Best Recliner Sofas In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Recliner sofas are preferred by most of the young and older people in India. There are a variety of models available in the market. And among them, some of the best designs are given by us in detail. Read below to understand them.

There are multiple sets of sofas available in the market with varying designs and technology. These sofa sets are mainly used for sitting down and spending some leisure time with the family. The living room is a space where most of the memories are made. So most of the living room is made lively and comfortable with these sofas. While the standard sofa sets play a massive role in mass gatherings, they are not comfortable in case of single seating. So if you are looking forward to sitting alone to read some books, to watch movies or to take some rest, then recliners are the best choice. The recliners are mostly single seated sofa sets that are made more comfortable with headrests, hand rests and footrests. This provides comfort similar to a semi-sleeper. So now you can watch movies for a long time by sitting on these recliners with popcorn and a blanket. They are suitable for all types of age groups. From healthy children to older couples, everyone can relax and enjoy themselves in these recliners. In some houses, these recliners are commonly placed in the patio for enjoying the view. They are also placed in living rooms for watching the movie. This type of recliner sofa sets is also used in offices for having a short nap and even in massage parlours. Because of its uses, these recliners are being manufactured by many companies at a faster rate. Even though they are a bit costlier than a standard single seater sofa set, they are still their money’s worth when compared to the comfort they offer. Also though the recliner sofa is not a part of the original sofa set, they still need to match the decor of the house. Because of this reason, they are now available in many designs, colours and models. If you are trying to purchase a recliner sofa set, then it is necessary to understand its features in detail. After following the features of the sofa set, you should also analyze the products present in the market and choose the best one available. To make it easier for you, we have given a list of features that needs to be noted while purchasing a recliner sofa set.

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Innovate Recliner & Sofa Motorized Recliner Chair - Empirio_Cream

Amazon Brand - Solimor Musca Single Seater Fabric Recliner (Chocolate)

CasaStyle Barissa 2 Seater Recliner Sofa with Storage (Brown)


The primary purpose of buying a recliner sofa set is to relax during your free time. So comfort is an essential option in this particular sofa set. While for a standard sofa set you need a proper cushion for seating in case of a recliner set, it has to provide a cushion-like feel all over the sofa from head to toe. The entire body should be adequately padded with good cushion material to enhance the feeling of relaxation. The headrest should support the head properly without feeling hard. Similarly, the footrest should also be in a slanting position and with the flexibility to change the location; however, the user wants it to be. All these facilities combined will form the perfect recliner set with utmost comfort required.

Seating positions

The recliners usually have many seating positions. It’s considered that the more number of seating positions, the more comfortable the chair is. The recliners should have the ability to change the locations in the body, headrest and on the footrest. All these three facilities are compulsory to make it comfortable and advanced.


Even though the single-seater recliners are standard nowadays, there are also two and three-seater receivers available in the market. So before going for a purchase decode on the size of the recliner. If you prefer enjoying the comfort all to yourself without any human contact, then go for the single-seater recliner. At the same time, you prefer sharing warmth with your family then go for the double or triple seater. Also, make sure that the frame of the recliner hugs you to provide a hugging effect and makes you feel relaxed.

Quality and durability

The recliners may be similar to a single-seater sofa, but their coat is not. They are much costlier than the standard triple seater sofas because of their features. So the sofa must be of high quality and last for more than ten years. Some of the common problems that occur in a purchased receiver are the breakdown of the frame, rusting of the moving levers, hardening of foam, and tearing up of the leather. So while buying a recliner sofa set, check for the quality of these materials. 

  • Check if the quality of the outer fabric material is excellent. The leather or the fabricated should sustain the stains produced by spilling of food and water. They should be waterproofed to a certain extent. 
  • The foam should be of good quality, with dry fast technology. Sometimes people use two types of materials like the special sturdy foam to hold the structure and the soft fabric material to provide softness and cushion-like effect. They should not harden when exposed to light or humidity. 
  • The structure of the recliner sofa should be made up of high-quality wood or stainless steel. Using a cheap quality material will cause the wood to decay or get attacked by termites. At the same time, non-processed steel will rust when exposed to air. So choose the best quality to experience longevity. The frame is the main skeleton. So it should not be damaged under any circumstances.


These recliners are mostly available as standard formal colours like black, brown, grey, and white. There are only fewer products with fancy colours like green and yellow. So if you need an elegant colour setting for your recliner sofa set, then the best choice for you is to make a customized order rather than purchasing a game without the right brand name or warranty. Otherwise, you can always buy good quality and brand based recliner with the standard colours that will go along with most of the decors. So decide on the colour of the recliner before going for the purchase as it will make your work much more comfortable.


The brand of a recliner sofa is as important as the quality and comfort of the sofa. A branded product with warranty confirms that the product will last forever without any damage shortly. A product is recognized as a brand only when it has proved to the people and its customers that it has high quality and standards that cannot be met by any other companies in the market. Also, these companies will be aiming to obtain customer satisfaction rather than earning money as their priority. So even if there is a mistake on the sofa, they can be easily repaired or replaced within a short period when you purchase a brand sofa. All the points mentioned above are important while purchasing a sofa set. So if you are looking for a recliner sofa set then make sure you have covered all the points mentioned above before you go for purchasing them. If you are more interested, you can also search for the current brands present in the market and their qualities through the internet and decide on the model before you go for a purchase. This technique would be much easier to make the right choice rather than going to a shop and choosing the product that the shop owner recommends.

How to maintain a recliner sofa?

A recliner sofa set is also similar to a usual Sofa set, and it can be maintained easily by using some precautionary steps. Comparatively, standard sofa sets are a bit easier to clean as they have less amount of foldings. So if you have a recliner sofa set, clean it efficiently from time to time to maintain it.

Vacuum clean: The recliner sofa set is made up of multiple foldings from the headrest to footrest. And hence it is essential to vacuum clean them from time to time. Use the soft bristle vacuum cleaner to clean in the corners and other areas of the sofa effectively. Using a handheld vacuum cleaner will be much easier and quicker. 

Wipe softly: Wet a soft cloth and remove excess water from it. After that wipe the sofa set with it in case of any coffee or food stains, do not use the water directly or a cloth with dribbling water. Using excessive water might damage the foam and leather. So make it minimal. Do not use the sprays that are used for cleaning glasses and other types of stain removers. They will not go well along with the fabric, causing them to tear away.

Proper placement: Before purchasing a recliner sofa, make sure where you want to place them. Because some people prefer putting them on the outdoors while some people prefer placing them on indoors, and some other people will try to use them for both purposes. So if you are going for both the purposes then buy a recliner sofa that is suitable for outdoor usage. This condition is because the foam should be suitable, for both indoor and outdoor usage. This sofa is suitable for outdoor usage because the foam and outer cover will be able to withstand excessive heat and rain. Also, while placing the sofa within your house, keep them away from the fireplace and heater to prevent damage. These are some of the points that need to be noted while using a recliner sofa so that you can use them safely. Their price is a bit costly, and hence they should be handled with proper care so that the mechanism and the cushion will work appropriately for a long time. These are the best type of sofa set available in the market and hence maintain them with proper care. To make you choose the best sofa set available in the market, we have mentioned some of the most preferred sofa sets in detail. Along with that, the features of these recliners are also explained in detail.

Innovate Recliner & Sofa Motorized Recliner Chair - Empirio_Cream

Innovate one of the well-known companies in the area of producing recliner sofa sets. They have created a variety of models and designs in the field of recliner sofa. They have their very own research and development team that has recently developed a motorized recliner chair that can be used for providing comfort to the older people and also physically disabled persons. Ordinary people can also use this recliner chair for relaxing themselves and enjoying their time with the family. Their new product is Innovate Recliner & Sofa Motorized Recliner Chair in Empirio_Cream. This particular product is highly compatible and provides a semi-sleeper like comfort with an adjustable chair that can be changed positions. 

The footrest can also be extended according to your wish. So this is not just a sofa but also can be used as a semi-sleeper while watching movies. They are made up of high-quality foam material along with fibres to provide a cushion effect. This sofa set also has multiple other features and now let us see about them in detail.

Frame – The frame of the recliner sofa should be strong enough to support the weight of a single person and also the other mechanism placed within the sofa to move body and footrest whenever required. The frame of the sofa is made up of good quality wood material combined with iron that has been used for designing the mechanism. Combined this entire frame will last for a lifetime, and since the metal is covered with good quality form, there is no chance for it to get rusted. In addition to this, the iron is also coated with anti-rusting paint to prevent rusting shortly. 

Comfort – To provide proper support in this case of recliner sofa set the footrest, and the main body has been attached with levers to adjust the position according to your requirement. The sofa set is also filled with a high-quality form that provides the proper cushion effect and even fibres to add more cushion-like feeling on the base and body. The outer cover is made up of good quality leather, and they are soft to lie down. The leather can withstand both heat and pressure, and they are stain-resistant. 

These sofa recliners are soft, and hence they can also be used as an extra bed. The levers are durable and give a smooth finish for secure handling. The headrest is also made up of durable material and can last for a lifetime. This type of recliner is available on online websites and also in shops. They come along with a good warranty period, and the price is also reasonable. The company also offers free service within the warranty period and even after it with some changes, so if you want to purchase this product, stop thinking and purchase them immediately.

Amazon Brand - Solimor Musca Single Seater Fabric Recliner (Chocolate)

Solimor is a unique brand that manufactures high-quality sofa. Recently Amazon has been purchasing a set of branded products that can be sold under their name. Solimor is one such product. Their products have been well defined and tested thoroughly multiple times. Amazon has been supporting this product because of its high quality and durability. They have been well known for producing products with innovative technology that are not available in other types of products. Their new product is the Amazon Brand – Solimo Musca Single Seater Fabric Recliner (Chocolate). This sofa set is made up of good quality fibre outer cover and high-density foam to provide the proper bouncing effect. As a result, the sofa is comfortable for lying down and relaxing your free time by either reading a book or watching television. This sofa set is preferred by users all over the country because of its wide range of features. Some of the features include,

Proper alignment – The body, headrest and the footrest are correctly aligned in such a way that the sofa is suitable for sitting and also for lying down in a semi-sleeper position. The alignment of the footrest can be adjusted according to the requirement of the customer. Similarly, the body of the sofa that supports your back can also be adjusted according to your wish. 

Comfort – The entire sofa set is made up of good quality fibre as the other cover. This outer cover is made up of soft texture, and hence they can be comfortable for lying down and relaxing without being rough on your skin. The foam, along with the polymer fibre, can be used to provide a good cushion effect. 

This entire recliner sofa set is manually adjustable, and they are provided with a particular type of levers to make adjustments. This sofa set is a single-seater sofa set with proper armrest and headrest to support the entire frame of the person sitting on it. This product is available on online websites like Amazon and Flipkart and can also be purchased directly from the shops. The entire product is packaged and sent the whole and does not require any type of assembling after delivery. The product was tested for 25,000 cycles with nearly 100 kg weight on top. The products are also resistant to powerful dyes and cleaning chemicals like formaldehyde. So purchasing this will be worth your money.

CasaStyle Barissa 2 Seater Recliner Sofa with Storage (Brown)

Casa style is a unique brand that has been manufacturing sofa sets for an extended period. This brand has been known for producing innovative designs that are unique and comfortable. The company also designs a variety of other sofa models in addition to the recliner sofa sets. Their recent model includes CasaStyle Barissa 2 Seater Recliner Sofa with Storage (Brown). This sofa model is a recliner set that can be used by two different people. The recliner sofa set also contains a storage box that can be used for storing TV remote, and other materials you feel is essential. The sofa is made up of high-quality leather with multiple mechanisms for making adjustments. These adjustments can be controlled easily by using a small lever. With the help of the particular two-seater sofa set, you can enjoy your free time with your family members and friends while watching TV or while catching up. This specific sofa set comes along with a variety of features, and they include comfort and quality. Let us view them in detail.


Comfort – The comfort of a recliner sofa is one of the essential requirements, and this sofa is the most comfortable of all. The so far is made up of high-quality leather material with dark brown colour that will go well along with your decor. The sofa is transported directly from the manufacturer and has a royal look that makes your room look grand. 

Quality – The foam material used for constructing this particular sofa is made up of high quality and high-density foam that can last for an extended period without losing the impression. The entire frame is also made up of good quality wood and iron to support the mechanism and maintain the weight of the sofa along with the person sitting on it.

Even though both the recliners are attached, they can be altered separately. Hence you can adjust your sofa according to your comfort. It also comes along with a cup holder and storage box. So now you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies with popcorn and coke on the side with your friends. This type of sofa set is available in both Amazon and other online websites. They can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer through their online website. The product does not require any type of assembling, and hence you can start using them the moment you receive them.

All the recliners mentioned above have been ruling the market for the past few months. Their brands are also well known, and they have grown quite famous during the past few months. With the help of these recliners, you can relax your free time with comfort. Purchase them for a low price from online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can also purchase from the furniture stores. After buying them do not forget to maintain them properly so the tips given above for enjoying the comfort for an extended period. Give importance to both brand and satisfaction. If you are buying directly check by sitting down for knowing about comfort. Have a happy shopping and enjoy your lifestyle.