Best L Shaped Sofa Cushion In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Choosing the perfect brand and style might be difficult for some people. So read below to learn more about the L shaped sofa sets and then purchase them.

Sofa sets have become an essential requirement in our country. The plastic chairs which were considered stylish one time are now considered as cheap and less comfortable. People nowadays prefer using sofa sets like a triple seater or a double seater. Sometimes people with large homes will choose a five-seater sofa that looks like the shape of L. They are also called as the L shaped sofas, and they are suitable if you have a lot of guests and you want to interact with them freely facing one another. Most of the large L shaped sofa sets are available in a large size that is suitable for a spacious living room. To reduce such discrimination and allow everyone to enjoy the same com for there are smaller L shaped sofas designed by the companies these days. They are a bit costlier than the standard sofa sets, but they are definitely worth the money. So before purchasing the L shaped sofa, it is necessary to check their features and quality so that it can last for a lifetime. Quality of the couch is more important than the design as they determine the worth of your cost. If anything goes wrong, then the entire sofa is wasted as they cannot be reused or sold. So before purchasing a sofa, certain features need to be checked to ensure quality. The features mentioned below are standard for all types of sofa, whether they are costly or cheap.

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Furny Winchester 6 Seater L-Shape Interchangeable Leatherette Sofa (Black)

Zikra Six Seater; Interchangeable L Shaped Sofa Set (Marble Brown); with four inbuilt Pouffe 

Evok Alden IT00061882 Five Seater Sectional L-Shape Sofa (Tan Brown)


The first and important thing that needs to be noted while purchasing a sofa is the outer cover. If the outer covering is made up of cheap material, then the sofa will be worn soon and will tear.  The cover should be made up of a thick and high-quality material like velvet, jute, etc. Some sofas will start to tear up after two years, and it’s due to non-durable content. Along with the quality, there is another thing that needs to be noted. It is the comfort provided by the outer material. The cover should be soft and should relax you immediately. It should not make it difficult for you to sit or feel stressed. So before buying a sofa, check the durability and comfort offered by the cover. Some sofa sets will be made up of sheets that can be removed and washed or wiped away with a cloth. Some will be water or stain proof protecting the sofa from looking old. So check these qualities before you purchase a sofa.

Inner material

It’s not just the outer cover, but the inner material also plays a significant role in offering you a comfortable sofa. The inner material is made up of mostly foam. But it’s not that simple. There are nearly 7-9 types of foam available on the market with varying qualities. While some foams can last forever, some can only last for a double of years.  This is one of the important reasons people started making the sofa through Carpenter instead of purchasing the readymade sofas that has the danger of a lousy foam situation. While choosing a foam, make sure that it is dense and comfortable. Some foam provides you with a stone-like feeling, and some will be too bouncy. So always choose an inner material that is comfortable and wouldn’t cause you back pain in the future.


Like how the skeleton is the frame of the human system the sofa also requires a proper structure, the framework of the sofa would be made up of wooden boards. Sometimes it might even be made up of steel. So whatever the frame might be it needs to be keen to prevent the sofa from collapsing. While purchasing the frame, make sure that the wood or steel used within the framework is of good quality. This is necessary because sometimes the wood might get old weak and the steel might rust. So these frames should be keen to prevent the sofa structure from collapsing. So when you purchase a sofa, make sure that it stays secure.


Though comfort should be the first thing that you need to look on a sofa, all the other requirements should be met with, so that comfort will be assured at the end. Comfort is not a separate entity but a combination of all these three other entities, including the outer cover, inner material, and frame. The sofa is mostly used as a source of relaxation. Unless it is comfortable, it is impossible to produce comfort for a sofa. Also, in case of an L shaped sofa, it should allow people to converse freely with each other. The foam should be softer on the outer cover, should not poke or make the person uncomfortable with rough material. The frame should be strong enough to hold the seating of many people for an extended period. While these are the main essential features that people need to look for while buying a sofa set, other features also need to be noted. They include,


The colour of the sofa may vary depending upon your preference. If you are trying for a more subtle look, then you can prefer to choose mild colours like the light yellow, white, and cream colour. But if you are into bright colours, then there are a wide range of options available in the market from bright green to dark yellow. So depending upon the decor of your house you can choose the best option that might suit your needs. There are also other neutral colours like brown and black for formal looks. Search using the colour of the sofa depends upon your requirement and the decor of your house. But always make sure that the sofa set is not too brightly coloured to irritate others eyes while talking with you. Decide on the type of colour you need before you go for purchase because it might help you narrow down the choices.


From the novel so fast to the most modern sofa come bed, there are a variety of models available in the market. There are sofas with or without handles. There are also other variations in the areas of the back support, headrest, etc. The structure of the sofa depending upon your choice of preference. But whatever the fabric is just make sure that they stay comfortable. Especially if you are a type to host many guests, then the structure should support their requirements also. 


Purchasing a particular brand sofa is one of the most important things that need to be noted. One thing that every famous brand assures is its quality. And quality is more important because it results in durability. Most of these branded sofas assure you good quality as much as the sofas made by the carpenters. Also, most of these branded sofa sets come along with a particular warranty period. Before purchasing a sofa, make sure that they are waterproof because spelling food on a sofa is unavoidable and using the waterproof sofa will protect the sofa from staining and other issues. The soca should have minimum springs and form if you have children that jump at home to prevent accidents. Similarly, many requirements need to be noted before purchasing a sofa set. So before buying a sofa, make sure that all your requirement boxes are ticked off. Also, the price should be reasonable. Sometimes purchasing a designer sofa will cost you a high price which is not worth, for your daily usage, especially if you are the one to handle it roughly.

Why L shaped sofas are the best

Most of these L shaped sofas can be used for saving space as they can be placed in the corners. They are so useful if you have a small room and the area is not suitable for keeping a three-seater sofa and a single-seater. Even though these L shaped sofa sets are a bit costlier than the triple sofa seat, they are still considered cost-effective instead of purchasing 3-2-1 sofa sets. The cost is reasonable, and these sofas are the best option available in the market. 


These sofa sets can be customized with ease. I’m a case of these sofa sets the alignments can be chosen by us allowing free customization. Also, if you need more, you can add an ottoman or extra bean chair for easing into it. Customizing the sofa will enable you to make them unique and look perfect according to your living room. These L shaped sets will dominate the rooms of your house. They look perfect for your living room and will increase the living conditions. They are more suitable for having a movie night and also as a couch sleeper for your sudden guests. They can be fitted in all types of spaces. They can also be placed in the centre of the room. They use the areas that are mostly left alone hence saving space and their low cost compared to other states make them cost-effective.  They offer a luxurious look to your living room, and they make the living room special. Even though the term L shaped sofa seems like a simple term, there are multiple designs and varieties present in the market. So while choosing it is essential to make a proper choice. Given below are some of the common and the most famous sofa sets in the market.

Furny Winchester 6 Seater L-Shape Interchangeable Leatherette Sofa (Black)

Furny sofa sets are one of the famous lines of sofa companies that have been gaining popularity with their excellent quality and durability. The chief aim of this company is to establish a wide range of free choice for their customers so that they could not restrict themselves to a particular design. Furny sofa sets is an Indian based company and have been increasing in terms of popularity and also for innovative designs.  One of the essential requirements while purchasing a sofa is the comfort provided by them. And the Furny Winchester 6 Seater L-Shape Interchangeable Leatherette Sofa (Black) fits easily into that category. This sofa set allows at least six people to be seated, and they can also lie down since they can serve as an extra night time couch. The outer cover is made up of a unique leather material that is strong and durable. The sofa is made up of black colour, and it can be fitted in most of the environment, including formal office environments. Along with this, the sofa also contains multiple features that have attracted a lot of customers. 

Cover – The outer cover is made up of a unique leather material that can last for a lifetime. This leather is waterproof and liquid proof. This allows you to watch movies with some popcorn and other food items at the same time. These couches are available in a sleek black colour that also hides the stains. The colour will add decor to your house. The leather material is comfortable to sit and sleep.

Inner material – The sofa set is made up of a suitable foam material that can absorb the humidity, and they do not dry easily. They provide enough cushion for your sofa, and they are perfect for sitting. The foam is accompanied by a deep fibre-based cushioning that offers a bouncy feel for an exact extent.

Frame – The frame of the sofa is made up of sturdy wooden material, and the company offers a proper warranty as their structures are sturdy and durable. The frame is strong and can support the weight of six people along with some extra weight and also prevents the foam from Breaking Down.  Because of this reason, the sofa from this particular company is preferred as they provide a highly durable and quality sofa.

The sofa also offers your customization, and hence they can be interchanged whenever required. Meaning this sofa set can be used as both a straight sofa and also as an L shaped sofa.  The beautiful black colour, along with good design, allows you to enjoy the chat sessions freely without any obstruction. With this particular so far more people will start to crash at your home and you can also cost as many parties as possible.

Zikra Six Seater; Interchangeable L Shaped Sofa Set (Marble Brown); with four inbuilt Pouffe.

Zikra sofa company is well known for its intricate designs and innovative technology with a wide range of sofas available.  They are well known for their quality and the comfort they provide. Initially, this particular sofa company started as a small workshop, and they further developed into a large enterprise because of their designs and quality. Interchangeable sofas are a growing trend these days, and they have become more common in the l shape sofa sets. Using an interchangeable sofa allows you to place a couch either as a straight line or in l shaped depending upon your requirement. So to keep up with the needs of the people, Zikra has introduced their latest, Zikra Six Seater Interchangeable L Shaped Sofa Set (Marble Brown), with four inbuilt Pouffe. These particular sofa sets are made up of beautiful brown colour, and they also come along with four inbuilt Pouffes that can be removed and used as separate seaters. So in reality, they are made up of 10 seats and not just six. They also can be interchanged depending upon the requirements. These sofa sets have some other features that make it special and unique. They include,

Cover – Though the cover is not waterproof, and they are of good quality and durable. The cover is present in a beautiful brown colour, and the dust and stains can be wiped easily using a dry cloth. These stains can be cleaned with a simple wet cloth. But be careful to not use much water.

Inner material – The inner part of the sofa set is made up of foam and other fibre cushions to make them more comfortable and suitable for sitting and sleeping. The sofa is not waterproof, and hence proper care should be taken to prevent the water from reaching the foams. Other than this, the sofa is perfect for daily usage, and they can be used for homes with kids.

Facilities – The essential feature is these sofa sets are interchangeable, and they also have four internal seaters that can be used as an extra cushion. They also come with four cushion pillows for more comforts.

This sofa set has gained more popularity due to its ability to be interchangeable. These sofas also have an innovative design, and they have used the space wisely by placing extra Pouffe within the sides of the hand-holders. Because of this creative usage of extra space, this sofa has been preferred in Amazon and other online e-commerce websites. So you can either order this sofa from amazon or through shops directly.

Evok Alden IT00061882 Five Seater Sectional L-Shape Sofa (Tan Brown)

Evok is one of the most famous sofa companies in the country, and most of the people prefer this particular brand because of its price and quality.  The company uses the best quality materials available in the market to make the perfect sofa set. They also manufacture other furniture, and they are well known for their quality and durability. If you are looking for a high-quality sofa with comfort, then Evok sofas are the best choice.  Their Evok Alden IT00061882 Five Seater Sectional L-Shape Sofa (Tan Brown) sofa set is made up of high-quality material and well known for its durability. The sofa is made up of beautiful tan brown colour and can be used only as an l shaped sofa. This sofa cannot be interchanged and can be used only as an l shaped sofa. The sofa is made up of leather material. This sofa is preferred by most of the people. They come along with the wooden table at the corner of the sofa to keep things like snacks. Along with the unique feature, many other features make this sofa set special. They include,

Outer cover – The outer cover is made up of unique art leather material that is highly waterproof and stain-proof. So now you can eat peacefully without worrying about the stain. The sofa set is upholstered, and they can withstand all types of parties and social gatherings. The leather material is highly durable and comfortable for sleeping also.

Inner cover – The inside cover is made up of foam and cushion fibres that allows you to enjoy a pleasant seat without any hardness. The form doesn’t get old after a few years, and hence they can be used roughly. The cushions are filled with fibre to give a. Perfect balance while sitting down.

Along with this, there are other features like the stand placed at the corner of the hand rest. This hand rest is suitable for sitting and eating. Now you can relax your free time with your friends and family for a movie night or parties in this beautiful brown coloured couch. They are upholstered, and hence you can let your children play on the sofa without any restrictions. These sofa sets are available in shops and also in online website portals like Amazon. You can get these sofas for a low price and with a warranty. The seller also offers a carpenter for assembling the sofa set with perfection. This five-seater spring supported cushion sofa is the best option for your sofa purchase.

Along with these three, there are more products available in the market. But if you are purchasing from the market, then make sure to observe and analyze all the brands. Also, make a note on essential features, including inner and outer materials. There are multiple other products available on Amazon, and you can purchase them easily without any hassle. Either way, while choosing a sofa set, make sure that you are buying after sitting and checking. The durability will also be vital as they are expensive products. So they should at least last for a decade or two.