Best Motor Pumps For Borewell In India

The motors are continuously used in most of the agricultural land these days. Choose the best motor for your area that will last for a lifetime. We have mentioned some models below. Let us see them in detail.

With the water getting scarce every day, the amount of river water is just not enough. So most people resort themselves to underground or borewell water. This condition is the process of digging a hole and extracting the water collected under the ground. The top parts of the field had dried up and now at present people are forced to dig up 1000 feet to dig for the water. In such situations, after finding the water, the people have to pump out the water from the depth using pipes. The pumping is done by using a motor. This situation has become more prevalent in agricultural areas as they need more water to preserve their trees and crops. So by using a proper motor, you can extract water from both your well and borewell. The usage of motors has been under existence for many years. But with the development of technology and ideas, more simple and powerful motors are now available in the market. There also a variety of models available and let us see about them in detail.

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Kirloskar Chotu 0.5HP Domestic Water Motor Pump (Multicolour)

Crompton 1HP SP Mini Champ I Water Pump (Multicolour)

Havells Hi-Flow MX1 Series 1.0 HP Centrifugal Water Pump (Grey)

Self-Prime Regenerative Pumps

This type of pump mixes both air and water to create a fluid for pumping purposes. Later the motor removes the air and allows the water to be pumped to the surface without any difficulty. This type of motor is used for absorbing cold freshwater and for domestic usage. They are mostly used for transferring the water from the lower tank to the upper tank within a short period. They cannot move water that has chemically harsh substances or any kind of impurities. These pumps are strictly for domestic purposes. They can remove the air successfully and hence suitable for pipelines without using any type of foot valve. 

Centrifugal pumps

These types of pumps are much more aggressive than the regenerative pumps. They can absorb the water using the kinetic energy, and they convert them into hydrodynamic energy. This energy will allow the water to flow freely. The latest development in this model involves jet centrifugal pumps that use jet energy to draw more water with more aggressive force. These models are also mostly used for domestic purposes, but they are more powerful. As a result, they are also used for lawn sprinklers and other internal purposes like removing all the water from the well and filling up a swimming pool. This pump needs the right model foot valve to operate. They perform better than other motors, and their maintenance cost is also low. So these motors are more advanced than the regenerative pumps. 

Submersible pumps

These types of pumps are mainly used for underwater suction like bore wells and open wells. Here the motor is placed inside a sealed container to be placed underwater. They are more efficient and effective than the standard pumps, and they do not require any type of prime. There are two types of submersible pumps. The first one is an open well submersible pump that is used for absorbing cold freshwater from the well. The second one is the tube well submersible pump that is used mostly for closed spaces like a borewell. They can be used in borewells that are up to 4 inches, and they can process all types of water, including the chemically aggressive one. 

Borewell compressor pumps

These types of water pumps are best suited for the dept of 600 ft. These can absorb all kinds of water, including the muddy water present within the borewell. They use particular air pressure to pump the water. There are two types of compressor pumps available in the market. One is a belt model, and the other one is monobloc. Both these pumps can absorb and pump the water depending upon the yield of the borewell.

Pressure booster pumps

These types of pumps are used when you need a smooth water supply in your house. They are mostly used for domestic purposes. This water pump contains water within the container to create pressure all the time. When the water rises to a particular level, the pump starts to absorb water and create a pressurised environment for more water flow. Since it offers continuous water supply, the water pump can be used in residential apartments. This is available as an automatic pump that stops pumping water once the water reaches a particular level. 

Shallow good pumps

These pumps are mainly used for shallow wells. They have the ability to absorb a large amount of water within a short period, and this motor is the best option for both domestic and agricultural purposes in rural regions. They are capable of pumping water until the depth of 8 meters. This is the better alternative choice for thickness higher than 6 meters. When you are searching for a device particularly for agricultural purposes, especially for borewells, for these types, specific motors are available in the market with certain alterations made to the above existing motors. Everyday so.e new model motors are introduced into the market, and it is our duty to research them and choose the best model that will suit your requirement. One such example is the centrifugal monoblock pump that is similar to the standard centrifugal pump, but they are more efficient. They can cover a large area within a short period and have a higher flow rate. Similarly, there are submersible pumps that are altered to a certain extent to cover a large area. Nowadays the borewells are drawn until 1000 feet, so the motors are continuously changed to include a large area. Their size is also varied to be inserted within all types of gaps from 5” to 8”. They have a flow rate of 38 LPS. These water pumps can absorb up to 60 HP. So when you are buying a motor pump, these are the models that you will be exposed to. But along with these, certain concepts need to be taken into account. Let us see them in detail.

Flow rate

Flow rate refers to the amount of water emitted by the pump every minute. It is measured in terms of litres per minute. The flow of water should be 2500 litres per minute for agricultural uses. For residential areas, it can be a bit lower, like 100 – 200 litres per minute.  The motor is considered to be robust if the flow rate is higher. 

Inlet size

The overall size of the inlet is at 2 to 6 inches but sometimes depending upon the requirement, the size may vary. Most of the pumps absorb water from the inlet and exposes them through the outlet. So the water consumed will be automatically higher if the size of the inlet valve is more significant. So for motors with a higher flow rate, the size of the inlet should be more significant. 

Head and pressure

Head of the pump is defined as the length of the pump. So the head of the pump is the depth that the motor can pump water from. So if the head of the pump is 50 meters, then the water can be absorbed from that level only. Higher than that height, the water level cannot be pumped. So when you choose a pump, make sure it has a head taller than the depth you want to pump the water from. Similarly, the pressure is the amount of force applied to the water to pump them to the top surface. So the with increased pressure the flow rate will be higher. 


For any product, we purchase our highest expectation will be to make it the money’s worth. So the quality of the product should be more top and efficient. The motor you are buying should have a reasonable flow rate and higher pressure. The life of the motor should also be higher. So if the quality of the motor is more top, then you can enjoy the services for a long time. 

Water type

Depending upon the type of water pumped, the motor design will also vary. Some of the water types include borewell water, river water and chemical water. So using a river water pump for pumping borewell water will be a failure. Depending upon the type of water pumped, the motor design will also vary. Some of the water types include borewell water, river water and chemical water. So using a river water pump for pumping borewell water will be a failure. So if you are looking forward to purchasing a motor, always buy the ones that fit the criteria. If not either the motor will be under repair or the motor will totally stop working within a short time. The pressure and the qualities of the water will change according to its type. So using the borewell motor for pumping borewell water will be more suitable as they have more salt mixed in the water. Because of its salty properties, the borewell motor will be constructed accordingly to prevent the formation and blockage of salts within the pipes. The inlets and outlets will be larger, and the motor will also have self-cleaning properties which might be lacking in standard motors. So when you are choosing a motor for borewells, choose accordingly. There are various types of motor available in the market. Out of them, only a few are good. Below we have mentioned specific motors that have tremendous power and good quality. Check their properties and purchase them if satisfied.

Kirloskar Submersible Pump 1HP With Control Panel Single Phase, Multicolor

Kirloskar is a famous brand that has been under existence since 1888. This brand has gained the trust of a lot of people with its high-quality products. Some of their products include water pumps like domestic pumps, agricultural pumps, valves, motors and hydro turbines. They produce pumps with more exceptional durability and power. They also have high-quality service centres all over the country to repair their motors when under issues. So purchasing a motor from them will ensure safety and continuous service. Most of their motors come with an airtight warranty period to ensure our trust with them. Their latest product is Kirloskar Submersible Pump 1HP With Control Panel Single Phase, Multicolor. This multicolour motor is attractive to look and also efficient. This is a submersible pump brand that can be used for an extended period/ They are used primarily for extracting water from borewells. They have multiple features that have attracted users. Let us see them in detail. 

Quality – This pump is of greater quality, and it can be used for extracting the water from the borewell at a faster rate. The quality of this particular brand is higher as it can prevent the flow of water in the backward direction. The product is smaller in size, and hence they can be easily inserted inside the borewell. Their size is 65.53 x 28.7 x 24.64 cm. The weight of the motor is 19.48 kilograms which are also less. These motors are mostly inserted within the borewell using a rope or wire. If any repair or issues the motor can be easily lifted back and inserted whenever required. The pump is made up of high-quality stainless steel metal and cannot rust easily. 

Flow rate – The flow rate of the water is higher, and hence a large amount of water can be pumped using these submersible pumps.  This pump uses only 1 HP power. The total energy consumed is lesser than most of the lumps, and hence they are economical. This pump is mainly used for gardens and agriculture. 

Head – The size of the head measures 10- 49 meters. They vary depending upon your requirement. The impeller and diffusers of the pump are made up of noryl material. With a larger head size, you can pump a higher amount of water. The flow rate will also be 100- 20 lph.

The pump can be installed horizontally, and they are used for pumping high amounts of water. They are submersible pumps meaning they are placed underwater and can be used under greater depths. The entire motor is controlled using a control panel, and they also have an automating timing system installed within them. This motor is available for a reasonable price with a warranty. They can be purchased directly from the company shops or online websites like the Amazon and Flipkart. The products can be submitted for repairs in the company’s unique service centres present all over the country.

V Guard Stainless Steel Submersible Pump 1HP 8 Stage with Digital Control Panel.

V-Guard is one of the famous brands in the country that is well known for its highly established products. They have a research and development team that is well known for their innovative designs and uses. The company has been producing multiple products, including stabilisers and motors. Company has been a source of trust for most of the people for more than a decade, because of their wide range of marketing techniques they also have service centres all over the country. So even if there is any problem regarding the motors can be repaired in the local area service centre easily. Their latest product V-Guard Stainless Steel Submersible Pump 1HP 8 Stage with Digital Control Panel, is one of the most preferred brands all over the country.  The motor is made up of high-quality stainless steel and can be used underwater. The motor can absorb a large amount of water, and they are suitable for borewells. They are used in agricultural areas for pumping theatre out.

Quality – The motor pumps can pump a large quantity of water within a short period. They are made up of high-quality stainless steel so that they can be placed underwater with less or no rust. The entire motor is filled with high-grade paraffin oil that can be used as a coolant to reduce the temperature of the motor. This ensures the proper functioning of the motor for a long time. The dimensions of the product are 60 x 30 x 30 cm, with a weight of 17.95 kg. They can be easily carried and moved from one place to another. They are suitable for borewells with a gap of 4” to 8”. 

Functions – The motor can operate at a faster rate with the help of the 8 stage pump. It can absorb water from 54 meters. Along with this, the motor also has a placement of a particular ball bearing that prevents friction. The water can be placed underwater, and they can be controlled by using a unique control panel. They use only a minimum amount of power which is 1 HP. As a result, these motors can run for a long time, and they also have a flow rate of 80 LPH. These 100 mm small and lightweight products that can last for a lifetime.

This product can be placed within the borewell and removed when required. They are mainly used for agricultural and domestic purposes. They are also used for pumping the water to the overhead tanks. These pumps are available in both the Amazon and other types of online websites.  They are also present in the V-guard shops open in almost all cities. The product is available for a low price with a warranty.

AquaForce 1 HP Open Well Submersible Water Pump

Aquaforce is a famous company that is well known for its wide range of products related to plumbing and agriculture. The company has established itself as a well-known brand among consumers with its excellent products. They have created products with innovative and attractive designs. The company has recently introduced a submersible water pump that is widely used for both domestic and agricultural purposes. The AquaForce 1 HP Open Well Submersible Water Pump is powerful and used extensively all over the country. These types of pumps are suitable for borewells and sumps. They can pump up to 3000 LPH every day, and they are powerful. This type of water pumps are more significant than the previous two pumps, but they are also preferred for their multi-features. Let us see them in detail. 

Flow rate – This particular motor consumes an only a low amount of power which is 1 HP, and the flow rate of this specific motor is 3000 LPH. The flow rate is comparatively higher, and this motor pumps vast quantities of water within a short period. They are submersible motors that can be operated at a depth of 30 meters.

Quality – These motors require water to be filled within before starting. Do not attempt to start a motor when it is dry. These motors absorb the low amount of power, and they are made up of good quality metal that prevents rusting. This type of motor weighs only 16 kgs, and they can be easily inserted and removed from the well. Their dimensions are 34 x 30.4 x 25.6 cm. The motor is operated using a control panel.

They can be used for absorbing a large quantity of water, and they are submerged within the water using a rope. The rope can also be used to remove the motor from water. The head of the motor pump is also significant, indicating that a large quantity of water can be pumped within a short period. The inlet will be more significant. The company offers a good warranty, and the price is also reasonable. These products are available in both Amazon and out shops.

All the above three motors can be used for bore well purposes, and they are best suited for pumping the water at a faster rate. The motors are efficient, but proper care should be taken while installing them. The wires must be added with a shockproof setting, and the rope used to pull the motor out should be healthy and last for a lifetime. It is also essential to service the motor now and then to increase its usage and efficiency. Use proper lubricant to make the motor cool. When under repair, pull the engine out and submit them in the service centre then using the help of the local mechanic. These branded motors are best when they are serviced by their own company, especially if they have a reasonable warranty period. So purchase the best model available in the market either from the online shopping portal or from the shops directly. Happy shopping.