Best Office Chairs For Tall Persons [Reviews & Buying Guide]

In this changing scenario, with the up-gradation of technology, people have to spend a lot of time in the offices. If you're tall, then you must essentially get the best office chair for a tall person and must look for features such as lumbar support, durability, comfort, design, and adjustment levels.

Are you too tall to even fit in a regular office chair comfortably? You must choose the best office chair for a tall person if you want to improve your productivity and avoid more pain in your back. A big and tall office chair might not be the quickest and easy item to purchase when furnishing an office, but it is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make. For many years a heavy-duty, high chair will serve you. It saves you money as the total expense can be measured over the years you use it, and it also saves you time every few years or so searching for new chairs. In fact, taller workers will, therefore, be pleased, which, in effect, will increase their efficiency in their jobs. That’s why some companies are especially investing in high-duty chairs.

Our Top Pick Office Chairs In India:

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Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty Chai

Serta Executive Office Chai

High-Back Big and Tall Office Chair

KILLABEE Big and Tall Gaming Chair

AmazonBasics Big and Tall Executive chair

What features to look for in a Big and tall office chair:

Big and tall office chairs will vary in many ways from the regular office chair, and these variations are the characteristics that big and tall people can look for when selecting an office chair that is specifically made for them. Those characteristics include:

The comfort of sitting

Some important features should be in your big and tall office chair. You must consider the leather, fabric, and mesh seats. Look at the thickness of the seat padding before choosing the chair. These characteristics will help you figure out the chairs that look like heavy-duty but feel uncomfortable.
Don’t just look for optimum durability when buying big & tall chairs, because there is no point in buying a chair that will last long if you can’t bear sitting on it for long periods because it’s not comfortable. Thus such a chair should offer maximum comfort as well.

More Adjustability

Best budget big and tall office chairs should have adjustability to ensure optimum comfort so that it always suits your body and desires regardless of body size and table size/height. Often, other modifications would be helpful; you would ideally often search for chairs with:

  • Lumbar Adjustable Support
  • Fixable backrest
  • Appropriate armrest
  • Lasting seating material

Durable base or wheels

Metal wheels are needed for office chairs for tall people. This allows for adequate metallic distribution across the chair. Additionally, a lot of focus on the chair base makes it ideal for tall people.


All office chairs must also have a manufacturer’s warranty. This is to ensure that defects and malfunctions can easily be replaced as long as the warranty covers them.

Adjustment of armrest and backrest

The armrests and backrest in the big & tall office chairs should be adjustable. This makes it easier to move around easily and freely based on the most suitable position as you are working in the office.

Benefits of Having a Big and Tall Executive Chair

Health Benefits

A big and tall office chair has the benefit that it offers plenty of seating area. This means the chair will allow you to stretch while working, increase productivity, and reduce back stress. And practically at the same time, you have greater convenience and various health benefits from it.


This is a well-known fact that when you work, these chairs may have a significant effect on your ease. That is because they’re bigger – higher and broader. They offer you more magnificent upper back and lower back support without you being closely squeezed in your chair.

Building & Durability

The best office chair for big guys typically has better quality, as opposed to standard office chairs. They are built to withstand the size and weight of large individuals.
As such, they are much long-lasting and provide greater stability. These chairs are made with more durable materials, and they usually have seven legs, instead of the 5, that speak for the balance.

Reduced stress on back

To reduce your back pain and stress, get an adjustable chair, and you will notice that your back pain has reduced. You will find yourself more relaxed and comfortable while working. For long working hours, you need quality chairs; otherwise, it’s going to affect your back for the longer run.

Improved posture

As you will sit more comfortably on these specially designed chairs, your posture will improve significantly. You will be able to sit more comfortably and have an overall good appearance. Here’s the list of some of the best budget big and tall office chairs with the support, comfort, durability, diversity and design features:

Winding up

It’s essential to find a chair that suits you, mainly if you spend long periods in it. Don’t waste money on a chair; you will end up replacing it. In this article, we have made a list of best chairs for tall a person to make your purchase easier. The chairs mentioned above are more than just perfect for a tall human.