Best Leather Sofa For Home In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The leather sofas are available in masses. To choose the best option available, read the passage below and read the products we have described in detail. The products mentioned by us are well researched and preferred choice of the people.

The sofas are the trend these days, and hence a variety of designs and models are being produced. Some of the standard models include a three-seater sofa, two-seater sofa, l shaped sofa, and sofa cum bed models. Among these models, there are a variety of variations provided to them by changing their outer fabric covering and inner foam materials. The foam of the sofa sets may vary from time to time, according to the latest technology models available. Initially, people used standard sponges and hard foams for making these sofa sets. But later, with the invention of technology, the latest model weightless foam that can absorb water was discovered. They have fast dry technology and can withstand excessive heat. Similarly, their covers were initially made up of standard fabric and velvet materials. But later they were changed to the high tolerant fabric material and good quality velvet material. The outer fabric is more robust nowadays and sometimes is waterproof. The latest outer cover material that has been remaining as a passion in the past decade is the use of leather material. The leather outer cover is resistant to water, to a certain extent and protects the inner foam from being exposed to sunlight and rain. Also, when compared to the fabric material, these leather sofas can be easily maintained as they do not absorb the dust particles within their fabric. So by using a simple vacuum cleaner for dry cloth, you can easily clean these leather sofas. The usage of leather sofas also gives a majestic look that is not available in standard sofa sets. In case of these leather sofa sets, they come in both bright finish and also in a mat finish. The mat finish sofa sets are more suitable for homes with standard decor. In contrast, the shining material based sofa sets are used for providing a luxurious look, especially for a decoration filled with statues and other types of embossed materials. There are three types of leathers used for making sofa sets.

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Furny Nathan 2 Seater Leatherette Sofa (Black)

Amazon Brand - Solimo Bliss Leatherette 3 Seater Sofa (Brown) 

Home Centre Albury 3+2 Sofa Set - Beige

Pigmented leather

The first one is the pigment leather-based sofa sets. These types of leather materials have excellent durability and can last forever. They are more suitable for upholstery and coater with polymer on the surface to extend its life. This surface coating can either be shiny or regular depending upon your reference. Sometimes they are also designed for providing a fresh look. The presence of this type of coating will protect your sofa sets from soiling and colour fading. 

Aniline leather

This type of leather material is not processed entirely and not coated with pigment or polymers. So, the leather is dyed to give a colour of your choice. Only a light non-pigment coating is provided to enhance their look and protect them from soiling. But they are not as useful as the pigment coated leather material. As a result, this type of leather sofa should be appropriately maintained and protected from sunlight and stains to prevent them from fading over some time.

Semi-Aniline leather

This type of leather material is a combination of both aniline leather and pigmented leather material. They allow light coating of the surface with pigmentation. So when compared to aniline leather-based sofas, they are much more durable and more reliable. Although these sofas cannot be exposed to extreme weather conditions, they can still be kept at home and used for an extended period. Even though some leather sofas are not comfortable, using the high-quality Leather sofa can be extremely convenient. When you are purchasing for a leather sofa, make sure that they are healthy and made up of high-quality leather material for extended durability. It has been a proven fact that Leather best furniture materials have been under usage right from the early centuries. So using them will provide a perfect Royal look for your house. Before purchasing an ideal Leather sofa, certain features need to be noted. Some of the standard features include,

Good leather

As explained, the quality of the leather is more critical for the right sofa. When you are purchasing a couch, make sure you’re buying one with a pigmented Leather or semi-aniline leather material. So if you are aiming to buy the right sofa, make sure that it is made up of good leather material. 

Sofa cover

The sofa material should be adequately covered with a cover or other designer clothes when used. You can always remove these covers during a party or keep them depending upon your requirement. But placing the soft cloth cover will provide more protection to these leather sofas against water spill and direct sunlight. The covers are essential if you are using the aniline and semi-aniline leather made sofas. Sometimes while sitting on a sofa during a hot climate, you might sweat that will not be absorbed by the leather sofa. So placing a cover on the top will be comfortable for the people sitting on it and also for good hygiene.

Strong frame

The frame is essential for a good sofa set, especially for a leather sofa that is filled with foam and fibres to provide a more cushion effect. The structure should be strong enough to hold the excessive weights and also should be resistant to water decay and termite attacks. So having a sturdy frame made up of good quality wood or steel will be more suitable. The iron should also be coated with modern anti-rusting technology.

Comfort and quality

The comfort of the sofa depends upon various factors. The sofa set should not emit the heat from your body and should hit you when you lie or sit down. Along with that, the sofa should provide proper comfort, so that people can sit for long hours on the sofa and work without any disturbance. With adequate support, you can schedule house meetings on your sofa set and also convert it into an extra bed when required for your guest. Along with the comfort, quality also plays an important role. To make sure that the sofa set has a good condition than buying a sofa set with good foam. The latest model supersoft foam with fast-drying capacity is more comfortable and suitable for durability and high-quality. So if you want to maintain decent quality and comfort for a long time then purchase a sofa with an excellent outer cover, frame, and foam material.


Trust is an essential thing that needs to be established between the buyer and seller while buying a sofa or any product. Such type of trust can be ensured between the consumers and the brands. The brands that have established themselves on the market will always look forward to providing quality materials to meet your requirements. This is because they do not aim to lose the trust they built with you. So purchasing a well-branded sofa can be beneficial for your product in terms of comfort, quality and durability. So most of this branded sofa tends to have a unique customised design that is available only for a few customers. 

Why are leather sofas best?

There are many reasons why people prefer leather sofas over regular sofas. Some of the common reasons include,

Durability – Normally a good quality leather sofa has high strength when compared to the fabric sofas. They are resistant to water and other types of stains. As a result, they are highly durable and used in patios for recliner sofas. But they should not be exposed to high sunlight or rain. 

Cleaning – Since they are stain-resistant, they do not absorb the flood or dust easily. So they are easy to clean. Standard fabric sofa sets absorb the dust particles within their pores. And despite using a vacuum cleaner, these dust particles may not be cleared completely. So while using the leather sofas, the dust particles settled on the top can be easily cleaned using a regular cloth for the upper surface and vacuum cleaners for the crevices. 

Shape – When you use a quality type of leather, then the sofa will remain in form for longer years than the fabric or the low-quality leather sofa. They do not lose their shape and stay intact even after long years of usage. So even after a decade, your sofa will look good as new.

Colour and look – The leather sofa sets are available in multiple numbers of colours, and they provide a royal and authentic look over the others. They also give an ancient look that is not present in standard furniture. They will be suitable for all types of decor and the best in the market. 

The price of the good quality leather sofas are a bit high, but when compared in terms of durability, the leather sofas are valuable. So using these leather sofa sets for regular usage are efficient and useful. Instead of buying the sofa twice in 15 years, you can use the same sofa. Always try to purchase a good quality leather sofa as they are durable. There are multiple products available in the market. So to choose the best option, you can select from the products we have listed below. You can also select your own sofa by researching yourself if interested.

Furny Nathan 2 Seater Leatherette Sofa (Black)

When it comes to leather sofa sets, proper importance must be given to the brands. So if you want to buy the right leather sofa then choose a brand like Furny. This brand is well known for its designs and innovative technology. They have their research and development team involved in creating layouts with uses that are unique from other brands. Their products are popular for their durability and quality. The company always uses high-quality materials for manufacturing and their latest designs in sofas have been rocking the sofa industry to a great extent. So purchasing their sofa sets will be the choice you will make in your life. Their new product is Furny Nathan 2 Seater Leatherette Sofa (Black) that has been ruling the market. This particular sofa provides extreme comfort and excellent durability. This is a simple two-seater sofa that can be used for all types of homes. So if you are into purchasing these sofas read the features below to understand more about them.

Frame – The sofa is made up of high-quality wooden frame that can hold a large amount of weight. They are resistant to termites and do not decay or weaken over time. The frame is like a skeleton for the sofa set. So having the right structure means having an excellent sofa set. 

Foam – This sofa set uses high-density foam material that can last for years. This high-density foam is durable and can last for nearly 10-12 years without any breakage. The cushion is made up of microfibers and region. So all in all, the sofa is suitable for sitting and also for lying down. 

Outer cover – The outer cover is one of the essential features, and it is made up of high-quality leather material. The leather material is soft, and it feels like hugging you when you sit on a sofa. This outer cover made up of leather is waterproof and stain-proof. They have used the unique premium leatherette of black colour in this sofa set. The black colour is matt finished, and hence they blend in with the surroundings. 

Since this sofa set is made up of high-quality materials for the framework, cover, and foam, these sofa sets can last for a considerable time. They can withstand rough handling, but certain precautions need to be made while handling the sofa. Do not wipe the sofa set with wet clothes, always use a dry cloth and mildly damp cloth for cleaning the stains. Do not keep it under direct sunlight. This sofa set is purely suitable for indoors only. They cannot be placed on the outdoors or near the fireplace. Also, this sofa should be prevented from the pets as their nails may tear the material. So purchasing this sofa set will allow you to enjoy your share time watching television and then lie down for a movie marathon. You can use vacuum cleaners for cleaning the sofas. This product is now available in Amazon and Flipkart with warranty.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Bliss Leatherette 3 Seater Sofa (Brown)

Amazon has been recently procuring a variety of brands in various categories. They have been buying these brands and selling their products along with their name to increase the sales rate. One such Amazon’s brand is Solimo. This brand has been purchased and sold to the retailers of India to promote their products. The brand is backed b up by a ton. Hence people have been trusting their products too, purchasing from them. Amazon is a well known reputed company that has created a massive revolution in the area of online shopping. Their products are delivered on time, and they have always managed to provide the products in the best condition and allow people to replace them if not satisfied. So the term trust is always associated with this brand. Their new product is a beautiful piece of a sofa set. The Amazon Brand – Solimo Bliss Leatherette 3 Seater Sofa (Brown) has attracted a wide range of customers and has attracted people for a long time. This particular either made sofa set will allow you to have family gatherings and also to turn it into an extra bed during the night. The sofa is comfortable, and its durability is well known among the customers. This type of sofa set comes along with a set of features. Let us see them in detail. 

Frame – The frame of the sofa set is made up of high-quality wood material. This frame is strong enough to support nearly a hundred kgs of weight. A detailed pressure test was conducted to check the durability of the Sofa set, and it was found that the frame was sturdy and durable. 

Outer cover – The outer cover is made up of good quality leather material that can withstand all types of Dyeing agents and formaldehyde that are commonly used for cleaning. So the outer surface is more reliable and durable. The durability test involved passing 100 kgs weight on both sides for 25,000 cycles. This particular sofa set has given all types of Indian standard qualifications. 

Comfort – This is a particular type of threes seater sofa set that is highly comfortable and good. The sofa set hugs your frame when sat on, and it is suitable for long meeting hours. The internal parts of the sofa set are made up of high-quality foam and cushion fibres. Hence they are super comfortable and most preferred. 

If you purchase the product through Amazon, then the company will send you some carpenters to fix the base wood and arrange the sofa. This service is also available in direct shops. The legs can withstand immense pressure and is ISO certified. The colour won’t fade away in time, and at least 25-30 sets of tests were performed before releasing this model. So purchasing this particular product will allow you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle at least for the next ten years.

Home Centre Albury 3+2 Sofa Set - Beige

The home centre is a famous furniture company that has been concentrating on distributing furniture in all parts of Middle and India. They are a well-known brand among the furniture category, and buying a product from them will mean guaranteed quality and comfort. They have shops all over the world, and hence purchasing from them will always ensure your durability. Apart from sofa sets they also produce a variety of other products like tables, ottoman and other furniture for the living room and bedroom. Their current product is the Home Centre Albury 3+2 Sofa Set – Beige. This sofa set comes as a three-seater and two-seaters that can be arranged according to your preferences. The sofa will suit well for your decor and provides a rich background with it’s a beautiful beige colour. This sofa also includes various other features, and they are mentioned below in detail. 

Frame – The entire structure is made up of good quality solid wood that can withstand high pressure and weight. The frame of the sofa set is an important part, and hence making it secure will create an excellent durable sofa set. 

Outer cover – The outer cover is made up of high-quality faux leather material that can withstand extreme temperatures and rough handling. As a result, this type of sofa sets can be used for an extended period without any stain or dust collecting over it. The sofa will remain new for years without damage. 

Foam – The sofa set is made up of high-quality foam and fibres that will allow the sofa set to remain stable for an extended period. The firm foam material will prevent the sofa from getting impressions over constant usage. This quality, along with the perfect upholstery, will make the sofa look new for years. The foam is resistant to water and can be used in patios, but not on the lawns or gardens. 

The sofa set is the perfect design and comfortable. You can conduct a short meeting with this sofa set and upholstery allows you to sit on it for hours without getting tired or any aches. They offer an ergonomic seating space that can be used for sitting leisurely or for lying down. They hug your body frame and create a hugging feeling allowing you to sleep peacefully. These types of sofa sets are available in all the home centre showrooms and also in the online website portals like Amazon and Flipkart. So this is the perfect leather sofa for your home. This design is suitable for all sized homes. 

These mention two sofa sets are just samples, and there are many other models available in the market. You can research your favourite models and compare the prices and features before choosing the best one that you want to purchase. Sometimes viewing the sofa directly in the shop will also give you specific ideas. So select the best model with excellent durability to maintain the couch for a long time. Leather sofas are not suitable to be made at home. So they can only be purchased. So purchase the best models available in the market. Make sure that the leather you buy is of good quality as there are the chances of getting cheated with duplicate leather products. Happy shopping.