Best Massage Chair in India

There are a variety of massage chairs available in the market. Selecting a proper chair among them is quite difficult. Read the passage below to understand more about massage chairs and how to purchase the correct one.

After a long hectic day, everyone will need to relax on your favourite couch or chair and enjoy their favourite television shows. Even though the new model sofa sets are comfortable, they do not come anywhere near the effect of a massage centre. So to experience these massages at home, many companies have created an exclusive massage chair that can be used for relaxing yourself at home while watching your favourite channel and sometimes take a nap on it. These massage chairs are available in a variety of designs, brands and models. So before purchasing, one of the most important things that need to be done is to take a look at their features and select the best option available in the market. These charges are not available for a low price, and hence it is essential to choose them with care so that you can use them for a long time. Before purchasing a massage chair, certain features need to be taken into account. Let us see about these features in detail. 

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BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair | Multiple Airbags | Luxurious Look With Bluetooth & Zero Gravity​

JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home Pain Relief Customizable with Heating Music Bluetooth ​

KosmoCare Zero Gravity Chair with 6 Massage Rollers and Heating System (Black)


The first and most important thing that needs to be taken into account while purchasing a massage chair is their brand. Buying from a good brand will assure you with a lifelong service and a high-quality product. When you are buying a massage chair from a good brand, it will last for at least 10 to 12 years. Most of the branded products come along with a good warranty. At the same time, these branded products have service centres all over the country. This makes it easier for you to approach them when there is an issue with the chair and get it repaired within a short time. Even though most of the branded product has a price slightly higher than the others in the market, it would be worth it. 

Outer cover

The next thing that needs to be noted while purchasing a massage chair is the outer cover. For most of the chairs, the outer covering is made up of good quality leather material or high-quality fabric. One of the essential things is that sometimes individual massage chairs have the ability to emit heat so that it will be comforting while performing the massage. The outer fabric should have the ability to withstand heat and last for a long time. So why purchasing nuts massage chat make sure that the outer cover is comfortable for sitting around and also suitable for withstanding the heat and continuous movement of the rollers. 

Heat based therapy

The role is present in the massage chairs are coded to move in a particular way such that they cover some of the essential massage moves. While performing these massages applying heat at the right places will be more productive and make you feel relaxed. The tension within the muscles will be removed immediately, and they also reduce the swelling in certain areas. Heat therapy is also used for increasing the blood circulation within the body and making you feel rejuvenated. So while purchasing, make sure it has the heating ability in multiple areas along with different controls for different areas. This will allow you to customise the settings and enjoy a perfect massage.

Auto massage technique

Most of the chairs come along with an automatic massager technique that allows you to enjoy pre-programmed massage techniques that are set up by the manufacturers. This will enable you to enjoy a perfect massage combined with the heat at the right places. If you are a person who wishes to have a customised chair, then purchase one that allows you to change the options. There are also massage chairs- available with the ability to act both as a customised version and as a programmed version. So before purchasing, make sure that the chair has a proper programming technique according to your requirement. 

Foot and headrest

The next important feature that is expected in the massage chair is the availability of comfortable headrest and footrest. Even though they might seem like a simple feature, they are essential for experiencing a warm massage. Also, if there is a small variation in the side footrest allowing your leg to dangle in the air, then the massage therapy will not be comfortable. If the headrest is rigid without the ability to move or bend, then it might create a headache or other problems in the cervical region. So both of these features should be comfortable and flexible while purchasing. 


The main aim of using a massage chair is to enjoy your free time in a relaxed manner. So if you feel bored while lying down for these massages, then it won’t be beneficial. So most of the massage chairs that are being released nowadays have an embedded speaker with Bluetooth technology that can be connected to your phone or other Bluetooth devices. So having a music system with speakers embedded near the headrest will make you feel relaxed. 


While purchasing a massage chair, make sure that it has a good set of rollers. The massage chairs should have rollers present for covering all the parts of the body. If the rollers are present in the body alone, then they won’t be useful. So while purchasing a chair, make sure the roller provides proper massage for all parts of the body, including ankle and knees.

All the above features are essential while purchasing a massage chair. But along with then, the price of the chair is also crucial. So while purchasing, make sure that they have a reasonable price and a good warranty period. Before buying a chair, decide on its features and brand. You can also compare the characteristics of these chairs before purchasing the one with the perfect function.

BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair | Multiple Airbags | Luxurious Look With Bluetooth & Zero Gravity

If you are having a hard day at work and want to relax in your home without visiting any massage parlour the best option is to purchase a massage chair that can make you feel relaxed for a few hours. Using a good massage chair will allow you to relax comfortably in your own home. All the pain and stress you have in your body will slowly fade away, and it will enable you to have a good evening and night. Massage chairs have become an essential part of people’s life. The BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair | Multiple Airbags | Luxurious Look With Bluetooth & Zero Gravity is one of the best massage chairs available in the market. 

Bodyfriend is a brand that is well known among people living in India, Europe and Korea. The brand is famous among people because of their innovative designs and Technology. They have been manufacturing massage chairs, beauty and water purifiers for the past decade. They have a team of nearly 200 researchers who are striving hard to achieve proper comfort for their family. They use high-quality materials that can be used to offer durability for a minimum of 10 years. They have branches all over the world, and as a result, they can provide complete protection and service when there is an issue. Their following product is the BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair | Multiple Airbags | Luxurious Look With Bluetooth & Zero Gravity. This particular massage chair comes along with many facilities. The chair is available in a beautiful black colour and will fit into the decor of your house. Along with that, the chair has proper flexible capacity allowing you to adjust the chair in all positions like semi sleeper position or complete sleeper position. Now you can take a small nap while experiencing massage in this chair. The airbags are placed to allow appropriate comfort and reduce the pain all over. The chair has a good set of cushions to enable relaxation, and they can be placed anywhere in the house. Along with that, they also have a footrest and headrest for comfort. Along with these, they also have other features. Let us now see these features in detail. 

Zero gravity – The chair is built with high level zero gravity technology allowing you to relax with proper support in the right places. The entire massage chair is filled with air cushions that allow relaxation and slowly remove the pain. Because of this zero gravity technology, the chair will not push you down. But instead, it gives a floating feeling. They are not bouncy or completely in depth.

Bluetooth technology – The chair has a unique Bluetooth technology that allows you to hear your favourite music through the speakers available near the headrest. So now you can relax on the chair by listening to your favourite music and enjoying your evening time. Selecting a proper lullaby or symphony music will allow you to enjoy a happy nap without any disturbance. 

Rollers – The rollers present in the massage chair will allow you to sit in a comfortable position, and they will move up, down, left and right to enjoy an even massage all over the body. The chair has an automatic adjustment technology that will adjust according to your size and shape. The rollers will move according to your frame, giving a proper massage feeling.

Their size is 120 x 76.5 x 72.5 cm; 75 kg and they cannot be carried everywhere. So while selecting the spot for this comfortable chair, make sure that they are better in all the aspects allowing you to enjoy the massage continuously without any disturbance. The chair is powered by using a power outlet, and they consume low power. This particular chair is available for sale in their showrooms or online websites like Amazon.

JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home Pain Relief Customizable with Heating Music Bluetooth

Stress has been a common factor among people who are working in the software industry. In such a situation, most of the people resort to various ideas for relieving their stress. One such approach is the usage of massage chairs with Bluetooth speakers embedded in them. The special rollers present in this charge will allow you to reduce your stress and enjoy a pleasant evening. Only if you reduce your weight, you will be able to attend your office the very next day. They will resolve your pain and also remove the knots formed within the tensed muscles. These chairs are suitable for all ages and people in the software industry can enjoy the comfort provided by this chair after a long day of work before the computer. One of the best suitable massage chairs for this condition is JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home Pain Relief Customizable with Heating Music Bluetooth.

JSB is a Healthcare related company that is well known for producing a wide range of pain-relieving massage chairs and other health-related that can be used by ordinary people. They are also well known for producing a wide variety of sports and fitness-related products including the weight loss massagers and blood circulation massager. They have their very own set of research and development teams for creating these particular types of exercise machines. Most of the products are approved by the doctors all over the country e and certified adequately for regular usage. Because of the Year, high-quality products combined with durability are famous across the globe. Their latest product is the JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home Pain Relief Customizable with Heating Music Bluetooth.

This particular massage chair is available in beautiful Brown and red colour that provides the proper cushion and comfort to people relaxing in it. This is a unique Zero Gravity chair that provides relaxation to all the muscles present within your body. You can enjoy yourself while relaxing in this chair and also relieve your stress and pain. This e chat can be while watching television and other shows on TV. Some of the features that this particular chair offers include proper foot care, relieving the back pain, complete body relaxation, and improves the blood circulation within the body. Latest now see about the other features of this chair in detail.

Unique design – This chair is designed uniquely to reduce muscle pain, and it also to stretch your muscles in the neck. That is fitted with rollers that can move in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction providing a proper massage all over the body. All the parts of the chair can be adjusted according to your requirement, including the height and the size. The exterior of the chair is in a unique brown colour while the interior is in bright red. This provides a proper look for the chair, along with pain management techniques. Even short people can use this chair just by making certain adjustments. 

Airbags and Zero Gravity – The chair is surrounded by airbags and rollers to provide proper massage. You can also massage your neck, back, and hips with a little bit of heat while the airbags will massage your shoulders, hand, calves, and feet. This particular chair offers zero gravity allowing you to remain intact without sinking on the chair. This specific chair produces proper massage along with kneading and rubbing massage on the calf region. This will increase the blood circulation in that particular region. 

Bluetooth connection – This particular chair comes along with a proper Bluetooth connection that allows you to hear music by enjoying the massage on the chair. You can connect a Bluetooth to your Android phone or MP3 player. 

This chapter provides a combination of multiple massage techniques that allows you to enjoy a pleasant evening after a stressful day. After purchasing this chair set it according to your preference and enjoy the customised feeling forever. Other people can also use this chair by making certain adjustments according to their height and weight. This chair is available for sale on online websites like Amazon also. The chair will arrive with the proper package, and they need not be reassembled.

KosmoCare Zero Gravity Chair with 6 Massage Rollers and Heating System (Black)

Most of the old people after spending their day walking around and sitting on a chair they will feel more stressed and have body pains all over. But one of the major disadvantages for these old people is that, during a regular massage, they might sometimes feel too harsh on them and affect their skin quality. But using a massage chair will make them relaxed and feel comfortable at the same time. This chair will not affect the skin and muscles of the old people. They will be more gentle, and the heat produced by the massage chair can be easily adjusted according to the requirement. The knots in the muscle can be easily removed, and it will also relieve them from age-related ailments like knee pain and back pain. 

Kosmocare is a company well known for creating a lot of products including adult diapers, wheelchairs and various other Healthcare related items. All the products produced by them are designed such that they do not affect the health of the old people. Their products are suitable for all the age groups. One of their new products is this massage chair that can massage the body entirely with a proper amount of heat to relieve the pores and make it comfortable. Recently they have released a unique massage chair for people of all ages called KosmoCare Zero Gravity Chair with 6 Massage Rollers and Heating System (Black). This particular chair has zero gravity and a unique heating system to relieve the stress knotted within the muscles. Using this specific technology, you can alleviate the stress present within your body and relax by watching television or enjoying music. This chair can also be tilted to a sleeping position allowing you to take a nap while massaging yourself. The headrest, body, and the footrest can be tilted at various angles allowing increased flexibility. This chair also comes along with certain other features and let us now see them in detail.

Massage – This massage chair has six different rollers that offer a different type of massages for different parts of the body. They offer Kneading, Tapping, Kneading and Tapping, Shiatsu, rolling and a regular massage with heat. They also contain dual foot rollers that provide proper massages to your foot and make you feel stress-free. It also offers a low temperature to your lower back and releases the stress in the process. The roller provides a horizontal type massage allowing the muscles to relax and making the massage more intensive. 

Airbags – The entire massage system consists of 34 airbags that can be used on the shoulder, hand and other parts of the body. The heat produced by this particular massage chair allows proper blood circulation within the organisation. They can hold considerable weight and can last for at least ten years. The airbags also receive your muscles from the pain caused by lying down on a rough surface for hours. Hours. The airbags provide a Shiatsu type massage that can be used to relieve the pain in your feet through triple action. 

This particular massage chair is used for massaging your entire body, and you can relax in whatever position you want using the Adjustment available in the head, body, and the footrest. Even older people can try out this chair as they are relaxing and do not cause sudden changes breaking their bones. They can hold a large amount of weight, and the speed can be adjusted according to your requirement. This chair is available on an online website like Amazon for a low price. They also come along with a proper warranty.

There is a wide range of options available in the market. So before selecting the chair, check its brand and warranty. Along with these also make sure that the price is reasonable. The above-given products are preferred by people all over the country. You can compare the features and then choose the best option you like. All these products are readily available through the internet. So check on the quality of the product before purchasing. Happy shopping.