Best Blood Pressure Machine In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

We know that choosing the best blood pressure machine in India could be a bit hectic task, but this guide will help you set your foot in the right place. You can read this guide and reviews on the top 3 best blood pressure machines in India and choose the best one for you.

As the blood pressure patients are rising in India, it has become essential to keep track of blood pressure by checking it once a week or in a few days and, in some cases, almost every day. There are also chances when the blood pressure may rise or drop-down without even you knowing, making the scenario worst and unexpected. So rather than running to the doctor every time and consulting, it is best if you invest in a good Blood Pressure Monitor for error-free and instant readings of your blood pressure.This will save your urgent running to the doctor and attempt to approach them. It is now time to stop all this hassle and take the matter into your own hands by regularly checking and observing the progress. Read this review article to know more about what a blood pressure monitor does, the buying guide, and the top 3 products listed for your convenience.But before anything else, let us first understand what a Blood Pressure Monitor is.

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Omron HEM 7120 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr. Trust (USA) Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Apparatus and Testing Machine 

Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 Blood Pressure Monitor 

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitors have become the need of the hour if you want to live a healthy life. Now the reason is that the blood pressure monitors help you take care of your health. Besides, you can even minimize your regular visit to therapists, saving you a lot of money. It is also best to keep one Blood Pressure monitor at home even if someone in your family is already suffering from circulatory or heart disease. We recommend this because if the blood pressure rises or drops suddenly, you need not run to the doctor if you have a blood pressure monitor handy. The modern blood pressure monitor machines are effortless and comfortable to use. You need not have special skills; all you need to do is put its cuff on your arm and press the given button. The readings will be displayed on the display screen in a blink of time. 

Features to consider

Below is the list of features you must consider to choose a blood pressure monitor and get the right one for you.

  • Cuff style: There are a few different blood pressure monitors that you can buy – one that measures it at your finger, one that measures at your wrist, traditional model that measures blood pressure at your arm. It all depends on the type you choose, as it is an individual preference. But the most crucial part is the cuff is of the right size and wraps your arm (finger or wrist) properly, and leaves very little space enough for two fingers to slide underneath as this will help ensure that the readings obtained are accurate measurement readings. It would be best if you also kept the note.
  • Functionality: It would be an excellent addition to your blood pressure monitor if it has Bluetooth connectivity function. The reason is that you’ll be able to store the results in the smartphone or computer. You can take these readings to the therapist or send them online to track the blood pressure level and take medications accordingly. 

Another thing is the size of the device. For those who plan to use a blood pressure monitor at the gym or workplace, we recommend going for the one that is compact, light, and small. 

  • Accuracy: It doesn’t matter what type of blood pressure monitor you choose, but something that matters the most is the accuracy. It would be helpful if you make sure that the device you choose is clinically validated. The reason is that if you choose a validated blood pressure monitor, it is guaranteed for you to obtain accurate results that even your health professionals can trust.
  • Cost and warranty: Keep in mind to not spend a fortune on buying a Blood pressure monitor. It essential that you check the warranty before you make any investment in the BP monitor.
  • Easy use: User-friendly device is simple to use. The display on the monitor should have easy readability and must have large control buttons for easy functioning.
  • Memory: It is better to go for the BP monitors to store readings even of multiple users. This way, you can also share these readings with your health professional or doctor to learn what is right.
  • Portable: If you travel a lot, consider the one with an excellent portable option. It is an excellent decision to go for a wrist-mounted unless you are ready to deal with all the hassles of carrying the heavier one.

Type of blood pressure monitors

There are majorly three types of blood pressure monitors that depend on the way they measure BP:

  • Upper Arm Cuff: This type of Blood pressure monitor is the most popular one you can find in the market. In case you are using a digital model, then the cuff automatically gets inflated, and the reading gets displayed in a few seconds. Nowadays, digital monitors come in with ‘risk category indicators’ to have additional benefits. 
  • Wrist mount: These types of BP monitors are fully automatic and easy to use. They are, however, a bit less accurate in comparison to the upper arm cuff BP monitors. Because they simple to use and easily portable, they come in handy for the people who travel a lot. The only challenge is positioning your arm correctly while wearing this BP monitor to get accurate readings.
  • Finger Blood Pressure monitor: This Blood pressure monitor is small and portable, just like the wrist mount models. It doesn’t require any cuffs, and the readings are less accurate on this. It is much useful to gauge BP. 

Product Reviews

Now, after having read all the features and specifications about the blood pressure monitors, let us look at the top 3 best blood pressure monitors in India but first look at the comparison table below:

Omron HEM 7120 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron is one of the leaders in health products, with the best modern blood pressure monitor. This blood pressure monitor is ultimately precise and accurate. The range of this monitor varies from 0 to 229 mmHg with an accuracy of ± 3mmHg. It gives an excellent rate for any medical equipment.The Omron HEM-7120 does not even require any special skills. It comes with a single button on the front of the device that needs to be pressed. To make the reading clearer, it comes with a large LCD, which is very easy-to-read even by a senior citizen. This device also provides users with more precise information on the user’s health condition as they feature additional indicators. If the machine notices any irregular heartbeat, the indicator lights up, letting you know the measurement procedure is not done correctly. You will be required to retake the blood pressure.

Dr. Trust (USA) Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Apparatus and Testing Machine

Dr. Trust is a professional brand specialized in medical equipment and desires to promote overall health and wellness through high-quality medical pressure monitors. Backed by innovative and approved technology by the US Food and Drug Administration, this product is a premium quality product that brings a lot to the table.This monitor’s result is displayed on a bright red background if your blood pressure is severely above normal. The result is displayed in a bright red background if the blood pressure is severely above normal. However, the yellow color will notify the elevated blood pressure levels while the green indicates the optimal blood pressure.

Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr. Morepen offers medical devices that are famous for their user-friendly interfaces. This blood pressure monitor is straightforward to use. You can see several indicators such as time, pulse, blood pressure, and current-day on the screen. All the data is displayed in the big, easy-to-read font so that older people can see the measurements. It is quite appealing for the senior and older people as the device is fully automatic and doesn’t require any manual adjustment. There are only two control buttons for On/Off and Measure.