How To Choose The Best Side Table For Your Room?

Are you looking for a perfect bedside table for your bedroom or living room space? Then, worry, not! Check out the guide available in the article below to find the right match for styling your room in the best possible style. Find out your table now!

Having side tables is more like adding a decorative but useful piece of furniture to your room. They are not the most necessary furniture in the room, but they act as the most important part of it! Like any other complimentary dish enhances the flavor or experience of your meal, the same way, complementary side tables for bedrooms add a beautiful and functional piece to the room. Side tables serve many problems in which some are apparent, and the rest are not so obvious. They enhance the look of your bedroom or living room and add a storage item to your place. Thus, it is essential to have a functional set of side tables in your room. Let us learn how to choose a perfect luxury bedroom side tables for you! But before that, let’s understand what side tables are and how useful they are for you.

In the case of side tables, a lot of many sizes, types, designs, and materials are available. Having the same at both the corners of the bed or sofa adds symmetry and elegance to the room. Adding a pair of side tables that are slightly different from the entire look of the room can give a contrasting look and appearance to the room it is placed in. You can find traditional or modern side tables for the bedroom at both costly and cheap cost. Choosing the right kind of table for you is right at the corner, you have to look for it to find the best you can get. Let’s look at the key features that you must ensure to have in your side before buying it for your home.

Product Buying Guide:

Product Name

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Winsome Wood Sasha Accent Table with Drawer, Curved Legs, Cappuccino Finish

Ameriwood Home Parsons Modern End Table, Black

Winsome Wood Eugene Accent Table, Walnut


While you are looking for a side table to buy for your bedside, you must consider the table’s size. The table’s size must be suitable for the side of your bed or sofa – if you have tight space, then you must consider buying small-sized side tables for bedroom, and if you have free space, you can look for a table that suits your place. NOTE: Do not fill up the entire space with just the side table. It would help if you chose something that balances the appeal of your room.


The next most important thing which you must consider is your need. Why do you need the table? What things do you want to place on the tabletop? Do you require drawers or not? Do you want to store things on the top of your side table? Get the answers to all these questions to make your choices right! Having a general idea of why you need the table makes it easy for you to search for the most suitable and appealing side tables for the bedroom.


You can add a nice pair of modern bedroom side tables to add the beauty of metal to your living space. Apart from the metal, you can also differently shaped side tables to add an aesthetic or modern appeal to your space. You can mix wood and glass elements in a single table for perfectly bringing a warm and organic feel to your living space. It would look highly pleasing, but the only thing you must ensure is that the table’s height must match to your bed or sofa, where you have to place the table.


Last but not least, you must ensure that you stay within your budget. You might find a nicely styled side table at a high price, but that’s the rule which applies to any other product. However, it doesn’t mean that the cheaper priced table is not made of good quality material. You can find a great range of affordable and beautiful range. Thus, before you settle for any specific table, you must always look for something around.

Why do you need to purchase a bedside table?

A bedside table is not only for adding a fancy piece of bedroom furniture to your place but also provides a space to keep your items like books, personal stuff, bedside lamp, personal stuff, and your personal computer. It also acts as extra support and anchor to your bed. Your comfort is the most crucial factor which you must carefully consider, and adding a piece of furniture on the bedside adds an extra touch to the elegance of your bed and makes your bedroom complete. However, having a bedside will also be a great addition to your room for the following reasons. 

  • It would work as a piece of furniture for some extra storage space.
  • You can find plenty of options in it to fill the extra space of your room. 
  • It would save you from getting out of the bed for placing your stuff like phone, water, medicine, or jewelry. 
  • It protects your bed from having any food stains or coffee spills on your sheets. 
  • Improves the look and aesthetics of your living space. 

Shopping guide for the best side tables available online!

Here is a mini-guide for you to choose from the few most affordable and styles side tables that you can buy from 

Winsome Wood Sasha 40627 Accent Table, Cappuccino

Material – Wood 

Table assembled size – 20″W x 20″D x 27″H.

Drawer dimensions – 5.75″W x 7.8″D x 2.3″H.

Round shelf diameter – 11.8″ 


  • One drawer with shelf
  • Flared Out legs
  • Constructed of solid/composite wood
  • Assembly required
  • Ships in 1 box



Ameriwood Home Parsons Modern End Table, Black

RTMaterial – Wood 

Dimensions – 20 x 20 x 17.7 inches

Weight – 8 pounds


  • Practical yet inexpensive 
  • Perfect for adding simplicity 
  • No need for tools to assemble it.



Winsome Wood Eugene Accent Table, Walnut

  • Material – Wood Shape
  • Rectangular Dimensions – 18.90″W x 14.96″D x 25″H
  • Drawer Dimension – 14.50″W x 12.50″D x 5.65″H Weight
  • Capacity (Top) – 50lbs (Drawer and shelf) – 15lbs


  • One drawer 
  • One cabinet 
  • Satin nickel knobs
  • Easily assembles 
  • Ships in one box
  • Constructed of composite wood

Now that you have a deep idea about a few most suitable bedside tables let us now start learning how to style them in the most appealing look. 

How to style your bedside tables?

You can use the end of the side table for several reasons: fill up the dull and open space or add functional furniture to your bedroom or any other living space. No matter why you want to have a table for you, you must never forget to pay attention to its detailing and styling. For guiding you in this field, we have come to you. Here we have a little something for you to give inspiration to wonderfully style your side tables. Have a peek and find a variety of fun ways for styling your bedside or end tables. 

Styling rustic type side tables

If you have a rustic kind of side table, then never forget to pay heed to the organic detailing of the table. Adding crystals or terrariums can make your side tables look fun and trendy, giving a cottage vibe to your living space. Thus, everything about creativity is within your choice of color and theme. 

Styling small side tables

If you have a small end table, then you don’t have to trim it too much. As you don’t have too much space to make it looks decorative. Adding a few books and a small decorative piece or a plant is the right amount of styling that will give your table a panache look. 

Styling a matt black side table

There is a time when you need a new or basic accessory to alter your room style. Style your simple black end or side table that gets highlighted with a bundle of a few gorgeous tulips. It adds a fresh, revitalized, and feminine look to your living space. Now you can see how easy it is to style your end table that looks appealing to your eyes. 

Styling a contemporary round table

The perfect round side table is styled with perfection in the most friendly and retro design. You can simply style this table with fresh green plants in tiny funky pots and a few personalized items and book accents. This style would make you fall in love with your living space. 

Styling a glass side table

The glass or acrylic side table adds versatility to your living space that makes it the most fun and stylish looking end table. The side table’s styling with contrasting colors, floral accents, and decorative items gives an on-point stylish look to the end of your side. These end tables are available in various sizes and shapes, which can choose according to your space.

Styling a side table with storage

Sometimes, it is a must to choose a piece of furniture while keeping the possibility of using it for storage purposes. Thus, you must choose your side table with the same possibility. You can use the storage space of the side table for storing your remote controls or your book collection. And you can simply top it up with any antique look accent piece for adding a trendy vide to your place. 

Styling a narrow end table

If you have a little space, but you need to have a side table to add to your place, then having a narrow end table is the best solution. A limited type of shape is available in narrow end tables, but you can style it with a tiny accent or a few fun books to create a modern or fashion-forward look to your space. 

Styling a trendy looking end table

It is all about creating a trendy and playful vice to your bedroom. Having side tables in your personal space must be personalized to showcase your personality trait to others. You must add a few of your favorite books, a beautiful lamp, and your night-time skincare regime to give a perfect personalized style to the end tables. 

Styling a white end table

How can we forget a beautiful white accent table to your living space? Beautiful pair of white end tables make a quaint looking living space. You can style these white side tables with a matching pair of lamps, photo frames, ambiance creating fragrant candles and a simple white pot with fresh green plants. It would beautifully light up your bedroom space. 

Styling a beautiful mirrored side table

Adding a mirrored end table gives a modern vibe to your bedroom or any other living space. Now, if you are thinking to style or accessorize your side table in a modern way, then you can simply add a bright golden and white accent piece. It would give a sophisticated and feminine touch to the small place of your room. Now that you have had a deep knowledge about how to style a variety of side tables, let us learn about the features of the above-mentioned kinds of side tables. It would help you to choose the right kind of end table for your bedroom or living room. 


Hopefully, this guide would help you choose the best and the most styled bedside table for your bedroom or living room. Check out the pricing of a variety of side tables on amazon. Go check out now and style your living space in the best way possible. Shop your favorite accent table now!