Best Marble Cutter In India

there are various marble cutters available in the country, and among them only certain or chosen for the professional level. While selecting a marble cutter, you need to look into features, especially if you are an amateur. Read the passage that explains in detail the way to purchase a marble cutter.

A Marble cutter is one of the best items used by the people in civil engineering and by various other people working in marble and tiles. People nowadays prefer to use multiple marble and tiles for their homes, not just for fixing them but also for creating slabs, stools, and other functions. Having a marble cutter of low weight capacity will allow the experts to carry them everywhere and work efficiently in their workplace—for example, most of the marble that we purchase comes with the cut designs. Before buying a marble cutter, certain things need to be taken into account. These features play an essential role, and hence purchasing them will be an added advantage.

It does not matter whether you are a professional marble cutter for an average person looking for a cutter that can be used during required times. Purchasing a good quality cutter will ensure the usage for at least 20 years without worrying about the quality. Below we have listed certain features that you need to consider while purchasing a marble cutter either through the online or offline medium.

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Aegon Ac4 Made in India Heavy Duty Multipurpose Marble Cutting Wheel (1050 W, 4 Inch, Green) 

iBELLMC25-84 Marble Cutter, 1300 Watts, 13000 RPM, 125 mm 

Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter 5 Inch GDC 121


A marble cutter is a standard power tool that has been used in a wide range of applications. But if you want to use it for an entire lifetime, the best option is to go for a model that has quality. Even though certain non branded items ensure quality, you cannot be sure about that. To be more confident about the quality E and its components, the best option is to choose brands like boss and ibell. Every brand has its unique name in the market because they have given the trust to the people who make them choose it without worrying about the warranty or any other thing. So you can easily choose such brands to ensure a lifetime of quality. Another essential feature that you need to take care of while purchasing this brand is the service center. While purchasing about the toll, make sure that the brand has service centers in the nearby area so that you can service them from time to time.

Motor power

The next important feature that you need to consider while purchasing a power tool is that the motor’s power should also be efficient. The motor’s power is detected by using the term called rotations per minute, otherwise known as RPM. A motor that has increased the number of RPM means that energy is also good. So technically, if you choose a motor that comes with an RPM of 10000 to 20000, then the final output will be perfect. The motor’s power should be good to ensure that the cutting process goes smoothly without any interruption in the middle. For example, sometimes a specific Motors might get stuck in the middle due to low power Motors especially when facing a challenging part in the marble. So technically, when you use a high-power motor, the cutting will be as easy as cutting a cake, and hence the process will be much smoother and easier for the armatures. 

Power consumption

One of the major concerns people face while purchasing a powerful tool is power consumption, especially for these power tools like cutters and drilling machines. So, in that case, check the power consumption of the toll before purchasing them. Having a consumption rate of 40 to 60 watt is ok and pretty decent. This will also be useful if you are doing it for professional purposes, especially in certain situations where you will not have a proper power outage.

Holding design

Having a cutter is not enough but having a cutter suitable for holding it and working on it is the best option. So when you are purchasing a cutter, make sure that it is ergonomically designed with a proper handle and other structures, making it bold and Beautiful. The holder should be comfortable for all types of hands, and the weight of the product should also be lower so that you can carry them around. You have to remember in this product that while functioning, the weight of the product might vary, so whenever you purchase them, always try to use them to ensure the quality and comfort level. The holding handle should be away from the wheel to prevent any accidents. 


This is the most important feature since they are responsible for cutting. Even though certain other accessories like extra beliefs in the market that you can purchase, it is always a good option to choose a design that comes with a wheel. Certain procedures will offer multiple wheels as a gift. They are available in various metals, including thermal, diamond, and steel. The diamond wheels are more powerful and suitable for multiple usages. You can purchase these designs for a low price from online websites and other options available in the market. 

Chord length

The next important feature is the cord length, where the length of the chord is measured. Having a lengthy card will allow you to enjoy cutting the Marbles without worrying about getting stuck in the middle. This will also prevent the usage of extension boxes that are commonly found in most professional areas. Also, make sure that the purchasing tool can withstand water connectivity because the chords will be exposed to water. To avoid friction during the cutting process, the best option is to pour some water into the machine. And that’s why the marble cutting area will be wet, which needs a proper cord to protect the short circuits and other accidents.

Low heat

The product you are purchasing should also have the ability to emit low heat to be perfect. It’s not just the heat, but the number of sparks emitted should also be less. This will, in turn, reduce the power consumption, and the quality will be better. Also, make sure that the wheels you are purchasing can be locked in within the cutter to avoid any accidents in the upcoming future. 

Cutting depth

When it comes to a high-quality motor, this is an important feature that you need to consider. The depth of the cutting edge should be considered as there are various marble sizes available. Choosing a design with a high diameter wheel and base plate will ensure that the depth is perfect and the cutting. The next important feature that you need to consider is the optimized cooling feature, which is necessary for a good marble cutter. This particular feature will allow your cutter to reduce the heat as a total, and hence you can work on the marble cutter for longer hours without worrying about the quality.

All these features are essential, and along with that, the construction of the entire product should be perfect. This is essential because the construction will prevent the product from getting exposed to accidents and other issues. While purchasing this product, make sure that it comes along with the warranty to ensure quality. Given below are certain designs that we found to be suitable for your requirement. Even though there are multiple models in the market, these designs have stood up the most, and hence purchasing from them will be a good option for you.

Aegon Ac4 Made in India Heavy Duty Multipurpose Marble/Tile/Granite/Stone/Brick/Porcelain/Ceramic Cutter with 1 Blade, 1 Diamond Wheel & 1 Cutting Wheel (1050 W, 4 Inch, Green)

Aegon is a company that has gained a huge name in the market because of its high-quality products, including power tools. This Indian-based company has been well known for manufacturing high-quality products, including certain power tools like marble cutters widely used within the country. When it comes to power tools, the product’s efficiency plays an important role, and they have successfully manufactured it with the high-power that cuts through the marble without any interruption. This particular company has a separate research and development team that has always satisfied customers’ requirements with high-quality products,, including the marble cutter. Recently they have released a new trendy product into the market that provides heavy competition to the branded products like Bosch. One of the recent products that have gained huge recognition is the Aegon Ac4 Made in India Heavy Duty Multipurpose Marble/Tile/Granite/Stone/Brick/Porcelain/Ceramic Cutter with 1 Blade, 1 Diamond Wheel & 1 Cutting Wheel (1050 W, 4 Inch, Green). 

This particular product is available in a beautiful green color with powerful blades that can cut through marbles and various other objects, including tiles, granite, stone, brick, porcelain, and ceramic, with the help of three different ways. They have three different wheels that allow proper cutting. Understanding the features of this particular product will allow you to understand the quality in detail.


this particular marble cutter comes with 1050 watts of Energy power that allows you to function correctly. The power consumption is considerably low when compared to the other power tools available in the market. They have three different wings with a diameter of 110 mm, and they can cut up to 500 to 1100 mm. They are made up of the latest technology materials, and hence the spark produced by the motor is much less compared to the other product. They also have a unique log on button that allows you to use them continuously while running. The unique D model handle allows proper holding technique, and they can be used for cutting through multiple materials from tiles to porcelain. They can also be used on a more potent form of concrete and the cuts made are more precise. 


The motor is potent, and allows you to work efficiently and faster. With the powerful motor, you can increase the speed of cutting, and hence more work will be completed within a short period. They come with a special type of blade called the diamond blade that allows you to cut through even the materials’ most robust. There are also two other types of waves called the cutting wheel and blade wheel. Along with the main product, other accessories come along, including a range, pinchcock assembly, a host pipe,, and several other accessories depending upon the stock.

This particular product is available for sale on Amazon, and they come along with a good warranty. The motor speed is 12,000 rpm, and hence you can smoothly perform professional activities with these marble cutters. The surrounding protection allows you to work on the marbles without worrying about the damages. The entire weight of the product is 2.8 KG. Because of the lightweight technology, you can continuously use them for a long time without getting tired. The cutting depth can be adjusted easily using the knobs present in the machine and the wide base plate’s help to offer stability to the tool. 

iBELLMC25-84 Marble Cutter, 1300 Watts, 13000 RPM, 125 mm

Ibell is a company that is well known in the market for their high-quality products, especially when it comes to a variety of tools, including kitchen tools, garden tools, painter tools, power tools, missionary, Agro tools, spare parts, and consumables. So this company has a lot of experience in high-quality manufacturing tools that are powerful and suitable for efficient work. If you are a person who is continuously involved in purchasing a powerful tool, then you might have come across this company as they have created a huge brand name in the market. They have a variety of products available with them, and among them, the marble cutters are preferred by professional people because of their quality. One of the recent products is the iBELLMC25-84 Marble Cutter, 1300 Watts, 13000 RPM, 125 mm.

This particular product is available in an attractive red color, and they come along with a variety of features making it more special. Even though it does not have various wheels like in the previous section, they are still perfect for cutting the marbles. The energy consumption is decent, and they can be used continuously without wasting any money on the go. This is one of the most essential tools, and they can be used for supporting a heavy workload to reduce the friction and decrease the sound. So the workplace will be much more peaceful without any extra noises.


 this particular product comes in a beautiful compact design, and the sharp blades can be used for creating a perfect cut in the marble. They have a beautiful D shaped handles structure that allows you to hold them efficiently. This is essential for continuous work. The interior design is optimized and comfortably designed for engineering purposes, along with consistency. This particular product has a 45° angle setting and can be adjusted depending upon their required cutting angle. The blades are highly sharp, and the cuts produced are of smooth edge to ensure efficiency. They also have special insulators that prevent the heat from passing through them, and the dust can be easily removed from the machine within a short time.


this particular product comes along with 400 to 700 rpm power, and hence the final delivery of the product will be perfect with powerful results. The blades can be easily changed depending upon the requirement. They have a special lock button that allows you to work continuously without any interruption in the middle. They are more compact and prevents the motor from getting any dust within them. You can also use the other types of blades available in the market. The weight of this particular product is much less, and hence they can be easily carried everywhere. The power consumption is not higher, and therefore you can use it for economic purposes. Even though they might look simple, the performance is equal to high-quality motors in the market. They can also be used for cutting ceramics and available on websites like Amazon. If you are interested, you can purchase the product for a low price range, which is considerably good.

Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter 5 Inch GDC 121

When it comes to the Bosch group of companies, there are various models, especially in the area of power tools available in the market. If you go inside the power tools area, the best option is the Bosch brand, as it has established itself as a powerful brand in the economy. This particular brand has a high-quality tool made up of good products and components that makes it more efficient. The company has established its products and brand worldwide, and people prefer purchasing from them because of the confirmed quality. If you are interested in buying a marble cutter from this brand, then the best option is the Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter 5 Inch GDC 121. 

This particular product is available in a beautiful blue color, and it can be constantly used for a long time. This specific marble cutter is made up of a powerful engine that makes it efficient and faster. This particular motor is powerful, and it comes with a single blade that makes it more unique and special. Because of the company’s name, multiple people have tried ,this product and are used for professional purposes without a second thought.


 when you purchase this product, you will see that it comes along with a 5 inches high-quality blade that makes it more powerful and unique. The blade can be used for cutting marbles and a variety of other substances with a full power motor. The blade is sharp and offers a high-quality cutting edge within a short period. One of the major problems commonly faced by the people using marble cutters is that they get stuck in the middle due to low power supply or any other issues. But this particular design will cut through the marble-like knife on a cake. You do not have to apply your force on the cutter, and it comes with a special handle for easy holding. The unique Lagana button makes it easier for you to handle them and has a unique cutting depth adjustment technique. 


The powerful motor uses 1000 to 50 W electricity consumption. So they are powerful and economical, and the dust insulation technology allows you to enjoy the product for a long time. The unique airflow cooling system makes it more efficient, and it can also be used for the size. The product’s weight is less than 2.5 KG, and hence you can carry them around everywhere. This Lord cutting technology allows you to easily cut through the brick walls. They are widely used by tile flooring workers and on construction sites. They have a special 12,000 rpm power that makes the motor unique, and they are usually operated under dry mode. This particular product is available for sale on websites like Amazon, and they come along with a good warranty. If you are interested, you can easily purchase them or go for the brand showroom since they have service centers all over the country.