Best Sofa Cum Bed For Home In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The sofa cum bed model is the latest trend that is developing in many areas. There are many designs currently flooding the market. So to choose the best brand and design read below.

The usage of sofas is common these days. People have almost stopped using chairs and floor mats for the living room, and they have replaced them with these comfortable sofas. There are many types and models of the couch in the market. There are standard sofa, sofas with massage points that vibrate to keep you relaxed and other types of sofa sets with various features to comfort you. Along with the elements, this offer search also comes in a variety of prices, designs, and colours. Nowadays, with modern technology, the sofa sets are not just comfort objects they are also used as a part of the decor while setting up the house. The sofas are not just a sitting place, and it is a place where you might make some memories and spend your wonderful time with your family members and friends. So if you are planning about purchasing a sofa then think well before rushing out. Analyse various features that are essential to buy a sofa and the models present in the market. Only after that, decide to buy a sofa because they might decorate your living room for the upcoming 10 to 15 years. Several features need to be noted while purchasing a sofa. Some of the essential features include,

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Coirfit Folding Sofa Cum Bed - Perfect for Guests - Jute Fabric Washable Cover(3 Seater) - Grey | 5' X 6' Feet  

Adorn India alyssum three seater sofa cum bed (green & black)

Bestway 2 In 1 Inflatable Sofa Cum Bed with Free Air Pump


From a standard black colour to bright and Shiny fluorescent, there are a variety of colours that have been infused to make the best sofa sets. Every single person has a different choice. So some people will choose the dull matte-finished colouring while another set of people will use a bright colour. If you are a person looking for a sofa that will attract the attention of your guest immediately after entering the living room then try to buy the sofa with bright colours and also adds some spice to your living room. But if you are going for a formal look use colour like grey or white so that they will mix in with the surroundings. 


There are a variety of sofa sets with varying sizes to suit the structure and the size of your living room. If your living room is large and you are looking for a sofa that can fit in nearly 6 to 7 people, then you can buy the famous L shaped sofas that are larger and also super comfortable. Along with this, there are varying sizes of sofa, including a single-seater, two-seater, and triple seaters. Depending upon the living room size you can buy a single sofa or sometimes people also like to combine a triple seater with two single-seaters so that they complete the look of the living room and can be easily moved apart. The word is these triple seaters with two single seaters are available as a complete set with matching colours and similar designs so that people can buy the entire sofa set with matching designs and structure. 


Even though the looks, size, and designs are essential on a sofa along with that, one of the most important features is the level of comfort. When you sit on a sofa, you should feel comfortable and relaxed so that you can forget all the issues you have in life. If you have specific body ache problems, then you can always buy the massage chair come sofa that can be used for making you relaxed instantly. But other than the massage chairs there are also a variety of sofas that provide proper comfort, including bean bags and sofa cum bed models.

Solid frame

Even though the exterior design and appearance are outstanding while purchasing a sofa, it is also essential to have a reasonable and stable frame so that it can support the cushion for many years to come. The basic structure of the sofa is made up of high-quality wood so that they can last for a lifetime without any break. So always choose a sofa that can last for at least 15-20 years with a proper warranty. Also, the frame should be large and accommodating, so when you sit down, you can relax rather than worrying about slipping and falling. 


Along with the designs, there are also certain brands available in the market. Individual companies, like Damro, manufacture user-friendly sofa sets that can be used for an extended period. Some people prefer constructing their sofa set through local manufacturers or carpenters, and some other people buy a readymade one for comfortable work. If you are purchasing a readymade sofa, then it is essential to buy them from a well-known brand for ensuring warranty and quality. If you buy a sofa from a local or an unknown brand, then you might face issues regarding the quality and comfort in the future. Also, if you are making your design sofa, use high-quality materials and offer the job to the best people in the local area. 


The first and foremost thing that is to be noted while purchasing a sofa is the cushions. While the cushions made up of feathers are soft and comfortable, they cannot last forever. Similarly, if you buy a sofa that uses foam, it will last forever, but they will not be soft and inviting like the feather models. So the best option available is to combine them by using a basic foam in the bottom to form a frame and using the feathers on the top to create a soft cushion. The sofas you buy should invite you to sit in them and not push you out. 

Headrest and armrest

There are two types of sofa sets in the markets. One is a normal one with all the features like headrest and armrest on their frame. The other is the sofa without these. They were constructed like that to provide a modern look. You can choose the best option you require but always make sure that the frame is strong and will support you. 

Fabric material

Fabric materials are exposed to a lot of disturbances externally, and so they should be strong and durable to last forever. For example, if you use a natural material fabric, they might fade over continuous usage. So try to buy a sofa with synthetic fabric to last forever. The colour should always remain the same, and they should be resistant to dust and water. Purchasing a sofa with synthetic fabric materials will allow you to clean the food stains easily.

Along with these features, various other things need to be noted while purchasing a sofa. For example, it is essential to buy a sofa that will fit in within your living room. If you are purchasing a large sofa that can be placed in your small living room, then there won’t be enough space for you to move around, which is also essential in a living room. But if you buy a small sofa for a small living room, then you can move around quickly. Sometimes for a small living room purchasing a combination of triple seater combined with two double-seaters will be much more comfortable as the single-seater can be removed when not required and placed in a corner. Also, the sofas should be comfortable to move around, especially if you are into shifting places commonly as a result of your job. So if you are searching for a sofa that is portable, then buy a single-seater sofa or triple seater sofa which are comfortable to move around. Also, if you are well settled in your own home, and there is no requirement for portability then buy a large sofa but still, they should be comfortable to move around because sometimes some people would like to change their living room structure from time to time.

The latest model sofa that is commonly moving around in the market is the sofa cum bed model where the sofa can be used as both sofas and also as a bed just by expanding it. This type of model sofas should be bought with caution because sometimes they might fail to work, and specific brand sofa cum bed models will not be comfortable. If you are looking for a sofa where you can not only sit and relax to watch tv but can also lie down to sleep, then these sofa number models are more suitable. They can be used as a sofa by folding them and also as a bed by unfolding them. They are useful and portable. If you are planning to buy such a product, then try to buy them with an excellent design to add to the decor of the house. The foams should be comfortable for sleeping, and they should have the right frame. Purchasing a sofa with all these combined qualities will increase your chances for a proper sofa.

Coirfit Folding Sofa Cum Bed - Perfect for Guests - Jute Fabric Washable Cover(3 Seater) - Grey | 5' X 6' Feet

Coirfit is a company that has gained a lot of fame and name by selling mattresses and sofa. They are well known for their durable and comfortable products. Along with comfort, they also make sure the product has proper design and colour to add decor to the house. Using a sofa is not just about comfort these days. They are also about the designs. The sofa should look idle and add to your decor. By making sure to have that feature in their product, Coirfit has attracted a lot of loyal customers. Their latest model sofa called Coirfit Folding Sofa Cum Bed can be used as both a sofa and a bed. They are modelled with beautiful grey colour, and they can be placed in your living room to provide comfort and relax. Using this sofa, you can relax yourselves. You can either watch television or eat food and chat. Now you can watch your favourite television shows all night and lie down comfortably on the couch. The couch is made up of a unique jute material that is soft and can be washed when anything is spilt over. This couch can also be placed in your balconies where you sit or lie and relax your evening. This is the perfect couch for inviting your guest and even an extra bed if they decide to stay overnight. If you feel that does the size of the couch is small, you can place two couches together to complete the look. They can either be placed in a line or be placed in L shape to complete the look. 

These couches have several features that have attracted users. They include,

Size – The size of the is 5′ x 6′ feet and provides the space for three people to comfortably. The couch offers proper front support, and you can relax while sitting. This couch can be accompanied with another couch of you are looking for the more massive couches. 

Material – The outer covering of the couch is made up of grey jute material that can be washed when required. Because of this, your couch will remain new even after being used for several years. The dust collected as food spilt can be easily cleaned.

Bed cum sofa – The sofa can be extended and used as a bed when it is completely unfolded. The entire sofa is divided into four sections. By folding the corner sections, you can make a sofa bed where you can lie down with a headrest. So by purchasing this sofa, you are investing and not a buy. This allows you to be comfortable and relax at the same time. The mattress is nearly 8 inches thick and makes it suitable for sleeping.

The mattress is queen size, and two people can sleep on it comfortably. The sofa is made up of high-quality EPE foam and soft foam covered with fabric. This sofa will complete the furnishing part of your house and make your living room look more lively. 

Adorn India alyssum three seater sofa cum bed (green & black)

Sofas are a source of comfort, and many companies are manufacturing them these days. But only individual companies have registered themselves within the minds of the people. Adorn is one such company that has been ruling the hearts of Indian people with their sofa designs and comforts. The company is located in Maharashtra, but their products are transported all over the country. The company offers some of the best sofa sets with single, double and triple seaters. Their products are well known in markets because of their qualities and comfort. The products also last for an extended period of time. Quality and durability of the products are more important for products like sofa as they are constantly being used for an extended period of time. Nowadays, with the growing requirement for space and comfort, people buy objects that have multiple purposes of minimising the cost and space. One such product is the cum bed sets that are being sold all over the country.

Adorn understood this requirement of the people and to satisfy their needs; they created a sofa cum bed model that can be used as both a bed and sofa. Their latest model called adorn India alyssum three seater sofa cum bed (green & black) is a beautiful sofa that can add essential decor to your home. The sofa is made up of a green and black combination and suitable for people who are not afraid to express their colours. If you are searching for a sofa set that attracts everyone’s attention, then this would be a suitable model. This sofa set also includes certain other features like,

Attractive cover – The outer cover is made up of a beautiful green with black velvet material, and they are easy to clean. These covers are made up of good quality material and can last a lifetime.

Structure – The entire sofa is made up of soft foam material that provides a cushion effect and supported by a wooden board to prevent the breakage. The sofa will stay firm and perfect even after being used by people for many years.

Bed cum sofa – The sofa can be easily shifted into a bed by just expanding the sofa. The size of the bed is the length of 75″, breadth of 48″ and height of 39″. The bed is in the form of a cushion, and it is more comfortable, especially if you want to host an extra guest.

This sofa is available in the retail stores and also on online websites like Amazon. They come with a warranty, and they can last a lifetime if used properly. So buy this product to add decor to your living room and also for increasing your comfort while watching television. 

Bestway 2 In 1 Inflatable Sofa Cum Bed with Free Air Pump

While the other two sofas are used for standard houses, this sofa is suitable for temporary homes and other outer activities. If you are planning for a trip or you are residing at a place temporarily then you can buy the sofa as it can be carried around easily. All you need to do is let the air out and carry it around to the required place. The sofa comes along with an automatic pump that can be used for pumping the air whenever required. Bestway is one of the famous companies that specialise in producing a wide range of portable products that can be used for having fun at a cheaper rate. From 1994 they have created nearly 1100 products that have been successfully moving around in the market. Their products are durable, and they can last many years without any damage. One of the main reasons people buy these products is because of their durability and the type of comfort they produce that is more or less equal to the expensive designer brands. They have a separate team of research and development who are always involved in creating and producing a wide range of products. Because of their innovative thinking and constant production of new products, the brand has still managed to remain in the market for several years.

Even though this is a simple inflatable sofa, it still comes along with a variety of features that makes it interesting. They include,

Thick material – The entire sofa is made up of leathery material on the outside and PVC pipes on the inside to make the sofa hold together. The content is thick and cannot be damaged easily. They can be placed outdoors and can be used whenever required.

Comfort – The sofa is comfortable and easy to use. They can be quickly changed into a bed just by pushing them over. The bed is durable for a single person to lie free, and you can use them during camps and other outdoor activities. As a sofa, you can use them as a two-seater. The size of the sofa is length (200.66 cm), Width (160.02 cm), height (63.5 cm). They can be simply stored in a small box and expanded when needed.

This particular product is available in a beautiful grey colour, and they are comfortable and attractive at the same time.  These products can be used as a permanent fixture or temporarily depending upon your requirements. Even though this product seems like a simple fixing technique, it still requires specific arrangements to be made before using it. The product is accompanied along with the instruction manual that clearly provides step-by-step instructions on how to arrange the set by yourself.

So when you are looking forward to purchasing a sofa cum bed model, make sure they are comfortable and durable. The durability is more important than anything else. The outer cover should be clean and resistant to water absorption. Also, before purchasing a sofa check, it has a good foam underneath because some of the foam might get tough over time and increase the hardness of the sofa or disintegrate into pieces. So the quality is also essential. Most of the branded sofas have a price range slightly higher than the other non-branded sofas, but their quality will be okay. So if you are planning to purchase a sofa that has a good brand, you can directly buy it from the brand stores, or you can also buy them from online portals like Amazon. Either way’s sure that it has good quality and durability. Happy shopping.