Best Angle Grinder In India

Purchasing an angle grinder requires a lot of research and work. To make it easier for you, we have conducted the study and stated some points that you can notice while purchasing them. Along with the passage, we have also listed certain models that can be chosen for their quality and features.

An angle grinder is a powerful tool commonly used for grinding, cutting, and polishing. This particular tool is widely used in construction sites and various other areas, including car repair shops, for altering the metal structure to a certain extent, especially in the exterior of the car. This particular product has a variety of features that needs to be considered before it is purchased. Some experienced people can also purchase this product for a low price because they are available in good quality. This product usually is made up of a disc holder, gear head, knob, holder, and safety guard. They are widely used for polishing discs, grinding pads, sanding discs, and so on. Such power tools should be appropriately selected depending upon your requirements. Even though they provide a professional, some might have fewer features making it impossible to use under certain circumstances. The angle grinders can also be used in various other applications, including sharpening the and various other tools, including the discs of starting Motors and marble cutters.

This particular machinery should be used with proper precautionary steps because they are not safe in all situations. So the best option is to purchase them along with the safety goggles and other items to decrease the chances of accidents. While purchasing this processor, make sure that the features we have listed below are available to ensure efficiency and quality. They might look like simple features, but everything is necessary while purchasing a good quality angle grinder at the end.

Our Best Recommended Products To Buy Online

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STANLEY STGS9100 900W,100mm Small Angle Grinder (Yellow and Black)

BLACK+DECKER G650 650W 4''/100mm Small Angle Grinder (Red & Black) (G650-IN)

Bosch GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder (Blue)

Disc size

There are various disc sizes available in the market, especially when it comes to angle grinders. The power of the angle grinder is directly proportional to the size of the disc. So technically, when you are purchasing A Angle grinder, go for a larger size disc for increased power. The cut will also be deeper when you use a large size disc. Along with that, there are also certain other advantages in using the disks with a larger size, including multiple choices that allow you to cut both small and large objects without hesitation. The most commonly used sizes are 4.5 and 9mm. The size 9mm is larger, and it can be used for cars and other larger metals. If you are an amateur purchasing the disc angle grinder for certain small purposes, then a smaller size will be sufficient to be used for cutting small objects and not on a professional level. 


The next important feature that you need to consider while purchasing such an angle grinder is its speed. The speed is also directly proportional to the cutting power of the angle grinder, and when you choose a model with great speed, you will have the ability to complete the work within a short period. This particular product comes with a speed range between 5000 to 10000 RPM. The RPM range through which the speed is measured is otherwise known as rotations per minute. When you choose An Angle grinder for home purposes, you can choose an RPM power of 5000 but when you go for the professional level, then go for the range that is more or less equal to 10000. Speed is essential for professional requirements, especially in the care center. But along with speed also comes the ability to get injured severely. So it should be handled with caution to ensure the safety of the product. 

Comfort design

eature that you should consider while purchasing this particular product is the ergonomic design, which plays an important role. While using such Power Tools, one of the essential requirements is the person’s comfort level using them. If the person is not comfortable, then the output quality will not be perfect, and sometimes it might also lead to accidents. So when you are purchasing such a product, make sure that the comfort design is perfect with quality. From the holder to the gear, everything should be appropriately placed. The changing of gears should also be here, and the entire process should be comfortable at the essential end. They also come with safety gear, which makes it possible to offer security while handling the particular to a certain extent.


This is a straightforward concept and not as important as any other concept present in the market. But if you plan to use this particular product for a long time, then purchasing them from a good quality brand will ensure your security. The exterior quality can be easily found, but the interior quality can be determined only by using the branded products. So when you are purchasing a product, go for the well-known brands in the particular field to purchase them with a good warranty. The warranty is not the only feature you will obtain from a brand, but you also get high-level access to the service centers present all over the country.

Motor power

Usually, people think that motor power means the motor’s ability to perform a particular operation. Still, here, in this case, we will measure the amount of power consumed by the motor for efficient functioning. Even though specific high power tools consume a high amount of power, they are still not economically suitable for certain people. Under such circumstances, the best option is to go for a motor whose power capacity is between 500- 2500 watts. This power capacity will allow the motor to function correctly and will also have the ability to make the powerful completely economical, especially for ordinary people.


When you are purchasing an angle grinder, you will know that they will have a special set of widely used waves for polishing and cutting. There are various wheels available in the market, and choosing from them requires proper knowledge and experience especially related to the field. If you are a non-experienced person and purchase the angle grinder just for adding to your power to make sure that you get a model that comes with the attached being, the usage will be lower. But if you are a professional, you have to choose the bill depending upon the type of work. From the basic cutoff wheels to the high-power microfiber wheels, everything is available in the market, and you can choose from the model you require. While selecting a will, one of the essential features you have to look into is the circumference of the week’s diameter because the diameter should match with the available burst cover present in the angle grinder. We recommend using a diamond dry cut wheel as they are more powerful and suitable for thick metals.

Adjustable guard

The next important feature is having an adjustable guard. This god is essential because when you operate on heavy metals and other powerful objects, there are many sparks and fireworks lying under the working area due to the friction. This will affect the eyesight and also increase the temperature in the room. Having an adjustable guard will allow you to experience good protection against such features and work efficiently without worrying about getting hurt. It’s not just the spark, but the guard also protects you and the hand from accidentally touching the wheel. Make sure that the guard you are purchasing has an adjustable feature so that you can turn them depending upon the requirement and working area.

Side handle

When you are working on a thick surface, you will need to put proper pressure on the angle grinder. In such situations having a side handle will allow you to apply proper pressure on the angle grinder and work efficiently without affecting the quality. The side handle should be comfortable for holding without any paper surface to keep the form group on them and avoid accidents. It is ergonomically designed to put proper pressure on the angle grinder to a certain extent.

Chord length

The next important thing is the length of the cord that is attached to the angle grinder. This is an essential feature because when it has a low length, it will be difficult for you to work easily. So when you are purchasing the grinder, make sure that the connection between the grinder and plug point is made up of high-quality wire with sufficient length. It should not melt or get affected in case of fire to avoid accidents happening in the future.

Given below are some designs that we found to be useful and popular in the market. If you are interested, you can purchase either one of these designs or go for a suitable model based upon the instructions we have given above. Remember safety precautions should be taken while operating a good quality angle grinder, including gloves and slippers. You should also wear goggles if you have chosen a high spark emitting angle grinder.

STANLEY STGS9100 900W,100mm Small Angle Grinder (Yellow and Black)

Stanley is a company that is well known in the market for manufacturing high-quality Power Tools. These tools are efficient, but they are also used for lasting a lifetime with constant life. Every different tool is designed with a proper ergonomic design to ensure comfort and efficiency while operating it. So if you are interested in purchasing the angle grinder from this particular brand, it will be a suitable choice. The team has a separate Research and Development department that is useful on a wide scale. Every single design created by them is manufactured and exposed to the public for analysis. They create high-quality Motors that makes the process of cutting and grinding much more powerful. One of the recent products is the STANLEY STGS9100 900W,100mm Small Angle Grinder (Yellow and Black). 

This particular angle grinder is available in a beautiful yellow and black combination with a good set of handles for proper holding. The product is of low white and hence you can easily carry them around. The plastic material covering the product is made up of high durability to use them for a long time. The power cord is also long enough and allows you to connect them anywhere, even while traveling to the outer areas. So technically, this particular tool is not just for home users but also for professionals. If you are interested in purchasing this product, the best option is to go for a design that comes with a warranty. 


this particular angle grinder comes with certain features that have attracted people from all over the world. They are not just used to showcase that this particular angle grinder can be used to cut a variety of pipes and perform other functions, including polishing. This particular model consumes nearly 900 Watts of electricity, and it is powerful enough to store them. The pipe disc size is only 100 mm, and the cutting depth is also low. This makes it more vulnerable to larger objects and cannot be used for professional purposes like in the mechanic shop.

This particular machine comes with a beautiful handle gear with a unique locking system making it safer. The special air vent Technology present at the bottom of the product allows it to be a perfect choice for longer usage. The next important feature that you need to note is the burst-proof guard. This guard has gained more popularity in the current design as they prevent the sparks from flowing out. The entire product is ergonomically designed to ensure that they are not just comfortable but also durable and can last for a lifetime. This beautiful product is made up of high-quality plastic and available on online websites like Amazon. You can also purchase them directly from the shops if you are not satisfied with the performance when you can keep it as a secondary device along with a large angle grinder. The angle grinder’s weight is also low, and they can be carried everywhere without worrying about safety or damage.

BLACK+DECKER G650 650W 4''/100mm Small Angle Grinder (Red & Black) (G650-IN)

Black and Decker is a company that has gained a huge name in the market because of its high-quality products, especially power tools and kitchen appliances. This particular brand comes with various features embedded within each product to ensure that they are ready for the latest technology applications. The company has a separate research and development team who are constantly involved in creating designs that are beautiful and useful for the current requirements. If you are interested in choosing this brand, understand that they have powerful motor Technology, making the process easier in their products, including vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances. Most of the products introduced by them come with high-quality components and durability, which has established their name as the most trusted one. They have various angle grinder models available in the market, but one particular model stands out. The

BLACK+DECKER G650 650W 4”/100mm Small Angle Grinder (Red & Black) (G650-IN) is used for professional purposes.

This particular angle grinder is available in red and black color. They are available in both the market and also on the online website. This particular role’s weight is much lower, and hence you can carry them everywhere without worrying about safety.


 this particular product comes with a separate spindle level gear that is not just from fall but can also be locked using the special Technology. The lock-in technology prevents the gear from changing the mode while operating on a metal pipe or anything. The disc is covered by high-quality plastic to ensure that they do not fall off, and they can also be locked in. The length of the chord is also perfect, making it suitable for external applications. Now you can carry them everywhere and work with them. 

They can absorb nearly 600 Watts of electricity, which is suitable for commercial and economic purposes. The motor is highly powerful, and it can produce at least 5,000 RPM. The disc used can be 4 inches or any design related to that. The cutting depth is also perfect and allows you to send it for commercial purposes. You cannot use them for cars and other technical devices, but they can normally be used in mechanic shops. The power consumption rate is perfect and suitable for multiple cutting edge technology functions without affecting the bill at the end of the month. 

They also come along with a burst guard that prevents the flow of fire. They also have other features like beautiful locks and dust seal technology. The dust sealing technique is essential for proper functionality. This product is not just useful but also suitable for both home and commercial purposes. The warranty is also good, and you can set up the angle to a certain extent in this product. Since it is available from a good company, you can easily service them when there is an issue through the service centers available all over the country.

Bosch GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder (Blue)

Boss is one of the world’s top-class companies that has gained a huge name in the power tools market. There are a variety of designs manufactured by this particular company at a low price. It is not just the power tools, but they are also into manufacturing appliances like vacuum cleaners and other home-related products, including washing machines, that have been gaining the attraction of people worldwide. If you are interested in quality and durability, then this particular brand is the best choice for your requirement. The company has manufactured a wide range of Power Tools, and among them, the angle grinders are the best. They come along with a good warranty, and the designs are available in multiple sizes and weights to ensure quality. If you are interested in purchasing a suitable angle grinder, then GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder (Blue) will be a good choice.

The product is available in a beautiful blue color, and it can be constantly used for multiple purposes. This angle grinder is used for professional requirements, and they come along with a good warranty. The low weight Technology allows you to carry them everywhere.


this particular product is preferred by people worldwide because they are small and economically designed for easy access. You can technically work on the substances and surfaces without worrying about getting hurt since there are multiple protection features available. The gear handle is Flat and allows you to hold them efficiently for proper turning and alterations. The handle is available on the side for easy Positioning and holding. The spindle lock comes along with a guard that allows you to lock the dust from reaching the internal parts. 


the carbon brushes present within the product can be easily replaced once they are blunt and not useful. Similarly, they also come with the cooling fan technology that allows the motor to remain cool even when operated for hours. The quality of the motor plays a huge role. The gear head can be easily adjusted towards 90 different steps. Similarly, the product’s quality will be perfect, and the anti-rotation protection guard makes it more perfect. It comes along with a lock-on switch making it more accessible. 

It has a power consumption of 670 Watts, which is reasonable compared to the other products available in the market.  It can be used for commercial purposes and suitable for having a lot of money. The quality of the product is good, and it can be purchased from online websites like Amazon and directly from the boss showroom. Since this product comes with a warranty, you can also utilize the box service centers after the warranty period is complete. The servicing part is easier, and you can also purchase carbon brushes and wheels from the showroom whenever required.