Choosing Budget-Friendly Ceiling Fans Under 1500 Rs

Here are some factors jotted for you, if you are someone looking for best ceiling fans under Rs. 1500.

To cope up with the summer heat. Ceiling fans are inevitable. A good ceiling fan will improve the air circulation and offer you better temperature control. Apart from this, a perfect ceiling fan can add up the interior looks of your space as well. When the summer is at your doorstep, it is the need of the hour to choose the best ceiling fan for your home and workspace. If you are determined not to spend lump sum money on purchasing a ceiling fan and is in a quest for something within your budget, this information is for you.

Nowadays, numerous brands offer ceiling fans that are not only in budget but are also superior in their performances. Here are some factors jotted for you, if you are someone looking for ceiling fans under Rs. 1500.

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How to choose an appealing ceiling fan with essential features under 1500

Power Consumption

Are you determined to buy an electric gadget within your budget? If yes ?. It is to be monitored whether the gadget choice is efficient in terms of power consumption. Nobody will want a high electricity bill. Ceiling fans are to be operated day and night to cope up with the ensuing summer. Hence, the average use of electricity must be within an acceptable limit. Within a price range of 1500 or less, we are fortunate to have fans that have the least power consumption and better performance. The average consumption value of such fans ranges from 50 W to 80 W. There are also ceiling fans that assure you an energy saving of 35 %  available in e-commerce sites. A precise overview of your expected daily usage should be necessary to fix the required fan for your home to limit your charges. You can rely on online calculators to build a well-managed idea on energy saving.

Blade Sweep

Another critical aspect that must be considered when you are for purchasing a ceiling fan is its blade sweep size. The blade sweeps are the size of the circle the blade creates as they rotate. The idea of the sweep size will help you prevent accidents by installing the fan a little away from tall shelves or structures. You may also rearrange the gadgets in such a way that it doesn’t touch the fan blade and cause any hurdles. The sweep size will also help in choosing the right fan blade if it has got any repair.  For ceiling fans under 1500, the usual blade sweep rage is 1200 mm.

Speed settings

For an immediate increase of rotating speed, you may adjust the speed setting. The usually available speed setting ranges from 4 to 5. However, a higher value in the speed adjusting range is often advantageous. The speed setting will make the fan function at variable speeds. You may adjust the regulator to reduce or increase the fan by turning it towards or away from the indicator mark.


The capacity of airflow underlines the efficiency of the ceiling fan to cool the environment wherever it is installed. The airflow value will vary from fan to fan. The number is dependant on factors such as fan’s motor, the blade pitch, the length of the blades, shape of the blades, etc. The higher the CFM, the more the capability of the fan to move air in a room having the least obstructions. To calculate the efficiency of the fan, the CFM value can be divided with the power requirement. There are ceiling fans available with  CFM (cubic feet per meter) value ranging from 200 to 7000 in the price range of 1500. It is always recommended to choose a ceiling fan of better airflow, given, the area of installation is vast. The power requirement of such fans must be less for better energy savings.

Motor speed (RPM)

Rotations per minute of a ceiling fan will fetch the idea of how fast the fan rotates at a given speed. Ceiling fan motors usually are designed in such a manner to render better speed with the least wear and tear. The faster the fan rotates, the faster it moves the air around, creating overall circulation in the room. In the mentioned price range, the available RPM value is above 300 but below 400. It is best to choose a fan with higher RPM and with the maximum speed settings if you are staying in the hottest places in India. The durability of the motors is another aspect that must be looked upon. A better motor will work for years without any damage whereas some motors start producing noises.

Blade material

Usually, the ceiling fan blades are made up of various materials such as wood, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, etc. No idea at present explains the cooling ability of the source material from which the blade is made for the fan. However, the durability of the material is worth considering for long term usage. The durability of the blade is also a function of the environment where it is installed. Metallic fans are advised to be used in areas where the chances of the corrosion are very less. At this price range, you are available with fans made up of steel and aluminium. Usually, fans with a steel body are preferred because of the strength it offers. The minor imbalances in the blades are found not to affect the fan blades if it is made up of steel.

No of blades

The no of blades also is another factor that affects the cumulative airflow in a room created by the moving fan. The more the leaves are, the more the ceiling fan is possessed with the ability to chop off the surrounding air. The ability of a fan to render better performance is not only dependant upon the no of blades but the capacity of the motor, the airflow rate, etc. are also prominent factors. In some cases, the increase in blade number can even create noise coming out of the ceiling fan with high speed. The regular type of ceiling fans at this price range is seen to have three blades except some with 4 and 5 blades.

Ball-bearing and Quickstart type

Some fans are provided with an enhanced double ball bearing feature that increases its carrying capacity and durability.  Apart from the usual ceiling fans, there are also ready to start fans that are prompt in their operation once switched on. A better search will let you choose the best ceiling fan that offers the following features under the given price range. It is a fact that no such choices are limited. 

The appearance of the fan

Let us now keep aside the quality and other relevant technical aspects of the fan. None of us wants to end up purchasing a ceiling fan that doesn’t fit the room texture or colour. So it’s, in turn, mandatory to choose the fan that perfectly suits your space.  There are various colour ranges available for the mentioned price, such as beige, black, brown, etc. More colours are, however, seen for an elevated price range with outstanding functions as an additive. Yet the budget-friendly fans also come up with good colour choices.

Dust-free fans

The major problem that affects the ceiling fans is the accumulation of dust on its surface after using it for a while. On the other hand, it is even painful to clean the blades if it is installed a little above the usual approachable height. This has become a prominent issue over the years. Now there are even dust-proof fans. The availability of such prototypes in this price range is minimal. However, the better finishes on the surface and surface texture can keep away the dust on the surface with one single wipe. It should be kept in mind to choose powder-coated ceiling fans when you are in for a dustfree gadget. The powder coating will also keep away the chance of getting rusted.

Warranty and instruction manual

The majority of the fans in this price range offer a warranty of 1 or 2 years. It is always best to go for the highest warranty. The instruction manuals on the installation etc. will be provided along with the purchase or the information can be availed upon contacting the toll-free number. 

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If you are to invest in buying ceiling fans for your spaces, it is better to go through a detailed review of the various aspects regarding the ceiling fan. A budget-friendly ceiling fan in this range covers all the mandatory features that offer optimum performance. However, specific information on power consumption, fan speed, CFM value, and motor life should be investigated upon and compared with utmost care not to end up purchasing a B grade product. Excellent quality ceiling fans are being offered by the top brands, though the features are limited they offer no compromises in quality and service I this price range.