Buying Guide For Sofa [Especially For Indian Homes]

There are a variety of sofa sets available in the country. Read the below passage to learn more about the features of the sofa and which to choose accordingly.

There are a variety of sofa sets available in the country. The furniture and the cushion chairs have been replaced slowly by the sofa sets as they are more comfortable and useful. Sofa sets are more convenient for falling asleep while watching television or doing any other activities and also for sitting around and having a meeting comfortably. Because of this reason people have been slowly converting their requirement for furniture with sofa sets as they more or less cost the same. The sofa is just not a simple question like material for seating. There are a variety of designs, colours and shapes available in these individual sofa sets. There are standard 3 seaters and five-seater straight sofas, single sofas, and also included in this category is the most critical l shaped sofas that can be placed in any part of the house. Along with this, the companies also produced the latest bed cum sofa model. These models can be used as both a bed and a sofa. Along with this, there are also a variety of sofa sets available in the market. So, choosing the type of sofa you need for your house might become a difficult choice, especially if you are looking for a simple sofa set that matches the decor of your home.  Certain things need to be considered before selecting the type of sofas, like space and quality. Most of the sofa sets are costly, so proper analysis should be made before purchasing a sofa as they might last for at least 10 to 15 years. Let us see some of the features that need to be analysed in detail before purchasing a sofa.

Product Buying Guide:

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GODREJ INTERIO Flight Sofa Set 6 Seater- Red (3 + 2 +1 Seater) Anti Stain Fabric

Furny 5 Seater Cosmos Fabric 311 Sofa Set (Grey-Black)

Bharat Lifestyle Tulip Five Seater Sofa Set 3-1-1 (Black) 


A brand is one of the things that people look for while purchasing a sofa set. Even though certain products are out of brand with good quality, they cannot be trusted. Most of the branded products have good quality and durability that comes along with a warranty. The designs used by these branded products will be one-of-a-kind, and even if there are any issues with the product, then they can be replaced or repaired easily free of cost. Because of this reason most of the people prefer using branded products rather than using a non-branded one and taking a risk. 


Before purchasing the type of sofa, you want to analyse the space in your own home. If you have a low amount of space when purchased either a single triple seater combined with two single-seaters or triple seater sofa alone. Sometimes you can also buy an l shaped sofa that can be placed in any part of the house without any Hustle. Make sure that the sofa set doesn’t occupy the entire living room space, and it leaves enough room for walking around and relaxing. Having a full living room will not look good despite the brand of the sofa you are using. 


One of the most important things that need to be present while buying a sofa set is comfort. If you are purchasing the sofa from a shop, then check the sofa for comfort by sitting down.  A sofa is commonplace in a house where people sit down for relaxing and also to experience the happy moments of life by chatting with their friends and family. If your sofa is not comfortable enough, then you might not feel relaxed when you sit on it, when you sit on a sofa which should support your body weight and envelope you with warmth. Certain sofa sets are stiff and non-usable with good design which is of no use.


The quality of the sofa is also outstanding as much as the design. So when you buy a sofa check for the type of foam used within the sofa and the material used to check the outer cover of the sofa. The foam used should be soft, and it should have the ability to last longer without getting hard. The outer cover is one of the few things that start to wear and tear over time. So while buying a sofa set, make sure to obtain the most efficient model with good quality of foam and cover. This will allow you to have a relaxed time that can last for 10-15 years. Also, look for the frame of the sofa while buying it as they support the sofa and withstand the pressure produced by your weight. The frames should be made up of good quality wood or steel. They should not rust or decay over time and should last forever.


Every single sofa comes out in a variety of colours, and there is no colour left out until now. So before choosing a sofa set design on the shade because the colour has to suit and blend along with the other decors present in your living room. You are choosing a sofa for your office and need a formal look then you can go for a grey or black colour and sometimes a white colour will also meet the purpose. So before choosing a sofa set, make sure that you have a particular set of colours in mind that you have to look for in the shop. 

Tips for buying a suitable sofa

  • If you have children at home, then purchase a sofa with sturdy covers that are stain proof. The foam and frame should also be strong enough to withstand the pressure and constant movements like jumping. When there is any food spilt or a stain on a sofa set, then try to clean it with a washcloth with as less water as possible. Even if the sofa is waterproof, you still should use only a low amount of water.
  • If required use soap water in little quantity for efficient cleaning. If there is any damage to the sofa and you still have your warranty period call the company you bought the sofa from and ask them for a home visit. Let them handle the product.
  • Don’t try anything by yourself or transport it as the warranty might be cancelled. If you do not have an air-conditioner in your living room and if the climate is not cold, then purchase a sofa set that is made up of cloth fabric like the jute. The leather sofas are not suitable if you sweat profusely damaging the product. Even though the leather products are waterproof when exposed to sweat continuously, they will start to peel off.
  • The leather couch also increases the heat, making it not suitable for sitting with the sticking of legs and hands to the couch. The couch should be placed indoors. There are specific designs and models available for outdoor placements. Purchase those if you want to expose them to rain and sun. Placing the indoor couches on the outside will result in wastage of the sofa due to extreme temperatures.
  • The colour will fade away quickly, and the foam will harden, making it not suitable for sitting. Always place the air cooler and heater away from the sofa as they emit fresh air with small droplets of water in them. Similarly, the room heater should also not be placed near the sofa. Both these conditions will cause damage to the outer surface of the sofa. So it is essential to maintain the sofa to a certain extent for them to last longer.

Which is the best sofa set for your home?

There are a variety of designs and models available. So purchasing a sofa set can take a lot of time and decisions before selecting a particular game. Based on the above features, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into account while purchasing a sofa and choosing a design. Let us view the types of sofas in detail and when to buy them. 

Straight sofas – The straight sofas are the set of couches that come along as 1,2,3,4 and 5 seaters. These sofa sets can be purchased as per your choice and arranged according to your wish. You can either use a single five-seater sofa for purchase as a single three-seater sofa with two single-seater sofas. So the arrangements made are your choice. In the case of straight sofas, there are both ordinary and sofas with beds. These sofa sets can be spread around to be used as a bed. So based upon your requirement, you can either purchase a single standard sofa or a sofa that can be turned into a bed.

L – shaped sofa – These sofa sets are in the form of an L shape, and they are much suitable for houses with small spaces. Because they can fit anywhere, including the corners, so if you have a small home then you can use a three-seater or four-seater L shaped sofa set, and if you have a large house then you can use a 5 or 6 seater sofa set. These sofa sets are a bit more pricey than the standard sofa sets, and they can be paired up with a beautiful table at the centre.

All these sofa sets are beautiful and unique in their own. The above mentioned three sofa sets that are on the top list of the market, but along with that, there are a variety of sofa sets in different designs that might suit your requirements. One disadvantage while purchasing a readymade sofa is the quality, so check the quality before buying it. Some people would even prefer making their sofa using the carpenter, but it is a complicated process and will take more time and energy. So most of the people prefer purchasing their sofa set either by visiting the shop or through online portals. If you are deciding to buy a sofa online, then make sure it has the return back policy so that if you are not satisfied, you can return them. Some sofas also require assembling after delivery, so make sure that the company arranges it while buying them online. Choose the best sofa that can light up your living room and increase the positive energy among the people relaxing in them.

GODREJ INTERIO Flight Sofa Set 6 Seater- Red (3 + 2 +1 Seater) Anti Stain Fabric

Godrej is one of the famous companies that has gained a lot of names during the past decade. It is one of the most purchased brands in the field of furniture. Most of their products have high quality and are well known for their durability that can last for a lifetime. The company has also been producing a variety of other furniture like cots and shelves. They have their individual research and development team that involves creating the perfect design that provides both comfort and decor to your house. They have manufactured a variety of products that have attracted a lot of customers. Their new product is GODREJ INTERIO Flight Sofa Set 6 Seater- Red (3 + 2 +1 Seater) Anti Stain Fabric. This sofa is in a unique red colour that will increase the decor of your house. The covers are made up of good material, and the entire area is large enough to hold six persons. The sofa is made up of a high-quality form that allows you to use it also as a coach for sleeping when there is an extra guest. 

The sofa material is made up of soft fabric with a soft foam that provides a proper cushion effect. There are other features involved in this sofa other than the ones mentioned before. Let us see them in detail.

Foam – The sofa set is made up of super-soft PU foam that provides a comfortable feel. This will cover your frame and provide you with a hugging feel even after being seated for hours. So me with this sofa, you can spend your entire night watching movies and playing. The base of the sofa set is made up of a sturdy slab foam to provide the structure and hold the pressure. The top portion is covered with the super-soft form to give a soft feel while sitting down.

Cover – The cover is the most crucial feature of the sofa. The cover of the sofa set is made up of anti-stain fabric material. The fabric used is polyester. The cover can be wiped with a simple wet cloth. Make sure to not use an excessive amount of water while cleaning because even if it is water-resistant and stain-resistant, it still can damage the cover. 

Frame – The entire sofa set is made up of pinewood and Plywood material. The frame is sturdy and soft. The plywood is water-resistant and also can prevent the moisture from occurring. Both the woods can avoid the attack of termites. The corners of the sofa are also made up of soft edges to prevent the kids from getting hurt.

The hand part is made up of extended space to make sure that the sofa is comfortable while sitting down.  The entire frame is made up of good quality wood to last forever. The sofa set is soft and can be used for an extended period. The sofa set can be purchased separately through Amazon and also from the Godrej company.

Furny Lexas Fabric 5 Seater 311 Sofa Set (Light Grey)

Furny is a famous Indian company that has been growing in terms of popularity and confidentiality. This company has been well known for creating innovative style sofa sets designed by its research and development team. They have produced a lot of designs, including the famous l shaped sofa designs and bed cum sofa designs.  They have branches all over the country. Hence even when repaired the sofa sets can be easily altered from their service centres. Their recent sofa set design, Furny Lexas Fabric; 5 Seater 311 Sofa Set has been rocking the market. This excellent grey colour sofa has been moving at a faster rate. This condition is because of their formal look and also suitable for placing in your homes. The outer material is made up of a particular fabric that can withstand pressure and rough usage. This particular sofa set can be used for hanging out and also for hosting parties. This particular five-seater sofa set has gained immense popularity, and they are super comfortable. The seating arrangements are perfect in the space provided is convenient for holding five persons with proper space between them. The sofa set can also be used as an extra couch for lying down when you have guests over the house. Along with these unique features, these sofa sets also have other features like frame and foam material. Let us view in detail about these features in the passage below.

Frame – The entire structure is made up of wood material mixed with steel to make them durable and robust. The frame material can last for a lifetime without getting rusted or without getting infected by termites. They are made up of waterproof material and can last for a lifetime.

Foam – The sofa set is made up of super-soft foam material that provides a cushion-like effect. The foam material is soft and well suitable for sitting relaxed and enjoying some family time. The foam material is durable, and hence they do not wither away or become hard after a few years.

Fabric – They are made up of fibre material, and hence they can last for a lifetime without any wear or tear. The fabric material can last forever, and it can be wiped if any stain occurs.

The entire sofa set is made up of good quality wood, and hence they cannot be affected by termite attack, and they also cannot decay after a long time. The sofa set is made up of grey colour fabric material. Hence they look beautiful and add decor to your house. This type of sofa set is available in both shops and also through online website portals.

Bharat Lifestyle Tulip Five Seater Sofa Set 3-1-1 (Black)

Bharat lifestyle is a manufacturing company that specialises in creating home-based furniture that provides proper comfort and durability. The products supplied by this company have high quality, and hence they are trusted by people all over the country. Because of their quality, people have more confidence in the product, and therefore they purchase the product without thinking.  Their main aim is to offer comfort for all the homes with their high-quality products combined with innovative technology. Their latest product Bharat Lifestyle Tulip Five Seater Sofa Set 3-1-1 (Black) is a combination of a single three-seater sofa and double single seater sofa. With the help of this type of sofa set, you can sofa sets according to your wish. So, as a result, you can change the decor of your house according to your request. The sofa is made up of the right fabric and foam material. Because of this, the foam can be subjected to high pressure and temperatures. Some of the essential features included in this particular type of sofa include,

Foam – The foam of this sofa is made up of 32 density super soft air foam material. They are sure sweet and can last for a lifetime without getting damaged. Now you can enjoy your free time with your family by sitting and chatting.

Outer cover – The outer cover is made up of fabric material, and they are strong enough to withhold pressure and constant usage. But it is essential to maintain the wear and tear of the material. The outer cover can be used to protect the inner foam material, but they need to be protected from sun rays and excessive temperatures.

The sofa is made up of a sturdy structure, and they can last for a lifetime. They are made up of beautiful black colour, and they have attracted a lot of customers over the years. The black is a standard colour that goes along with all types of decor. This sofa set comes along with a warranty and can be bought for a low price. They are available on online websites and also in shops.

While purchasing a sofa, check for all the essential points like the material and foam. Always buy the sofa from a good brand as they can last a lifetime, and even if repaired, they can be altered. Because of this, the sofa sets you buy can be improved and used even when there is damage. So check for the features before you purchase a sofa set so you can enjoy it for a lifetime.