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Best Sofa Sets For Large Room In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

One of the common problems people face is selecting a suitable sofa set for their homes that will make their living room look lively. There are a variety of designs available in the market and to help you in deciding we have provided a list of sofa sets that have a good reputation. Read the below blog to understand about the Sofa set and the top models in the current-day situation.

Sofa sets have been gaining immense popularity these days slowly replacing the original wooden chairs and cushion chairs. Most of the large space houses use a variety of sofa sets to make their living room look alive. There are many reasons why people prefer using the sofa set instead of using the age-old good quality wood-based furniture. Because of this, there are multiple numbers of models that have been brought into the market. The companies are more interested in creating new models with innovative technology that will attract more users. From an ordinary house to a large house, everyone uses the sofa these days. Some of the most common reasons why people prefer a sofa over any other furniture set are because,  

  • The sofa sets can also be used as a single couch that you can let your sudden guest crash on. They are comfortable and similar to a single sleeper couch. So if you have any unexpected guest do not panic as you already have an extra bed in your living room.
  • They are more comfortable than any of the furniture. Sofa sets are made up of unique foam materials and cushions. As a result, they are softer than standard furniture. So if you have a sofa, you can comfortably watch movies all over the night without getting any type of back pain. Sometimes you can also fall asleep on the couch. 
  • The sofa set is more useful for hosting a get together where you can sit along with your friends and play a game or watch a movie. They are comfortable, and you can spend hours on it without feeling the need to get up. 

Along with this, many other features have attracted users to purchase sofa sets. The market is filled with a variety of designs, but when it comes to choosing a plan that will suit your house, then you might have to reconsider your options. If you have a large house with a huge living room then placing a small sofa set with 3 or 2 seaters will not add to the decor. A simple five-seater or a six-seater sofa combined with other furniture sets will be more suitable for a large living room. Even though you might have only two or three members in the family placing a small sofa may contact with the decor—latest about the types of sofa that can be placed in a house with a large living room.

Product Buying Guide:

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Sapna house 6 Seater Leather Sofa Set

Muebles Casa Coral Six Seater L-Shaped Sofa

MH Decoart Sheesham Wood 6 Seater Sofa Set for Living Room

L shaped sofa sets

L shaped sofa sets are standard these days and available in most of the houses. They may vary as a simple three-seater l shaped sofa to a large six-seater l shaped couch with extension. This particular six-seater sofa with extension will be suitable for large homes. The extension can be used when there is a requirement for an extra bed or for lying down and watching your favourite movie. These fast can be placed in any part of the room, and they provide a more luxurious look to the atmosphere. They are not just a pure showcase material, but they are also comfortable. So they make an excellent sofa design. 

Individual sets

Most of the people prefer l shaped sofa sets. But some people will also look forward to changing the design and positions of the sofa from time to time. In such situations purchasing a five-seater sofa with two or three single seater sofa will complete the look and add to the decor. You can change the position of the single-seater sofa any way you want according to the living room. You can also buy a six-seater sofa for a triple seater sofa according to your choice or requirement. These types of sofa sets are easy to move around and maintain. They are also easier for cleaning as cleaning under the L shaped sofa set might be difficult. But these sofas are comfortable to move, and they can be changed positions for cleaning and redecorating easily. 

Sofas with ottomans

The next type of sofa sets are the standard 6-7 seater sofa sets with ottomans and sometimes recliners to provide some extra chairs and comfort for the ones who need it. These are also extra comfortable, and they are the best option available. The ottomans can be fixed on the side hand rests, and hence you can also save the space when needed. They are also available as separate ones, but it will make your living room clouded. This way, you will feel unique and remove the ottomans when required from the hand rest. All these three designs are standard designs available from India. Sometimes people prefer to obtain sofas from Italy and other countries. People also prefer designing their own sofa sets using their carpenters for making customised designs. These handmade sofa sets can last longer and will be a perfect fit for your homes. You can design your comfort and use your own set of foam and cushion material. Most of the large houses would use vacuum cleaners for cleaning their homes. So if you have vacuum cleaners use them for cleaning the sofa gaps from time to time. This is the only way for maintaining a sofa set. Along with these, various other tips need to be followed for maintaining the sofa set efficiently.

Clean your sofas regularly

The first and foremost step involved in maintaining a sofa is cleaning them continuously. The sofa sets can be cleaned by using standard hands and a towel or by using a vacuum cleaner. If your vacuum cleaner at home, use them for cleaning the sofa as they are more efficient in cleaning the corners and keeping the sofa clean for a long time. Also, if there is any stain on the sofa wipe them with a standard wet cloth and not direct water. The moment something spills on your sofa sets to place a dry, well-absorbing cloth material over it so that the water will be observed immediately. This, in turn, will also prevent the water from getting absorbed and reaching the fibres or the foam. Even if any stains cannot be removed using simple plane washcloth then purchase a fabric stain remover set that is specially designed for cleaning the sofa. These individual seats are safer when compared to the standard cleaning tools available in the market that are used for floors.

Place them in an ordinary place

If you have purchased an indoor sofa set, then make sure to place the sofa set within the house away from direct sunlight and water resources. The immediate placement will result in the damage of the product’s outer cover. The excess temperature can sometimes result in the hardening of the foam material lying below the cover. The continuous exposure to the sun will reduce the colour of the outer cover. 

Plump your sofa cushions

The sofa cushions should be fluffed regularly by tapping over the edges. All the parts of the sofa should be fluffed from time to time. When you continuously use a particular sofa set for sitting down, the foam will start to set in that specific shape. To prevent that and to maintain the sofa properly, it is essential to fluff both the sofa and the pillows. 

Place Cloth covers

The cloth covers are available in most of the shops, and they are typically placed on the sofa to prevent them from getting damaged within a short time. The sweat and other constant spills will be prevented from falling on the sofa just by placing these covers. In case of a leather couch, putting this cover will help prevent them from getting damaged. 

Avoid jumping

Even though the modern sofa materials that are being used are much more durable than the previous sofa material, you still need to maintain them. So the children shouldn’t jump on the sofa because it not only damages the sofa but sometimes it might result in accidents. Especially if you have purchased a leather sofa, they do not have enough strength to withstand this type of Jumping activities. Along with these, various other maintenance features need to be followed. That includes preventing yourself from placing the sofa near the kitchen and also near a Barbecue stand as they might damage the sofa set permanently. If you have the habit of eating on the sofa keep the plates on your lap. Do not place the cooking vessels on the sofa directly. Place them on the table. Following all these kind of rules and regulations will allow you to keep the sofa set clean and comfortable for an extended period. There is a variety of six or seven-seater sofa sets available for large houses in the market. But before purchasing a sofa set in the market, read the below passage to understand the sofa types and which would be more suitable for use in your home. 

Sapna house 6 Seater Leather Sofa Set

Sapna house sofa company is one of the famous companies that manufacture various models of sofa sets. They are popular and well known for their ability to make customised sofa designs. If you need a personalised sofa, place the requirement along with your order to receive the correct package. Most of the sofa sets delivered by them are separated and packaged with cartons for protection. After delivery, they send their own set of people for reassembly. They also provide proper servicing and repair services. Because of their excellent servicing and high technology-related designs, they are much preferred by people all over the country. Their latest design is Sapna house 6 Seater Leather Sofa Set. This latest six-seater sofa set made up of leather material provides a royal look and is suitable for people with a large living room. 

The sofa can be placed in any part of the house. The sofa set is L shaped and provides enough space for two people to sleep. They also offer proper headrest for comfort. This particular sofa set has many features. Let us see about those features in detail.

Comfort – This sofa provides the best support possible with a headrest and large sofa sets. The space between the seaters offers you to sit freely and also to lie down. This sofa is made up of high-quality leather that can support your frame while lying down and provides a smooth, comfortable surface. 

Foam – The sofa set is made up of a solid wooden frame that can provide a proper structure to the sofa for an extended period without getting attacked by termites or any other possible damages. The form of the sofa is also made up of high quality and high-density foam material that can maintain the structure of the sofa without creating Impressions for an extended period. If you want, you can always fluff the couch from time to time. 

Space and provision – The sofa set is a basic six-seater sofa with proper spaces in between that allows you to lie down and enjoy the movies in your free time. At the same time, the sofa also has an appropriate address that will enable you to relax comfortably by watching a movie sitting down. 

Most of the sofa sets delivered by the company come in distinct parts and re-assembled by the individual carpenters of the company after delivery. This condition is to ensure safe delivery without any damage to the product. The sofa also comes with a proper set of cushions and headrests. They can be positioned anywhere according to your requirements. These circular and square pillows will add an appropriate theme to your designs. They can be purchased directly from the shops, or they can also be obtained from the online website portals like Amazon and Flipkart. The packaging is perfect, and you will receive your product with the utmost care and quality.

Muebles Casa Coral Six Seater L-Shaped Sofa

Muebles Casa is a modern furniture company that means ‘Furniture home’ in Spanish. This company has been one of the most famous companies in the country because of its innovative designs and durability. Their primary focus is on strength and innovative designs. The company mainly games on producing sofa sex with proper comfort, quality, and durability that can last forever. Their new product is Muebles Casa Coral Six Seater L-Shaped Sofa (Light Brown). This sofa set comes along with an extra set of cushion pillows and beautiful design. They also have a table at the corner for placing snacks and other tea trays. This sofa is built with innovative designs to facilitate comfort and technology. The sofa has sox comfortable speakers that can be used for sitting down and also as a bed when you have an extra guest. This sofa set contains many features. They include, 

Comfort – This sofa is all about convenience. The seats are filled with a good quality foam material that can remain in perfect shape even after continuous usage for years. The sofa is tested for quality and comfort and has proved to be a success. The sofa also comes with a set of colourful cushions that can be placed anywhere according to your wishes. Instead of a hand rest at one corner sofa has a tea table made up of excellent quality wood material that can be used for placing your drinks and snacks while watching a movie. 

Quality – One of the essential features next to comfort is quality. The sofa is made up of high-quality leather material that will provide proper support while lying down or sitting down for watching a movie or talking to your friends. The leather is soft and does not wither away in time because they are made up of high quality pigmented leather material. The foam and wooden frame are also made up of good quality material so that they do not wither away in time. 

Wood frame – The wooden structure used for the sofa set is made up of kiln-dried wood with reinforced engineered wood material. This type of woods are durable and can be used for many purposes. The table on the side is also made up of the same wood. The table is designed in the form of a box to ensure multiple usages on a single product. The storage box and is used for storing remote and another type of materials like keys. 

This product is delivered to the customers in a pre-assembled state, and as a result, you do not need an extra set of carpenters for assembling made after delivery. Also, the product is delivered correctly without any damage with proper carton placements and protections. The product is available both online and in shops. The company also offers repair services. When there is any damage to the product before the warranty period ends. Even after the completion of the warranty period, you can repair the sofa with some charges.

MH DECO ART Sheesham Wood 3+2+1, 6 Seater Sofa Set for Living Room.

The MH Decoart is a company in the sofa manufacturing industry that is well known for creating innovative designs and high-quality furniture sets. The company is well known for its designer products and designs that are one of a kind. Their new product is MH DECO ART Sheesham Wood 3+2+1, 6 Seater Sofa Set for Living Room. This sofa set is suitable for all types of environment and can be placed on the patio. The sofa set is made up of right quality frame, foam and outer cover. They provide proper comfort, and people can enjoy their leisure time for hours without worrying about their back pain. The sofa comes along with a free cushion pillow that can be used for providing extra comfort.

Comfort – The MH Decoart company mainly focuses on producing brands that have a high level of comfort. To ensure that this type of sofa set is made up of good quality foam material that can be used for an extended time without creating any Impressions. Also, the outer cover is made up of right quality fabric. This sofa set is made up of less for material and more wood material to provide an antique finish. The designers have made sure that the foam is present in the areas that require proper cushioning and comfort. 

Framework – This sofa set is made up of good quality wood material, and most of the sofa, including the handles headrest and base, is made up of wood and are not covered using foam or outer cover. The wood used for making this sofa is high-quality Sheesham wood, otherwise known as the Indian Redwood. This type of wood material is hard and cannot be easily attacked by termites. The final coat of the wood is finished with an oak coloured coating.  

The feature is available as a three-seater, two-seater, and a single-seater, and they can be placed according to your comfort. Their dimensions are Oak Finish Seater: 71 x 28 x 30 Inch, 2 Seater: 50 x 28 x 30 Inch, 1 Seater: 29 x 28 x 30 Inch, Cream Cushion. These sofa sets are preferred by most of the users in Amazon and other online websites. The entire sofa set comes out as an assembled part, and there is no requirement for re-assembling after delivery. Do you can order them from the website or also change them directly from the shop.

The people widely purchase all the sofa as mentioned above sets through online portal mediums like Amazon and Flipkart. These sofa sets belong to a good brand, and they have useful features when compared to the other sofas in the market. Once you have purchased the sofa set, make sure to maintain them properly. Remember to clean them regularly and not expose them to excessive temperatures. By retaining this sofa using the steps given above, you can keep the design for at least 13 to 15 years minimum. Decide on the colour and design of the sofa before you go for purchasing to make an easy decision. Along with the sofa set, their features are also explained in detail so you can compare and decide on one particular sofa that will suit your requirement. So enjoy your new sofa and happy shopping.