Best Lumbar Support For Office Chair In India

There are a variety of models available in the market for lumbar support. When you are purchasing such a model, make sure that it has the features given below for a cross-check.

When working in an office, one of the constant health issues you will face includes back pain. This problem occurs as a result of persistent inequality that exists in your back support. For certain people, it might become a chronic condition in the future if not taken care of properly. Since most people sit before the computer for long hours, you need to have proper back support. Most modern chairs these days come with proper lumbar support, but if you have a plastic chair, you can easily alter them by purchasing a unique backrest. This backrest is not just for the people working for long hours in the office, but senior citizens also use them. They allow you to sit comfortably and also provide proper relaxing posture for your lumbar region. But before purchasing such a suitable backrest, you have to make sure that they are of decent quality and have essential features. Some of the standard features you need to look for in such a high-quality product are mentioned below. Now you can make a good choice at the end. Nearly 80 percent of the people living in the world are affected by this issue, and hence using this particular product will reduce the problem to a certain extent. 

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HASTHIP Memory Foam Cushion, Doctors Choice Lumbar Support for Computer, Office Chair, Car Seat, Ventilation Back Rest with 3D Mesh Cover Balanced Firmness Designed (Grey)

Jiya Enterprise Universal Black Back Lumbar Support Cushion For Chair And Cars (set of 2)

Dr Ortho Orthopaedic Back Support (Backrest) - High-Density Memory Foam (Universal Size, Black)

Benefits of using a backrest

Depending upon the place we sit down and work, the final area will be affected. So to prevent them, these backrests were created to provide a perfect ergonomic design. They support the spinal site, especially in the lumbar region, and allow you to maintain a correct posture all the time. They also can support your weight and maintain the poster even while lying down in a semi sleeping position. This solution will reduce the pressure on the back, including the disc area of the spinal column. Usually, the l4 and L5 disks are most prone to such damages, and hence using this particular backrest will prevent them from such issues. 

Types of backrest

Even though this particular back might seem like a simple concept, there are multiple options available in the market. But the first thing you need to do is choose a suitable type you will purchase. The latest now view in detail about some of the common types that are available in the market. 

Orthopedic backrest – This is a backrest that is continuously supported by most doctors. They are aligned properly to make sure that the spinal region is appropriately supported. This particular backrest is mostly preferred because it is supported by doctors all over the world. 

Wooden backrest – Even though this particular backrest is north medicinal, they are still preferred because they are more comfortable. This backrest is made up of a special wooden beat that provides support to the lumbar region and increases the blood flow by pressing the critical pressure points. They are more comfortable and also fun to use. This particular backrest is made up of handcrafted technology. 

There are also other types of backrest available in the market that are lightweight with foldable technology. They are constantly used in car seats and also for office purposes. So regardless of the type of chair you are sitting on, you can place this particular backrest on them and position yourself comfortably.


The first thing that you have to check while purchasing a backrest is the material of the backrest. This particular lumbar support is bought for office purposes. When you are working in an office, there will be a requirement to work for longer hours, which will result in constant sweating and movements. So the fabric of the material should be made up of high-quality sweat absorbing material for constant support with a breezy feeling. There is a wide range of materials available in the market, including pore fiber, cotton, leather, and other materials. But the best option will be to choose a material that will be perfect for sweat absorption. But if you are working in a well air-conditioned environment, then using leather support will be suitable. 

Fitting options

There are certain fitting options that you need to consider when purchasing a backrest. Individual seats can be fitted on to the chair by using the straps. But if you are purchasing a lumbar seat without a strap, there is a chance of them continually slipping away. So if your chair has a proper position, you can buy a strapless model, but if you are going to use the model for a variety of chair designs, then the best option is to choose the one that comes with straps. Specific straps are larger. These straps are easy to fit according to the chairs and can serve for multiple purposes. 


When you are purchasing separate lumbar support, the best option is to choose the larger one so that you will feel at ease. Specific other designs are a bit smaller, and they support only the particular set of vertebrates and not the entire spine. Depending upon your level of comfort, you can choose the model. When you use a larger size, you will have the feeling of sitting in the chair. But the small-sized supports will end abruptly, creating a mild imbalance in certain situations. 

Foam material

When you are purchasing a lumbar backrest, it is essential to check the foam material’s quality. If you are using a regular backrest made up of simple fiber and wires, then there is no requirement for the foam material. But there are certainly other models that continuously use the for material for providing good back support. So in such cases having four materials made up of high quality will be efficient. They should not be hard enough and also not soft. This particular foam material should be ergonomically designed to support the person’s back weight without moving in.


When you are purchasing a wooden-based backrest, it will be impossible for you to always watch them as the wood’s quality will be damaged over time. But using a fiber-based backrest or the one filled with a washable home can turn out to be the best option in the future. So if you are interested, you can purchase a backrest that allows you to watch them always without affecting the quality of the four materials or fiber material present. Since they are exposed to all kinds of dust and sweat they need to be washable under certain situations. Sometimes purchasing a model that allows you to remove the outer cover will be useful while performing washing. When you are buying, make sure that the model is washable, especially the foam material. 

Colour and design

Even though this is not a significant factor, you should consider them because you will regularly place them on your seat while sitting down. So in an office environment purchasing a bright color backrest will not be suitable. So always go for a neutral color like grey or black to be comfortable. They will also blend in with the surrounding. Similarly, the design should also be selected by you according to your comfort level and the type of seat you will be placing them on always. If you are going to be changing the backrest usage, then make sure that they are designed accordingly. Sometimes purchasing a model with a bright color will add different decor to your room, but they are suitable only for the home environment. 

Why use a backrest?

  • Using a backrest is essential, especially if you are a person who continually works before the computer. It corrects your sitting posture and makes your spine straight. 
  • This feature can be used regularly as they are good for your spine and prevents disc damages. 
  • The lumbar region is supported to a greater extent, and a suitable backrest protects them. 
  • They prevent the straining of your discs, and hence you can avoid disc-related issues in the future. 

These backrests are available in varying sizes, and hence you have to make a final choice depending upon the requirement. For example, a wide range of options is available as a small, medium, and big that can be chosen according to your requirement. These products are available in abundance, and you can select a more comfortable brand. When you purchase to make sure that it has a reasonable price, going for a model with a doctor’s advice will be more suitable if you have constant back pains and other medical issues previously. Below are some of the models that we have generally researched in the market and found ideal for normal usage. But if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you can purchase a modal after the doctor’s advice. You can also buy models from other brands with similar features according to your level of comfort. 

HASTHIP Memory Foam Cushion, Doctors Choice Lumbar Support for Computer, Office Chair, Car Seat, Ventilation Back Rest with 3D Mesh Cover Balanced Firmness Designed (Grey)

There are many types of foams present in the market. But there are only specific models that offer lumbar support to the backbone. So under such situations, understanding the features of the product is essential before making a wise choice. This Hasthip is a company that has been growing at a faster rate with the introduction of the new gadgets that are useful and made up of good quality. If you are a person looking for quality based gadgets, this company will be the best choice as the workers and the designers are involved in manufacturing such products only. One of their recent products is the HASTHIP Memory Foam Cushion, Doctors Choice Lumbar Support for Computer, Office Chair, Car Seat, Ventilation Back Rest with 3D Mesh Cover Balanced Firmness Designed (Grey). This particular support is made up of a beautiful mesh cover with grey color in the background. This product can be used for a wide range of areas, including chairs, sofas, and car seats. If you are looking for perfect lumbar support that can be carried and used everywhere, especially in effigies and homes, this particular model will be a suitable choice. The users prefer this product not just for their design but also for several other features. If you are looking forward to purchasing this particular design, you must understand these features. 

Fabric material – the first and foremost thing you have to look into while purchasing this product is the outer fabric. These products will be used by you continuously while driving and also while working in the office. So there is a high possibility for the fabric to be exposed to the sweat of your body. Since this fabric is made up of high-quality mesh material, they will have the ability to absorb the sweat. So you can enjoy a clean outer surface. 

Foam: This particular lumbar support is made up of a high-quality memory foam that can bounce back when relieved of pressure. So you need not worry about the impression and other issues of damaging the foam material. This foam can be easily removed and washed clearly. The outer mesh cover can also be subjected to the same type of washing.

Lumbar support: This particular lumbar support material comes with an ergonomic design that can be used for providing proper support in the back as they move in the direction of the spine. This particular support comes along with a belt at the end for holding them in place. The zip at the back allows you to remove them and wash them when required. Support is suitable for all types of people. They are available for sale on online websites like Amazon, and they are also available in the medical centers.

Jiya Enterprise Universal Black Back Lumbar Support Cushion For Chair And Cars (set of 2)

Jiya Enterprises is a shop located in Ahmedabad existing in the market for more than five years. The company has been producing Gadgets and products that help in the comfort of the person using it. The company is known for manufacturing products that are useful to people on various levels. Along with the other products manufactured by the company, one of the essential gadgets preferred by people all over the country includes the lumbar support cushion. This particular design is used for supporting your back when resting and working in the office. These backrests are designed perfectly by the well-renowned experts of the country. Some of their products of the backrests were created, keeping the concept of comfort in mind. Their current product is the Jiya Enterprise Universal Black Back Lumbar Support Cushion For Chair And Cars (set of 2). This particular product was manufactured for increased support to the back and preventing future issues in the back. This product is available in a beautiful black color, and they are suitable for all types of seats because of the extension belt present. This particular product provides proper lumbar support and can be used in office chairs and car seats. They can be purchased as a pair, and hence you can use them both at home and office. The entire product is made up of high-quality materials, and they are also purchased for the features. 

Comfort: The comfort of the backrest is an important factor that needs to be considered while purchasing it. Here the back support is shaped according to the lumbar region of the spine to provide proper support, and they can be used for relaxing in a semi-sleeper position and sitting upright. This backrest prevents you from hunching over, and they support the spine all the time. The back region is made up of high-quality mesh material that can withstand the pressure and continuously absorb the sweat. This particular product is made with a memory foam in the center that provides proper support. The foam can bounce back, and they do not leave any Impressions. 

The size of this particular backrest is 15 x 15 inches, and they allow you to enjoy constant rest despite hours of working. If you are interested in purchasing this specific cushion, you can easily place an order on an online website like Amazon. They are easy to fit and wash. If you are interested, you can constantly run despite the availability of pain or not. They can also be used by people who do not have back pain to avoid them in the future. The four material presents within the backrest can be easily removed and subjected to washing. Certain foam materials become hard when exposed to water, but the memory foam is the same, even when exposed to water. 

Dr. Ortho Orthopaedic Back Support (Backrest) - High-Density Memory Foam (Universal Size, Black)

Dr. Ortho is a brand that has been existing in the market for more than ten years. This particular brand is well known for its medical-related products used to support knee caps and other ortho-related problems. The doctor prefers every single product manufactured by this specific company, and they are personally designed to help the bones in the body. This particular company has also introduced various designs like knee grip bandage, spine support, backrest, and thigh bandage. Most of the senior citizens and the youngsters are used by these backrest designs and the youngsters subjected to continuous work. They are technically designed to provide proper back support and also prevent the spine from hunching over. They are designed to keep the spine erect all the time without fading any back pain and disc-related issues, especially in the lumbar region. Their current product is the Dr. Ortho Orthopaedic Back Support (Backrest) – High-Density Memory Foam (Universal Size, Black). This particular back support is used in all types of chairs, including the car seat and office seats. The office seats can withstand pressure, but some seats do not facilitate proper back support when used for several hours if you are a person who is interested in protecting your back from future issues and also will treat your current problems. The people prefer this particular foam not just for their design but also for their features. If you are interested in purchasing an appropriate model, then the best choice will be to avail from the medical shops after getting a prescription from your physician. They are available in a beautiful black color and used continuously for all environments, including office and home. The users prefer this particular cushion not just for their usage but also for their features. Let us now understand the parts to make a good choice at the end while purchasing the product. 

Comfort – the concept of comfort plays an essential role in these backrest designs. If you are a person who is continually thinking about purchasing such a gadget for improving your poster, then this brand will be the best choice as they offer comfort. The memory foam within the fabric material bounces back, and they prevent the foam from getting Impressions in the future. For example, certain cushions can sometimes bend to a certain angle when used continuously by the same person in the same position. But this memory foam will not get affected by the pressure, and even when exposed to water while washing, they will not harden with time. The outer cover is made up of high-quality mesh fabric that can be removed and cleaned thoroughly now and then. The mesh material can absorb the sweat, and since there are three different layers before the cushion, there is less possibility for it to be affected. 

They are available in a beautiful black color, and the straps present in the backrest allow you to fasten them to all types of seats, including cars and chairs. This particular product is also available on online websites like Amazon, and they come along with a good warranty. Since it is a well approved Medical brand by the doctors, purchasing from them will allow you to experience good quality. This product’s price is also reasonable, and you can use them for a long time despite your age and body condition. Since the weight of the work is less that can be easily carried everywhere. They are used in public places and even in restaurants and other temporary locations for maintaining your health condition without getting affected.