM2298SM02 / NL2298SM02

Fastrack is a watch company that has gained a huge name among its followers because of the stylish designs and beautiful vibrant colors. The company set a new trend among youngsters these days. The Fastrack company is well known for its wide range of products, including watches and sunglasses. They are also popular for producing a variety of designer bags that can be used for carrying things around. The Fast Track has embedded itself in the market as one of the leading brands for college students. They provide a variety of designs for both men and women. The watches are available in Vibrant colors and also so in nude colors to provide a professional look for people attending meetings and going to an office. If you are trying to gift your girlfriend with this particular watch, then you can be confident of making a perfect choice because this brand has established itself as one of the most trustworthy brands in the market. The recent product is the Fastrack Upgrade core Analog White Dial Women’s Watch – NM2298SM02 / NL2298SM02. 

This particular product has a beautiful silver color strap with a silver case. The dial and every aspect of this watch is designed to be stylish. This entire wash film makes a suitable gift for all the women and they will look classic on their hands. They can be used for both fashion and professional purposes. This particular watch also has a variety of other features. The watch has a suitable set of the warranty period with a cheap price that is affordable. Let us now see the features of this watch.

Design – The entire watch is made up of beautiful silver color and the strap is made up of high-quality metal with a dull silver coating on the top. The watch is famous all over the world and the dial is made up of beautiful white color. The interior of the dial has a silver color hour and minute hand date of black color second hand. The watch does not have any indication for the numbers. The entire design as a stylish and the analog model watch time can be altered by using the special silver-colored button present on the side of the dial. One of the main reasons that people love this watch is because of their perfect finishing and the belt can be fast and on your hand through the silver-colored buckle on the watch. 

This watch is packaged perfectly within a cute box that can be used to carry them around. The watch is the perfect choice for the women and they will look at this watch as a fashion accessory rather than just a watch. This watch is available for sale on online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. This particular watch is not completely waterproof and they can withstand the water density of 30 meters. So if you are suddenly drenched in rain you need not worry about the condition of your watch, but it is not advisable to use them while taking a long bath or while swimming around. The diameter of the case is 23 mm, and they are suitable for many hands. The beautiful dial is accompanied by a beautiful strap. They are the best product that you can give your friends.

Olvin Women’s Watches

Olvin is a famous watch brand company that is well known for producing a wide range of products, including watches. The company has a special research and development team for producing watches with a variety of designs at a reasonable price. This particular brand produces all types of watches for both men and women. Recently they have also tried to produce a range of unisex watches that can be used by both men and women. These watches are designed in such a way that they will make a great gift for your friends and most of the designs will be suitable for them regardless of their physical aspects. The brand is well known for its quality and they have always managed to provide a variety of designs and recently they have issued a new design into the market.  The recent model is the Olvin silver women watch. 

This particular watch set has gained a huge set of followers because of Unique design and low price. This watch can be gifted to your friends, and you can be sure about the quality of the watch that will last for at least a decade. The entire watch is in silver color and they form the best source of a gift for your friends and family. 

Quality – This watch is available in a beautiful silver color. The dial and strap of the watch are made up of high-quality stainless steel silver with the clasp at the end for connecting the strap. The outer coating of the watch is made in such a way that they do not fade away or chip away after a few years of usage. The case is surrounded by a silver coating and within the case; the dial is made up of white color. The case is decorated with a set of white color rhinestones surrounding the entire circumference providing a Bling to the watch. The interior of the dial is also decorated with a water smudge like appearance. The inner dial does not have any numbers displayed on it but has a separate minute, hour, and second hand rotating around the clock. The quality is the most important feature, and the company has made perfect justice to this feature. 

The dimension of the watch case is 10 mm and they weigh up to 200 grams. This watch is suitable for wearing at parties and for colleges. They are also suitable for functions. They can also be worn to the office, but they are semi-formal and not suitable for meetings. The watch is not waterproof and they should be protected carefully. The watch is available for sale on company websites and also on online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. This particular watch can be carried around in a portable box. It is the most suitable gift for your friends and family. The watch along with the warranty and good price is preferred by people all over the world.