Best Sofa For Small Room In india [Reviews & Buying Guide]

If you are looking forward to purchasing a sofa set for your compatible home, and then you might have chosen from the multiple models available in the market. So to select the best quality so far from the market read the passage below. It helps you to understand their features and how to choose them correctly for your home.

There are a variety of models available in the market currently. When it comes to selecting a product for your home, then the best option is to make a research on all the products in the market and choose the best choice by comparing them. In order to make it easier, there are several products from different brands available in online E-Commerce sites like Amazon, where you can choose from multiple options before making a final decision. Sofa sets have become common these days, and both people from small and large homes are using the sofa sets to make their living room look perfect. But purchasing the sofa set is not just for the decor; they also prefer them because of the comfort they offer along with the design. The sofa set is more comfortable when compared to the plastic and wooden chairs in terms of the cushion effect and their ability to act as a bed when required. Because of this reason more people are interested in purchasing the sofa through the shops or the online mediums. If you own a small house with a decent living room, you can always purchase a sofa set that can be placed in a small space. Choose the perfect size that will go well along with your living room and other objects present in the living room. For a comfortable living room, choose a double seater or triple seater sofa accompanied by two single-seater sofas so that they can be arranged and rearranged according to your preferences easily. There are a lot of things that need to be noted before buying a suitable sofa for a small house. They include,

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In the case of small homes, one thing that needs to be looked at is the size and space. If the small room is occupied with a large object, then it won’t look beautiful or comfortable. So, the size of the furniture should small enough to make the room look spacious. The best option for small furniture is the three-seater sofa sets which can be accompanied by single seater sofa sets. This will give you a choice to arrange the seating arrangements. Also, if you feel crowded, you can always remove the single-seaters and place only when required. 


People expect every product they buy to be useful and valuable. So, as a result, this sofa why For your Living room should be comfortable and with high quality. It should not be a sofa that can be used for decoration because small houses do not have such spaces. So when the customers are trying to relax after a hectic day at work, these sofa sets should be comforting. So while purchasing a sofa set takes care of the comfort first. The sofa should be made up of the high-quality cover and foam material to provide proper cushion-like feel. 


The next important thing while purchasing a sofa set is to look at its quality. When it comes to sofa sets, their condition is much more critical. Every sofa is a bit costly, and hence it is essential to last for at least a decade to make them useful. You cannot go and purchase of the sofa every two years solved the quality of the sofa should be taken into account while purchasing net. To make sure the quality of this so far is good check the material of the outer cover and also the foam material used. The outer cover should be made of high-quality leather or fibre that can be cleaned easily. The cover should be resistant to withstand all types of temperatures to a certain extent. Similarly, standard foams have the ability to harden over a short period. But nowadays high-quality foams are being manufactured. Hence they can last for a lifetime without being damaged or getting reduced to a powdered form.


Most of the sofa sets that are used in a small house should also have the ability to serve as an extra bed when there is a guest. These sofa sets should have multiple uses for their prices worth. So if you have guests all the time, you can purchase the sofa cum bed model that is obtaining popularity in the market today. If you have low guests, then you can always purchase standard types off with additional questions that can be comfortable when used as an extra bed during some rare occasions. So when you purchase a sofa set for your home, make sure that it has more than one use.  


The brand of the sofa should also be higher. Despite the size of the sofa set, you are using the brand also matters to an extent. So if you are searching for a sofa set, make sure it is of a high brand so that the quality and comfort will automatically be provided. The occurrence of model failure and constant repairs are common in none branded sofas, and they are rare in branded ones. This is because the brand companies strive for quality, not money. So you have decided to purchase a sofa whether it is small or large, buy a branded one. Most of these branded sofa sets come along with a good warranty period and reasonable pricing.

Local brands

When you purchase a product, always buy a local brand or a brand that has service centres all over the country. Such brands can be trusted with your repairs and servicing when required. But if you purchase a foreign branded sofa set then repairing it or remodelling it after a few years won’t be possible. This condition is because the materials used in these products cannot be obtained quickly, and it would be difficult for the local carpenters to understand their working techniques. All these features need to be noted in detail while purchasing a sofa set for a small space house. The sofa set should merge well with the living room sets and the family members. The price of these sofa sets should also be reasonable. If you are will to spend more on these small sofas, you can always go for high priced, and small size designer sofa sets. They are of customised designs and unique with good quality and comfort. But whether it is a simple, low price, small sofa or if it is a high proceed sofa set, it is essential to maintain them from time to time. Some points need to be followed while cleaning and preserving a sofa set. They include,


Cleaning a sofa set can be a tricky job as it involves proper cleaning without using conventional cleaning materials. You can wipe the sofa directly with a simple dry cloth or use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the dust particles embedded within the crevices of the sofa. Also, if there is any sudden stain on the sofa, then it can be cleaned easily by using a standard wet cloth if you have spilt water directly on the sofa dab it immediately with a fabric that can observe the water before it reaches the other layers of the sofa. Every sofa shop has a unique cleaning solution that can be used for cleaning the sofa you have bought from the shop itself.  Using this special sofa cleaner will allow you to maintain your sofa without getting disintegrated. Be careful and do not use the natural cleaning products that you use for homes and kitchens.

Away from outdoors

Unless the sofa you bought is suitable for outdoor conditions, always keep them away from the space of direct sunlight and rain. The direct sunlight will reduce the colour of the outer cover and the water when passed through these sofa sets continuously; they have the tendency to disintegrate or harden depending upon the type of foam material used. So technically, it is essential to keep the sofa set away from the extreme temperatures, including heaters and fireplace. If your sofa is made up of leather, then cover it with a proper designer cloth cover so that the leather won’t be damaged with exposure to continuous sweating. Also, prevent yourself from using sharp objects for placing them on the sofa like the knife and other playing materials used by the children. Sometimes they might poke the sofa and create holes which might further expand with the time. If you have children at home, purchase a durable fabric material made sofa set that can withstand the constant pressure from the children. Putting a cover and the sofa will always be a safe solution and if you have a leather either cover it or make sure that the room temperature is cold. Whether you are rich or poor, the living room is a commonplace where some of the good memories of the families are made—in such situations having. The comfortable environment in the living room will make your life easier. There are many models of simple, small, and soft sofa sets available in the market. These sofa sets are available with very designs and models making it a difficult choice for the users to choose one among them. At the same time, if you are inexperienced in the field of purchasing so far, it would be difficult for you to choose the best quality sofa. So to help you with your decision making, we have provided a list of sofa sets that are simple at a reasonable price. Read below to understand them in detail.

Furny Mint L-Shaped Reversible Sofa (Beige-Brown)

Furny sofa company is well known for its innovative designs and durability. This particular sofa company is well known for producing comfortable designs that provide proper comfort to its users. Along with the sofa sets, they also produce various other types of furniture that are rich with design and support. The Furny Mint L-Shaped Reversible Sofa (Beige-Brown) is their latest design. This particular three seater sofa set has been famous and suitable for even the smallest of the houses. This sofa set provides a mint style design that has attracted a lot of customers and persuaded them to buy it. The sofa also comes along with a unique triple set of matching cushions that can be placed on the back for support. This sofa set is also made up of multiple features that attracted a lot of customers. Let us see them in detail.

Framework – The leather sofa has cushions, but most of it is made up of wood material. The wood used is of high quality and resistant to termites.  This wood can be used for a long time. The entire framework is made up of this type of wood. The wood is durable and thick enough to hold heavyweight up to 200- 250 kgs. With the help of this durable wood, you can use this sofa for a long time. The cushions can be changed every now and then when they become old.

Outer cover – The outer cover is made up of good quality leather material. This outer cover protects the sofa set from getting wet and also used to protect them from stains. The leather is made up of good quality, and they do not wither away after a few years. The cushions are made up of good quality foam, and these cushions can be easily replaced by using a local carpenter. 

Extra fit – The three-seater sofa set is accompanied by an extra ottoman that can change its positions from left to the right according to the requirement. This ottoman can be used for relaxing yourself and also to lie down. This extra fitting is available as extra comfort and can be removed if not interested.

This sofa set is preferred by most of the users, and as a result, they are now available for online purchase from websites like Amazon and Flipkart. This type of sofa set can also be used along with two single-seater sofa sets. The sofa set is upholstered with good quality leather, and this three-seater sofa set can be comfortably used as a bed for lying down.

Aart Store 5X6 Feet Three Seater High-Density Foam Sofa com Bed Furniture Sleeps & Comfortably Green Color

The Aart store is a famous store that has been well established among users as one of the brands that provide decent quality and durability. This brand has been well known for creating designs that are popular and innovative with technology. The store has been continually producing multiple designs. Their latest model is the Aart Store 5X6 Feet Three Seater High-Density Foam Sofa com Bed Furniture Sleeps & Comfortably Green Color.  This sofa set is made up of good quality foam material that can last for at least 10 to 12 years. This particular three-seat sofa set can be used for many years without any issues. This sofa set can also be used as a bed by spreading it out. Because of its multiple uses, this sofa set is most suitable for the bachelors and people with a small home.

Foam – This sofa set is made up of high-quality foam material that can be used for manufacturing good quality sofa sets. The foam is of high density, and it is resistant to water or any other type of stain. As a result, this foam material can be used roughly without any hesitation. The density of the form is also high, and hence they can be used as a makeshift bed. 

Outer cover – The other sheet of this bed is made up of a bright green polycotton fabric material that can withstand all types of pressure and weight for an extended period. This fabric material can be easily removed and washed whenever required. They are stain-resistant and can be wiped away whenever needed. 

Bed cum sofa – The entire sofa set can be used as a bed for lying down. This sofa set can be spread evenly and used as a bed and resolved to act as a Sofa. The foam is comfortable enough for both purposes. They can be used in studios and apartments. The bed is divided into different sections so they can be folded and used accordingly. 

This sofa set is used commonly in bachelor homes and for various other uses. It can also be used for your vacations and as an extra bed for your sudden guests. The size of the bed can be extended by just shifting the folding. It can also be used as a lounger and mattress. The cover can be removed and washed.  Sometimes if you want to change the protection, you can also purchase it from the sofa store and change the colour according to your choice. The size of the sofa set is 80 x 180 x 90 cm, and the weight of the sofa is 15 kg. They can be easily carried around as they are of the lightweight. They are also suitable for office purposes.

Home Centre Clary Three Seater Sofa

The home centre is a famous sofa and furniture manufacturing company.  They have branches in all parts of the country and offer product servicing along with maintenance. This company is popular for manufacturing high-quality sofa sets with innovative technology. One of their latest creative productions is the foam-based sofa set that can be used in your living room. Their latest product Home Centre Clary Three-Seater Sofa is preferred by most of the people with small homes as they are compact and beautiful. This particular sofa set is durable and can last for a lifetime. This first three-seater sofa is made up of leather material and can last for a lifetime. The foam material is also durable and resistant to water and stains. The framework is secure and can last for multiple years without any issues.

Foam – The foam sofa is made up of high-density foam, and they can be exposed to sunlight and other extreme temperatures. This type of foam can last for years without getting hard or withering away. Hence this sofa can be placed anywhere without any issues. 

Outer cover – The outer cover is made up of good quality leather material, and it can last for a lifetime. The outer cover is water-resistant and stain-resistant. But they should be appropriately maintained. So when stained, these outer covers can be cleaned by using some wet cloth. The internal dust can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. 

Frame – The internal part of the sofa set is made up of a sturdy frame made up of wood and metal. The wood is pine wood and is free of termites, and the metal is painted to prevent themselves from getting rusted in the future. This sturdy frame will hold the sofa for a long time. If there is any kind of damage to the foam material, then they can be reconstructed by keeping the structure. 

Along with this, there are certain other features like a beautiful design. This design will add to the decor of the house. The bottom stand is made up of good quality wood and aligned correctly to prevent wobbling. The dimensions of the sofa set include Length (173 cm), Width (80 cm), Height (83 cm). This extra size will allow at least three people to sit comfortably and one person to sleep. This particular sofa set can be purchased directly from Amazon and Flipkart. The sofa sets can also be purchased directly from the shops. The product comes along with a limited warranty for a low price.

All the sofa sets mentioned in the above passages have good quality and provide proper comfort for the users. Also, have a reasonable warranty period to support the customers with confidence. Most of the readymade sofa sets come along with a generous warranty period. If you are not interested in purchasing a readymade sofa set you could always go for a custom made sofa by hiring a local carpenter. But it includes a lot of work which might be difficult for people who have regular jobs. So in order to choose the best product you can either visit the shop or purchase through the centres available in the online portals like Amazon and Flipkart. But before purchasing a perfect sofas head always make sure that it has the features mentioned about so that you can maintain the sofa comfortably. Even after buying the sofa should be supported continuously by adequate cleaning and proper positioning. Happy shopping.