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Undoubtedly, when the best computer desk for a home in India is also providing the unique computer table design for home, you get the best of both worlds. Buying the best computer desk for your computer is a move that will improve your efficiency and even improve your work experience and can be used for multiple purposes as well. So, at the time of buying a computer table design for home, you should keep in mind the above mentioned essential points which are essential in making your purchase decision regarding computer desks with drawers, wooden computer desks or computer desks for small spaces.

Nowadays, the use of computers for multiple uses has evolved significantly all over the world. Computers are essential in all areas of work. This development means there is also a strong demand for computers for both office and home use. Nearly everyone has a computer now, and if you have a computer, then you need a desk as well. A computer desk is an essential piece of furniture that can easily and in many ways, impact the effectiveness of your work experience. Computer tables are an integral part of the workstation and come in various types, sizes, and shapes made from various materials. Buying the best computer desk for your computer is a move that will improve your efficiency and even improve your work experience. You are in the right place if you’re looking for the best computer desk or table in India. Use the best desks for the home office to do your office work and writing. It also helps to build a learning-friendly atmosphere and space. You don’t want to buy a computer table that doesn’t meet your expectations and ultimately is a waste of money. So, at the time of buying a computer table design for home, you should keep in mind a few essential points which are essential in making your purchase decision.  You should choose a table that fits the space it will be placed in. It should also be comfortable as you have to sit for a longer duration of time.

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TextDeck up Giona table

Invisible bed folding Wall Mounted Computer, Laptop, and Office Table:

Bluewud Amalet Table Desk for Home & Office

Factors to be kept in mind while buying a computer table:

You have to think about these factors before you buy the best computer desk for your home:

Size: Computer desks come in different sizes, which makes it an essential factor that you only pick a desk after considering the table placement and the available space. Your computer table will generally hold up your monitor, keyboard, and laptop. You have to decide whether you want more space to keep your books as well. Measure the space needed to get an idea of what computer desk size you require.

Material: The second most essential factor to consider when selecting a table for your computer is understanding the material from which it is built. Computer tables are generally built from metal or frame wood. Consideration of the materials is crucial, as the type of material used affects not only the table price but also determines its weight and appearance. For example, the desks made of metal and particle boards are relatively inexpensive but not as durable and reliable as quality wooden desks. Wooden computer desks, though, are costly. Choose the material according to the purpose of buying a table. A metal and particle board computer desk is more suitable for students, as it is durable, lightweight, and inexpensive. Yet a premium wooden computer desk would look sophisticated and functional for professional use in an office space.

Shape: When it comes to shape, computer tables are entirely versatile. U-shape tables, L-shape desks, custom computer table design for home are available. The rectangular computer desks are very common in the market, but the corner computer tables are trendy. The hutch desks have been getting a common sight in homes during recent times. Based on where you want to place the table in your home or office, you can choose a desk to place your computer in and make the most of the space.

Ready to assemble or Pre-assembled: Both pre-assembled and ready-to-assemble computer tables can be purchased online. The ready-to-assemble packages offer a much more convenient logistics option. When you live in metropolitan cities like Mumbai or Bangalore and buy a computer table online, you’re more comfortable with ready-to-assemble items. However, if you want a greater visual appeal on your work desk, then we suggest pre-assembled products that are costly, however worth the price for a piece of luxury furniture altogether.

Ergonomic and adjustable: You’ll most likely spend hours with your computer table. The table that you select must be built ergonomically to suit your body posture. The table height and width must be appropriate according to your height and weight. Looking for elevated shelves, pull-out keyboard trays, height adjustments, and well-positioned storage racks are critical. Make sure the rack’s edges are rounded, and you do not have any unexpected injuries.

Leg design: The legs depict your table’s genuine support, and they are the ones that guarantee strength and stability. They’re crucial to be durable, probably strengthened with aluminum or iron. You can also test the joint condition. To protect against corrosion and rusting, they should be powder-coated.

If held in mind, these criteria will ensure you buy a table of computers that will cater to your needs well.

Advantages of having a computer table:

Health benefits: Rigid desks that are immovable can cause various problems like back pain, shoulder pain. Although not instantly, they put a lot of stress on people at some point in their lives earlier. The best computer desks increase the correct positioning and help to reduce the risk of having shoulder pains, back pains, and other pains that do not seem to go away quickly. They encourage the individual to move about and do not stick to one position only.

Easy-to-access tablespace: The ability to provide easy-to-access table space on either side of the monitor and keyboard is also another advantage of using a computer table. A standard table provides space, but to use this extra table space, the user must learn, extend, or move the seat. A computer desk at the corner solves this issue by giving wrap-around space for easy access to scanners, documents, scanners, printing. With a computer desk, multitasking becomes more comfortable.

Ergonomic and adjustability: The computer tables are designed mainly for those wishing to sit for long hours. Computer tables are built to provide a convenient and comfortable place to accomplish your everyday chores. For each computer system device, the table has a distinct shelf and compartment. The keyboard, for example, is held at a height that is favorable to long hours of productive typing.

Provides more foot-room: Compared with the usual table, the computer table also has more foot-room. This extra room can be used to accommodate other computing devices such as an uninterruptible power supply, network-attached storage. It can also be used to hold cords at bay, which are typically unorganized.

Offers Customization: Customizable computer tables allow the user to optimally customize their software according to their needs and allow greater versatility and adjustability to optimize a person’s comfort.

Versatile options: A computer desk doesn’t need to be one with an utterly dull hardwood finish but should be comfortable, attractive, and easy to move around. Many of the designs and styles are available online as well as offline at affordable prices. All these desks are made from 100% non-toxic materials and come with rounded corners, making them completely safe for consumers.

Wide and Continuous work area: One of the main advantages of using a traditional computer desk is that you have hardly any dead spaces, as it tends to happen with corner desks. And if you know you need to deal with an even bigger surface area, you can always buy a similar (or the same) computer desk, and it’ll deal very well.

A Separate and Special Desk: Since the table is primarily designed for putting the computer system, it helps to build an atmosphere for further engagement in carrying out the work. When you run your company from home, it would be fantastic to have a computer table that encourages you to start your job with anticipation and enthusiasm.

Essential Storage: Computer tables are fitted along the tabletop with drawers and cabinets that are ideal for storing valuable files and documents within reach. They are also great for managing devices as well as their accessories.

Types of tables:

4L-Shaped: This table is in an L-shaped form and looks just like L because it comes in the same shape. The looks are exquisite, and you can have a lot of drawers inside it. Many people buy it to place it in the center of the room so that two people can work comfortably without upsetting one another.

U-Shaped: If your home space is not a limitation, then buying a U-shaped office table is the best idea as 3-4 people can comfortably sit inside and can continue their work without creating any problem or disturbance. Usually, two people often occupy the U-shaped desk because they can conveniently hold all of their belongings and are not disturbed by the movement of the latter.

Executives: These types of tables just provide the space to a single person for doing their regular work. These executive desks often come with different drawers that can be suitable for people who need to hold additional files or data within the drawers (perhaps an HR or a receptionist or accountant). And, if your home office isn’t the limitation, then you can purchase one for sure.

System desk: You can also conveniently store your computer, as well as other parts. Just as you can hold the CPU because there are drawers, or say room for each of the computer’s installed parts (Monitor, CPU, mouse, UPS, etc.). You’ll have a little space left to hold your things, and the desk will also have smaller drawers of 1 or 2 as well, and this computer desk is best for small spaces. Such forms are popular because they are compact, lightweight, and come with choices that are very easy to store.

Compact: It is the best option for you if you’re looking for a home office desk (surely if you’re a freelancer or are doing most of your work). You won’t need to mount or install it since it comes with enough pedestals to hold your stuff

Best Three Computer Tables in India:

Deck up Giona table

Deck up provides multiple furniture items such as office or study table, shoe rack, almirah, etc. If you’re trying to keep your laptop and computer altogether, then the best option for you is this office table and research desk. It comes with size and dimensions of 116 X 57 X 73 cms, which is big enough to accommodate anything- books, tablets, or even two computers or two laptops. It consists of superior-quality wood, which comes with a lamination so that you can complete your task without any hassle. Each product does require an assembly because you will need to install the table using the manufacturer’s guides. The whole installation process could take up to 3 hours, as per customer reviews. Remember, if you want to call the carpenter, then you’ve to bear the extra cost for installation. Otherwise, with the help of the Do It Yourself manual, which comes with the kit, it is super easy to install together. Using a dry cloth, you can simply clean it or wipe it, and avoid using a wet cloth on it because it is waterproof. Dry-cloth cleaning is sufficient. Don’t leave any leftovers as well, sweep the table until anything falls on it. For storing your things, it comes with two pedestals and one drawer.

Features and Specifications

  • Product dimensions: L× B × H (116× 57 × 73) cm
  • Primary material Used: Laminate Engineered Wood
  • Colour: Black with a matte finish
  • Instructions for care: Dry-cloth cleaning is sufficient.  Don’t leave any leftovers as well, sweep the table until anything falls on it.
  • Assembly Required: The product includes minimal assembly and comes with the assembly instructions for DIY (Do-It-Yourself)



Invisible bed folding Wall Mounted Computer, Laptop, and Office Table:

The invisible bed offers various superior-quality furniture items, such as a study or office table, storage coffee table, and much more. If you want a computer or office table that can save virtually every inch of the space in your room, then you should go for this product as it is the best computer table available in India. This table is mounted on a wall with the proper nuts or screws and is foldable, which means that after use, you can fold it up. It’s made of high-quality MDF. So, you don’t have to think about its longevity and durability at all. The legs are made up of robust, rust-free quality steel that can deliver a wide variety of advantages. The measurements are 67.5 X 56 cm, suitable for any laptop or keeping books. After using them, you can fold it as well. You can also wipe it with a dry cloth and a slightly wet cloth (but for preserving the material’s consistency, you can wipe it with a dry cloth only), and you can assemble it yourself by reviewing the instruction manual guide.

Key features and Specifications

  • Color available: Dark walnut
  • Material: It’s made up of high-quality MDF
  • Efficient & Robust
  • Will carry up to 70 Kgs with ease
  • Product dimensions: 67.5 cm x 56 cm
  • It’s a multipurpose, elegant, sleek, wall-mountable foldable table.
  • Saves space
  • Requirement of assembly
  • It can be used as a desktop table, game table, computer table, dining table, bedside table, workstation or standing desk, etc.



Bluewud Amalet Table Desk for Home & Office

Bluewud handles top-quality office, home, or other furniture specifications such as dressing mirrors, key holders, study or office tables, and others. So if you’re searching for a product that can be compact and lightweight, then this is the best desks for home office. It comes with one drawer and two open cabinets to store your books for the required things for studies or offices. Its dimensions are 116 X 57 X 72 cm that is ideally stored in any small, large, or medium-sized room. The table consists of superior-quality engineered wooden material that can be used for years without thinking about its longevity and robustness. It is suitable for a home office or even for studying purposes as well. To preserve the material consistency, you can use a dry cloth to clean the dust. Avoid using a wet cloth on it. This product needs assembly, so you will have to either read the manual or watch a YouTube video to do it yourself. For the same, you may also call a carpenter, but you’ve to bear the cost associated with installation.

Key features and specifications of this table

  • Colour: Wenge (medium brown)
  • Product dimensions: L× B × H (116× 57 × 72) cm
  • Built from high-grade prelim wood construction
  • Product style: Modern
  • The weight of the product is 22.5 kilograms
  • Comes with a warranty one year for manufacturing faults
  • Requirement of assembly
  • Multifunctional Analysis Table
  • Strong on aesthetic appeal and versatility



Buyer's Guide:

Leg Rest: The table must come with a position that allows a person to rest his legs when working comfortably. Several tables that don’t come with a leg rest, and people find other ways to lay their legs to rest.

Dimensions or Measurement: As mentioned earlier also, considering the table’s dimension is of extreme significance, and it will be a wise decision to buy the one that can give the personal space to sit. If you are looking for a single office table with about 2-3 drawers or pedestals, a scale of 100 X 50 X 70 might also be perfect.

Warranty: For general, a 1-5 year warranty can be found on office tables. We would recommend opting for the one that comes with the warranty because this will help you have enough faith in the quality of the product.

Price: One thing that you can never compromise on is the price. You can typically get a reliable and robust product at INR 4,000-8,000.

Drawers Available: The computer desk with drawers is a very wise option. If you’re the one who wants to go for loads of drawers, then having an L-shaped one could just be perfect. Typically a computer desk with 2 drawers or 1 pedestal would just be fine.

Durability: Purchase the one which comes with the option of high durability. A product with excellent durability must be taken into consideration. It doesn’t matter at what price you’ve purchased it, what matters is whether the product is providing longer durability or not.

Quick and easy to clean: It comes with a simple choice to clean as otherwise, it takes a lot of time for your maid to clean it instead of doing other tasks. Do read carefully the instructions that will be issued in the manual as some office tables don’t even allow cleaning of water wipes.


A table with a computer is not only a trendy prop but a useful piece of furniture. A wisely chosen computer desk not only can improve your work experience, but it can also add more value to the room inside your home or workplace. The guide mentioned above will help you to select the best computer desk that serves the purpose. Getting a home computer desk can go a long way to making sure space is used effectively. The most crucial component of such desks is that they are user-friendly in their different designs. They help you to conveniently and comfortably carry out your typing, studying, and other office activities as well. So, through this review, there are numerous computer table designs for home with different unique features. And choosing one that suits your expectations is very important. With the above details, choosing the best desks for the home office is very easy.